Great Demon King - Chapter 464

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Chapter 464

GDK 464: Days of Debauchery

For days in a row, Han Shuo remained in his own mansion at Ossen City . Fanny and Pheobe came by when they received the news, and savored every rare moment they had with Han Shuo . In the meantime, whenever Emily had completed her work at the Dark Mantle, she too would head over . Of course, her lips were sealed about the Origin Crystal of Darkness that Han Shuo gave her .

In those few days, Han Shuo had indeed lived a most pleasurable life . All three women in Han Shuo’s life were lovely ladies that an ordinary man would yearn for even in their dreams . Having not seen each other for three years, the ladies would deliberately accompanied Han Shuo for every second they had together . Phoebe and Emily, who long had especially close physical relationships with Han Shuo, would even more persistently stick to Han Shuo .

Being in Carnal realm, Han Shuo could hardly restrain his desires, and that was especially so when it came to sexual desires . During those couple of days, he would intemperately be with Phoebe and Emily all day long . Initially, they would make love to Han Shuo separately by themselves . But later, Han Shuo found it hard to contain his sex drive and he couldn’t have cared less if either of them had qualms about it .

After the first occasion of them sleeping together, the two ladies gradually let go of their reluctance, and began cooperating to serve Han Shuo better . Phoebe and Emily, who originally had minor discord, improved their rapport as they pulled together, and their relationship grew stronger and stronger .

Han Shuo, being in Carnal realm, did not find such a preposterous thing distasteful . In fact, when he discovered that such behaviour actually helped the two ladies bond with each other, he further ravaged the two by doing so even more frequently . Throughout the process, Han Shuo discovered that his mind would unwittingly grow calm and stable . Everytime his desires were set free, his demonic yuan would grow richer and stronger .

The only thing that caused Han Shuo some distress was Fanny . Perhaps she was really shy, or perhaps it was Firenze’s provision, but everytime Han Shuo attempted to break through her last defense and take down Fanny, she would always reject Han Shuo, telling him with flushed cheeks that Firenze wouldn’t allow her to lose her virginity before she got married .

“That old fart! He meddles so much with other people’s businesses!” Who knows how many times Han Shuo repeated those words and how many times he cursed Firenze in his heart . If Han Shuo had been studying the curses of dark magic, perhaps Firenze would have long been cursed to death by Han Shuo .

“Bryan, I forbid you from speaking of my father like that . Erm, in any case, you already have Emily and Phoebe, aren’t the two of them enough to make you, make you… . “ Fanny murmured in a frail voice, panting, after she pushed Han Shuo away . Her upper garment was half-untied with her bosom slightly revealed . Amorous feelings drizzled in her eyes . As she was rather shy, she was unable to complete yet sentence .

When Fanny rejected him at that crucial moment, Han Shuo was fumed with rage and rained curses on Firenze . Although Han Shuo’s leaning tower was erect and ready for action, his face was flushed, panting heavily much like a wild animal during mating season, he had no choice but to pick up his pants and consider if he should immediately leave and look for Emily and Phoebe to satisfy his needs .

It was at this moment, Han Shuo’s demonic yuan began to react chaotically, causing Han Shuo to turn pale with fright . Such a situation had not occured for a very long time . This sudden occurrence left Han Shuo somewhat bewildered . The more Han Shuo forcefully repressed his clear desires for Fanny, the more disorderly that demonic yuan energy became . Even the demonic infant felt unwell .

Oh shit! Han Shuo cursed in his heart when he realize what was actually going on .

In the Carnal realm, it was only when the desires in Han Shuo’s heart were completely liberated that he would make progress in the realm as well as deepening the demonic yuan . On the contrary, if Han Shuo exercised restraint against the cravings from his heart, he would not improve but instead deteriorate in the realm . For the last couple of days, Han Shuo had restrained himself from acting on Fanny more than a couple times . He had earlier on faintly felt that something was wrong . But now when the demonic yuan in his body sank into utter chaos, he immediately came to his senses .

Han Shuo was very clear just how intense that desire to deflower Fanny was . The more Fanny rejected, the fiercer the craving to possess her got . Especially, time after time, when Han Shuo nearly had his way as even Fanny was struggling to contain herself, that desire in his heart would increase by folds .

After this was repeated several times, Han Shuo finally suffered the consequences . He felt as though he was gradually losing control over the demonic yuan in his body .

The more Han Shuo tried to give up and leave, the worse his body condition got . For a character like Han Shuo of such exceptional class, it was really difficult for any average person to harm him . Apart from a certain secretive and mysterious character of godlike strength, only Han Shuo could really cause damage to himself .

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Feeling the overwhelming changes in his body and the intense struggle in his heart, Han Shuo was red-faced, with the veins on his forehead, and on the brink of a total meltdown as he hesitated on whether to deviate from his cultivation and sustain serious damages to his body, or to possess Fanny and calm down the disorder in his heart .

“Bryan? Bryan? What’s wrong with you?” Fanny obviously also discovered that Han Shuo’s condition was far from good . Not minding that her breasts were semi-revealed, she rushed to Han Shuo and reached out her hand to caress Han Shuo’s forehead seeped with cold sweat, at a loss for what to do .

Damn it! Fanny is my woman to begin with . I am going to do her sooner or later anyway . How can Firenze come in and meddle with my business! After thinking for a while, Han Shuo no longer beat about the bush and suddenly embraced Fanny . When Fanny found herself in a confused state of mind not knowing what to do, the gasping Han Shuo moved his mouth close to Fanny’s ear and told her the current situation as it was .

When Han Shuo finished his explanation, Fanny started to breath rapidly . Similarly panting, she asked, “Bryan, are you for real? You aren’t joking right? We must do that thing, only then you won’t be in so much pain?”

“I really wasn’t joking, such is the peculiarity of my martial arts!” Han Shuo explained with a bitter smile as he puffed hard .

An amorous feeling gradually filled her bright eyes . Fanny no longer showed the slightest resistance . She took the initiative and undressed herself before Han Shuo, bit by bit laid bare her body of ideal proportions . Her curvaceous, naked body, like fine jade, emitted enchanting rays that hooked onto one’s soul . Han Shuo stared at Fanny right before his eyes, intoxicated .

“Bryan, what… what are you waiting for?” The corners of Fanny’s mouth curved to form a faint smile, which in Han Shuo’s eyes, was ever so charming, ever so lovable, and ever so irresistible!

Without any hesitation, Han Shuo made a move . Fanny’s nymph-like bare body completely fell on Han Shuo’s wide chest . At that moment, demonic yuan in Han Shuo’s body was no longer chaotic while the demonic infant suddenly turned quiet .

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Fanny’s look when she was embarrassed was drop-dead gorgeous . All of a sudden she wrapped her arms tightly around Han Shuo’s back and cried somewhat nervously, “Bryan, be gentle, I’m afraid of pain!”

“Don’t worry, you won’t feel the slightest bit of pain!” Han Shuo reassured her tenderly . Han Shuo, like a cheetah, carried Fanny onto a large, cozy bed .

Shortly after, the enchanting moans that could sweep away a man’s soul, combined with Han Shuo’s beastly gasping, began reverberating from the room, which sounded like an incomparably touching song of nature .

“This little wench, succumbed just the same in the end!” In another room, Phoebe who was practicing with a sword suddenly halted and mumbled after carefully listening for a while .

“Hehe, I knew she couldn’t escape the malicious hands of that little lecher!” Emily said smilingly after walking into Phoebe’s practicing room . She had just returned from a day’s work at the Dark Mantle .

“That’s true! It’s just that I feel disdained at her persistence all this while . Humph! So pure and righteous, as though, as though she was imploring us, to be, to be so wanton!” Phoebe couldn’t seem to voice the reason for her discontent .

“Hehe, sister Pheobe, don’t be silly . You are the only person that was licentious, can you please not drag me into the same boat with you?” Emily rocked her body backward and forward, winked her eyes as she mocked Phoebe on purpose .

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“Look who’s talking!” Phoebe’s cheeks blushed as though they were smeared with red dye . She flew into rage from humiliation, charged towards Emily, putting down the longsword, and tickled Emily . Striking back, she said, “You aren’t wanton? Then who’s the one that used the mouth, and even very much enjoyed it!”

“Damned sister, I will tear up your mouth!” The originally complacently smirking Emily turned so embarrassed that she nearly bore a burrow to hide herself . The two with blushing faces fought playfully . As it was just a jest, they did not actually exert much strength,

“Ohhh… . . ” Suddenly, the two heard an significantly sharper moan from Fanny .

The hand movements of the two ladies fighting with each other suddenly froze . The two were very clear that the loud moan meant Fanny had been utterly defeated . Soon after, the duo seemed to simultaneously recall something, and immediately their faces both flushed . They could unquestionably feel the rising temperatures of each other’s bodies .

Emily licked her rosy lips and suggested, “I’m certain that Bryan definitely has yet to finish . How about we look for him, and take Fanny in as well?”

“Hey! Who was the one that claimed to be not licentious, but always comes up with such ideas!” Phoebe cursed softly, but continued with an even softer voice, “Good idea . I do want to get a look at Fanny’s appearance now!”

“Well then, let’s go find him!” Emily dragged Phoebe into Han Shuo’s room .

“Hehe, just in time to keep me accompanied!” Han Shuo laughed heartily when he saw the two come to him .

Soon enough, the room was again filled with boundless ecstasy . That dissipated moaning sound that itched the heart once more reverberated .