Great Demon King - Chapter 419

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Chapter 419

GDK 419 – I’m willing .

As matters stand, it simply could no longer be concealed . Han Shuo didn’t expect that at such a crucial time, they were actually placed in such a situation .

Emily’s eyes watered . Being exposed in front of so many people was completely out of her expectations . At this moment, the feeling of bitterness, misery, helplessness, fear and many other feelings swarmed her, causing Emily’s inferior heart to be severely hurt . Tears uncontrollably flowed down her tender face .

“It’s true!” Unexpectedly, Han Shuo replied coldly before Emily could respond .

When everyone’s gaze turned toward Han Shuo, he released the hand of Phoebe whose face was pale as she looked at him, directly walking toward the crying Emily and holding Emily’s hand tightly in front of everyone . His face was gloomy as he slowly observed everyone and said, “What he said is the truth, Emily is my woman . However, I was the one who pursued her bitterly, there’s nothing to do with anyone else!”

Old Hahn’s face became ashen, glaring at Han Shuo and Emily in anger as he said, “Good, very good, I never would have thought that our Betteridge Family would actually produce such a scandal!”

“I apologize on behalf of my sister! However, if anyone wants to bully my sister, they would have to see if I’m agreeable!” After a brief shock, Amyes resisted the urge of questioning Emily and instead sneered as he looked at everyone .

As Emily’s blood brother, the amount of love Amyes showed Emily was something only they knew . At such a crucial time, Amyes stood by Emily’s side without the slightest hesitation . Seeing Emily trying to conceal her tears, Amyes who was the God of Death in the eyes of the empire’s nobles was similarly angered .

“Bryan, look at the good you have done!” sacred swordmaster Karel stared coldly at Han Shuo as he shouted in anger .

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In a flash, everyone’s gaze gathered again on Han Shuo . Everyone only came to their senses at this moment . The main culprit should be Han Shuo . All kinds of criticizing and angry gazes landed on Han Shuo .

Facing everyone’s ire, Han Shuo had a gloomy expression as he looked at everyone and said, “This is our matter and doesn’t seem to be related to you . Whoever feels that they can use the power in their hands to exert pressure on me, we shall wait and see what happens . ”

“Brat, you have guts!” Firenze was so angry that he laughed, pointing at Han Shuo as he said, “As long as you immediately leave that two women and only concentrate on my daughter, I can treat the matters before as bygones . So long as you follow me back to the southern border, no matter how chaotic Lancelot Empire is, I can guarantee that you will be free of worries . ”

Firenze paused for a moment before continuing, “If not, we shall struggle to our deaths . Let’s see who will still be laughing at the end!”

“Father!” At this moment, Fanny also had a distressed expression as she couldn’t help but shout loudly . Fanny didn’t expect that things would develop in such a way . However, she was also unable to control Firenze’s temper and simply unable to tell when he would go crazy . Currently, Emily, Phoebe, herself, as well as Han Shuo, were extremely embarrassed .

What was originally Han Shuo’s personal matters was now like a tripartite talk . Fanny had expectedly blamed herself, thinking inwardly, “Bryan would definitely hate me . Ah, what should I do now?”

“Bryan, since things have reached this stage, shouldn’t you give us an explanation?” Old Hahn’s face was ashen as he glowered at Han Shuo .

Looking at the crying Emily, gazing at the distressed Fanny and taking a look at the terrified Phoebe, Han Shuo took a deep breath . As everyone watched attentively, Han Shuo said, “I have already described the sequence of events to the three of you . The three of you should already be clear about what had happened . As matters stand, I don’t have anything else to say, all of you are aware of how I feel about each of you .

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Right now, I’ll give all of you a choice . You should also give yourself this choice . If you are willing to be with me, you just need to nod in agreement . I will face any difficulty that arises with you . As long as you are willing to be with me, I promise that I will treat you well in the future, and definitely not let anyone bully you .

If you are unable to accept this, you can take it as something I owe you in this lifetime . Our relationship in this life will end here and from today onward, we will no longer have any emotional connection!”

“Brat, what nonsense are you spouting! Could it be that till now you still want to have all of them?” Firenze raged, lifting his sleeves with the intention of punishing Han Shuo .

Han Shuo’s expression darkened as he glared at Firenze and said in anger, “What does this have to do with you! The person I want to marry isn’t you, why do you have so much to say?”

“Damn it, You stinky brat has such a temper . There’s no one else within Lancelot Empire that dares to talk to me like that . You should take a look at your…” Firenze shouted loudly as he prepared to charge toward Han Shuo .

“Father, you don’t need to bother about my matters!” Fanny held onto Firenze and shouted loudly .

“I’m willing . I don’t care about anything else . As long as you want me, I will follow you!” Emily who had tears rolling down her face was the first to declare her stand while she sobbed . She was already willing to give up everything .

Emily gripped Han Shuo’s hand tightly . Because she was using strength, her fingertips had even entered his skin . Emily seemed to want to gain strength and courage through this method .

“Brother, I’m sorry . I love him . I’m sorry to cause trouble for you, but I’m unable to leave him!” Emily’s tears rolled down her face as she spoke while looking at Amyes .

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Amyes trembled, suddenly recalling their misery when they were younger and how they relied on each other for many years…

“Fool, what are you saying all these for . No matter what, I will always be on your side!” Amyes had a doting expression as he smiled and replied Emily gently .

It is said that an elder brother is like a father . Amyes had always treated Emily this way . When they were younger, their parents had died and it was Amyes who had worked hard to raise Emily . Everything the two of them had today had been the result of them risking their lives and their efforts . In Amyes’ heart, the most important person in this world was his sister . He had married Emily off to the Betteridge Family yet Emily’s husband had suddenly died on the battlefield even before they had consummated their marriage . All these years, Emily had become a widow that was difficult to accept .

Amyes clearly understood the pain Emily endured all these years . He placed all the blame on himself and had always wished for Emily to strive for happiness once again . However, Emily simply didn’t have anyone that she fancied . Amyes didn’t think that the current situation was ideal, but it wasn’t bad either . Without thinking, he naturally placed the most importance on his sister’s happiness .

“Thank you, brother!” Emily cried as she expressed her thanks . Soon after, she looked toward Old Hahn who had a queer expression and said, “Father, all these years, I have been very happy living in the Betteridge family . I have truly looked upon you as my father . I also know that you love me dearly . I am extremely grateful toward you and I know that my actions would possibly smear the Betteridge family’s name . I’m sorry, really sorry, please forgive me . Father, you will always be my father . ”

Old Hahn was startled and stared blankly at Emily . After quite a while, Old Hahn sighed . He didn’t say anything, his expression desolate as he walked back to the assembly room on the third floor .

“I’m also willing . I don’t wish for anything much . Father, I beg you to not bother about my affairs!” Fanny had a death grip on Firenze as if she feared that Firenze would be so furious that he disregarded everything . She continued sharply, “If you don’t promise me, I will leave home once again and you will never be able to see me again!”

Firenze who was shouting loudly that he wanted to kill Han Shuo was suddenly stunned, his expression reddened as he pointed at Han Shuo and sworn while saying, “What’s so good about this brat . There are so many good men within Lancelot Empire . Why must you insist on being with a half-hearted fellow? Because of him, you are actually thinking of abandoning your family?”

“Father, you are incredible at war but you would never understand what is true love . My mother had waited for you her entire life, always worried that something would happen to you on the battlefield . When she was sick, you were still fighting more than a thousand miles away . Even when Mother died unhappily from her illness, you weren’t present by her side .

You already ruined her life’s happiness . Don’t tell me that you want to also destroy my happiness?” Fanny was somewhat hysterical when she saw Firenze throwing off her hand and charge toward Han Shuo and suddenly screamed .

Firenze who had struggled free of Fanny with great difficulty suddenly stopped in his tracks . His face was distorted and his breath uneven, showing signs of a beast wanting to run away .

Everyone was startled . Some of them looked at Firenze nervously, afraid that he would act recklessly . This person’s reputation had always been that he didn’t behave like an ordinary person . Therefore, everyone had reason to believe that he would go crazy .

Even Han Shuo was somewhat fearful, secretly increasing his vigilance . He felt that if Firenze dared to recklessly attack himself, he would preemptively knock Firenze unconscious and tie him up, so as to avoid his fluctuating exuberant energy . He would then explain to Fanny afterward .

Under everyone’s watchful gaze, Firenze’s distorted face actually calmed down gradually . However, his expression was still dark and frightening . After a long while, Firenze turned around to look at Fanny and spoke in a tranquil tone for the first time since he came and asked, “Lass, are you truly certain?”

Fanny immediately nodded her head, her expression firm as she replied, “Father, I am certain . ”

“Brat, are you able to give Fanny happiness?” Firenze suddenly stared at Han Shuo and inquired word by word .

“As long as I am alive, no one can bully her!” Han Shuo raised his hand and pledged while having a serene expression .