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Chapter 67

A series of questions had shocked the medical staff.

Suddenly she felt very bored. How many years had passed since they broke up? Now he’s married, while she still cared about his wife, wasn’t it ridiculous? Whether his wife was beautiful or not had nothing to do with her.

After thinking about it, she said in embarrassment, “Forget about it, I just ask you casually, simply ignore these questions.”

The staff shook her head as a response, “In fact, Dr. Fu protects his private life very well. Although we have been working with him for so many years, we really don’t know much, let alone about his marriage.”

Chi Weiyang didn’t say anything, but she could feel a blunt pain on the left side of the chest.

He must love his wife very much…


Here at this side.

When Fu Yichen entered Bai Yeqing’s room, Bai Yeqing was talking to Leng Fei about some affairs. His arrival interrupted their conversation.

Fu Yichen sat down on a single sofa and waved his hands absent-mindedly, “No need to worry about me, please continue.”

“I thought you were already gone.”

“… I’ll leave later.”

Bai Yeqing then left him alone, anyway he didn’t care when he planed to leave. He continued to discuss with Leng Fei.

“The revitalization of Tucheng’s industry is urgent now. Once the epidemic crisis is over, I will meet with the Minister of Finance immediately. I…”

At this moment, Fu Yichen abruptly got up, took a few steps and sat down again.

After a while, he got up again, took a few steps, and then sat down.

Bai Yeqing shot a glance at Fu, and when he got up for the fourth time, Bai couldn’t stand it anymore.

He gave a deadpan command, “Leng Fei, throw that man out!”

“Yes, Your Excellency.”

“Hey! Leng Fei, let me go. Did you hear that? Don’t forget, last time your mother was ill, I cured her! “

“I’m sorry, Dr. Fu, you have seriously affected my discussion with His Excellency. Walk outside, please! It’s nice and cool outside!”

“Who’s going out in such freezing days?”

Fu Yichen complained. But the door was shut mercilessly.

He pounded at the door like an upset dog, but no one paid attention to him. Then he turned around and found Chi Weiyang came out of the disinfection room. He stared fiercely at the staff behind her, “How can you prevent the epidemic by wearing such little things?! Wear one more suit! And for the mask, put on one more! The gloves too. Put two more pairs on!”


When Xia Xingchen met Chi Weiyang, Chi Weiyang was wrapped up like a rice dumpling.

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rice dumplings

“How many did you wear? Can you still walk?”

Chi Weiyang was very angry. She believed that Fu Yichen had deliberately made a fool of her. Now she looked swollen and ugly, and she even couldn’t breathe as free as natural.

This bad man wants to strangle me alive!

“Fu Yichen is a total jerk!” She took off one mask in a rage.

“Dr. Fu’s command? Then stop fiddling with it! Now the virus is quite active, he’s worried that more people will be infected.” Xia Xingchen said.

“Worried? He clearly harbors no good intentions!”

“Why are you so angry? Has Dr. Fu offended you?” Xia Xingchen lay in bed, keeping Chi Weiyang as far away as possible from herself.

Chi Weiyang became silent and felt down. She waved her hands in annoyance and said, “Let’s not talk about him anymore. How are you feeling now?

Xia Xingchen looked at Chi Weiyang with inquiring eyes. She always felt that when they mentioned Dr. Fu, Chi’s attitude got very strange! Is it an illusion?

She wanted to ask more questions, but someone knocked at the door right now.

“Miss Xia, there’s a Miss Xia Xingkong outside asking for you. Can I let her in?”

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“Xia Xingkong? Why does she come here?” Chi Weiyang frowned.

Xia Xingchen reckoned there must be nothing good about her coming.

Yesterday she was slapped by XXK for no reason, now she would like to see if XXK would play wild here.

“Let her in and ask her to come here directly.”


When Xia Xingkong entered the side building, Xia Xingchen was not in the room.

She lay in a cane chair in the backyard, and the servant carefully covered her with a blanket, “Miss Xia, it’s cold outside. You cannot stay long here.”

Seeing Xia Xingkong coming from afar, Chi Weiyang deliberately raised her voice, “Yes, Xingchen, you are not the same as before. If anything happens to you, Mr. President will be very distressed.”

Xia Xingchen immediately understood Weiyang’s thoughts and wanted to laugh, but she still kept her voice down and reminded Weiyang, “Let’s keep it low-key. In case the President hears and exposes us, then we will lose our face.”

“Whatever, let’s perform first.”

Xia Xingkong already looked wretched, when she saw Xia Xingchen’s happy face, she couldn’t control the burning fire of anger in her heart.

“Xia Xingchen, what do you want from me?” She asked coldly.

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Though Mr. President asked her to apologize, she was still reluctant to do so.

“What do you mean?” Xia Xingchen was confused.

“Stop pretending to be innocent! You asked Mr. President to make me unemployed, now you act as if nothing happened?”

Xia Xingchen was surprised, and she sat up from the chair with a blanket in her arms. “Why did he make you unemployed?”

“Obviously, Mr. President loves you, so he taught someone a lesson to defend you.” Chi Weiyang chipped in, and her tone was full of pleasure. Then she glanced at Xia Xingkong and continued. “But you have the outstanding Xu Yan by your side, even if you have no job, Xu Yan will support you. Why come here to vent on Xingchen?”

Hearing the name of Xu Yan, Xia Xingkong flew into a rage and she gnashed the teeth in anger, “Xia Xingchen, you are really being a bitch!”

Xia Xingchen looked cold and stared at her sternly.

Xia Xingkong sniffed and rattled fiercely, “You think you have the President to support you then I dare not reprove you, don’t you? Five years ago, you slept with some man and gave birth to a bastard; now you’re seducing both Mr. President and Xu Yan; do you have any face?”

“Whose dog is barking at my place?”

A cold voice abruptly sounded.

They all turned around and saw Bai Yeqing coming over with others.

Bai walked in the lead, and his face looked bad. After a glance at Xia Xingchen, he fixed his eyes on Xia Xingkong.

His eyes were gloomy and cold, sparkling with a terrifying light.

Xia Xingkong was so frightened that she dared not catch his eyes.