Gourmet of Another World - Chapter 1315

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Chapter 1315: 1315

The appearance of the gray-robed old man changed the expressions of all the Earth Prison experts . They couldn’t help frowning in dread . Even Lord Dog yawned to show his seriousness . Bu Fang didn’t feel anything special, however . He just sensed that their emotions had changed ever so slightly .

He had put away the supreme-grade Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine . As days passed, fewer and fewer people came to buy the wine . Almost all those who could afford it had made the purchase, and since only the first cup was effective, no one would spend another one million Nether Crystals for a second cup . It wasn’t worth the price . Even if someone did buy a second cup, it would be just for the taste . No one except Nether King Er Ha would be so extravagant as to spend so much money for that purpose .

As a result, the business of Bu Fang’s restaurant gradually returned to normal .

Recently, Yellow Spring Great Sage kept visiting the restaurant . It was not because he fell in love with the atmosphere, but he liked to hold and stroke his jade jar there . Whenever someone looked over, he would explain that the jar contained the wine that cost one million Nether Crystals a cup . Every time he did that, people would look shocked . The jar was about the size of a fist, and that meant it could fill over a dozen cups . That made it worth over ten million Nether Crystals .

Yellow Spring Great Sage enjoyed those shocked looks . Whenever someone was shocked, he would be very happy . At his level, ordinary materials could no longer make him feel happy . What he wanted was the joy on the spiritual level .

Nether King Er Ha and the others didn’t hesitate to roll their eyes at him, and they didn’t conceal their disdain for his shallow behavior .

Since no one was buying the wine, Bu Fang began to cook . A restaurant was not a wine shop, after all . In any restaurant, food was the main focus . Although the effect of his dishes was nowhere near as good as the supreme-grade Yellow Spring Helplessness Wine, they still had some effect .


The kitchen’s curtain was lifted, and the bell rang . Bu Fang walked out of it with a plate of a steaming dish in hand . A rich fragrance spread from it, making all the people in the restaurant twitch their noses and sniff at the smell .

“It smells great . ”

Everyone’s eyes lit up . Bu Fang placed the dish on the table . Lord Dog had already bolted over with an impatient look, laid his front paws on the table, and stuck out his tongue . It was his favorite, Sweet ‘n’ Sour Dragon Meat Ribs .

Nethery had woken up . She slept for two days after drinking the wine, and she was already starving . With Foxy in her arms, she sat to the side and began eating a bowl of Dragon Blood Rice .

The aroma of food stimulated the appetite of many people present, so they all ordered dishes and began to eat and drink . The atmosphere in the restaurant was harmonious, totally different from the tense atmosphere in Earth Prison .

After finishing his food, Prison Overlord Ying Long took his leave from Yellow Spring Great Sage and the others, then walked out of the restaurant and flew away . As one of the Overlords of Earth Prison and the expert in charge of the order, he couldn’t just sit back and watch a Nether Prison Great Saint intrude .

The gray-robed old man floated outside the Black Temple, looking indifferently at the building with his hands clasped behind his back . Soon, a clump of black smoke drifted out of the temple toward him .

“I didn’t expect that the Sword Demon Patriarch would come here in person . Welcome!” the supreme existence of the Black Temple said in a hoarse voice and smiled at the old man .

The temple’s gates opened with a creak . The old man chuckled, and the sword energy around him seemed to boil . Then, he followed the Black Temple’s expert through the gates and disappeared . Suddenly, the temple’s gates closed, producing a deafening rumble .

Inside the Black Temple, the two mighty experts seemed to be plotting something . A night had gone by when the gates opened again . With his hands clasped behind him, the old man flew out of the temple, stepped on a sword light, and sped away .

The Black Temple expert hovered at the gates . Wisps of blood-colored light swirled in the black smoke that shrouded him, and he seemed to be contemplating .

At the Cave of the Fallen Gods…

The golden skeleton sat cross-legged in front of the cave . Its body seemed to radiate dazzling golden light, and the blood-colored ghostly fire in its eye sockets throbbed as it looked at the distant sky, where a majestic sword light suddenly appeared .

“Jin Lou, you should know why I am here…” With his hands clasped behind his back, the gray-robed old man hovered over the golden skeleton .

The golden skeleton turned its skull and slowly looked up . The ghostly fire in its eyes flickered .

“The catastrophe of this age is coming . If the Netherworld does not become a great world, it will follow in your footsteps, and you, the so-called forbidden lands, will be completely annihilated in the long river of history,” said the old man . “The forbidden land could help you survive the first catastrophe, but it cannot help you withstand the second catastrophe . When it comes… you will all die . ”

The golden skeleton’s ghostly fire twitched, and a clicking sound rang out as if it was sneering . “How can you nine traitors be qualified to withstand the catastrophe when even that man had failed to do so?” The fire in its eyes beat, showing that it was agitated .

Instead of getting angry, the old man just smiled . The next moment, a beam of sword energy appeared in his hand . With a light toss, the beam flew toward the skeleton .

“Jin Lou, it is not for you to judge if we are traitors . I just want to ask you now: do you want to live?” the old man said faintly as he hovered in midair on a sword light .

The golden skeleton reached out a golden palm, and immediately, the sword energy fell and wrapped it up . Upon sensing the energy, the fire in its eyes flickered violently . “You… Did you touch the barrier?!”

The old man was pleased with the skeleton’s shock . “Not me… but us . All nine of us have touched the barrier, and Di Ting even had half of his foot into it… This is what gives us the confidence to withstand the catastrophe . As long as the Netherworld becomes a great world, we will survive it . ”

The golden skeleton fell silent . After the ghostly fire in its eyes beat for a long time, it finally said, “Fine… I’ll join you . ”

“A wise man submits to fate . Hahaha…” The gray-robed old man burst out laughing . Then, he sped away on the sword light .

From the sky, the gray-robed old man threw a beam of sword energy toward God Vanishing Mountain .

Suddenly, a slender and fair arm swept out of the mountain and dispersed the sword energy .

“You don’t have to come to me . I’m no longer concerned about life or death . Get out of here . ” A cold voice echoed out .

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“Don’t you want to reconsider… Ice Saint? At its prime, your Ice Vanishing Palace was a monster that looked down upon the whole Netherworld . Are you willing to let it sink to the ground?” the old man said lightly . “It’s not worth doing this for that Nether King Tian Cang…”

“I don’t need you to teach me what to do . Get lost now,” said the indescribably beautiful woman sitting on the ten-thousand-year ice .

“If you go against the wind, you will inevitably suffer destruction… No one can stop the unification of the Netherworld . Black Demon and Jin Lou both gave in . What are you holding on to?” the old man said coldly . The next moment, he raised a hand, and countless beams of sword energy immediately appeared in it .

“You’re not leaving? If you don’t get out of here now, I’ll call the dog,” said Ice Saint in a cold voice .

At that, the old man’s expression changed . “Hmph! You have no idea what is good for you! Soon, that dog won’t be able to protect even himself . You will die with him!” He sneered, then stepped on the sword light and sped away .

A disdainful look appeared on Ice Saint’s face as she watched the old man disappear . “A bunch of hypocrites . How dare he come to ask for my help when they had wounded me in the past? Do they think I’m so accommodating?”

As soon as she finished speaking, she pulled out an ice-cream cone from behind her and slowly enjoyed it .

Outside Forbidden Soul City, the Yellow Spring River suddenly rocked . Huge waves rose to the sky as the blood-colored water churned . All of a sudden, a sword beam flew whistling over and cut the river in half .

The gray-robed old man hovered in midair . His eyes flashed, and thousands of sword beams could be seen wheeling behind him .

“Forbidden Soul City…”

A strange smile appeared on the old man’s face . Looking at the broken city walls, he soared into the sky and thrust a sword at the city down below . The void squeaked under the mighty pressure of the sword .

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A huge sword fell from the sky and smashed onto Forbidden Soul City, devouring everything in an instant . Under the formidable destructive force of the sword, the buildings in the city collapsed, and bricks turned into powder . In a flash, the majestic city was reduced to ruins .

Meanwhile, a few thousand miles away, the people of Forbidden Soul City watched the scene in shock and horror . Fortunately, Prison Overlord Ying Long had moved them out of the city . Otherwise, they would have all died under the attack . The sword strike was so strong that even a Perfected Little Saint couldn’t resist . It was as if a real God of Sword had descended .

The gray-robed old man waved his sleeve . A powerful blast immediately swept out with a rumble, dispersing the clouds of smoke and dust that covered the ruin .

“Oh?” His eyes focused as he glanced down, then suddenly, they burst into a bright light . “It’s still standing?!” He took a deep breath . Looking at the unscathed little restaurant among the ruins, his face turned cold in an instant .

Bu Fang put his hands behind him and walked to the door of the restaurant . At his side, Nethery stood quietly with Foxy in her arms .

The powerful sword strike had reduced the whole Forbidden Soul City to ruins . Through the smoke and dust, Bu Fang stared with a straight face at the gray-robed old man standing in midair .

Yellow Spring Great Sage walked out of the restaurant, holding his wine jar, while Lord Dog also came out with his enchanting cat-like steps . Standing in front of the door, they looked up at the old man .

“What’s coming will come… These guys couldn’t hold back at last,” Lord Dog said in his gentle and magnetic voice .

Holding his wine jar, Yellow Spring Great Sage glanced at Lord Dog and said, “Mangy dog, this old fellow is here for you, right? He’s bold to come to you alone . ”

Lord Dog shook his head . “Alone? You think too much… These few old fellows are scared of death . ” The next moment, he flew into the sky and hovered in front of the gray-robed old man . However, to his surprise, the old man’s eyes didn’t turn to look at him . His gaze was fixed on Bu Fang, who was standing in front of the restaurant .

Lord Dog tilted his head . He then discovered that the monstrous killing intent exuding from the old man was targeted at Bu Fang .

“A little restaurant that cannot be destroyed, a heaven-defying dish, and that familiar aura… You are really too similar to that man . And because of this… you must die!”