Great Demon King - Chapter 462

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Chapter 462

GDK 462: Of Course It’s for You

In the stony room were a few wide bookcases and a black wooden table where Emily was fully concentrated on an ancient personal letter held in her hands . Her brows were slightly knitted, puzzling over the dark magic knowledge recorded on the ancient letter .

“Reporting to Lady Emily, Lord Bryan requests an audience!” a voice came from a tubular hole on Emily’s desk .

A pleasantly surprised expression took over her face and she involuntarily let out a gentle cry . She put down the ancient letter with haste and took out a clear rounded mirror from her space ring, and touched up her tender, lovely cheeks .

“Lady Emily, can Lord Bryan enter?” when the guide heard her soft cry, he understood that Emily was in the secret chamber, but since she did not reply, the guide repeated his question .

Emily, who was tidying up her appearance in a flustered manner, hastily replied with her lovable voice, “Hold on, I will be ready in a second!”

As she spoke, she double checked her face in the mirror, making sure that not the slightest blemish was visible . She then smoothed out her black robe with magic . Finally, she said, “Alright, Lord Bryan may enter!”

With a flash of bright light, Han Shuo appeared in the stony room through a short-distance transportation matrix .

“Bryan!” Emily exclaimed delightedly when she saw the imposing stature that had been constantly in her mind standing in her presence . She threw herself into Han Shuo’s broad chest and tightly embraced him with all her strength, as though Han Shuo would disappear at any moment .

Han Shuo had a warm smile on his face as he looked down at Emily in his embrace .

Not only hadn’t her beautiful face aged after three years, but it had grown even more fascinating and charming . Her delicate face flushed with joy and excitement, making her already beautiful and alluring appearance even more mesmerizing .

Han Shuo could feel the rapid climb in temperature of Emily’s body . After three years of abstinence, an irrepressible fire surged up in his lower abdomen as he savored the wonderful feeling of having such a magnificent being in his embrace, with her supple skin as smooth as it looked and her slender neck, her curvaceous physique, bum and bosoms thick in all the right places .

Emily obviously felt the erection and heat coming from Han Shuo’s lower abdomen . She became usually sensitive to such things after receiving much nourishment from Han Shuo . Her sight suddenly blurred, her voice and body, too, started to tremble lightly . Subconsciously, her two hands which were tightly wrapped around Han Shuo began unbridledly moving across his broad back .

Han Shuo let out a gentle roar and swept Emily off the ground in one motion . In a flash, he sat her down on the office desk used to distribute assignments to members of the Dark Mantle, and their clothing tore into shreds…

A long while later, Emily couldn’t make the slightest movement with her fingers, and curled up in a languid posture in the comfy, wide chair .

A thread of demonic yuan flowed into Emily’s body, gradually nourishing her, restoring the lost physical power little by little .

Some more time passed and Emily, who was in extreme comfort, took a deep breath and opened her bright eyes . With her gaze focused on Han Shuo, she asked, “Bryan, when did you arrive at Ossen City?”

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“Just now!” Han Shuo had thrown on a new set of clothes . He gently pulled out a soft blanket and layed it over Emily’s tender body .

Her eyes suddenly lit up with excitement and the corners of her mouth curved with a trace of sweet joy . In a shy tone, she asked, “Then does that mean I was the first person you visited when you arrived?”

“Yep,” Han Shuo replied smilingly .

“Very good!” Emily nodded, full of energy . She looked pleasantly at Han Shuo and held his big hands tight, guiding them to gently rub on her cheeks .

“This is an Origin Crystal of Darkness I obtained from Tarrag Canyon . Take it . Slowly fuse your soul with itl . It will make you form a Soul of Element, which is enormously beneficial to your practice of dark magic!” Han Shuo said with a warm smile as he revealed the Origin Crystal containing pure elemental energy of darkness and placed it in Emily’s palm .

As soon as Han Shuo removed the Origin Crystal of the purest of dark element from his space ring, Emily, who had been curled up lazily in her chair, immediately sensed the pure element of darkness stored within .

This element of darkness contained not the tiniest bit of impurity . Its uncontaminated energy carried an indescribable temptation power . Eventhough Emily did not use her mental strength to deliberately examine it, as a dark magus, she could deeply sense just how miraculous and mysterious what was contained within was .

“Such pure element of darkness . What, what is this thing?” Emily asked with her bright eyes on Han Shuo .

“This is called an Origin Crystal . It contains an enormous and pure element of darkness free of any impurities . Once your soul is fused with an Origin Crystal, it becomes a Soul of Element . This will let you possess the most profound realization of dark magic, and your soul and dark element will reach the most compatible state .

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For any magus practicing elemental magic to become God, the person must form Soul of Element and Body of Element . An ordinary magus may never get the knack of forming a Soul of Element . Even if they do, it can’t be easily realized for any ordinary persons .

With this Origin Crystal, so long as you fuse it with your soul, the enormous, pure element of darkness stored within can directly make you form a Soul of Element . With that, you will undoubtedly make rapid progress in your practice of dark magic . In addition, you will possess the foundation of becoming a God in dark magic!” Han Shuo explained with a smile .

Emily couldn’t help but shiver slightly . Her eyes were gleaming with disbelief . She looked at Han Shuo, and with a trembling voice, she stuttered, “Br…Bryan… this is for me? Are you sure this is for me?”

“Silly woman, of course it’s for you!” Han Shuo said as he gently caressed Emily’s face . Suddenly, Han Shuo recalled something and said solemnly, “However, given your current realm attainment, you must absorb it carefully . I don’t know if your soul can fully bear this enormous amount of dark element . In any case, be careful of all things!”

“I, I will!” Emily held the Origin Crystal of Darkness with both hands, she was so stirred up that she nearly fainted in euphoria . From Han Shuo’s explanation, she realized what this Origin Crystal would mean for her . It was a most precious item that could make her a God . She could no longer express her gratitude and adoration towards Han Shuo with words .

“Lady Emily, is Bryan in there?” Candide’s voice interrupted from a magical device on Emily’s table .

Candide’s voice seemed somewhat unsteady and excited for some reason . Before Han Shuo could answer, Candide spoke again through the magical device, “I sense an incomparably pure and tremendous aura of dark element coming from your location . Are you both alright?”

Han Shuo and Emily exchanged a glance and they both came to their senses . Candide was, too, a dark grand magus . He had immersed himself in dark magic much longer than Emily had . His comprehension of dark magic had likewise presumably exceeded that of Emily’s .

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As Han Shuo did not utilize any special technique to cover up the aura that the Origin Crystal of Darkness emited, Candide, as a dark grand magus, it was a matter of course that he would sense the presence of this enormous pure element of darkness .

“Quickly put it away!” With one hand covering the sound-transmitting magical device, Han Shuo hastily instructed Emily .

Emily had already come to her senses when Candide’s voice sounded, but the first thing she did was hurriedly get dressed . Only after Han Shuo’s reminder did she put away the Origin Crystal . Shortly after, she said with panic, “He knows, what do we do, what should we do?”

As a figure of such high authority, Emily shouldn’t have been so panic-stricken . The reason she was so out of her wits was purely that the Origin Crystal had overwhelmed her to the point of shock . She was so excited that she found it challenging to remain calm, hence her agitation .

“It’s okay . Not only does he not have a clue about anything, plus, even if he knew that I handed the Origin Crystal to you, there’s nothing he could do about it,” Han Shuo soothed Emily . He realized that the Emily was now too emotional, and it would be inappropriate for Candide to enter . He immediately added, “You stay here and calm down yourself . Leave Candide to me!”

Han Shuo then stood on the transportation matrix in Emily’s room . After a flash of bright light, he appeared before Candide .

“Bryan, I’ve just received reports, you indeed have returned . Oh right, I sensed an extremely pure aura of dark element coming from Emily’s stone room a minute ago . For so many years, I have never perceived such pure dark elemental energy from anywhere . What’s going on?” Candide asked .

“Nothing much . I was just using my martial arts to help Emily aggregate some dark element, so that she could more clearly sense the presence of dark element,” Han Shuo said smilingly as he tried to conceal the truth . Shortly after, he changed the subject, “Lord, I have met Stratholme the old monster . ”

Perhaps the subject of Stratholme the old monster provoked Candide’s interests, or perhaps Candide was astute and understood that Han Shuo was unwilling to discuss it thoroughly, Candide did not investigate any further about the enormous dark element, but asked in astonishment about the course of events that led to Han Shuo and Stratholme’s meeting .