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Published at 6th of February 2020 05:45:28 AM

Chapter 108

Translator: Sweet Bun

Proofreader: Mcsy

His car stopped at the presidential residence at 22:10 .

He was alert and sharp so that he woke up immediately when the car stopped . Losing his top button he got out of the car . After telling Leng Fei to go back, he went into the house .

Brightly lit, the butler and servants stood in line to welcome him back . He looked up and asked . “Did Miss . Xia go to bed?”

“She slept early . ”

“How’s she today?”

“She didn’t come downstairs . Her friend came to visit her . She looked much better . Maybe she’ll be alright soon . ”

Bai Yeqing nodded slightly like he also felt better . He passed her room and opened the door . But he didn’t walk into the room . Taking a shower was the first thing to do now .

Getting changed, he went into her room . Apparently the experience last time was still a nightmare to her . She never had the habit of sleeping with the light on but now she slept with a night light .

Bai Yeqing walked closer to her . She kept frowning even if she’s sleeping . Her hands clenched the quilt firmly and the quilt was wet with her sweat . He looked at her carefully, finding her hands were shivering .


She’s enduring the nightmare .


“Xia Xingchen!”

The voice . The familiar voice . Xia Xingchen opened her eyes immediately, only to see Bai Yeqing’s perfect face in front of her . She was kind of shocked, not knowing it was a dream or not .

“Nightmare?” He asked her, lying on his side as usual . He leaned on the headboard and stretched over his arm gently .

She was pulled into his arms before she knew what was happening . The familiar scent and his steady heartbeat assured her from her awful dream .

She didn’t struggle to escape from him . She wanted this to last forever . The warmth made her feel at ease .

She could put everything aside at this moment . She didn’t want to think about that anymore .

“What time is it?” She asked .

“About eleven . ”

Xia Xingchen looked up to see him . He’s leaning on the headboard, looking at her gently . She could find the fatigue deep in his eyes .

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“Are you tired?” Xia Xingchen didn’t want to get out of his hug but she didn’t want him to be exhausted . She moved a bit . “Go back to sleep . I’m fine now . ”

Bai Yeqing sighed . He moved but didn’t leave . He just laid down on the bed right next to her . Surprisenext second she was pulled into his hug again .

Her head was on his chest .

“Bai Yeqing . ” She whispered .

“Shhhh… . just sleep . ” He told her . His voice was filled with fatigue . Xia Xingchen didn’t move, leaning on his chest . His hand went from her shoulder to her earlobe . His thumb and forefinger pinched her soft earlobe gently .

Xia Xingchen could hear her heartbeat getting faster .

Now she couldn’t sleep at all . But she didn’t dare to move or talk to him . She thought he’s about to fall asleep soon .

“From now on, take the chauffeur’s car . ” Bai Yeqing suddenly spoke to her when she thought he was asleep . Something hit her heart . She wanted to say something but finally, she held it back .

Actually, she had no idea how long she could be here .

“No one will attack you for a while . Don’t be afraid . ” He told her . “Right?”

“Yeah . I know . ” Xia Xingchen replied . “Was that… Song Weiyi?”

“……Yes . ”

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There was a silence for a few moments . Bai Yeqing didn’t say anything and his hand stopped on her ear .

After a while, Xia Xingchen took her eyes back from the light . She finally had the courage to ask him the question . “What’s the date of engagement?”

Her voice was low and her hand was turning cold .

She waited and waited . He didn’t answer . She lifted her head, finding he had already closed his eyes .

She sighed with a bitter smile, covering him with the quilt . She looked at him with her heart jumping and sinking .

Now he moved his body and his chin touched the top of her hair . She was shocked and subconsciously put her hand on his shoulder . She could hear him saying . “Just sleep . ”

She didn’t move for a while in his arms .

So…did he hears the question? Or…he heard it but didn’t want to give an answer?

The night passed .

Xia Xingchen got up early for that she had slept too much yesterday . She went to turn off the light secretly and shut the curtains to keep the sunlight outside for him to sleep better .

She looked at him and went downstairs for breakfast .

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When she finished eating and went out of the dining room, she found Leng Fei had arrived .

“Miss . Xia . ” Leng Fei greeted her . “Do you feel better now?”

“Yeah . I’m alright . ”

“He had dealt with the problem . Don’t be afraid . ”

“Thanks . ” Xia Xingchen said .

Leng Fei looked up, asking . “Did he wake up?” The butler went upstairs and found out that he’s not in his own room and the bed looked like it hadn’t been slept in . So he’s definitely in her room last night .

Xia Xingchen nodded . “He didn’t sleep well those days so I closed the curtain for him . Should I wake him up?”

Leng Fei looked at the watch . “There’s an important video meeting after 20 minutes . We’ll do it in the reading room . ”

“Sure . I’m gonna wake him up . ”

“Thanks, Miss . Xia . ” Leng Fei nodded .

Bai Yeqing was sleeping pretty well when she walked in . He had gotten very dark shadows under his eyes . She worried about him but she had to wake him up .

She tapped on his shoulder slightly . He frowned and woke up .

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