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Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Dreams into reality


Xia Xingchen felt at lost and come out to the police station where five black cars slowly stop in front of her .

When the door was pushed open, a tall figure came down from the car .

After Xia Xingchen had seen their last parade . She didn’t only prepared her heart this time, but also have alerted her mind .

“Miss Xia . ”

Leng Fei slightly bowed his head to her and said, “Would you please take a trip with us?”

Xia Xingchen frown, “Who are you?”

“Of course, you will know that later . ”

“Why are you so sure that I will go with you when you can’t even explain your identity clearly?”

Leng Fei smiled and said: “Miss Xia, you can’t find your son, right? If you really want to see young master Bai, then you need to come with us in this car . ”

When Xia Xingchen listens to his words, she understands what this guy clearly meant . They are determined to stop her from finding her son in this life .

“Ok, I’ll go with you . After all, I’d really wanted to know what you people are really planning to do . ”

Leng Fei didn’t give much thought to her words and just smiled: “I won’t let you down . ”

He made a hand gesture .

The driver came down and respectfully opened the door and wait for them to get in .


Along the way, Xia Xingchen heart felt uneasy . She doesn’t know what exact situation she will have to face .

After a while, Leng Fei brought her into an expensive looking manor .

“Young master Bai is still in the class, so he will be back later . If you feel bored, you can walk around the house . But from today onwards, you will stay here with the young master . ”


Xia Xingchen got surprised .

However, Leng Fei words clearly not mean for discussion, but to inform her .

“Your room is upstairs, there will be a servant that will assist and help you to get familiar in this place . ” Leng Fei looked up at the time, “Please take your time to take a shower and change clothes . After two hours, Master will personally come to meet you and thank you for all the years you have sacrifice . You can also think about how you want to compensate . As long as Master can do it, he will not refuse you . ”

When Xia Xingchen heard him, she wanted to laugh and couldn’t help but ridicule him: “This is really funny! I need to take a bath and change my clothes first before I could meet him? What is he? A president?”

However, Leng Fei didn’t say anything and only smiled . He waves his hand to call the servant, “I will now leave Miss Xia to you . ”

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Originally, Xia Xingchen doesn’t want to take a shower and change her clothes . But now, it was impossible for her to refuse . A few maids directly brought her into a luxurious bathroom and pressed her into the super deluxe jacuzzi .

Xia Xingchen wants to struggle, but she felt too comfortable under the water . She got so addicted that she doesn’t want to move even fingers .

This man must be really rich! Although, she’s not very familiar with the place and the prices of the furniture, but she can see that this house brick are priceless . And even the size of this bathroom is enough for her and her whole family to lived in .

In fact, it’s not too bad if she will give Xia Dabai to him! At least … … he can eat and drink without any worry, followed by her … …

Xia Xingchen lies on the edge of the bathtub, trying to comfort her mind, but her heart felt fear . What if Xia Dabai forgot everything about her now that he found such a rich father… …

The servant has been holding her clothes and was standing outside, waiting for her get out of the bath . Xia Xingchen looks at those elegant dresses, each of them is very expensive . Even though she is a daughter of a city mayor, she never had these expensive things .

And now,  each member of Xia Family only focuses on her sister .

Xia Xingchen forced herself not to think about those bad things .

“He is very generous . ” Xia Xingchen said in a ridicule tone, but also a little polite . And then, she directly put on the set .

“Miss Xia, you look very beautiful . ” the servant praise her .

“Thank you . ” Xia Xingchen smiled, “How long do I need to stay in the room?”

“You can go downstairs and have some tea . ”

Xia Xingchen asks in good voice and went down the stairs . She really can’t wait to meet him!

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Xia Xingchen grabs the magazine on the sofa and turned the first ten pages at the same time . She only stops when she heard the sound of a car from outside .

Xia Xingchen then saw that all the servants have trotted out . Although their pace is pretty fast, they didn’t get stumble and they look well-trained .

What is wrong with them?

Xia Xingchen got even more puzzled when the old housekeeper who went to the wine cellar came out fast . He was even fixing his bow tie while walking . When he see her, he said: “Miss Xia, please come out with us! Master has arrived!”

Xia Xingchen put down the magazine in her hands .

Originally, she really wants to see this man . However, now that she was about to see him, her heart began to jump up fast . Xia Xingchen put her hands on the side and slightly pinch them tight to relieve her tension .

Even today, she can still remember that lingering feeling in that dream… …

He had eagerly kissed her …

Now, she really wants to see that person … …

She followed the old housekeeper to go out . From afar, she saw several cars parked on the side of the manor .

The second car door was opened and the man who had only appeared in her dream was still far and yet he had entered her line of sight immediately .

From outside, the sun was shining brightly to the man who is about 188cm tall and dressed in a golden colored suit, followed by five people as he slowly approached her . The light was too bright, so she had to squint her eyes to clearly see the features of the man she had never seen .

Her mind felt awe, she can’t even move her eyes away when she saw him coldly and proudly walking .

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The exact man she thought would never exist in this world, appeared and stood in front of her .

The tall man shadow almost covered up Xia Xingchen . For the first time, she felt small with her 165 cm height . With her small height, she needed to lift high her face to look at him .

“Xia Xingchen?” He looked down on her and speak out her name in a cold tone .

This voice!

In her dream, she had once … …

Xia Xingchen’s heart sudden got swayed,  she felt a different kind of unexplainable emotion .

She gritted her teeth, tiptoe and wave her hand … …

“Pa -” sound,  a loud sound suddenly sounded . The man’s face who was caught off guard was slapped .

At the side, all the servants who are present had a cold sweat .

My god! This woman … … does she know who she just slapped?

The President’s perfect handsome face showed his dismay emotion . At that moment, the servants shudder because they know that there will be a storm at any moment .

The five men behind him immediately step forward and tightly grab Xia Xingchen’s shoulders .