Great Demon King - Chapter 420

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Chapter 420

GDK 420 – I’m unwilling to part with you

“Father!” Fanny silently walked to Firenze’s side, her eyes filled with expectation as she gazed at him and spoke softly .

Firenze stared blankly at Han Shuo for a long time before suddenly shaking his head as he sighed and said, “Forget it, since you insist, I wouldn’t obstruct you . ”

“Thank you, Father!” Fanny had a delighted expression as she then gazed at Han Shuo lovingly .

Han Shuo also sighed in relief as he nodded toward Fanny . He then bowed in salute to Firenze and said, “I will give her happiness, I promise!”

“Hmph! You have so many women yet still dare to say you will give her happiness . If you bully my daughter, I don’t care who you are, I’ll definitely go all out to settle the debt!” Firenze didn’t give any face to Han Shuo as he shouted coldly in response .

Han Shuo smiled bitterly without responding . He hesitated for a while before casting his gaze toward Phoebe . Of the three women, Phoebe had the most unyielding personality and was the most independent . Currently, Fanny and Emily had already stated their stand, and only the pale-faced Phoebe was left .

Phoebe looked as if she had suffered a large stimulus . Her originally delicate face had become exceedingly white, as she stared in a daze at Han Shuo without saying a word as if she had suddenly become a fool .

By Phoebe’s side, Lawrence suddenly coughed and pulled Phoebe’s sleeve in passing, reminding the distracted Phoebe to not hesitate any longer .

Phoebe suddenly came to her senses, struggling repeatedly in her heart . She recalled many past events which she had gone through with Han Shuo, the uncertainty when they assassinated her rival together in the Boozt Merchant Guild, the sweetness when they were escaping together, thinking of Han Shuo’s care for her, even presenting the divine weapon ‘Starry Sky’ as a gift without hesitation…

These warm scenes were like snares of love . When Phoebe thought of these moments, they bound her even more tightly, causing her to feel stifled .

However, as a strong independent woman, Phoebe never had the intention of sharing a man with others . She had shown great determination to understand the details of the situation for Emily’s matter previously before she finally forgave Han Shuo for running amok .

However, Fanny’s situation was somewhat different from Emily’s . The way Han Shuo’s treated Fanny also caused her to realize how strong the love was between the two of them . Furthermore, Fanny had a superior upbringing and family background . All of these added together clearly caused Phoebe to somewhat be unable to accept the situation .

Han Shuo silently watched Phoebe . When he saw Phoebe look like she was struggling indeterminately, the guilt in his heart grew exponentially . He endured the pain in his heart as he said bitterly, “Let’s forget it . Phoebe, I’ve let you down in this lifetime!”

When she heard Han Shuo’s words, Phoebe’s eyes were suddenly occupied by endless pain, her face suddenly becoming as white as a sheet . Phoebe looked at Han Shuo in disbelief, her heart akin to have been stabbed and shattered . With a sway, Phoebe actually fell backward .

When Han Shuo who had been keeping a close watch on Phoebe saw her body sway and fall backward, he was terrified . He was by Phoebe’s side without a second thought, supporting her before she could fall on the ground and shout worriedly, “Phoebe, are you ok?”

There was a flash of white light . Karel had also moved to Phoebe’s side . As Han Shuo had rushed over first, Karel who was initially prepared to support Phoebe could only anxiously extend two fingers and place them on Phoebe’s nose . After pausing for three seconds, he clearly loosened his breath . He held back the anger in his heart as he said, “She has fainted, it’s all because of you!”

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At this moment, Han Shuo didn’t have the energy to argue with Karel . When he heard Karel say that Phoebe had simply fainted, his heart calmed . He then placed his right hand on Phoebe’s back and circulate demonic yuan energy into her body .

The sorrowful and heartbroken Phoebe felt a comfortable warmth in the middle of her back and slowly came to soon after . When she saw Han Shuo’s worried expression immediately as she opened her eyes, she only felt a myriad of emotions entering her heart at the same time . She could no longer pretend to be strong and her tears suddenly flowed like a fountain as she cried bitterly at the top of her voice .

As two fists bombarded Han Shuo’s chest like raindrops, Phoebe scolded as she hit him, “You heartless scoundrel, you actually dare to say those words to me . You’ve swindled away my life’s happiness and now you still want to stand aside and do nothing . Do you actually have a conscience…”

There were constant pounding sounds as Phoebe hit Han Shuo’s chest, his expression filled with pain . As he looked at Phoebe who was bawling in his embrace, Han Shuo similarly felt extremely distressed . However, Han Shuo really didn’t know what to say to console Phoebe at this moment and could only repeatedly say “I’m sorry . ”

Phoebe had never lost control of herself like she did today . No matter what difficulties she came across, she would never be as weak as she was today . Furthermore, there were so many elders and officials present here . With Phoebe’s character, it was even more unlikely that she would reveal signs of weakness .

However, when Han Shuo said the words “Let’s forget it”, Phoebe felt as though the sky had collapsed . The world seemed to turn grey in a split second, no longer having any color . That piercing pain destroyed all of Phoebe’s pretense, causing her to feel as though she was beaten black and blue .

Emly and Fanny’s line of sight had never left Han Shuo from the beginning . When they saw Phoebe pounding her fists repeatedly on Han Shuo’s chest, they both felt incessantly distressed, fearing that Phoebe would not know what’s important and injure Han Shuo .

Everyone observing by the side had different expressions as they looked at Han Shuo and the three women, not knowing what they should say . They actually wanted to interfere in this matter, but unfortunately, they weren’t able to make the decision in this situation and could only look on helplessly as the unorthodox situation developed in a way they totally couldn’t explain .

“That’s great, that’s great . Bryan truly has his ways!” The happiest person in the crowd was definitely Lawrence, who felt ecstatic by the way things turned out .

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Han Shuo and the three women represented four different powers . If they become hostile toward each other, Lawrence would definitely not have any hope of ascending the throne . During this period of time, Lawrence felt as though he was sitting on pins and needles and was more nervous than anyone else . He was truly afraid that the four parties would recklessly cause enormous disturbances, destroying all of his hopes .

Even now, Phoebe was still crying loudly as she leaned into Han Shuo’s embrace . Lawrence was finally able to truly relax . He knew in his heart that although none of the three parties were pleased with this outcome, due to the three women’s insistence, none of them were able to change this favorable situation .

“I’m sorry!” Han Shuo embraced Phoebe, repeating the same words as before .

Weary from both hitting and scolding Han Shuo, Phoebe gradually suppressed the pain in her heart, wiping the neverending tears from her eyes and fiercely glared at Han Shuo and said, “In this lifetime, you can forget about trying to abandon me . If you dare to do such a thing, I’ll kill you and then commit suicide!”

“So long as you are willing to be with me, why would I be willing to part with you!” Han Shuo looked at Phoebe and said with deep emotion .

“We are already like this, how can I not be with you . You scoundrel, you heartless creature!” Phoebe felt indignant, once again sending a fist toward Han Shuo’s chest .

When he heard what Phoebe said, Karel’s expression changed, clearly understanding the hidden meaning within Phoebe’s words . The people around them were all cunning fellows and when they heard Phoebe divulge such information, they were able to grasp the crucial point in a flash . Their eyes flickered as they shifted their gaze between Han Shuo and the three women .

When Han Shuo saw the gazes of these people, he immediately understood . Surprisingly, Han Shuo’s thick-skinned face turned red as he coughed dryly .

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Phoebe, Emily, and Fanny gradually understood somewhat . Under the strange gazes from everyone, all of them started to blush . Phoebe inwardly scolded herself for blabbing . Unfortunately, this wasn’t the time to try and explain herself and she momentarily became shy and embarrassed, not knowing what she should do .

As the three women had all taken a Rebirth Pill, their skin was all fair and glossy, delicate like water . Among them, as Emily and Phoebe had received Han Shuo’s nourishment, their bodies faintly had a hint of charm and maturity . If one looked seriously, they were indeed somewhat different from Fanny .

Forget it, let’s forget about it . She had been disappointing too, having given her body to this brat . What else can I say? Sacred swordmaster Karel sighed in his heart, staring distractedly at Phoebe for a while before finally saying, “Let’s let it be . You have grown up, I’m unable to control you anyways . ”

“Master!” Phoebe cried out softly, continuing to say, “Master, I’m sorry . I’ve caused you to be disappointed . ”

“Hai!’ space sacred magus Sabakas sighed . When he saw everyone look at him in puzzlement, he smiled and said, “It is most appropriate that the youngsters handle their own matters . Hehe, we have all grown older . How can we restrict them on every matter? Presently, Lancelot Empire is suffering from internal trouble and outside aggression and is precisely in its most challenging situation . Everyone here is the backbone of the empire . What we should be doing now should be resolving the empire’s problems!”

As Sabakas was a senior with good moral standing and reputation within the empire, even that madman Firenze somewhat respected him . Now that he had spoken, everyone was resentful but didn’t say anything else .

As the protector of Lancelot Empire, Karel naturally wouldn’t be like Firenze and disregard the survival of the empire . When he heard what Sabakas said, he gradually calmed down and was in deep thought, not saying a word .

Sabakas paused for a moment . Seeing that everyone still seemed to show him respect, he loosened a breath . Just as he was about to seize the opportunity and let all parties reconcile, Han Shuo suddenly creased his eyebrows and said, “Ashburn and eldest prince Charles have personally led their troops and are headed for the northern city district . It looks like they intend to settle the situation of the entire Lancelot Empire in one battle!”