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Published at 15th of November 2019 07:57:20 AM

Chapter 95

Translator: Sweet Bun

Proofreader: Mcsy

The luxury crystal lamp lightened his cold face clearer .

He was having his dinner . He still behaved like a gentleman at the table though he’s furious . He didn’t even give her a glance hearing as she walked into the dining room as if she’s not there .

Everyone in the dining room including the kid could feel that something was wrong between them .

Xia Dabai was upset . Why did dad have the cold look on his face now that Dabao was home? He’s gonna scare her . What a stupid dad . He didn’t even know being nice in front of ladies!

He complained secretly and waved at Xia Xingchen . Xia Xingchen walked over and a maid pulled the chair for her . She only cooked two drumsticks for her child .

“Dabao, one for you, one for me . ” Xia Dabai said carefully in a low voice like he’s stealing something . He didn’t want to make someone angry . Xia Dabai looked at the man sitting in the prominent seat and felt relaxed finding he didn’t notice what’s happening .

“No . You eat both . ” Xia Xingchen also said softly, giving both of the drumsticks to him .

She was hungry but now she had no interest in eating . She was confused . What he just said occupied her mind . “Beg him in the bedroom . ” Was he serious? She bit on her chopsticks and glanced at Bai Yeqing . She’s not stupid and due to the former experience, she thought he might really be interested in her body .

Frankly speaking, he’s the president . He’s the youngest, most popular and also the most handsome president . . If he wanted to sleep with girls there must be tons begging him to sleep with them . The media also did research and the results turned out that he’s the man most women wanted to sleep with .

She was a virgin before sleeping with him . And just doing it again could bring her child back . Thinking this way made her feel better . It was a good deal .

Xia Xingchen looked at her child . Xia Dabai was eating the drumsticks . He seemed to feel her staring and he looked up, smiling at her . “Dabao! You are a brilliant cook! Could you always cook them for me?”

The words hit her . She nodded her head as if she had already made up her mind . “Sure . Whatever you want, I can cook for you forever . ”

Xia Dabai put his chopsticks down and said seriously . “Pinky swear . You just said you’ll cook for me forever, don’t leave me alone half-way!”

Xia Xingchen’s eyes became moist .

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“I promise . Whatever happens, whatever it takes, I won’t leave you alone . ”

These words were not said in a low voice . Bai Yeqing looked at her . Xia Xingchen could feel his burning stare but she dared not to look back at him .

Bai Yeqing didn’t say anything during dinner . He could always hide pretty well so Xia Xingchen had no idea what he’s thinking . He finished his meal faster than them and walked out of the dining room .

The whole room went back to life as he stepped out . Xia Dabai felt relaxed, watching him going upstairs . “Dabao, did you make him angry?”

“I don’t know . ” Xia Xingchen sighed .

Bai Yeqing stayed in his reading room the whole night . Xia Xingchen noticed the tie had gone . Asking the maids she knew he took it away .

Xia Dabai was following her all night . He wanted her to help him wash . And after that, he begged her to read stories . He wouldn’t let her go . She couldn’t say no to him and he nearly fell asleep after she read stories to him .

She put the quilt over him and walked out . Stood in the corridor, not knowing where to go . Subconsciously she looked at his bedroom . Somehow she felt her heart pounding fast .

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After consideration, she went to her own room and took a shower . Everything in her room was still in its own place . She opened the closet and found her pajamas . Her pajamas were all conservative ones . She spent a while finding suitable underwear and pajamas . She’s still nervous thinking about what’s gonna happen next .

She never thought Bai Yeqing and her could reach to this sort of relationship .

Maybe because of anxiety or not knowing how to face it, the shower took her nearly an hour . She finally got out till her snow-white skin turned reddish . It was almost midnight when she finished drying her hair .

Maybe Bai Yeqing had already slept .

She put down the hairdryer and walked out .

“Miss . Xia . ” She met a maid in the corridor . She nodded at her and asked . “Is the president sleeping?”

“Not yet . ” She answered . “He’s in the reading room after a bath . He’s busy with something . ”

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Xia Xingchen nodded at her and said . “Could you hand me a bottle of wine? Not the strong one . ”

She closed the door . Alcohol might help a lot . Soon the maid handed her the wine . She only drank a little because she didn’t want to be drunk .

She had everything prepared, she walked directly to the reading room .

He didn’t answer her until she knocked three times . Then she walked in .

The reading room was big . The yellow light couldn’t brighten the whole room . And that made her relax a bit .

Bai Yeqing leaned on the bookshelf in his robe . He was reading a foreign book . She dared not to look so closely to find out what the book is about .

He treated her like she’s not there . He didn’t even pick his head up from the book .

Xia Xingchen felt terrible . She stood over there like she’s gonna face a trial . Every single second is torture . Why couldn’t he just come straight?

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