Great Demon King - Chapter 399

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Chapter 399

Great Demon King Chapter 399: Three abilities of the Tri-colored skeletal staff

Hearing what Wolf said, emotions surged uncontrollably within Han Shuo’s heart . The Calamity Church was probably aware of some information regarding the Cemetery of Death . What Wolf had just stated was probably true .

The center of the first layer in the Cemetery of Death was indeed an ancient magic transportation array . It is precisely through this ancient magic transportation array that Han Shuo could travel everywhere without restrictions . When he heard Wolf say that the transportation array could also connect between planes, Han Shuo was indescribably astonished .

Common magic transportation arrays within the continent normally had a limitation of distance . For example, the transportation arrays between large cities in Lancelot Empire could only cover a few hundred kilometers . No one has ever heard of deploying a transportation array that could cover a distance of several thousand kilometers .

The further the limit of the transportation array, the higher the requirements were . Apart from the comprehension of the person setting up the array, a painstaking effort had to be expended on materials and finding a favorable location . A space sacred magus could only set up a transportation array that had a maximum distance of two thousand to two and a half thousand kilometers .

Yet, the large-scale transportation array in the center of the Cemetery of Death could, according to Wolf, transport across planes . This was extremely inconceivable to Han Shuo . When Wolf mentioned that the Cemetery of Death was a structure from a different plane, Han Shuo felt even more light-headed .

Seeing Han Shuo’s shocked expression, Wolf continued, “Of course, the Holy Land also has another saying . It is said that the transportation array can be moved and it was similar to a Magic Tower and was self-sufficient in attacking and defending . These were all legends handed down within the church, but I think they are trustworthy .

“As for the skeletal staff in your hands, you can see it as the key to entering the Holy Land . The tri-colored skulls on the skeletal staff each possess a strange power . Firstly, it can multiply the strength of a necromancer’s spells . I think you are already very clear about this power . The second strange power, you’ve already tried it on me . It is the miraculous ability to let a necromancer become youthful again . Not only can it be used by the necromancer in possession of the skeletal staff, it can also be used on other people .

The final power of the skeletal staff, which I’m unsure if you have tried it before, is rumored to be able to open the pathway to the netherworld . The user would be able to enter and exit the netherworld with just a thought . This ability is the most unfathomable . It can allow necromancers familiarize with the netherworld and let them reach a higher level of understanding in necromancy .

Each of the tri-colored skulls contained a different power . However, these three abilities are only theories that have been passed down in the Calamity Church for a long time . As for whether the skeletal staff has more secrets, it’s not something I’m able to comprehend . What I have just told you is all that I know . ”

Han Shuo had seen all of the three peculiar abilities of the tri-colored skeletal staff . Hence, he believed Wolf without any doubt . Increasing the strength of magic, recovering one’s youth and voluntarily entering the netherworld with his soul . Han Shuo had experienced all of the three abilities, but other than the first ability to increase the strength of his spells, Han Shuo simply have not comprehended the other two mystical abilities .

In particular, Han Shuo didn’t know anything regarding the mysteries of the last ability . Both the times he entered the netherworld had all been him unexplainably entering and exiting . It was absolutely not how Wolf described, going back and forth with just a thought . It seemed that it wasn’t caused by the skeletal staff, rather it was that Han Shuo hadn’t truly grasped the key in utilizing the skeletal staff .

According to Wolf, once Han Shuo truly controlled the skeletal staff’s powers, he would really be able to go back and forth with just a thought, meet up with the little skeleton and the various zombies within the netherworld, easily investigate the unknown mysteries of the netherworld and clarify if the Cemetery of Death was really an unusual structure originating from the netherworld as Wolf had described .

“I came here in accordance with my superiors’ orders to tell you some secrets about the skeletal staff and the Holy Land . I think that once you know of these things, you should have a direction for exploration . Hehe . The Calamity Church will become your strong backing . You who wields the skeletal staff is an important part of our Calamity Church . You can deny this, but our core members have already acknowledged this . ” Wolf smiled as he explained to Han Shuo who was currently deep in thought .

Han Shuo’s contemplation was interrupted by Wolf . Soon after, he gave Wolf a glance and said, “What you acknowledge should be the skeletal staff and the Cemetery of Death, right?”

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“They’re all the same . The role of the skeletal staff on our Calamity Church is extremely important . Once you’ve truly grasped all the uses of the skeletal staff, there will be superiors who will personally come to find you . ” Wolf replied without answering Han Shuo’s question directly .

“The skeletal staff is of great use to the Calamity Church? Is it primarily because of the last two abilities?” Han Shuo hesitated for a while before questioning closely .

Wolf stared blankly, thinking for a while before nodding as he replied, “You can put it that way . I’m not clear of the specific circumstances, but I know that the Calamity Church has some very powerful existences . However, due to their old age, their bodies have already become extremely weak . Some of them are even reaching the end of their lives . If the skeletal staff is able to grant them a restoration of their youth, these unparalleled existences would cause the Church of Light to tremble .

“And you are a person who can bestow upon them renewed physical strength and allow them to live longer . Hence, your importance to the Calamity Church is self-evident . More importantly, only you can open the Holy Land . In the future, secrets regarding the Holy Land would also need to be uncovered by you . ”

These words were probably not what the superiors instructed him to say and were simply Wolf taking the initiative to show goodwill . Thus, he paused before adding another sentence, “Bryan, these are my own words . I hope you will have a good impression of me . That way, I’ll be inwardly grateful . ”

Han Shuo was still reveling in the shock of Wolf’s words . He nodded when he heard what Wolf said, but didn’t make any promises .

“Alright then, it’s already quite late . I will be leaving now . ” After Wolf finished speaking, he respectfully gave Han Shuo a card and said, “This contains the way to contact me . If you require my or our strength, you can look for me at any time . We will spare no effort in assisting you . ”

Han Shuo received the card in passing as he apathetically nodded again . His head was filled with the details of the Cemetery of Death and the skeletal staff . Han Shuo was extremely shocked when he heard about these matters from Wolf, causing him to want to rapidly understand the main points .

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Han Shuo knew all along that the Cemetery of Death contained many secrets . However, he hadn’t been able to decipher its real secrets despite staying in the Cemetery of Death for quite a period of time . However, Wolf’s sharing had given Han Shuo a direction to explore, allowing Han Shuo to realize the aspects of the Cemetery of Death which were the most attractive .

“Perhaps I should enter a deeper level in the Cemetery of Death to explore . Maybe the next level might have the answers I need!” Han Shuo silently assessed the situation and made a decision .

While Han Shuo was pondering quietly, grand magus necromancer Wolf had already left soundlessly . Han Shuo raised his head to look outside, realizing that the full moon in the sky was gradually becoming hidden . Without him knowing, the night had almost passed by .

Han Shuo thought for a while . His curiosity about the mysteries of the Cemetery of Death and the skeletal staff was getting stronger and stronger . With the magic transportation array that directly led to the Cemetery of Death, traveling to and fro was extremely convenient . Since there didn’t seem to be any important matters tomorrow, Han Shuo immediately went to the secret chamber and activated the transportation array .

Once Han Shuo reached the Cemetery of Death, even before Han Shuo could uncover the secrets within the Cemetery of Death, the connection between dark dragon Gilbert and himself was immediately established .

The distance between Lancelot Empire’s Ossen City and the Valley of Sunshine was too far . Although Han Shuo and Gilbert had the power of the contract between them, it only allowed Han Shuo to detect whether Gilbert was dead and couldn’t sense his location or thoughts .

However, the Dark Forest was very close to the Valley of Sunshine . As both Han Shuo and Gilbert’s strength had increased by a substantial amount, the connection between them had become clearer . Once Han Shuo established a connection with Gilbert, he immediately sensed that Gilbert wanted to meet him urgently .

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Han Shuo, who had originally planned on exploring the secrets of the Cemetery of Death, recognized Gilbert’s urgency . He had no choice but temporarily shelve his plan of immediately investigating the Cemetery of Death . He hurriedly left the Cemetery of Death and rushed toward the Valley of Sunshine .

Along the way, Han Shuo unleashed the Art of Demonic Nine Heavens . Without wasting too much time, he arrived at the cliff within the Valley of Sunshine where the Soul Destroyer Mercenary Group were hiding . Gilbert had already felt Han Shuo’s aura and had waited at the bottom of the cliff for a long time .

There was also a coquettish and attractive woman standing beside Gilbert . The woman had a well-developed body and a gorgeous appearance . Her sepia-colored hair was weaved into nine little braids which cascaded down her shoulders, making her appear pretty and mature, possessing a unique flavor .

When Han Shuo landed, the woman was evidently somewhat fearful, unconsciously moving nearer to Gilbert . Gilbert casually embraced the charming woman and explained to Han Shuo, “This is Lania . She was subdued by me in the Dark Forest . You’ve seen her before!”

Hydra! Han Shuo stared blankly but understood soon after . He couldn’t help but take another look . Lania bowed politely toward Han Shuo and said delicately, “Master!”

Han Shuo didn’t further question the hydra, Lania, and only nodded toward her . He then frowned and asked Gilbert, “What happened that made you so anxious for me to come?”

“Trunks is missing . There’s no sign of him in the whole Valley of Sunshine!” Gilbert said worriedly .