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Published at 20th of March 2019 11:20:04 AM

Chapter 121

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I'm pointing at two dishes that haven't opened yet in the table .

"Shall we continue with next dish father? There're two dishes you haven't to try yet"

"Yes! Yes! What other surprises you made this morning Henry?"

"Then just open the lid, you will know it, father"

"Alright…surprise me, then"

My father opens the lid that covers hamburger's plate . When he sees the content inside, he can't do anything but asking

"Henry, what is this dish called?"

"This dish called hamburger, a new way to eat bread, meat and vegetable at one bite"

"Interesting, let me try"

My father holds his fork and knife, ready to cut and eat the hamburger in front of him .

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"it would better not use fork and knife father"

"Then how we eat this?"

"Like this"

I just take the hamburger with my hand, take it closer it to my mouth and bite it . My father looks at how I'm eating with mouth open wide

"Henry…that's commoner way to eat"

"Mmm…this one not for banquet father"

After gulping the last piece of burger in my mouth I continue speaking

"But when we on the journey or riding the horse where we can't use fork and knife, isn't this commoner way to eat is more appropriate? This food can place in the box or bag, and when we hungry we just take it and eat it . Well, you still can use a fork and knife to eat thou…It just more comfortable this way"

I continue to bite my burger and munching them inside my mouth . My father looks at the hamburger in front of him and then look at me who eating hamburger beside him . Finally, he put the fork and knife back on the table and grabs the hamburger with his hands

"Whatever… . this way indeed more comfortable…hahaha"

My father laughs before biting the hamburger in his hand, he eats that hamburger voraciously while nodded his head .

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"Hmm… . indeed good . This way better than eat dried meat or hard bread like before"

After cleaning up the remnant of sauce in his lips with a napkin, my father continued his comment

"Henry, I allow this food served for Earl Stamfort but not in the banquet . You can serve it in other meal time instead"

"Yes, father . That's my intention . I have other dishes for the banquet"

"Okay, let see what inside this last lid"

My father opens the lid that covers the wakame salad .

"Oooohhh…is this weed that sends from the beach with the cart yesterday, Henry?"

"Yes . I already process it into edible foods . Please have a try father"

"I won't hesitate to try then…let's see"

My father opens the lid of the last dish, wakame salad

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"Hmm… . look fresh, this is some kind of salad, right?"

"Yes, father…that's a salad"

"We rarely have salad at breakfast, in fact, I guess it's the first time we have breakfast with four dishes like this . How to eat this, Henry?"

"Use the fork will do, father"

Actually, if there's chopstick, I prefer using that . But there's no chopstick in this world, I need to ask Charles to make it for me after his job with push cart is finish .

My father holds his fork and pick some wakame from the bowl and put it in his mouth and start chewing it . He nodded and after gulp it, he gives his opinion .

"Good salad . It's tender and chewable, it also has rich flavor…hot, sour, salty, and sweet . It all mixed well together in this salad . Good Henry, I think this can be served for Earl Stamfort in the banquet .

"Thank you, father"

After the salad is finished, we have some warm tea to ended our breakfast today . I and my father still sit on our chair while my stepmother excuse to leave for taking my half-sisters to the bath .

"Husband, Henry…I will leave you both here, I take children to bath now"


"Broo~other Henry…come visit us and play together again please"

My half-sisters wave to me and ask me to visit them again . After they left, my father speaks to me .

"This is not the only dishes for the banquet, right?"

"Of course father, you will see other dishes during lunch and dinner today"

My father put the teacup in his hand on the table and laughing

"Good! I'm expecting another surprise from you, Henry . Do you have something else to speak to me?"

"Well, I do . But I think I will discuss that later, father . I should take a bath first before we speaking, my body doesn't feel good after spending hours in the kitchen"

"Alright…you know where to find me when you want to discuss your matter"

"Yes, father . Thank you, and excuse me"

I leave the dining hall with a happy feeling . All my dishes gives a good impression on my father . right now I really need to take a bath, after that find Craig in barrack to teach castle cooks how to make noodles, looking for Charles or Joe to ask them about a blacksmith in here . I want to order some small knives to graving vegetables and fruit, and it's only the beginning . Because there're still many other things I must doing today . I rush to the bathroom to take a bath and continue with my other activities after taking a bath .

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