Great Demon King - Chapter 119

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Chapter 119

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Chapter 119: Liaison, you can’t be this cruel!

The trussed up Emily suddenly kissed Han Shuo’s left cheek when he neared her, leaving behind a red mark .

“Oh heh heh, you’ve fallen to my curse . If I die, you’ll be cursed until your body rots all over and dies . ” Emily immediately looked at Han Shuo in ease after kissing Han Shuo, delivering these lines merrily .

A strange pulse of energy flowed through Han Shuo from the place that Emily had kissed . Just as Han Shuo wanted to investigate the location of this energy, he suddenly discovered that the strange energy had already vanished without a trace .

This curse was one of the dark major’s most bizarre and mysterious magics . Many legends and stories passed down through the ages all spoke of the frightening and mysterious power of this curse . Han Shuo could clearly feel it when that strange bit of energy had flowed through his body just now, and understood that the dark grand magus Emily hadn’t done this randomly .

Looking at the enormously proud Emily, Han Shuo’s face was sinister as various fleeting expressions made their way across his face . He seemed to be wavering between whether or not to dispose of her . With the protection of the magical yuan, Han Shuo felt that this kind of curse wouldn’t be able to cause any trouble for him, but he didn’t dare to take the risk either .

“Han, you’d better not leap into the dark . The curses of the dark major are a most mysterious magic . It can often achieve quite frightening things . We can temporarily allow this b*tch to live, and then kill her when we find a way to break the curse . ” Trunks offered this suggestion when he saw Han Shuo frown in contemplation .

Nodding, Han Shuo chuckled oddly, his unfriendly gaze patrolled over Emily’s well-rounded and charming, mature body . Emily’s body was quite curvaceous, particularly her pair of heavy, well rounded breasts . They looked like they would explode out of her clothes at any moment . Her sexy lips were a brilliant red and a trace of a wanton smile curved at her lips, full of naked lust for men’s bodies .

Under Han Shuo’s odd gaze, Emily chuckled and swayed forcefully within the net . The durable branches tightened around her body, making her curves look even more wondrous, exuding a strong force of attraction .

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“Mm, not bad, not bad . I won’t let you die . There will still be plenty of ways for you to help me slowly lift the curse . ” Han Shuo started at Emily for a few deep moments and said to the old priest, “I think our strong forest troll warriors would enjoy this beautiful and mature human woman together . ”

The arrogantly chuckling Emily’s face immediately drained of color as soon as he’d spoken and she cried out, “You can’t do this!”

“Heh heh, why can’t I? I’ll have the forest troll warriors be careful when they rape you . Don’t worry, they won’t kill you!” Chuckling evilly at the panicking Emily, it was Han Shuo’s turn to kick back leisurely .

Emily was frightened and panic stricken, her horrified eyes looking at the exceedingly ugly, yet fiercely built forest trolls . She didn’t dare say anything else .

“Liaison, please don’t make us do this . This human is so damned ugly, the children will have nightmares after having her . We’re all followers of the great Datara . Liaison, you can’t be this cruel!” At this moment, the old priest suddenly kneeled down before Han Shuo and begged Han Shuo with a look of pain on his face .

“You blind old dog of a thing, how dare you sully my beauty! I’m going to kill you disgusting old worm!” Before Han Shuo had a chance to react, the previously panic stricken Emily immediately struggled furiously within the net and glared ferociously at the old priest, cursing loudly .

Han Shu was involuntarily dumbfounded . Who would’ve thought that Emily would be so ugly in the eyes of the forest trolls? It looked like it was actually a cruel torture to gift Emily to them . This made Han Shuo not know whether to laugh or cry .

“Han, I think you should get back to more serious matters . ” Trunks looked at Han Shuo with a slight smile and said .

Nodding, Han Shuo said, “Take back the spoils to the tribe . Stopper up the mouth of this woman and also take her back . Guard her well, but don’t touch her for now . ”

The old priest immediately called out instructions to the forest trolls when he heard that they didn’t need to undergo such cruel torture . He told them to pick up all the spoils of war in the surroundings according to Han Shuo’s orders . The little skeleton was on guard duty next to Emily, ready to give Emily a strong blow at any time .

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Throwing a significant look at Trunks, Han Shuo and Trunks left the area, with Han Shuo avoiding the forest trolls and stopping when he found a quiet place . He began to explain everything to Trunks .

Of course, Han Shuo withheld everything about the cemetery of death and refining the little skeleton . He only picked the bits that he could tell Trunks .

Trunks paused for a long while after Han Shuo had explained all of this and looked at Han Shuo in confusion . “This means that you’re also a necromancer?”

Nodding, Han Shuo smiled, “Of course, I’m a bonafide necromancer . Except, the little skeleton I’ve summoned is a bit odd, leading to the forest trolls mistakenly taking him for their great god Datara . Although these forest trolls are irritating and greedy, since they accept my orders, rather than let them commit evils as they will, why not control them so they raid targets they should raid? That’s why I’ve kept them around . ”

“If you can use them appropriately, these forest trolls will be of a great help . I hadn’t thought that you’d be a necromancer as well . Hah, there are quite a bit of magical things about you . How much more are you keeping from me?”

“Eh, not too much else . Everyone has their own secrets . You never mention your own matters either . ”

“Alright, then I won’t ask any further . You continue doing your own thing, I need to continue training in the further depths of the Dark Forest . Remember what you’ve promised me . I’ll have you help me when the time’s right . ”

“Yes, I think we’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet in the future . When I finish handling all the matters at hand, I’ll also head deeper into the Dark Forest for more training . I think I’ll find a way to locate you then . ”

The two were truly treating each other as friends by now, but everyone had their own secrets . Han Shou’s current base was in the cemetery of death, and he also had further necromancy magic to study . In addition, he needed to report to the Empire’s Dark Mantle organization and prepare the dwarves’ rations . He temporarily couldn’t just head further into the depths of the Dark Forest to train .

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There wasn’t too much melancholy and sadness in parting with Trunks . When Han Shuo picked up the location of the original demons and little skeleton, he headed towards the forest trolls, finally reconvening with the forest trolls and heading back to the tribe .

The forest trolls had sent out five to six hundred trolls this time . All of them had brought pockets especially for raiding . Everyone mobilized themselves and brought back their spoils of war to within the forest troll tribe .

The McGrady Guild had been couriering resplendent silks and satins, soft and comfortable carpets, and a few other luxury items that nobles enjoyed . Apart from those, there were also battle chariots as large as carriages and a few items for use in attacking cities .

The luxury items were easy to take care of and sell off, but the battle chariots and other siege weapons would be a source of great trouble if they were being ferried to the Empire, but not to the army .

Han Shuo had learned from Phoebe that the McGrady Guild conducted a lot of smuggling . In this way, it seemed that these items likely weren’t being supplied to the Empire’s army . It seemed that the McGrady Guild did indeed have unfettered boldness .

Luxury items were usually stored within the space rings of the dead merchants . The battle chariots and siege weapons couldn’t be stored within space rings, this was why they were being transported by the earth dragons . They took count of inventory back at the forest trolls’ tribe and discovered that the number of luxury items filled two of the forest trolls’ warehouses, and there were another three warehouse worth of battle chariots and siege weapons .

Looking at the five warehouses full of resources, Han Shuo wasn’t sure how to handle this . The space ring on his hand was already full of gems and gold from the forest trolls . He had no way of storing more items . Han Shuo smiled ruefully as he looked at the mounds and heaps of resources within the forest trolls’ warehouses .

“Right, how do you usually handle the items that you’ve raided?” The forest trolls were a race of high intelligence that understood the pleasures of life . Therefore, Han Shuo inquired after their previous methods as he looked at these items .

“Someone will make a trip to trade food, weapons, and necessities for these items . Stuff that we have no use for is in high demand from others . This is enough for us to trade for a winter’s worth of food and necessities . Many thanks to the great Datara’s favor . It was the great Datara who led us down the right path . ” The old priest explained to Han Shuo .

Nodding, Han Shuo privately thought that this was indeed the case . The merchants who traded with the forest trolls must’ve garnered their trust and brought the food, rations, necessities and weapons necessary to come and trade for these priceless items .

Items like food, rations, and necessities weren’t that expensive within the Empire . If they were transported here and used to trade for the valuables that the forest trolls had looted, then these merchants would be sure to be able to earn an eye-popping margin . This was no wonder that despite the presence of danger all throughout the Dark Forest, there were still so many merchants who still swarmed into the Dark Forest without heed for their lives .

The Dark Forest would be exceedingly cold when winter arrived, and many magical creatures wouldn’t venture out then . Because the roads would be sealed off, merchants and adventurers wouldn’t easily venture in as well . Therefore, all tribes had to hurry and prepare the rations and food they needed to weather the winter, otherwise they’d be in bad straits when winter arrived . This was why the dwarves were worrying and why the forest trolls were raiding and looting in all directions .

The old priest was dumbfounded but nodded his head in understanding, as if thinking that Han Shuo’s command was a bit baffling . However, the old priest was accustomed to following orders and didn’t ask much .

“All of you temporarily don’t go out raiding during this time . The great Datara and I will look around and notify you when we discover a better target . When I come back next time, I’ll bring a portion of rations and necessities for your use . Be at ease . ” Han Shuo said to the old priest after thinking for a while .

“Liaison, what do we do about the ugly woman?” The old priest nodded and brought up the difficult question of Emily .

Han Shuo also felt a bit of a headache when this question was posed . He mused silently and then said, “I’ll take her with me . ”

It wasn’t until they were a few li away from the forest trolls and at a pond that Han Shuo finally loosened the restraints that covered Emily’s eyes . Two zombie warriors had been carrying the ensnared Emily along the way, with Han Shuo completely disregarding her groans and moans . There was no other way they could proceed out of the forest troll tribe territory, thus Han Shuo had to proceed in this fashion .

When he reached the water’s edge, Emily started cursing at Han Shuo when the coverings over her eyes and restraint on her mouth were released . Han Shuo ignored Emily’s curses and undid his shirt, revealing an evenly fit body .

Contrary to Han Shuo’s expectations, several traces of panic were displayed in Emily’s eyes when she saw that Han Shuo took off his clothes without another word . She hastily spoke, “What, what do you want to do?”

Han Shuo had only wanted to take a shower within the pond, but a plot formed in his mind when he saw the panic in Emily’s eyes . He immediately leered and chuckled oddly as he took steps closer to Emily, wantonly looking up and down her mature, full body . He asked her in return, “What would you like me to do? Ahaha!”