Great Demon King - Chapter 421

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Chapter 421

GDK 421 – We want to become even stronger

The sudden changes caused everyone to rapidly free themselves from the matter between Han Shuo and the three women . Everyone had a heavy expression as they started to worry about the attack from Ashburn, Charles, and their forces .

“Brat, how do you know that that old fox Ashburn is coming over?” Firenze looked at Han Shuo suspiciously, as if he didn’t really believe what Han Shuo was saying .

Among the people present, Firenze was the most unfamiliar with Han Shuo, unlike Karel, Sabakas and the rest who knew that Han Shuo possessed a mysterious martial technique that was able to clearly observe the entire area . Hence when he saw that Han Shuo had said those words so confidently, he naturally didn’t believe him .

“He indeed knows . ” Sabakas explained to Firenze, “It is precisely due to his mystical observational ability that we are still able to hold the fort here . ”

Firenze was stunned, his eyes filled with amazement as he looked at Han Shuo, not comprehending how Han Shuo was able to do it . Firenze knew that Sabakas wasn’t someone who spoke lightly . Since he said that Han Shuo had such an ability, that meant that Han Shuo was definitely able to do it .

“This time around, those that are heading over include the city guards from the other city gates . With our current forces, we shouldn’t be able to ward them off . Furthermore, that sacred knight and Temple Knights from the Church of Light, as well as earth sacred magus Dempus are within this group of people…” Han Shuo shut his eyes, describing the composition and strength of Ashburn’s forces as observed through his mystical demons, no details able to escape his sights .

These days, everyone was already familiar with Han Shuo’s mystical observation ability and they earnestly listened to Han Shuo’s detailed explanation of Ashburn’s troops . As Han Shuo’s low voice continued, numerous images were revealed in front of everyone’s eyes . The movements of Ashburn and the rest were laid bare .

When Han Shuo finished speaking, Firenze was calm as he said, “It seems like Ashburn intends to seize the northern city district in one go . ”

“Firenze, what do you think we should do?” Old Hahn had unknowingly walked over and asked Firenze seriously .

“Give the order to open Ossen City . I’ll bring my troops over . Hmph, Ashburn has become insane . It looks like what His Highness expected is indeed happening!” Firenze said, his voice filled with murderous spirit .

“You, you will lead your troops over?” Old Hahn was clearly startled, staring stupefied at Firenze as he replied .

“Obviously . Otherwise, in this time of great chaos, why would I come unaccompanied to Ossen City? Do you think I’m just here to watch a show?” Firenze unhappily glared at Old Hahn, casually pointing toward the head of the northern city guards, Boris, and said, “How about you and me head over to the northern gate together?”

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“Sure, I’ll immediately make a trip with you!” Boris didn’t express any annoyance toward Firenze’s gestures, immediately agreeing to Firenze’s suggestion .

In front of Firenze, regardless of experience or seniority, Boris was far inferior to him . Firenze had always been arrogant and haughty . However, he had a basis for being this arrogant . This was something everyone in the Lancelot Empire was clear about . Furthermore, seeing that Firenze’s intention was clearly to assist Lawrence, the unusual situation beforehand seemed to be forgotten . Emily was extremely pleased with the current outcome, seeing her brother’s unconditional support and Old Hahn having no choice but to take an indifferent attitude as he didn’t want to sink into further disorder . All these caused the miserable Emily to feel reborn .

“My two sisters, what are your thoughts?” After speaking to Han Shuo, Emily smiled as she glanced at Fanny and Phoebe .

Fanny and Phoebe ignored the glance, somewhat uncomfortably nodding their heads . As she was nodding her head, Phoebe suddenly thought of something, glaring at Han Shuo as she said, “You are not allowed to use your martial technique to eavesdrop . You are too vile . Hmph, based on what you said, your martial technique is able to spy on the entire city . Doesn’t that mean that you are able to watch any woman bathing? You repulsive fellow, how could you practice such an obscene and vulgar martial technique!”

When they heard what Phoebe said, Fanny and Emily’s eyebrows suddenly creased, as if suddenly realizing such a possibility . As they thought about Han Shuo’s actions all along, the three women were worried about Han Shuo’s character . Their gazes toward Han Shuo suddenly became much sharper .

Han Shuo felt a headache incoming and hurriedly said, “There’s another anomaly, I need to tell them immediately!”

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After he spoke, Han Shuo didn’t care about the three women’s clamor, hurriedly leaving the side of the three women and headed for an area of rubble at the back of the castle .

Han Shuo didn’t head for the assembly room where Sabakas and the rest were . After the matter that had just happened, Amyes, Karel, Old Hahn and the others would probably not be pleased with him . Han Shuo knew that they felt anger in their hearts and naturally wouldn’t bring trouble upon himself .

Using the Demonslayer Edge to carve out a large, hidden cave, Han Shuo arranged a transporting array and teleported to the Cemetery of Death .

Within the dusky Cemetery of Death, the earth zombie lied quietly in the place of extreme earth, looking as if he was in a coma . Faint strands of earthen yellow earth essence energy from the surroundings slowly flowed into the earth zombie’s body, gradually restoring the wounded earth zombie .

A greater part of the earth essence energy within the Cemetery of Death’s place of extreme earth had been consumed when refining the earth elite zombie and there was only very little remaining currently . Han Shuo had placed the earth zombie here three days ago, taking advantage of the remaining earth essence energy within the place of extreme earth to restore the earth zombie’s wounds .

As Han Shuo’s heart ached as he looked at the silent earth zombie deep underground, Han Shuo sensed the little skeleton’s call . He hesitated for a moment before summoning the little skeleton before him .

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“Father, we want to seek revenge for him!” the little skeleton transmitted immediately after he arrived .

“I know, I’m currently awaiting the opportunity, waiting for a chance to send that knight to his death!” Han Shuo replied .

“We want to become stronger!” The little skeleton transmitted another message . Soon after, there was a walnut-like black fruit in his hand . The little skeleton handed over the fruit to Han Shuo and said, “Father, this fruit is for you . It’s extremely useful!”

The black fruit looked like a walnut . There was nothing unusual about its ordinary appearance . However, when Han Shuo examined with his consciousness, he immediately felt that the fruit contained a bizarre energy and was stunned .

“What is this, what’s its use?” Han Shuo extended his hand as he spoke, taking the fruit that the little skeleton handed over .

Tens of thousands of brilliance suddenly exploded out of the fruit, binding around Han Shuo momentarily like ribbons . Han Shuo immediately became like a cocoon .