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Published at 4th of June 2019 07:17:47 AM

Chapter 52

Translator: Sweet Bun

Proofreader: LH

Hi, my dear readers, the last few days I have been fighting with bad flu, so the updates of GMMP, EP and TACOTP won’t go on as usual, thanks for your support and patience .

Still, special thanks to LH for bettering this chapter, now enjoy~

“Doctor Fu, can I enter the hospital?” Xia Xingchen asked .

“Certainly! I was ordered to invite Miss Xia in particular . Come with me!” Fu Yichen gave a ‘please’ gesture .

“Then my families, they…”

“We naturally dare not neglect Miss Xia’s families . Come with us, please . ”

On the other side, Li Lingyi and Xia Xingkong looked at each other, and they couldn’t believe it . Xia Xingkong was quite surprised and was unpleasant about not being taken seriously . She couldn’t help shifting her eyes between Xia Xingchen and Fu Yichen .

And then…

In front of everyone, they were escorted by bodyguards and followed Fu Yichen in .

Li Lingyi felt very complacent, she thought they looked like prestigious officials being promoted at royal court in ancient times .

Xingchen guided the old lady and held her arm, she was a sophisticated old lady, so naturally she knew that ordinary people couldn’t be allowed entrance due to the current situation . She whispered to Xia Xingchen, “What does your friend do?”

“He’s a doctor . ”

“A doctor can have the right to let us in?” The old lady obviously didn’t believe it, “Xu Yan has connection with lots of senior officials but they are still powerless to help . Besides, Mr . President is here now . In this special case, who dares to bring us in without Mr . President’s permission?”

“…” Xia Xingchen looked at Fu Yichen’s back and considered what to say to muddle through this topic .

But unexpectedly…

After entering the quiet hospital, Fu Yichen paused and said, “Miss Xia, if you are not afraid of danger, then go and change aseptic protective suit . Mr . President invites you to join him in the isolation wards . ”

“Of course I’m not afraid of that . ” Xia Xingchen replied immediately .

He could expose himself in the most dangerous place to pacify all patients, how could she be timid?

Besides, her father was there .

“Well, Doctor Fu…” Before the talk between Fu Yichen and Xia Xingchen was over, Li Lingyi immediately chipped in, “I’m not afraid neither . Can I go to the ward with Mr . President?”

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It’s a respectable thing to be able to stand with Mr . President and maybe this scene will appear on TV .

Li Lingyi thought, when she goes back she can show off to her friends .


Fu Yichen shook his head immediately, “Sorry, Mr . President only invited Miss Xia . As for the others, you can go to the surveillance room to see Mr . Xia’s situation . ”

“Only invited Miss Xia?” Li Lingyi glanced at Xia Xingchen and then at her daughter, “there are two ‘Miss Xia’ here, you’re not mistaken, are you? I think the person who Mr . President has invited must be her, she’s Miss Xia, too .

As speaking, Li Lingyi pushed Xia Xingkong forward, “Open your eyes and see, she is much more beautiful and elegant than Xia Xingchen!”

In her eyes, her daughter is thousands of times better than Xia Xingchen! How could Mr . President invite Xia Xingchen instead of her baby?

“Really? Forgive my bad eyes, but I really can’t see that . ” Fu Yichen replied indifferently, “I think in the eyes of Mrs . President, Miss Xia Xingchen is the better one . ”

He mentioned ‘Xingchen’ clearly .

After that, he turned and went on without looking at Xia Xingkong .

Xia Xingkong’s face turned red at the moment as she felt being humiliated . And Li Lingyi’s hallucination suddenly became extraordinarily funny .

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“What’s the big deal, he’s just a doctor! How can he think of himself as the president!”

“Enough, look at what you’ve done, you made Xingkong lose face for nothing . ” The old lady scolded, Xia Xingkong also pulled out her hand and silently stood behind Xu Yan .

Li Lingyi’s face turned gloomy immediately, but she also stared at Xia Xingchen with hatred: all the limelights are given to this woman! Why?!

“Grandma, I will go first . ” Xia Xingchen had long been accustomed to Li Lingyi’s personality, so she ignored her but said to the old lady, “you go to the surveillance room, I will tell Dad that you are all here . ”

“OK . ” The old lady held her hand tightly, “you must tell your father not to lose heart . Everything will be alright, you know? We are all with him!”

The old lady spoke with a lump in her throat and tried to fight back tears .

“I will, you can rest assured . ”

Li Lingyi doesn’t want to talk to Xia Xingchen, but now she also has something to ask Xia Guopeng . She hesitated again and again, finally went forward and smiled at her, “Xingchen, when you see your father later, you must ask him the bank card password . Since he left, we couldn’t even get a penny out of the bank . ”

“…” Xia Xingchen was speechless . So this is the reason that Li Lingyi has been so anxious?

She simply ignored Li Lingyi and followed Fu Yichen to the changing room .

… …

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As soon as she left, the old lady and others were invited into the surveillance room .

Li Lingyi started again, “What’s wrong with Mr . President? Even if he wants to pick a family member to visit the patients, he should pick the appropriate one, right? How can Xia Xingchen compare with our Xingkong?

On the other side, the old lady did not speak and seemed to be meditating .

Xia Xingkong felt ashamed and could not help complaining angrily, “Mom, can you stop comparing me with Xia Xingchen? It’s so annoying!”

Xia Xingkong seldom got angry, especially when Xu Yan was present . So Xu Yan turned around and looked at her in surprise .

The inquiring eyes made her feel chilled, she hastily restrained her capriciousness and regained her tender and gentle appearance in front of Xu Yan, speaking to Li Lingyi, “Mom, sister has always been better than me, I can’t compare with her . ”

Xu Yan still looked at her eyes, as if he was going to see through her . Xia Xingkong became nervous .

At this moment, the old lady drew Xu Yan’s attention away .

“Xu Yan, you work in the presidential office . Have you ever noticed that Mr . President and Xingchen…”

Xu Yan felt bitter as he knew what the old lady wanted to say .

Li Lingyi immediately interrupted the old lady with a sour voice, “Mom, you’re joking! Mr . President and Xia Xingchen? No way . Besides, Mr . President invited family members is to promote on TV, Xia Xingchen was simply chosen out of luck . ”

Subconsciously resisting the possibility that the old lady had been thinking, Xu Yan said, “Yes, I agree with aunt Li . As far as I know, there is absolutely no private contact between His Excellency and Xingchen . ”

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