Great Demon King - Chapter 461

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Chapter 461

GDK 461: Concealing the Consciousness

In a rather short time, the energy contained within the sphere of destructive aura had fused with the main soul in the Demonslayer Edge . After the fusion of the main soul and the crystal of destruction, it flew back into Han Shuo’s body and again sank into hibernation stage .

The Demonslayer Edge was a demonic weapon closely tied with Han Shuo . It had now formed a main soul, and therefore gained its own intelligence . As the Demonslayer Edge was originally casted with Han Shuo’s blood essence and demonic yuan, the main soul would eternally serve Han Shuo as its master . Unless Han Shuo’s consciousness dissipated, the Demonslayer Edge would always be a demonic weapon for Han Shuo alone to use .

Han Shuo stared at his empty hand that had lost the sphere containing destructive energy, and thought to himself that this was a pretty good ending, and at least it wasn’t used to benefit outsiders . After absorbing the destructive energy in the round sphere, the Demonslayer Edge would no doubt only grow more terrifying . As a weapon that only he alone could use, the stronger the Demonslayer Edge became, the more advantageous it would be for Han Shuo .

Three Origin Crystals . One gifted to little skeleton, another fused with the main soul that just formed from Demonslayer Edge, and the last one belonging to Emily the dark magus . All three of them were people that Han Shuo could trust the most . Although Han Shuo’s consciousness could fuse with none of the three Origin Crystals, it could be said that his strength had improved indirectly .

To Han Shuo, who had originally planned to fuse with the Origin Crystal containing intense element of death, the Origin Crystals didn’t concern him anymore . The only thing that continued to worry Han Shuo was the threat of the six-horned tribal king of the Soul Race .

As long as Han Shuo remained inside the Cemetery of Death, the six-horned tribal king of the Soul Race couldn’t do anything to Han Shuo as he couldn’t detect the presence from Han Shuo’s body .

But the problem was, it was impossible for Han Shuo to stay within the Cemetery of Death forever . The moment he left the Cemetery of Death, the six-horned king would sense the position of Han Shuo’s soul . And when that happened, Han Shuo would have to confront this terrifying threat that he momentarily could not resist .

It seems I still need to purge that guy’s sense of my consciousness! Han Shuo thought and began sifting through the memory that Chu Cang Lan left to him for a way to tackle it .

As Han Shuo carefully went through the memories, it suddenly occurred to him that once he reached the next Nine changes realm in demonic arts, even if he didn’t seek a deliberate way, his consciousness would become undetectable by the six-horned king .

Once Han Shuo reached the Nine changes realm, not only could his physical body transform into any form he wished, his consciousness too could have a myriad different transformations . By then, that six-horned tribal king would never be able to detect Han Shuo again .

Of course, after Han Shuo broke through to the Nine changes realm, if the six-horned tribal king came knocking at Han Shuo’s door, he would be courting death .

Currently, in the Carnal realm, although his consciousness could not alter as he wished, he could still conceal it with a concealment technique . As long as Han Shuo didn’t intentionally use the wonderful energy of his consciousness, and remain in a state of nothingness under the effects of the concealment technique, no one could sense the position of Han Shuo’s consciousness .

In fact, the consciousness concealment technique was one of the many miraculous abilities that the consciousness had . Unfortunately . Han Shuo had not spent enough time and effort delving into the marvelousness of consciousness . Once he found out that the consciousness could remain in a state of nothingness as long as he didn’t use it to explore, he began to practice this method of concealing the consciousness .

Not only would this state not affect Han Shuo’s thinking and memory, it would also help Han Shuo make more rational decisions, and not cause him to lose control of his emotions or do anything at odds with his character .

Once Han Shuo thought that he mastered this technique of concealing his consciousness, he of course was eager to test if it was genuinely useful . He returned to the center of the Cemetery of Death and activated the transportation matrix, returning to the secret chamber in the city lord’s mansion of Brettel City .

Indeed, as expected, even after he left the Cemetery of Death, Han Shuo did not feel that pressure coming from that six-horned tribal king, indicating that the consciousness concealment method was definitely working . Han Shuo no longer needed to be concerned about the potential threat of the six-horned tribal king anymore .

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Immediately, he summoned Dorcas, Jack and the others for a meeting . When everyone was present, Han Shuo turned to Dorcas and said, “From today onwards, you will be in charge of the invasion of the seven grand duchies . You will make preparations at once . I shall take a trip to Ossen City, and provide you with detailed instructions when I return!”

“I have been waiting for this day for so long!” Dorcas’ eyes were sparkling with exuberant ambition . The excitement of this war-lover was plainly visible .

“Master, what are you planning to do?” Dark dragon Gilbert asked Han Shuo, puzzled .

Han Shuo did not answer, instead instructing, “You stay by Dorcas . His strength is of no use . You will be in charge of protecting him and keeping him from assassination . ”

“Alright then . How come I’ve become a bodyguard? Before this I was protecting Trunks, and now it’s someone even weaker,” the dark dragon mumbled in unwillingness .

“Elizabeth, you stay in Brettel City . Guard against people playing tricks in the dark . There are a few with poor strength in Brettel City . You must protect them with your life . ”

“Got it, master!” Elizabeth replied .

Afterwards, the duo of Dorcas and Jack thoroughly explained the current situation in Brettel City to Han Shuo . From their words, Han Shuo understood that the current population of Brettel City had increased over ten times over to around 530 thousand people . Under the leadership of Dorcas, Brettel’s military had 50,000 elite troops, in addition to 30,000 guards defending the city .

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As the ever-expanding Brettel City possessed its own weaponry workshops and armour smiths, never short of all kinds of ore supplies coming from the five mines around it, every last one of the altogether 80,000 soldiers of Brettel City were fully equipped . Compared to the imperial guards of Ossen City, their weapons and armour were in no respect inferior .

With King Lawrence’s vigorous backing, the convenience of magical transportation matrixes, and the unusual terrain of Brettel City, in the short span of a few years, Brettel City had transformed into a true major city that was invulnerable to attack, and with flourishing businesses . The city now had a powerful, well-trained army . In addition to the lack of worry for future consequence, it was the best time to go on the offense at the seven grand duchies .

“Very well . I shall pay a visit to Ossen City . When I return, I shall set off with you all!” Han Shuo said and chuckled heartily as he felt entirely free from worry . With that, the meeting concluded . Han Shuo then headed towards the transportation matrix in Brettel City .

Currently, of the things that threatened Han Shuo the most was the six-horned tribal king of the Soul Race, and another was the Church of Light . The six-horned tribal king could not sense Han Shuo’s location, and hence this threat could be disregarded . As for the Church of Light, although Han Shuo couldn’t contend against them if the two demigod beings of the Church of Light were to act together, Han Shuo was confident that he could easily escape .

As for the Saintess with her Domain of the Divinity, based on what Stratholme the old monster said, Han Shuo knew that she was bound to the Sacred Mountain of the Church of Light, and generally never left the mountain rashly . This seemed her hardly a threat to Han Shuo .

With that, Han Shuo really didn’t have much to worry about . Being in Carnal realm, Han Shuo longed to go all out with no restraints . Only by completely satisfying his desires could he break through from Carnal realm and reach the next Nine changes realm . Therefore, Han Shuo hardly exercised restraint to the desires from his heart, ready to start punching and kicking towards significant undertakings .

Historically, in the school of demonic arts, anyone who advanced to Nine changes realm would first completely set free all their longings while in Carnal realm . These people were more often than not ambitious and ruthless characters in their worlds . For dynasties, these elders of the school of demonic arts, all played important roles, the trendsetters of their times .

As Brettel City had its own transportation matrix, it was incredibly convenient to go back and forth to Ossen City . Han Shuo made use of the space magic transportation matrix and appeared in the capital city in the blink of an eye . Upon arriving at Ossen City, Han Shuo headed straight towards the Dark Mantle headquarters .

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Before coming to Ossen City, Han Shuo learned from Dick that Emily now rarely executed missions herself . She was currently in charge of assigning and distributing tasks . The post was more relaxed and lacked a lot of dangers . It seemed that perhaps Emily had ridden on Han Shuo’s coattails a little, and therefore she could be so comfortable and relaxed .

Mount Ordas, Dark Mantle headquarters .

In three years, Han Shuo had turned into a legendary character in the Dark Mantle . Ever since he first stepped into the headquarters, while on his way, the people would look at him with a most revered expression in their eyes .

“Where is Lady Emily?” Han Shuo asked the guide who was bringing him to the Candide’s secret room .

The guide then recalled of Han Shuo and Emily’s relationship . He revealed a meaningful smile and replied to Han Shuo, “Lady Emily and Lord Candide’s place aren’t separated far from each other . Lord Bryan, where do you intend to go to first?”

“Bring me to Lady Emily’s secret chamber first,” Han Shuo instructed .

“Very well,” the guide answered respectfully . His gaze towards Han Shuo was filled with admiration coming from the bottom of his heart .

To these people, although the current Han Shuo was not the one of the three heavyweights of the Dark Mantle, he was a character more honored than them .