Great Demon King - Chapter 414

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Chapter 414

GDK 414 – Hatred

“… With my willpower as a guide, Shatter Earth!” Earth sacred magus Dempus finally completed the long and tedious incantation .

Sacred magus Dempus’ grey eyebrows suddenly creased . He sensed that the direction of the flow of the earth element underground seemed to be somewhat uncontrollable . This was a situation that had never appeared in ten years, causing him to be under the impression that due to his age, did he recite a syllable of the incantation wrongly?

Just as Dempus was somewhat muddle-headed, he suddenly felt a soaring killing intent from underneath his feet . The killing intent was not concealed the slightest . When he had just sensed it, the killing intent had already torn through the solid ground, piercing toward him like an all-conquering sharp sword .

Earth sacred magus Dempus was terrified and no longer had the time to set the out of control ‘Shatter Earth’ right . All his attention was on the danger that suddenly arrived . The soaring killing intent that tore apart the solid ground appeared blood red in color as it stabbed toward his sole .

Warning bells sounded in Dempus’ head, suddenly jumping off the ground in panic and utilizing the levitation skill to fly into the sky . He hastily cast the ‘Earth Armor’ spell at the same time, causing rich earth element to frantically converge from all directions onto his body .

A greyish-brown armor was condensed from the dense earth element, covering earth sacred magus Dempus’ body in a flash . He also released a tenfold gravity magic, only enveloping the area under his feet . Han Shuo who was charging upwards at lightning speed suddenly felt the pressure increase tenfold just as the Demonslayer Edge was about to stab into the sole of Dempus . His rocketing speed was unknowingly delayed . Han Shuo made a prompt decision, frantically pouring demonic yuan energy into the Demonslayer Edge while his body suddenly fell .

The Demonslayer Edge infused with demonic yuan energy suddenly burst out in a myriad of blood-colored light, no longer being affected by gravity after hovering in the air for a moment . With the blood-colored light chopping upward, the Demonslayer Edge exploded toward earth sacred magus Dempus .

Dempus was dumbstruck . He no longer had the time to cast another spell, using his entire strength to smash downward with his magic staff without the slightest hesitation . The interior of his magic staff had similarly rich in earth element, becoming as hard as diamond .

There was a sharp screech as the two weapons collided . Dempus’s magic staff was shattered into pieces by the Demonslayer Edge . The Demonslayer Edge which was like an arrow at the end of its flight, but still persisted in bombarding Dempus, enveloping Dempus who was covered in earth armor, discharging the last of its energy into Dempus’ body .

Dempus’ earth armor didn’t have any marks but strands of cold aura from the Demonslayer Edge had penetrated the physical defenses of the earth armor and directly enter Dempus’ frail body . Earth sacred magus Dempus shivered, his eyebrows suddenly freezing .

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It was only at this moment that some experts that were by Dempus’ side had come to their senses . Many spells and weapons shot toward the Demonslayer Edge in a flash . The Demonslayer Edge snaked around like a python, avoid a majority of the attacks before suddenly entering the ground and disappearing .


At the same moment, the rumbling sounds of an earthquake could suddenly be heard from under their feet . These knights and soldiers started losing their balance and swaying around . Out of a sudden, numerous earth spikes appeared from the ground, killing some soldiers and knights who were unable to dodge in time .

Accompanying the fierce rumbling sound, the earth suddenly split open with many gorges, with the bottomless gorges swallowing tens of lives .

Momentarily, the area with Dempus at the center had become the main area affected by the ‘Shatter Earth’ spell . As the rumbling continued, people were constantly killed by the astonishing might of the earth magic .

Dempus could sense the scattered cold aura within his body, feeling his body turn cold like winter . His limbs suddenly became somewhat stiff and numb . He was so cold that he emitted cold air all over, with signs of freezing already appearing on his hair and eyebrows .

Dempus clearly realized the abnormal movement under his feet but at this moment, his limbs were frozen from the cold aura and he was unable to suppress the anomaly under his feet . He could only shiver as he watched the huge number of casualties caused by his earth magic .

“Lord Magus, what-what is going on?” a Temple Knight from the Church of Light who was being pulled up from a gorge by a White Priest looked furiously at Dempus who floating in the air and reproached . “Kaka, kaka…” Dempus panicked, attempting to explain that all these weren’t his fault, but he was only able to let out some trembling sounds .

“Is Lord Magus too old, to have actually made a mistake with such a crucial spell . Do you know how many experts we lost because of your error?” Another White Priest of the Church of Light said, similarly looking furious .

Sacred swordmaster Karel who was charging over hurriedly from afar suddenly sensed something odd from Dempus’ location . Karel was filled with doubts . He sent a few Cross Slashes to force the sacred knight to retreat before looking into the distance at Dempus’ location . He suddenly came to a realization, abandoning the sacred knight to turn around and fly toward Lawrence’s location .

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The survivors by Dempus’ side were in a flurry to pick up the pieces, not having the time to care about Han Shuo who had gone underground once again . They rescued their comrades who were still hanging onto the gorges as well as help those who were only injured by the earth spikes to treat their wounds .

Han Shuo rapidly distanced himself from Dempus’ area after he attacked as the Demonslayer Edge returned to his hand . Han Shuo had unknowingly arrived underneath the Church of Light’s sacred knight . He calmly observed the sacred knight through a mystical demon . Han Shuo realized that the sacred knight was looking at Dempus in puzzlement, his brows wrinkled as though he was contemplating something .

Han Shuo held his breath in rapt attention, not in a hurry to act . He merely paid attention to the change in the sacred knight’s expression through the mystical demons, looking for the most opportune moment to strike a fatal blow to the sacred knight . The sacred knight was looking at Dempus in puzzlement when he suddenly seemed to have understood something . His expression changed from puzzlement to anxiety, vibrating the golden pike in his hand and hurried toward Dempus, appearing to want to help Dempus disperse the cold aura within his body .

Han Shuo, who had been waiting for the opportune moment, suddenly unleashing the same skill, once again using the Demonslayer Edge’s all-conquering sharpness to split apart the ground and stab toward the sole of the sacred knight’s left leg that had not moved .

A tremendous killing intent that couldn’t be masked caused the sacred knight’s expression to change drastically . Soon after, he suddenly retracted his right foot that had taken a step forward . A mixture of divine energy and fighting aura suddenly shot out from his right sole . Han Shuo’s Demonslayer Edge had just pierced the ground when the torrent of energy rushed violently toward him .


The sacred knight stamped his right foot . A large ball of golden light suddenly entered the ground with his foot at its center, suddenly creating a round hole .

Han Shuo totally didn’t foresee that the sacred knight would react so quickly . The Demonslayer Edge had yet to pierce his left foot when the terrifying force that erupted from his right foot arrived . The soft ground suddenly became as heavy as a mountain under the strength of his stamp, becoming so firm that it stopped Han Shuo’s sneak attack while underground .

“Hehe, Marquis Bryan, I knew it was you!” The sacred knight laughed heartily, suddenly piercing his golden pike which was trembling with golden light into the hole under his foot . In a moment, needle-like fighting aura punctured the ground, violently shooting toward Han Shuo at high speed . The strands of golden fighting aura contained divine energy which Han Shuo loathed and were so quick that Han Shuo was unable to dodge, appearing in front of Han Shuo in a flash .

As he cursed in his heart, Han Shuo’s Demonslayer Edge condensed a black screen from demonic yuan energy, resisting the penetration of the strands of fighting aura . His body hurriedly formed a protective shield, forming a second layer of defense against the attack of the golden strands .

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The black screen condensed in a hurry broke like an eggshell when encountering the fifty-seventh strand of golden light . The remaining strands of golden light struck Han Shuo like golden lightning . Han Shuo only felt like his body was being pierced continuously by steel needles . His tenacious body was unable to withstand it, suddenly spitting out a mouthful of blood .

As the protective shield dulled, Han Shuo appeared as if he was struck by tens of arrows, his body suddenly having many additional finger sized holes . Even his forehead had three wounds, causing Han Shuo’s handsome face to be ruined and to look extremely terrifying .

“Brat, I knew long ago that you harbor malicious intentions and have been waiting for your sneak attack . Hehe, you are still too inexperienced!” The sacred knight’s laughter could be heard from above . He raised his pike, intending to attack Han Shuo again .

This was the greatest defeat Han Shuo had suffered since he started cultivating . He cursed the ancestors of the sacred knight in his heart, realizing that his plan to mount a sneak attack had been seen through long ago and had instead ended up worse off . He resisted the urge to charge out and go all out against the sacred knight . Han Shuo didn’t wait for the sacred knight’s next wave of attacks, making a prompt decision to return along his original path .

Having trained till his current level, as long as Han Shuo’s consciousness didn’t scatter and the demonic infant wasn’t destroyed, he would still be able to recover no matter the degree of injury to his physical body . Hence, Han Shuo wasn’t worried about his disfigured face . As there were too many opposing experts, Han Shuo knew that forcing his way out was useless . Even though he felt extremely unwilling in his heart, he had no choice but to retreat .

The earth zombie who had just wrecked earth sacred magus Dempus’ ‘Shatter Earth’ spell suddenly felt the boundless wrath and resentment in Han Shuo’s heart . The earth zombie disobeyed Han Shuo’s instructions for the first time and actually stubbornly emerging from within the ground . All of a sudden, thousands of earth spikes rose from the ground .

The ground became like a continuous sea of trees rising indefinitely . When the sacred knight was looking unstable, the naive earth zombie had already disregarded everything and charged toward the sacred knight . As he charged, lumps of earth flew up and adhered to the earth zombie’s body .

In an extremely short time, the earth zombie was covered in numerous clumps of soil, forming a ten-meter tall clay man . His original naive look could no longer be seen, as though he had merged with the earth as he ferociously walked toward the sacred knight who was somewhat in a daze .

“No!” Han Shuo who was deep underground suddenly screamed his lungs out, flying into the sky once again in spite of his body being drenched in blood from his injuries and charging anxiously toward the sacred knight .

However, even before Han Shuo could reach the sacred knight, his golden pike had suddenly shot out a glaring golden light, with the pike stabbing into the middle of the sole of the ten meter tall clay man the earth zombie had transformed into, causing a torrent of energy to suddenly erupt and charge into the earth zombie’s body .

The earth zombie’s body that was formed from soil suddenly shot out gold light after the golden light from the sacred knight entered its body . Soon after, the earth on his body started falling piece by piece . The earth zombie who had returned to its original size was struck by a beam of golden light, suddenly flying backward . A large chunk of his naturally formed armor had sunk in at the chest .

Han Shuo’s eyes turned red . He had never been as angry as he was at this moment . The little skeleton and the other zombies in the other plane all transmitted strong messages of wanting to come to this plane and join strengths with Han Shuo to savagely retaliate against the enemy who dared to harm Han Shuo and the earth zombie .

Han Shuo didn’t lose his rationality, forcefully obstructing the strong desire of the little skeleton and the rest . When he saw the earth zombie actually struggling in an attempt to charge toward that sacred knight once again for revenge once he landed on the ground, Han Shuo choked with emotion as he shouted, “Idiot!”

Soon after, Han Shuo ignored the earth zombie’s stubborn desire, chanting at the fastest speed in his life and forcefully sent this naive earth zombie back to the netherworld .

“Stupid undead creature, truly courting death!” The sacred knight laughed as he looked at Han Shuo, pointing his pike toward Han Shuo and said, “My target this time is you . Your strength is pretty good, no wonder you are able to force Kosse to retreat twice! However, your good luck ends here!”

Han Shuo had never hated someone the way he did now . Until now, Han Shuo’s attitude toward the Church of Light had always been to ignore them, only adopting measures to counterattack . It was only when the earth zombie was injured because of him that Han Shuo was truly determined to oppose the Church of Light till one party is eliminated .

Staring at the sacred knight who had a relaxed expression, Han Shuo breathed violently, ignoring the blood flowing from his wounds . Blood flowed out from the wounds on the bridge of his nose and his left cheek due to his stirred up emotions, causing him to look like a demon that had walked out from the depths of hell .

“I’ll remember you . For every day I live, the Church of Light will never have another day of peace!” Han Shuo unhurriedly declared word by word before turning around and flying toward Karel with the Art of the Demonic Ninth Heavens .

Lancelot Empire’s space sacred magus Sabakas had unknowingly appeared and was currently drawing a teleportation array under Lawrence’s feet . Apart from Sabakas who was concentrating on drawing the magic array, everyone else had their eyes fixed on Han Shuo .

Tears constantly fell from Phoebe’s eyes, but she was forcefully restrained by Karel, preventing her from attempting to fly to Han Shuo’s side .