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Chapter 67

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After entering my tenth and close the door, I lay in the bed and pick the phone from my pocket . I must make sure if the video I recorded in the spirit realm exists or just a dream . I turn on the phone and search the multimedia folder on the phone . Look at the saved video folder and see if there's a new video there, and . . . .

Thank God!

It's really there, video of master Dunharm McClouds demonstrating his swordplay is there! Now I can ease my worry about can't be mastering the swordplay from him perfectly . With this video, I can play it again every time I need to recall some moves from his swordplay .

The second thing I need to check is the online shop . I should try again because I think the cooling down time is already reached since it's been 24 hours after my first try . Alright, because this phone seems to become a magical item in this world, let's see how its work, and where my stuff I buy yesterdays were sent to .

Before I try to buy something again, I'm checking my status and user information first . Nothing change about my credits, still 19,800 credits there so I proceed to user information . In the information status, I see this account registered for Ikki Isaku but other information that I provide when I'm registering the account was gone .

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"If this account only can be used under Ikki Isaku name, isn't that means the goods also sent to Ikki Isaku too? But in this world, I'm Henry Harvard, not Ikki Isaku"

I'm thinking hard to analyze the system that working in the online shopping . So I try to buy one item again from the shop, it's a box of paper that previously I'd try to buy but fail because cooling down time . like before I choose one box of paper from the shopping list, put on the shopping cart, push the button 'buy', and… . .


That text shows up again on the screen . My credit also decreased to 19,700 after that transaction . And the stuff is nowhere to see .

"Maybe the stuff can only be seen in the spirit realm? I can bring this phone there, so if I buy goods there the item maybe will directly appear there? But how I can go to that place again? I regret not trying to use this phone there at first place . Never mind, even if I can use there, it's still in cooling down time . There's nothing I can buy in there either"

I sighed and inhale a deep breath . This is not like transmigration story in lite novels that I read in my leisure time . there are no Godly characters that granted wishes, no system that tells me what should I do to increase the level, but the transmigration itself is real because I'm here in other person bodies .

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I turn off my phone and leave my tent . I have to keep myself busy to be able to forget this dejection, and there are many things that I could do outside . First I check my alkali container and replace with the new jar because the previous already almost full with alkali . I wonder if this liquid alkali can be crystallized if I heating this liquid over the stove . Next, I check the maple sap barrel that collected by Claude before . It's already a barrel full of sap and if I cook that sap I can get a quarter barrel to bring at the castle . Hmmm, that's not a bad amount . So I take the alkali jar and sap barrel to the camp kitchen and ask Craig to cook the sap for me while I'm heating the alkali liquid .

When we awaiting our cooking done, Craig ask me another recipe that can be made here

"Master Henry, can you teach another recipe that not requires any soup? That Ramen dish is good but can't take away . If we're on the journey, which will be troublesome to prepare it"

"You mean something like Frikadel before?"

"Yes, master Henry, but we don't have many potatoes left . Is there anything can be made from wheat flour?"

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"Hmm…let me think a while . I think there's some recipe that simple and easy to make for traveling"

After thinking a while, I decide to teach Craig a food that famous in Central and South America, tortilla . The ingredient that I prepared to make tortilla are: 2 cups flour, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 3/4 cup water and 3 tablespoons olive oil/lards/coconut oil . Since there's no olive oil here, I use lard that usually uses to frying food here .

First, in a large bowl, I combine flour and salt then stir in water and oil . Turn onto a floured surface; knead 10-12 times, adding a little flour or water if needed to achieve a smooth dough . After it all done I let the dough rest for 10 minutes .

After letting the dough rest for 10 minutes, I divide the dough into eight portions . On a lightly floured surface, roll each portion into a 7-inch circle

Before I start to make the dough, I already lite the stove and heating a frying pan before

In that frying pan, I cook tortillas over medium heat for 1 minute on each side or until lightly browned .

It's only taking around 30 minutes to start and finish making the tortilla . When I show the tortilla to Craig, he looks at the tortilla with excited eyes .

"Master Henry is really awesome, with not many ingredients to use and in short time cooking, you can make this dish"

"This is just the base Craig, same like bread . To make it more delicious, we should add topping on top of this tortilla, and then we can eat that . The topping can be made from meat, fish, or vegetables . This food can be made into many variations by change the topping"

"Thank you very much, master Henry . This dish will make the crew happy when eating it"

I nodded with a satisfied expression, this Craig guy has something a cook should have, passion for cooking and glad when people happy eating his cooking . At the time I'm finished teaching Craig to cook tortilla, the alkali liquid in the stove already crystallized into some solid white materials . I check on the maple sap that still in cooking, it's already reducing to half a barrel . I told Craig to stir the liquid once a while until the liquid thickened like honey, then he can stop cooking the sap and pour the result into a clean jar to keep .