Great Demon King - Chapter 413

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Chapter 413

GDK 413 – Hiding underground

Seeing a large hole appearing from the earth, Phoebe was filled with questions, her eyes gleaming as she looked at the earth zombie that had created the passageway .

As the earth zombie headed forward, even the most exquisite pangolins didn’t have his remarkable ability to split the earth . The earth in front of him automatically pulled back and scattered, splitting open a continuously extending passage at a speed visible to the naked eye, allowing him to travel effortlessly .

“What, what kind of earth magic is this?” Phoebe who followed behind Han Shuo closely had watched for a while and was unable to suppress her curiosity, her astonishment written all over her face as she looked at Han Shuo .

“It’s not related to magic . ” Han Shuo replied . He knitted his brows to consider for a moment before reluctantly explaining, “As a matter of fact, this is somewhat similar to the martial technique I practice . It’s an existence that is neither within the realm of fighting aura nor magic . ”

Phoebe’s jaw dropped, her lips opened wide in surprise . She stared blankly at Han Shuo as she said, “Apart from those two women, it seems like there are many other things that you are hiding from me!”

“There isn’t! It is just that this matter is hard to explain . The martial technique I practice is totally different from the schools of magic and fighting aura and there are also some complexities . Hence, you might not understand even if I explained it to you . ” Han Shuo smiled bitterly as he replied, tightly grasping Phoebe’s hand .

Phoebe rolled her eyes in anger at Han Shuo, thinking inwardly that she definitely had to watch him closely in the future . This fellow has been extremely lecherous all along and simply can’t resist enticement . Once he comes across gorgeous women he would always be unable to resist and have devious thoughts . If things continued this way, there’s no knowing how much emotional debt he would cause!

“Alright, we have reached . Be more focused, don’t let your thoughts wander!” While Phoebe was pondering silently, Han Shuo suddenly said seriously as he looked toward the slope .

The earth zombie stood in place without moving as it waited for Han Shuo and Phoebe to approach . He then turned around to send Han Shuo a message, “Father, should I immediately create an opening to the surface?”

Unknowingly, the little skeleton, earth, wood, fire and water zombies have all gotten used to addressing Han Shuo as their father . Han Shuo was extremely uncomfortable at the start but had unexpectedly slowly gotten used to it . As the calls of “Father” entered his heart, it actually gave Han Shuo a feeling of novelty .

It was as if these five undead creatures that Han Shuo had refined had truly become his flesh and blood, actually causing Han Shuo to feel unwilling to part with them . If Han Shuo didn’t communicate with the five zombies for a period of time, he would have a faint longing and worry for them, afraid that they would encounter an accident in the netherworld .

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“Let’s wait awhile . ” Han Shuo replied before turning to Phoebe and said, “The exit is right above us . We are currently right below Lawrence and the rest . We shouldn’t hastily head up immediately, so as to avoid Lawrence and the rest attacking us recklessly without understanding the situation . You should stay here temporarily, I’ll see if I can give your master a hand . ”

“My master, how is my master?” Although Han Shuo was able to observe the situation outside through the mystical demons, Phoebe naturally didn’t have such an ability . Upon hearing Han Shuo’s comment, she was puzzled and questioned further .

“He met with some trouble . ” Han Shuo explained .

“How is that possible? My master is a sacred swordmaster . How could he encounter any trouble?” Phoebe had a blind confidence in Karel, smiling lightly as she asked Han Shuo, her expression not showing any nervousness .

“Your master is currently battling with a Temple Knight from the Church of Light . He is a sacred knight from the Church of Light, apart from the fighting aura he has, the sacred knight has also obtained the blessing of God . ” Han Shuo had an imposing expression as he explained to Phoebe .

Phoebe’s expression suddenly changed . She clearly knew some information of the Church of Light and hastily cried out, “How is that possible, my master once mentioned that the number of such strong Temple Knights could be counted with one hand . Why has he left the Temple of Light?”

“I don’t know either!” Han Shuo replied, creasing his brows as he thought in his heart . Could it be because of me?

“Act quickly then, I don’t want my master to be harmed . Although I know my master’s strength, there have always been stories about these formidable Temple Knights from the Church of Light spreading through the continent . These stories all describe the power of such a character, hence I can’t help but feel worried about my master . ” Phoebe’s expression was filled with impatience due to her worry for her master .

Han Shuo nodded and withdrew with the earth zombie .

Above them, sacred swordmaster Karel and the Church of Light’s sacred knight were battling nonstop, causing buildings to collapse one after another . There were many deep gorges in the earth where sword light had passed by . Enormous power proliferated from both of them, causing everyone in the surroundings to frantically keep their distance so as to avoid being affected by the shockwaves .

Han Shuo was able to observe the battle above him clearly through two mystical demons . Han Shuo who remained underground wandered through the passages that the earth zombie constantly established, constantly lingering at the sacred knight’s landing areas in preparation of mounting a sneak attack when the opportunity presents itself .

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The golden-haired elder who wielded the golden pike looked like a moving block of gold from afar . The golden armor on his body was incomparably firm while brilliant golden light shone as he brandished his pike, extremely dazzling in the dark night . Karel’s expression was heavy as his while hair fluttered, launching a Cross Slash everytime he extended his longsword .

Karel was clearly going all out in this battle, with every Cross Slash larger and containing much more power than when he was sparring with Han Shuo . These Cross Slashes were like revolving sickles, bursting apart rocks and collapsing buildings in their paths, destroying every single obstruction .

The sacred knight was serene, singing a song of faith toward the God of Light . Under the blessing of God, his armor was as hard as diamonds . Every thrust also glittered in golden light, interweaved with a bizarre sacred aura as it exploded every approaching Cross Slash into specks .

The battle between two peak experts caused Lawrence’s mansion to appear as if it encountered landslides and cracks on the earth . None of the numerous experts in the surroundings dared to approach, afraid that they would be suddenly torn apart by fighting aura .

During this process, even more soldiers and knights had headed here from afar, surrounding Lawrence’s mansion with layers of encirclement . The circumstances for Lawrence’s side was becoming more and more unfavorable .

The terrifying battle between the two experts above caused Han Shuo to be extremely mind-blown . Han Shuo could clearly see every movement made through two mystical demons . At this moment, he suddenly realized that Karel had indeed not used his full strength previously . Otherwise, he would definitely have been defeated .

While the two experts were battling, Han Shuo borrowed the earth zombie’s powers to rapidly shuttle through the earth, attempting to suddenly launch a fatal attack toward the sacred knight . Han Shuo faintly felt that the sacred knight’s target was perhaps himself . Although taking advantage of someone else’s attack to mount a sneak attack was somewhat contemptible, Han Shuo wasn’t able to care so much about that .

Under the actions of the earth zombie, there were already criss-crossed tunnels underground . While Han Shuo observed the battle with the help of the mystical demon, he also constantly traveled around, ready at any moment for a lapse in concentration from the sacred knight to suddenly appear from underground to give him a painful lesson .

“Karel, I feel you should bravely withdraw . You simply won’t be able to control the current situation by yourself . As your friend for many years, I truly cannot bear to see you have such an ending .

As long as you abandon Lawrence, I, Dempus, can promise that you will be able to peacefully enjoy your later years and all your disciples apart from Lawrence will be safe and sound . ” A grey-haired old magus past his prime suddenly sighed from afar . His voice didn’t seem very loud but still resonated through every corner of Lawrence’s mansion .

Han Shuo who had been constantly staring at the sacred knight’s steps naturally also heard the old magus Dempus’ words and couldn’t resist sending one of the mystical demons to watch this old magus .

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A lump of dazzling golden light blossomed from the location of the voice, standing out like glaring sunlight in the pitch-black night sky . However, the light disappeared in a flash .

“Dempus you old bastard, you clearly know of astrologer Grace’s prophecy . Yet you actually dare to disregard the future of Lancelot Empire . You will be a sinner of the Lancelot Empire for all eternity, do you know that?” Karel who landed after an exchange with the sacred knight glowered at Dempus and berated furiously .

“To the God of Light, the insignificant astrologer is merely unorthodox sorcery . Karel, you are an amazing opponent . It is a pity that you have been led astray yet obstinately unwilling to change your ways . Those who go against the God of Light will definitely not have a good ending!” The sacred knight landed on a dilapidated roof and sighed .

Han Shuo was currently right underneath the sacred knight . However, the sacred knight wasn’t locked in battle with Karel at this moment . If Han Shuo was to mount a sneak attack at this moment, he would definitely not obtain the desired result and would very likely be wounded by the sacred knight . Hence Han Shuo didn’t act rashly .

“Karel, I know that Lawrence is your disciple . However, he is just an illegitimate child . Such a person definitely can’t be Lancelot Empire’s new king, it’s better if you renounce him . I’m feeling somewhat impatient . If you still don’t come to your senses, I’ll have no choice but to act personally . ” The old magus said grudgingly .

In the distance, Lawrence’s expression was extremely unsightly, his eyes having an ominous glint as he looked at the old magus who addressed him as a bastard as if itching to charge forward and rip that old magus into pieces .

“You dare?” Karel shouted indignantly, raising his longsword and charged toward the old magus .

“You won’t be able to make it!” The sacred knight who stood on another roof smiled as he exclaimed, brandishing his gold pike and obstructed Karel once again . Brilliant golden light started to shoot out once again .

“Since you insist on defending that bastard, in that case, I have to regretfully tell you, old friend, I won’t delay any longer . ” The old magus in the distance grudgingly said, taking out an earthen yellow magic staff that was embedded with many gems from his spatial ring .

Rich earth element suddenly erupted from deep within the earth, rushing from all directions toward the old magus . He had yet to chant any incantations, yet had such a strong absorption of magic elements . This caused Han Shuo’s expression to change abruptly .

Dempus? Earth sacred magus Dempus Geier? Han Shuo suddenly came to his senses as he hesitated for a moment . He then immediately gave an order to the earth zombie, rapidly heading in the direction of earth sacred magus Dempus .

Although the sacred knight was similarly extremely threatening, if the sacred magus Dempus could casually release earth magic, perhaps a large-scale killing magic would be enough to completely decimate Lawrence’s group of people .

Earth magic in the hands of a sacred magus would perhaps cause several mysterious restrictions to the earth . Han Shuo was worried that this person’s presence would affect the earth zombie’s power underground and hence hastily abandoned the constantly watched sacred knight and rushed toward the direction of Dempus Geier .

“The boundless power of the earth…” Dempus Geier chanted solemnly as he held his magic staff .

As the rich earth element erupted underground, it gradually caused slight tremors to form . Han Shuo who was currently underground was able to clearly feel the sudden increase of energy within the earth . Han Shuo cautiously concealed his aura completely and continued flying toward Dempus without coming into contact with any soil .

As the earth element was everywhere underground, Han Shuo was afraid that coming into contact with the earth will cause Dempus who was focusing his attention on releasing earth magic to notice . As the darling of the earth, the earth zombie was identical to the power of the earth . He could be seen as the vast earth and thus Han Shuo wasn’t the slightest worried that the earth zombie would be discovered .

“Father, there’s a change happening to the earth . My current strength is unable to prevent this change, but I’m able to change its direction . Should I change its direction?” As Han Shuo was charging toward Dempus, the earth zombie suddenly sent a message .

Han Shuo was stunned for a moment before hastily inquiring, “What do you mean?”

“The power contained within the earth will form an enormous earthquake . There will be many tears in the earth . I can’t prevent that situation from happening, but I am able to change the location of the earthquake, altering where the appears!” The earth zombie earnestly replied .

Han Shuo only stared blankly for a few seconds but soon after replied estastically, “Very good, alter the location of this earthquake and place it at that old fellow’s surroundings . Precisely where the most people have gathered!”

Han Shuo was overjoyed at the unexpected good news as he instructed the earth zombie . He held onto the Demonslayer Edge, already reaching the area under earth sacred magus Dempus . He then unfeelingly condensed demonic yuan energy as he stabbed upwards with his entire body .