Great Demon King - Chapter 412

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Chapter 412

GDK 412 – Sacred Knight

Under the summons of the skeletal staff, waves of undead creatures densely filled Han Shuo’s surroundings . Han Shuo held Phoebe in one hand and the skeletal staff in the other, rapidly reciting incantations .

“Retreat!” Crespo decisively gave the order, taking the lead in withdrawing .

When Aubrey who was in charge of the current operation saw Han Shuo suddenly appearing by Phoebe’s side, he immediately knew that they had failed once again . When groups of undead creatures gradually appeared, Aubrey had also thought of withdrawing . Crespo’s call for retreat matched his intentions and he similarly started to escape toward the rear .

“Want to run? It’s too late!” Han Shuo released Phoebe’s hand which he had been holding firmly and suddenly flew toward Aubrey . He held the skeletal staff in his left hand as before, while the Demonslayer Edge shot out from his right palm .

Aubrey had already suffered great losses to Han Shuo previously . Once he saw Han Shuo directly charging toward him, his expression changed at once . He hastily shouted at the archers on the surrounding roofs, “Shoot him to death!”

A rain of arrows shot toward Han Shuo, the power and speed of the arrows indicating that the strength of these archers was out of the ordinary . However, even before the arrow rain could reach Han Shuo, Han Shuo’s skeletal staff shook, causing several towering bone shields to appear in all directions, blocking off the entire arrow rain .

Han Shuo’s speed exceeded Aubrey’s imagination . When Aubrey turned his head to take a look, the cold and vicious Han Shuo was actually only a short distance away from him .

“Be careful!” Crespo suddenly shouted loudly, the silver spear in his hand thrust like a drill at high speed toward Han Shuo . Han Shuo turned his head to glance at Crespo before raising his right hand . The Demonslayer Edge turned into a flash of black light and stabbed toward the spear point with a swish .


A magnificent radiance blossomed . Crespo only felt an enormous force rush into his body through the spear, rushing from his arm into his five viscera and six bowels, causing severe wounds to his divine body in a flash . He couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood, his complexion pale as he continued to retreat .

“Dong!” Crespo’s silver spear had actually been split into two as it fell on the stone floor .

The excessive might of the Demonslayer Edge didn’t decrease as it continued like a shadow toward Crespo’s chest . Even before Crespo could stand firmly, there was merely a “puu” sound as the Demonslayer Edge penetrated Crespo’s silver armor and cut open a large hole in his chest .

As a piercing pain spread from his chest, Crespo’s pale face was filled with despair as he looked in a daze at the hole in his chest . With a last “How is that possible”, he collapsed loudly soon after .

Aubrey was terror-stricken, reckless escaping into the distance, no longer caring about the lives of the others .

Crespo was the main assistance for this operation . He was a sky rider and after joining the Church of Light’s Temple Knights, because of his pious belief toward the God of Light, he had received additional divine protection and was much stronger than an ordinary sky rider .

The silver spear and his bright silver armor were both items that only high-ranking Temple Knights possessed . They were both extremely high-quality items in the eyes of all blacksmiths within the continent . The spear and armor both contained divine energy . Who would have thought that under the attack of that weapon, they were broken apart like paper mache, causing Aubrey to tremble in fear .

Aubrey who was fleeing with all his might clearly didn’t realize that Han Shuo’s speed far exceeded his own . Even before Aubrey could leave Boozt Merchant Guild’s area of influence, a cold shout was heard behind him . Aubrey was overwhelmed with shock, disregarding everything to start using the teleportation spell which he was yet to be proficient in .

As a space archmage, Aubrey’s comprehension of space magic could only be considered a drop in the ocean . He was unable to freely teleport short distances unlike space grand magi like Emma .

However, Aubrey had no other choice as matters stand . He knew in his heart that he absolutely wasn’t a match for Han Shuo . Since he had no hope of escaping through speed, he could only brave death and use that yet to be mastered spatial magic .

When people are in dire straits they would always burst forth with some latent potential . Aubrey who usually needed two seconds to cast a magic spell only used one second to cast the unmastered spell . Before Han Shuo neared Aubrey, he suddenly felt violent spatial fluctuations from Aubrey’s surroundings .

The space suddenly shattered like a mirror . Aubrey was aghast and howled miserably . His body seemed to be within the broken space, split into several fragments . When the space returned to normal, Aubrey had disappeared without a trace . Han Shuo stood unmoving, apprehensive about the space magic . The effect of recklessly using unfamiliar magic would sometimes be much more powerful than standard space magic . Aubrey was clearly in such a situation . When Han Shuo saw Aubrey’s body split in tandem with the space around him, he assumed that there must have been a problem with the spell and hence Aubrey had thrown away his life with it .

If Han Shuo had suddenly entered that region before it returned to normal, he would very possibly be affected by the spell and unable to escape . On the off chance that he ends up in an alternate space, Han Shuo would really feel like crying .

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Aubrey’s status was unknown, but Han Shuo felt that most likely he was dead . Without wasting any more time, Han Shuo immediately headed to Phoebe’s side, holding onto Phoebe again and said hastily, “We should leave first . I reckon that Lawrence’s location would be the most dangerous!”

Phoebe was startled yet happy, startled when she heard Han Shuo describe Lawrence’s danger . She knew that Lawrence was the most crucial person . For Ashburn to dare to attack her so brazenly, Lawrence was probably in deep trouble as well .

If Lawrence was killed, Eldest Prince Charles and Duke Ashburn would truly be able to control the situation . If that happens, the only remaining option for Han Shuo and herself would be to escape .

Her happiness stemmed from the fact that Han Shuo clearly knew that Lawrence was in greater danger, but he still prioritized her rescue . This clearly proved that her importance to Han Shuo was above all else . Even though Lawrence’s survival would bring Han Shuo greater power and benefits, Han Shuo had still come to save her first in such an important situation . Phoebe was truly touched by this .

“What about them?” Phoebe immediately agreed but inquired about the guards and the few merchants from the Boozt Merchant Guild beside her .

“Let them flee by themselves . Don’t worry, the remaining enemies are confronting my undead creatures . They simply have no chance to attack them again . ” Han Shuo hastily instructed .

“Miss, you two should leave first . We know what to do . ” The guard leader hurried said to Phoebe .

Phoebe hesitated for a moment before nodding and saying, “Alright then . All of you take care too . Quickly leave this place . ”

Han Shuo no longer said any superfluous words, holding Phoebe by the waist and directly flying toward Lawrence’s mansion .

“Bastard, how could you do that in public?” As Phoebe was grabbed by the waist, she smelt Han Shuo’s familiar smell . Her tender and beautiful face was red from blushing as she resentfully chided him .

“What’s your concern? In any case, all of them know that you are my woman . ” Han Shuo casually replied, clearly not at all embarrassed .

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“You, you still dare to say that . I haven’t forgiven you!” Phoebe hatefully rolled her eyes at Han Shuo, her residual anger yet to fade .

“We’ll talk about this later . Don’t talk anymore, we need to quickly find Lawrence . If Lawrence has indeed died, I will immediately bring you away from Ossen City and return at the fastest speed to my Brettel City . ” Han Shuo replied .

“Bryan, it seems like you don’t care about Lawrence’s life or death . Is that true?” Phoebe looked astonishedly at Han Shuo with some uncertainty .

“No . I’m merely being realistic and stating the facts . If I didn’t care about Lawrence’s fate, I wouldn’t be going to save him now . Alright, no more talking!” Han Shuo casually replied before suddenly increasing his speed, heading toward Lawrence’s mansion like a streak of lightning .

Ever since Han Shuo knew that Lawrence had purposely made friends with him with ulterior motives, he had no longer treated Lawrence as a true friend . Lawrence who thought deeply and planned everything carefully had only been acting for his own interests . Han Shuo understood this and didn’t feel any resentment toward Lawrence’s actions .

However, it was also impossible for Han Shuo to not have any ill-feelings! Merely, Han Shuo’s interests were firmly tied to Lawrence . Only if Lawrence ascended the throne would Han Shuo be able to obtain the most benefits . Although this relationship which was purely based on benefits was firm, it wouldn’t involve too much personal feelings .

It can only be said that Han Shuo going to Lawrence’s aid was entirely for his own interests and not because of personal relations between them . Hence, Han Shuo didn’t have much feelings regarding Lawrence’s life or death . That was why he had an apathetic expression when talking about Lawrence’s situation .

Soaring flames could be seen from afar even before they reached Lawrence’s mansion, illuminating the moonless night . The fire from Lawrence’s mansion was really too conspicuous .

There were also mansions of other nobles in the surroundings of Lawrence’s mansion . However, these mansions were untouched, the gates firmly shut without a single person emerging to take a look, as though they had suddenly become blind and deaf, ignoring the sound of activity coming from Lawrence’s mansion . All of them seemed to have sunk into the deepest sleep .

As Han Shuo glanced at the strangely silent mansions, the mystic demons had made a loop at a high altitude, suddenly realizing that the people within these seemingly silent mansions were similarly losing their head out of fear . However, at the strict orders of their owners, no one dared to make a sound and no one was curious enough to exit the mansion to take a look .

This was the best example of the hypocrisy of the world . The nobles within these mansions were not Lawrence’s closest allies . Most of them had yet to indicate which side they supported and hence luckily escaped a calamity . The older nobles all knew what they were doing, realizing that the only people within the entire Lancelot Empire who dared to attack Lawrence’s residence were Ashburn and Eldest Prince Charles . They were not people these nobles could contend against and thus, being a bystander was the most sensible decision .

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A huge bang could be heard from within Lawrence’s mansion . From afar, Han Shuo saw many tall buildings collapse loudly . Within the dark sky, two gold figures were extremely gaudy as they soared uninhibitedly over several buildings . Gold light would frequently flash out and would result in the collapse of another building .

Slender gorges would appear after the flashes of gold light . The magic barriers surrounding Lawrence’s entire residence was constantly being destroyed and many servants were killed in succession, their corpses lying in disarray .

Several knights dressed in brown, silver and grey armors, as well as several white, red and black robed magi, surrounded Lawrence’s mansion from all directions . These people included experts under Ashburn, experts under Eldest Prince Charles as well as experts dispatched by the Church of Light .

When Han Shuo and Phoebe almost reached that area, a mystic demon had finally approached in advance, suddenly detecting the two figures that were constantly soaring uninhibitedly . One of them was actually sacred swordmaster Karel, while the other was a golden-haired elder who donned gold knight armor .

The golden-haired elder held a gold pike and there was a symbol of an angel on the chest plate of his gold armor . The angel design was extremely lifelike, its wings appearing to be continuously flapping .

The angel engraved on the Temple Knight’s chest was a symbol that he had been blessed by the God of Light . Every Temple Knight that possesses the angel engravement had frightening strength comparable to sacred knights . If the Temple Knight was also personally a sacred knight, his strength would be even more terrifying .

However, these kind of Temple Knights were extremely rare within the Church of Light . They would definitely not leave the Temple of Light under normal situations . It is said that only when evil heretics that blaspheme the God of Light appear would these rarely seen Temple Knights leave the Temple of Light, delivering punishment on these heretics on behalf of the God of Light .

Han Shuo had never expected to actually see one within the Lancelot Empire and was thoroughly shocked . As strands of gold light flowed from the gold pike in the Temple Knight’s hand, a matchless sacred aura proliferated, giving Han Shuo an extremely indisposed feeling .

Only sacred knights and sacred swordmasters possessed gold fighting aura . For this Temple Knight to be able to unleash gold fighting aura, it proved that he was a sacred knight . In the event such a formidable existence obtains the blessing of the God of Light, his frightful personal strength will become shocking . Han Shuo merely took a look and already secretly started worrying for sacred swordmaster Karel .

With so many experts besieging Lawrence’s mansion, Han Shuo naturally wouldn’t charge in stupidly . He hurriedly summoned the earth zombie to create a tunnel leading to the center of Lawrence’s mansion before bringing Phoebe along and entered the tunnel .