Gourmet of Another World - Chapter 259

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Chapter 259: Lopping Off the Fish’s Head

The sea waves churned, bringing along a fishy and salty sea breeze .

On a boat in that lonely world, Lian Fu placed his hand behind his back as his white hair got tousled . The pupils of his eyes landed on Ji Chengyu, who was on top of the large vessel .

"Long time no see, Chief Chamberlain Lian . How have you been?" Both gazed at each other for quite some time before Ji Chengyu eventually opened his mouth and spoke, his serene greetings echoing within that world .

Lian Fu pursed up his lips and tilted his head as he looked at Ji Chengyu . Within the sharpness of his voice, there were traces of hoarseness .

"King Yu, ah, King Yu… When you made a mistake and the previous emperor punished you to watch over the emperor's tomb, the reason he had allowed you to preserve your life was because you were his kin . You should have just watched over the emperor's tomb and fulfilled a bit of filial piety as a son . Why did you choose to run out of the emperor's tomb? Because of that, I'm now stuck in a very difficult situation . "

At the rear of the boat, as usual, towering torrential waves surged up violently, constantly surging and churning . The speed it pushed the small boat continued to increase .

Thereafter, it only took an instant for it to still . The small boat Lian Fu was standing on came to a stop .

"Sealing my cultivation level and taking away my monarch title . . . What a good father of mine . I also wish to fulfill my filial duty, but I do not want to sweep the emperor's tomb like a defeated dog . " Ji Chengyu's gaze was like electricity as he looked straight at Lian Fu . He took a step forward and brought one of his legs onto the vessel's edge as he sneered .

Within his gaze, there were fanatical desires, "I, Ji Chengyu, whether in capability or cultivation, am a lot stronger than Ji Chengxue . The one who should be inheriting the title of emperor should be me . Why was it bestowed onto my third brother, that wretch, instead?! Which part of me is inferior to him?

"I am not convinced . If father wanted me to be convinced, he should have turned me into a complete cripple . But he didn't," Ji Chengyu said .

Lian Fu sighed . He had always known of the anger that was restrained within Ji Chengyu's heart . Even at the most challenging times when he got sent away to sweep the emperor's tomb, his eyes were like stagnated water, but Lian Fu was able to feel the unrelenting flames in Ji Chengyu's heart .

"But you've went against the late emperor's order . Just like before, this lowly servant can only bring you back . " Lian Fu's sharp voice was tinged with hoarseness .

"I know . . . Chief Chamberlain Lian's objective is to bring me back to the emperor's tomb and make me face those ice-cold tombstones once more . But what if I don't want to? What will you do then?"

Ji Chengyu crossed his arms against his chest and looked at Lian Fu arrogantly . Within his eyes, there were traces of a challenge and fervor .

Lian Fu focused his gaze . He raised a hand and pinched his middle finger and thumb together .

"Then I can only beat you up to the point you will be unable to move and then carry you back . "

. . .

The echoing yell in Southern City caused those Battle-Emperors who were still immersed in Bu Fang's prowess to immediately sober up .

"Shit! This animal is going berserk again!"

One of the Battle-Emperor expert's heart shuddered and yelled with some alarm .

Whenever this animal went berserk, it would attack the Southern City gate unceasingly . This was something they were extremely puzzled about . But at this very moment, this animal had actually gone berserk again!

Bu Fang focused his gaze to the far distance outside of Southern City . Perhaps the reason those Battle-Emperors did not discover any clue about it was because they were all shocked by Bu Fang's method . But Bu Fang had all the while been paying attention to this big fat fish . . . er, demonic fish . Therefore, he was very clear about what had happened just now .

That lacerating black arrow, which had tore through the horizon, pierced the back of the Demonic Fish, causing it to fly into a rage once again .

"So, all of this was caused by someone else . " Bu Fang narrowed his eyes as the corner of his mouth curled up .

Bu Fang was contemplating about how such a big-headed fat fish appeared in Southern City Dragon River noiselessly and without any reason . . .

The fear the berserk Demonic Fish had to the draconic might of the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife was greatly decreased . It yelled with a mouth that was filled with sharp teeth . It brought forth a pungent fishy wind as its scarlet eyes glared at the Bu Fang, who was holding onto the kitchen knife that blossomed with a golden brilliance, its tyrannical look prominent .


The stump of the large claw that was cut off smacked the ground ferociously . Unexpectedly, this demonic fish was ramming towards Bu Fang in a speed that was as quick as lightning .

The hearts of numerous Battle-Emperors shuddered . They felt a burst of fearful oppression .

Bu Fang's complexion was calm as he looked at the big fish . There was not even a sign of panic .

With the impending collision, the Demonic Fish that seemed to want to bite him into pieces was magnified continuously in his eyes .

However . . .  Bu Fang's figure abruptly disappeared from his spot as he agily leaped up and landed on top of the fish's head .

The seventh grade spiritual beast itself, possessed a terrifying pressure . This oppression possessed a natural suppressive force towards a Battle-Emperor or a sixth grade spirit beast . However, Bu Fang was not at all affected by the influence of this oppression . As before, he was able to operate without obstruction . On the contrary, it was the Demonic Fish that was being suppressed by his draconic might .

Therefore, in spite of all that, he was still not afraid of this Demonic Fish despite not being at the level of a Battle-saint .

Bu Fang somersaulted in the air as he swung the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife down . The Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife was a semi-divine tool and was extremely sharp . The Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish's scales did not have even the slightest degree of resistance against the weapon .

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Just like paper mache, it got hacked to pieces by Bu Fang . The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife entered the flesh of the Demonic Fish as its blood started to splatter .

The demonic fish frantically trembled for a while as the fish scales on its body opened up .

"What a fat fish . Seventh grade spirit beast meat should not disappoint anyone, right?" Bu Fang murmured, with the corners of his mouth curling up .

Thereafter, he exhaled a long breath as his gaze focused slightly . While holding onto the knife handle, he unexpectedly started to sprint on the back of the fish .

Bu Fang moved rapidly while still expressionless . His white gown sleeve whirled and his hair fluttered .

Rip tug tug!

There was a crashing sound . Along with Bu Fang's wild running, blood splattered unceasingly along the wound . The demonic fish started to wail as it got even more frantic and violently thrashed its body even harder .

Bu Fang rose up with a single bound . With both his hands holding onto the handle of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, he sliced down ferociously .


Blood spattered out, shining under the sunlight!

Countless fish scales spattered away . The scales on the Demonic Fish crashed down onto the floor as if it was being stripped off .

The hearts of numerous Battle-Emperors shivered . Holy mother . . . too dreadful!

"Haha! Senior is so handsome! Play this animal to death . Peel its skin and draw out its tendon!" Xiao Yu cheered jubilantly on the roof as he hopped around unceasingly .

Xiao Yanyu was also looking in shock at the seventh grade spirit beast that had been cut into a sorry figure by Owner Bu . It turned out that . . . Owner Bu was actually so strong!

She had always thought that Whitey and the big black dog were there to protect Owner Bu, who was most likely a chef with weak fighting strength . But never did she expect . . . even after getting separated from Whitey, Owner Bu was still so fierce .

The way he handled the fish was so skillful . Even when it came to scraping fish scales, he had scraped it off so unconventionally .

Xiao Yanyu's red lips raised slightly as she displayed a charming smile .

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All the various Xiao Family's members were sucking in cold air at this moment . This youth was too scary . . . He was actually scraping of the scales of this frightening spirit beast . Are you trying to cook here?

Xiao Kecheng's legs trembled while his mouth quivered endlessly . This kid . . . could actually defeat a seventh grade spirit beast?!

At this moment, Xiao Yanyu's maid, Xiao Ya, even felt like crying . She remembered very clearly that in the Xiao Mansion, she had arranged for him a guest room that even a beggar wouldn't be willing to stay in!

She had unexpectedly offended this kind of formidable existence . If he wanted to deal with her, within seconds, that kitchen knife could already skin her off .

Xiao Ya, whose mind was already frightened to the point of turning somewhat frenetic, immediately collapsed and sat on the ground as she started to weep in fear .

Bu Fang landed onto the ground as his true energy burst forth . His figure sped along as his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife had unexpectedly sunk deeply into that fish's belly . Afterwards, he scampered rapidly as he sliced the white belly of the fish open . There were no scales on its abdomen . Thus, Bu Fang had sliced it with ease .

The blood was like a waterfall, gushing out in torrents, flowing onto the ground .

Immediately, the Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish could no longer support its body . It collapsed onto the ground . The madness within its eyes vanished once again just as fear emerged . It felt death was coming toward it .

"Oh… Afraid?"

Bu Fang's body did not have the slightest amount of blood on him as he jumped back lightly . The huge Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife spun in his hand as he murmured nonchalantly .

At the next moment, bright golden rays glowed . It was bright to the point of blinding someone .

The golden rays abruptly dimmed as if a shooting star had fallen . With a loud bang, it sliced against the Burst-Dragon Demonic Fish's head .

The fish was dumbfounded . Its body was unable to move a single step . . .

Not only the fish, even the masses also blanked out on their spots . They did not dare to be impressed . They had no idea whether the Demonic Fish was truly dead . It should be dead, right?


There was an echoing sound of a heavy object falling to the ground . The large fish head had dropped off from the fish's body with a loud bang . It tumbled on the ground, rolling twice as the reek of blood pervaded the air .


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"Senior is mighty!! Handsome!!" Xiao Yu's voice was about to turn mute . At this very moment, the admiration he had for Bu Fang was like the blood that was squirting out from the fish's body, an unceasing torrent .

Bu Fang collapsed and he sat onto the ground . The true energy on his body abruptly scattered away as he violently panted for breath .

The dim radiance on the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife faded away . Then, it returned back to its simple and unadorned pitch-black appearance .

His Battle-Emperor true energy was fully consumed in this battle . Sure enough, dealing with this kind of beast that was not frightened of the draconic might of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife alone was somewhat strenuous .

Ultimately . . . it was because his cultivation was too low, so he did not have sufficient true energy to use .

As usual, within Bu Fang's heart, he still felt the urgency to increase his cultivation .

Xiao Yanyu's tensed heart also unexpectedly loosened up . Owner Bu had surprisingly done it . It turned out that he was also very powerful . It practically renewed the understanding she had of Owner Bu .

She had once again found out a secret that no one knew about him!

The first secret was Owner Bu had unexpectedly gone to a brothel . The second secret was that he was actually . . . so strong!

When she recalled the embarrassed look of Owner Bu when he realized that he had been discovered by Xiao Yanyu, she suddenly felt like laughing . . . sometimes, Owner Bu was actually quite cute .

All of a sudden, Xiao Yanyu's mind trembled . She turned her head over and looked puzzledly . She realized the grandeur of Whitey, who had been standing quietly beside her all along, had abruptly changed .

Er? Whitey . . .

Xiao Yanyu's eyes contracted as she suddenly looked in Bu Fang's direction .

At a location that no one was paying attention to, there were five pitch-black figure speeding toward them .

Without a doubt, the five figure's objective . . . was Owner Bu, or it could possibly be said, the very frail Owner Bu at that very moment!

Whitey's machinery eyes flickered . The red radiance changed to purple . Then it stamped down ferociously in a single bound . The whole building's roof collapsed .

"Sensing a killing intent toward the host . Extermination mode initiated!"