Great Demon King - Chapter 417

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Chapter 417

GDK 417 – I can

In such a crucial time, the role of a person who is able to accurately view the overall situation goes without saying . Hence, when everyone realized Han Shuo could expertly explain the situation in each district of Ossen City, they were so shocked by Han Shuo’s calm and natural expression that they were momentarily absent-minded .

“Bryan, your body is here, so how are you able to know the situation in each district of Ossen City? After the five traitors appeared within the Dark Mantle, many branches were met with destruction . The five of them know the location of several main branches of the Dark Mantle . Even the Dark Mantle is unable to easily grasp the situation of Ossen City at the moment, don’t tell me that you are able to?” Sabakas stared blankly at Han Shuo, asking in amazement after a long while .

Han Shuo nodded his head as he calmly admitted, “I can!”

Hearing his reply, everyone’s expression was a mix of surprise and delight, but clearly more delighted than surprised .

If what Han Shuo said is true, Han Shuo would be able to achieve the intelligence gathering and monitoring that each branch of the Dark Mantle was originally responsible for by himself . In the current extremely chaotic Ossen City, if Han Shuo was truly able to understand clearly the situation in every area of Ossen City, everyone would be able to make the proper decision and seize an opportunity to turn around the current unfavorable situation .

When the Dark Mantle’s three heavyweights and the two sacred rank characters heard Han Shuo reply “I can” so confidently, they were expressionless for a moment, so much so that they forgot about the many experts surrounding them on the outside .

While the rest of them were ineffably shocked, Han Shuo seemed to think that they weren’t surprised enough, continuing to say, “I am not only able to observe the situation in the four districts of Ossen City, even Ashburn and Charles’ conversation, as well as the implementation and details of their every move, I am able to observe without missing out anything .

As long as I want to, apart from a few areas that have deployed layers of barriers, as long as I’m given a bit of time, I am able to clearly observe any area in Ossen City and be aware of what they are doing or saying . I’m speaking the truth . For example, currently, Ashburn and Charles are gathered together, discussing how to capture the northern city district . Oh, they say that among Count Boris’ men, there’s an officer named Bishop who is actually one of their men…”

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“Oh, what’s wrong?” While Han Shuo was speaking, he suddenly discovered that everyone by his side was looking dull as they stared blankly at himself, hence he couldn’t help but ask in bafflement .

“Are, are you God?” dark grand magus Crowley who had previously lost to Han Shuo stared blankly for a while before speaking out everyone’s thoughts in a revering tone .

Are you God? The three heavyweights of the Dark Mantle and the two sacred magus as well as Bollands, Emily and Phoebe suddenly realized that what they wanted to say was actually mentioned by that fellow first .

The ability to observe any area in a city clearly, finding out any information he wanted to know without overlooking anything . Such an existence, apart from “God”, even a half-God realm expert had no way of achieving it . Could this fellow before them be a “Hidden God” that was banished to the mortal world?

Harboring this sort of doubt, everyone’s vision was uniformly fixed on Han Shuo as they waited anxiously for Han Shuo to explain .

Han Shuo naturally wasn’t stupid . His temporary puzzlement was swept aside by Crowley’s “Are you God?”, immediately understanding what his omnipresent twelve mystical demons meant to the people of this world!

“No, this is a special use that supplements the martial technique I train in . It’s nothing amazing . Oh, that’s right . Bollands, I will impart this martial technique to you after some time . At that time, you will understand what is going on!” Han Shuo explained hastily .

When Bollands who had a a blank expression heard Han Shuo’s sentence, he almost fainted in happiness . Luckily, Bollands had not lived for so long in vain . He hastily stabilized his disturbed mood, trembling as he said, “Thank you senior, thank you senior!”

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Everyone’s envious expression was fixed on the excited Bollands in a split second . Even the calm sacred swordmaster Karel had the slightest of envy toward Bollands . He felt that Bollands’ foresight was so vicious, actually finding such a mystical senior .

“I want to learn too!” Phoebe’s eyes were fixed on Han Shuo as she said bluntly .

Han Shuo was slightly distracted, shooting a glance at Phoebe . He sighed and said in feigned seriousness, “Our sect’s secrets cannot be passed to outsiders, not even to our wives!”

However, Han Shuo was actually thinking inwardly that since she had a request from him, he had to seize it properly and not agree rashly . At the very least, he had to let her know her place .

“Phoebe, don’t cause a scene!” sacred swordmaster Karel frowned as he berated Phoebe .

Phoebe dreaded her master the most . She stared at Han Shuo resentfully when she heard Karel’s words, thinking inwardly that when they were alone, she must obtain this martial technique from Han Shuo be it through harassing or emotional attacks .

“I am familiar with Bishop . I didn’t expect that he is actually a traitor . We need to immediately head to the northern city district and stabilize the situation there . ” Lawrence was feeling extremely impatient, planning to first head for Boris at the northern district . This was because as of now, only the northern city guard was still under their control .

“All of you leave first, I’ll seal off Mt . Ordas!” Candide’s expression was unchangingly gloomly as he hesitated for a while before saying to everyone .

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Space sacred magus Sabakas hesitated for a moment when he heard Candide before nodding his head soon after and said, “Alright, it’s a good idea to temporarily seal off Mt . Ordas . At least we will still be able to temporarily hide in Mt . Ordas if we fail to defend the northern city district or leave Ossen City from the magic array in Mt . Ordas . Thankfully, the power of Dark Mantle has always been in the hands of the three of you . Otherwise if those fellows happened to know more secrets of the Dark Mantle, I fear that it would truly be very problematic this time around . ”

From the conversation between Candide and Sabakas, Han Shuo realized that the Dark Mantle was still hiding many secrets . Even the idea of sealing the mountain was new to Han Shuo . However, it seems like the entire Mt . Ordas should be able to be sealed off . The two of them mentioned that the Dark Mantle Headquarters could still be the last stronghold after sealing off the mountain, indicating that the safety of Mt . Ordas after sealing it off need not be doubted .

“Candide, we’ll temporarily leave this area to you, this is my token . ” Amyes held the token that represented his status and passed it to Candide .

“Be careful!” Cecilia was solemn as she also passed the token that represented her status over to Candide .

“To seal Mt . Ordas, the identity tokens of all three heavyweights are needed . Once Mt . Ordas is sealed, every entrance and all magical arrays would be sealed . Apart from the few of us, anyone else who doesn’t know the method would be unable to freely enter and exit Mt . Ordas . ” Amyes explained to Han Shuo, Lawrence and the others .

This secret was something even Han Shuo didn’t know . When Han Shuo looked toward Emily, he realized that Emily was similarly puzzled . After observing everyone else, Han Shuo realized that even though there were many high ranked personnel of the Dark Mantle here, he reckoned that the only people who actually knew this secret were the three heavyweights and chief elder Sabakas .

It seems that as the empire’s largest and most formidable organization, the secrets hidden by the Dark Mantle ought to not only be as sporadic as it appeared to everyone . The sealing of the entire Mt . Ordas was most likely just the tip of the iceberg .

After Amyes finished explaining, everyone made the prompt decision to utilize the existing magic array here to directly reach the Dark Mantle branch at the northern city district before Candide sealed off Mt . Ordas .

The northern district had similarly suffered from attacks . Han Shuo’s mansion was in this area . However, as compared to the other districts, the northern district was still considered safe . Those that had attacked Han Shuo’s mansion, regardless of whether they ultimately succeeded, had left the northern city district before the northern city army’s knight regiment were able to arrive .

When they reached Count Boris’ castle, the people who supported Lawrence had all gathered . As Han Shuo was able to clearly observe the layout of Ashburn and Charles’ troops and also know the details of their next actions, Han Shuo had become the most important person here .

With Han Shuo’s description, the distribution of Ashburn and the eldest prince’s troops, the secret operations of every noble, the current situation within the imperial palace, the movements of the other two princes were known without omission by everyone .

With all the chaos within Ossen City, the extent of benefits of having Han Shuo who was able to observe the entire situation clearly was reflected very quickly .

Under Han Shuo’s directions for two days in a row, twelve traitors headed by Bishop within the northern city guard were all executed . Some lucky surviving nobles who opposed Ashburn were sent by sacred magus Sabakas one after another into the castle . Two attacks by Ashburn and the rest were ambushed by traps that were deployed in advance, with their head being killed on the spot .

Leveraging on Han Shuo’s existence, Lawrence, Old Hahn and other military strategists skillfully utilized the power they held to firmly defend the northern city district in such disadvantageous circumstances . Furthermore, they slowly accumulated their strength, forming the only force that was able to threaten Ashburn and Charles’ power within Ossen City . However, the superiority of Ashburn, Charles and the others were too great . Currently, four out of the five districts of Ossen City were under their control . The forces under them was also four times that of Lawrence and the others . The small victories by the northern city guard appeared to be insufficient in reversing the overall situation .

On the third day of everyone worriedly pondering how to solve this problem, Han Shuo suddenly saw through a mystical demon that a fifty thousand strong Ironblood troop was staying by Ossen City’s northern city gate .

It was also during the night of that same day that a thin middle-aged man pulled along Fanny as he abused Han Shuo while bursting into the castle at the northern city district, bring about a new problem for Han Shuo!