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Gourmet of Another World - Chapter 1316

Published at 18th of October 2020 03:45:07 AM

Chapter 1316: 1316

The strange killing intent froze not only Lord Dog, but also Bu Fang, who was standing in front of the restaurant . Looking at the gray-robed old man in midair, he couldn’t help but frown his eyebrows . He could feel that the killing intent was targeted at him . Bu Fang had never met this old man before, and he shouldn’t have any conflicts with him . Why, then, was the old man harbored such a strong killing intent for him, so much so that it felt as if he wanted to destroy the world?

‘When did I offend him?’

Holding his wine jar, Yellow Spring Great Sage gave Bu Fang a strange look . After thinking for a while, he said hesitantly, “Maybe he’s jealous of your handsome looks . ” He had thought the Sword Demon Patriarch was here for Lord Dog, but it turned out that the old fellow’s target was Bu Fang . He and Lord Dog both were somewhat confused .

“Nonsense… If he’s really jealous, he’s jealous of my handsome appearance . Bu Fang young man just has a… paralyzed face,” Nether King Er Ha said seriously as he craned his head out of the restaurant . Then, he pushed a lock of hair away from his forehead as a charming smile emerged on his lips .


A terrible aura spread in the sky and swept out in all directions . In the distance, the people of Forbidden Soul City couldn’t help but gasp . The pressure was too horrible . They couldn’t believe that an expert of this level would dare to attack wantonly in Earth Prison .

Ying Long narrowed his eyes . Behind him, the few other Prison Overlords, including Jin Jiao and Yin Jiao, also wore grave expressions . Others might not recognize the old man, but as Prison Overlords, they naturally knew who he was .

He was the Patriarch of the Sword Demon Clan, a mighty existence who was claimed to have already reached the Nine-revolution Great Saint Realm! An existence of this level was insanely fearsome!

When the previous Nether King, Tian Cang, attacked Nether Prison, none of the Patriarchs from the nine clans had come to Earth Prison . Why did one of them come and even destroy a city with a powerful strike?

When they related this to the recent events in Earth Prison, the Prison Overlords’ faces grew uglier and uglier .

“Nether Prison cannot hold back any longer… They are going to strike finally . After the Netherworld’s Tournament of the Great Path was over, they began to show their prowess with the intention to bring all the surrounding small worlds under their wings . The nine old fellows from the nine Nether Prison clans are going to… form the Great Netherworld!”

Leaning on the Hollow Eye Staff, Prison Overlord Ying Long’s face was grave .

“But… Does this old fellow despise Earth Prison? Is he trying to bring the whole Earth Prison to its knees alone?”

His face was unsightly . He knocked the end of his staff on the ground, causing the ground to cave in .

The gray-robed old man in the sky finally moved . His killing intent for Bu Fang plunged the whole world into terror . With a sharp cry, a sword flew out from behind him, emitting a light so bright that it turned the world dark at this moment .

“You… must die,” said the Sword Demon Patriarch .

All of a sudden, the sword turned and sped toward Bu Fang .

“Old man, do you really think I don’t exist?” A gentle and magnetic voice echoed through the air . Sneering, Lord Dog shook his body, causing his fat to wobble, then raised his paw and threw it out .

With a rumble, the paw and the sword smashed together . It was as if the most horrible collision had happened . At this moment, the whole world turned dark, while a rumbling sound filled the air, hammering at every ear . The next moment, powerful blasts and terrible energy waves spread and swept out in all directions .

“Earth Prison Dog… I’ll kill you one day! Those who go against nature will come to no good end! That’s what happened to Tian Cang, and you… will face the same fate soon!”

The gray-robed old man stood in midair with his hands clasped behind his back . Beams of sword energy shot out from around him, forming a pattern that looked like a lotus flower . Suddenly, he pointed out a finger . At the gesture, the thousands of sword beams turned into a torrent and quickly transformed into an enormous silver dragon in the sky .

The sky in Earth Prison couldn’t bear the power and began to break, letting in streams of void turbulence . It showed that the attack of a Great Saint was strong enough to destroy a world!

Lord Dog’s eyes turned red instantly . “If you want to fight, fight me in the starry sky!” He let out a bark that shook the skies . Then, he threw out a paw, which grew larger and larger until it blotted out the sky and dragged the silver dragon into the starry sky .

The space over the sky and under the starry sky was the battlefield for Great Saints! There, the battles always frightened heaven and shook the earth!

“So be it . I’ll cut down your dog head first before killing this little bastard who shouldn’t have existed!” The Sword Demon Patriarch gave Bu Fang a cold look that was filled with monstrous killing intent . After that, he shot into the sky and rushed into the battlefield in the starry sky .

Lord Dog’s fat wobbled as he turned around and gave Bu Fang a deep look . “Take care of yourself . I’ll be right back,” he said .

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Then, walking with his enchanting cat-like steps, he went into the battlefield as well .

Before long, everyone felt that the sky seemed to have turned dark . A terrible battle was taking place over the sky . At this moment, all the savage monsters along the Yellow Spring River fell to the ground, trembling . Under the pressure of Great Saints, none of them could move .

The Forbidden Soul City had already turned into a ruin with rubbles scattered all over the ground . However, under the System’s protection, Yellow Spring Little Restaurant was intact . There was an invisible energy barrier swirling around it .

Standing in the restaurant, Bu Fang became lost in thought . The Sword Demon Patriarch’s surging killing intent and strange words made him narrow his eyes .

After analyzing his words, Yellow Spring Great Sage and the others thought that Bu Fang must have obtained the legacy of some mighty figure, which was dreaded by the nine old fellows of Nether Prison .

The Netherworld had been around for a very long time . Many legendary figures were born here, so it was normal for some of them to leave behind their legacies . Yellow Spring Great Sage, who was the oldest man among those present, tried to figure out whose legacy Bu Fang obtained, and why it was dreaded by the Sword Demon Patriarch and filled him with such monstrous killing intent . However, he couldn’t think of any .

Suddenly, his eyes lit up . ‘Could it be… the legacy of a peerless expert from the previous age?’ he thought to himself . Even he was frightened by the thought . ‘A supreme existence of the previous age? That’s a forbidden existence!’

When an age died, a new age was born . This was the power of the intangible law of time in the world, and Laws and Rules was the mystery beyond the Will of the Great Path .

‘Could Bu Fang’s legacy have something to do with this mystery?’

Yellow Spring Great Sage had lived long enough to know many things . He knew that those in the forbidden lands in Earth Prison and Nether Prison were all survivors from the previous age, and what surrounded them was the power of Laws and Rules .

The power restricted them . Once they left the forbidden lands, they would be corroded by the power, and their life force would be reduced rapidly . The influence was weaker for those with weaker strength, but once a Great Saint left the forbidden land for too long, he or she would be severely wounded and might even turn into ashes by the power of Laws!

If the legacy Bu Fang obtained did come from a supreme existence of the previous age, it explained why he was so hated by the nine Nether Prison clans .

“You are such a lucky guy! I can’t believe you actually obtained that kind of legacy…” Yellow Spring Great Sage said enviously, looking at Bu Fang .

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A strange look came over Bu Fang’s face as he listened to Yellow Spring Great Sage’s analysis . There was no one else who knew him better than himself . He didn’t obtain the legacy of a supreme existence from the previous age . What he had was a system that was helping him become the God of Cooking .

Bu Fang rubbed his nose and was lost in thought again . The Sword Demon Patriarch’s words made him frown . The indestructible little restaurant and the heaven-defying dishes were all the System’s features . When the Patriarch said that he was similar to a man, did he mean that that man also exhibited these features? Was there another person in the Netherworld besides him who was related to the System?

At the thought of this, Bu Fang’s heart skipped a beat, and he couldn’t help asking the System . However, the System didn’t respond to his inquiries as if it had silently admitted that .

‘Could it be the former host?’

Bu Fang was shocked . From the conversations between the Artifact Spirits, he learned about the former host . However, the former host had long perished . Otherwise, he would not be here . What surprised Bu Fang was that the former host seemed to be related to the Netherworld .

“Bu Fang!”

Suddenly, Nethery’s cold voice rang out beside his ear, interrupting his thoughts . Bu Fang was slightly taken aback, and he gave her a confused look .

With a serious look in her dark eyes, Nethery raised a hand and pointed at the distance .

Bu Fang looked over to where she was pointing at .

Crack… Crack…

The ground around Yellow Spring Little Restaurant was breaking apart, and the soil was turned over as one pale skeleton after another crawled out . For a moment, the whole Forbidden Soul City, which was reduced to a ruin, seemed to have turned into the land of the dead .

Yellow Spring Great Sage widened his eyes in surprise and said, “Look at all these skeletons… Is that fellow of the Cave of the Fallen Gods here?”

Suddenly, the ground exploded with a loud boom, then a huge shadow was cast on the ruin, causing everyone’s breath to become shorter .

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An enormous bone dragon rushed out of the ground .

In addition to the bone dragon, skeletons in bronze armor also crawled out of the ground with bone spears in their hands . The flickering ghostly flames in their eyes were all fixed at Bu Fang in the restaurant .

“They’re making trouble… I can’t believe that the Sword Demon Patriarch persuaded those guys in the forbidden land to help him… It looks like it’s going to get a little tricky . ” Yellow Spring Great Sage focused his eyes and took a deep breath as he looked at the huge skeleton dragon in the sky .

“ROAR!” Although it was a skeleton dragon, what came out of its mouth was a true dragon roar!

“This is a skeleton dragon transformed from the corpse of a True Dragon… one from the previous age!” A serious look came over Yellow Spring Great Sage’s face as he felt the pressure .

The skeleton dragon’s aura was extremely terrible . True Dragons and Divine Phoenixes were all real divine beasts, and every one of them had the strength of the Peaked Great Saint, which made them invincible . Therefore, even though this skeleton dragon was transformed from a dead True Dragon, it also possessed incredible power!

Even then, a great sheet of blood-colored flames rose in the distance, and a golden skeleton could be seen slowly walking out of it . A terrible aura mixed with monstrous killing intent exploded out of it as the ghostly fire in its eye fixed at Bu Fang .

“Jin Lou! Are you insane? Why did you leave the forbidden land? Are you courting death?” Yellow Spring Great Sage shouted with a frown .

The golden skeleton glanced at Yellow Spring Great Sage, then turned around and continued staring at Bu Fang, paying no mind to Yellow Spring Great Sage . For a moment, the atmosphere grew a little awkward .

“You… die,” Jin Lou said . Then, as the ghostly fire in its eyes twitched, a mighty divine will spread from its body .

The skeleton dragon in the sky opened its mouth and let out a deafening roar . The next moment, a plume of white flame came pouring out of its mouth, gushing toward Yellow Spring Little Restaurant . The dragon wanted to completely destroy the restaurant with its fire!

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