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Great Demon King - Chapter 544

Published at 4th of November 2018 01:15:05 PM

Chapter 544: 544
Crosius was not alone . Everyone was stunned upon hearing Han Shuo proclaim that he would take on the three Shadow Warriors by himself .

Every abyssal demon king had fighters ready at their command . The three were Shadow Warriors that directly answered to Demon King Golander, with all three possessing Demon strength . Their formidable power and the mercilessness in their conducts had long struck terror into people’s hearts . Although Han Shuo had indeed used that so-called magical matrix to obliterate tens of thousands of enemies in an instant, he was merely a man who had yet to demonstrate sufficiently powerful strength .

In the Abyss realm where class was distinguished by strength, there were only a few beings who could handle three Shadow Warriors alone, and each one of those existences was a well-known expert with extraordinary power! Therefore, when Han Shuo said that he could take care of those three Shadow Warriors by himself, these people were beyond belief .

Looking all around, Han Shuo saw the expressions on all those around him . Han Shuo shook his head and grinned, “All of you just mind your own matters . Meh, it’s merely three Shadow Warriors, I doubt that they can put up much resistance against me!”

Then, Han Shuo turned his gaze to Brakyah and added, “Anyway, I’m still waiting for someone to lick my soles and call me daddy!”

Brakyah’s face turned ashen . However, he did not dare to retort . Instead, he forced an incredibly ugly smile . He did not say a word as bitterness suffused his heart .

“Kill them all!” The roar that thundered from a distance away was travelling closer and closer before it finally arrived right ahead of the towering city wall of War Demon Valley . All those remaining experts of Venomfang Castle had flown over on warhawks with thick and long python-like tails . Only certain true experts like Zajya streaked across the sky on their own . Crosius ceased to attend to Han Shuo and immediately shouted in a deep voice, “Kill!”

Thanks to the destructive blow dealt by Han Shuo’s stone forest, the defensive measures on the city wall of War Demon Valley were mostly left unused . And now, with the arrival of the final wave of Venomfang Castle’s trump card experts, they were all fired away, filling the sky with stones and arrows that shot towards the crowd like massive hailstones .

“Pff, puny tricks!” Zajya sneered . At the next moment, his eyes burst out with lights of the deranged and the aura of destruction erupted from his body . He charged forwards, and the edictal force of destruction shot out from his palms . Unexpectedly, a big portion of the attacks were intercepted by him alone .

Behind him, that Ironstone Warrior, whose body was so badly mangled that it was hard to distinguish his humanoid appearance, shielded his hole-riddled body with an earth armor composed using earth elemental energy . He wrecked towards War Demon Valley with the momentum of a mountain, not in the least afraid of the hurricane of arrows and stones .

The Scarletfiend Warrior, a cultivator in the element of fire, shot out intense element of fire from between her two hands . When it made contact with the ground, raging flames were produced . In a split second, the towering city wall of War Demon Valley was enveloped in an ocean of fire . Meanwhile, the master of Venomfang Castle, Yeki, had his eyes glued on Crosius while charging at him, yelling . He was prepared to fight to his death .

A great battle erupted in just a few moments . With the three Shadow Warriors paving the way, not one of those early-stage defensive attacks launched by War Demon Valley was actually effective . Those remaining experts of Venomfang Castle breached all the way to War Demon Valley with almost no hindrances, causing massive casualties upon their arrival .

After the two sides began fighting in full swing, Han Shuo, under Jasper’s gaze of astonishment, finally soared into the sky with the skeletal staff in one hand and the Demonslayer Edge in the other . He entered the battle ring unruffled .

After flying high up into the sky, Han Shuo let go of his skeletal staff and Demonslayer Edge . To avoid any unnecessary shock, he did not transform his two avatars into human figures and only had them hover in mid air .

The basegod soul within that skeletal staff continuously released necromancy magic . Barrages of bone arrows were launched along with all kinds of remarkable necromancy boundaries deployed . The Grand Disintegrator, a destructive and deadly necromancy magic, fell upon those invaders one after another, shredding them into pieces .

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As soon as the head of the Shadow Warriors, General Zajya, made contact with forces of War Demon Valley, he was like a hot knife cutting through butter . Not a single one of those fighters of War Demon Valley surrounding him could escape his brutal attack using the edictal force of destruction . At every instant, nearly a hundred people were stripped of their lives and reduced to pitiful masses of flesh .

In his unhindered massacre, this chief of Shadow Warriors was still gnawing on the thigh of a tender, beautiful War Demon Guard he had just murdered . The scalp-numbing crunch of her bones crackled continuously . This mad Demon was clearly deranged . He shouted like a maniac with the edicts of destruction mixed into his voice, giving all the War Demon Guards around him intense headaches and causing them to totter .

The Scarletfiend Warrior and Ironstone Warrior were just as undefeatable . Wherever they passed, they would bring demise to War Demon Guards in the area . Not a single one of the War Demon Guards could escape their carnage . In the Abyss Realm, it was practically hopeless to fight against someone a class above in strength . More and more War Demon Guards perished at the butchery of the three Shadow Warriors .

Suddenly, loud shrieks like the howling of tens of thousands of ghouls rang through the air from the Demonslayer Edge . The Demonslayer Edge turned from merely hovering into a black shooting star, falling towards Zajya at lightning speed .

An enormous aura of destruction erupted from the Demonslayer Edge in an instant . Within the aura of destruction, negative energies of ruthlessness, looting, and boundless resentment could also be found . It was as though it wouldn’t rest until all things in the world were reduced to ashes!

The head of Shadow Warriors, Zajya, who had obviously sunken into madness, suddenly felt a chill all over his body . Then, at the next moment, he saw a black shooting star crashing down at him . The sinister energies that thing above contained was terrifying and massive beyond his imagination . He didn’t even have time to ponder where did this black shooting star originated before he was penetrated by it .

The Demonslayer Edge shot straight through Zajya’s body and made a clean exit out the other side . Faced against the sudden attack of this avatar of Han Shuo’s that possessed a destruction lowgod soul and the looting energy of Datara, in addition to the negative energies of thousands of resentful souls contained within the Demonslayer Edge, this feeble Zajya, outclassed, would of course be dead without a doubt .

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The Demonslayer Edge suddenly made a 180 and gently latched itself onto the back of Zajya’s head . Zajya’s soul, which he had painstakingly cultivated to the strength of basegod over countless years, was absorbed into the Demonslayer Edge in an instant . Even his comprehension of the edict of destruction and the remaining energy inside his body was completely sucked dry .

After the Demonslayer Edge flew away from the back of Zajya’s head, Zajya’s body was just an empty shell that no longer had an iota of useful energy .

That avatar of Han Shuo’s cultivating in the edict of destruction was one of the most peculiar existences . It not only had the characteristics of demonic arts, but it also contained the looting nature of Datara . After the main soul of Demonslayer Edge had fused with an Origin Crystal of Destruction, it merged with Datara’s soul to somehow form an avatar of Han Shuo’s, with the Demonslayer Edge being the physical body to the avatar . Even Han Shuo himself wasn’t quite sure how to categorize this avatar of his .

Although this avatar had fused with an Origin Crystal of Destruction, it didn’t have deep comprehension of the edict of destruction . But after slaying Zajya and completely absorbing his soul into the Demonslayer Edge, Han Shuo managed to gain some of that knowledge of the edict of destruction that Zajya had . Although they were merely the comprehensions of a late-stage basegod, it could still be considered as having made amends for some of his deficiencies in this aspect .

The news that Zajya, the chief of Shadow Warriors, had been slain by Han Shuo’s Demonslayer Edge in just a split second, immediately caused a great turmoil across the battlefield . Experts of War Demon Valley under Zajya’s pursuit only observed a streak of black light flash through before Zajya suddenly turned powerless and collapsed . It was when the crowd saw the Demonslayer Edge hovering in midair that they subconsciously realized who was responsible .

“Mister Han Shuo has killed Zajya! Zajya the lunatic is dead!” After staring blankly for a while, all those War Demon Guards who witnessed the scene suddenly began howling and hollering as if they had gone mad . Any listener would easily feel their excitement and exhilaration .

“No, impossible, that’s impossible!” Feelings of astonishment and disbelief rose in the hearts of the other two Shadow Warriors . Both began squealing and flew towards the lifeless body that had collapsed on the ground, wanting to verify the validity of the news!

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“He’s dead, that level-three Demon was killed! Holy moly, Mister Han Shuo is truly more than mighty!”

“Haha, this time Venomfang Castle is doomed!”

“We are saved! We are saved! General Zajya is dead!”

For a brief moment, the chaotic scene of war was filled with such clamorous noises of extreme excitement . As this joyous cheering crowded the air, the morale of fighters on War Demon Valley’s side surged to an all-time high, with their fighting power climbing to their peak . In the meantime, those invaders from Venomfang Castle were on the opposite side of the spectrum, with faces as ashen as the dead . After being repeatedly hammered with significant setbacks, they started to show signs of breaking down and crumbling .

“Haha, Yeki, why don’t you stay behind for today, and forever!” Crosius felt as relaxed as he ever had . He had initially worried about whether or not War Demon Valley could withstand enemy forces until the reinforcement army arrived . But now, he was thinking about how to maximize the final yield of the battle . Mad and high-spirited he attacked Yeki, all the while in his heart coming to the decision to shove Jasper into Han Shuo’s arms by all means necessary…

The Abyss realm worshipped the strong . Having resolved War Demon Valley’s crisis with merely his own strength, in an instant, Han Shuo became the new leader of War Demon Valley spiritually . Some pretty, young alien ladies even looked at Han Shuo with inviting gazes filled with amorous feelings, as though wishing they could squeeze themselves into Han Shuo’s chest and let Han Shuo devour them…

“Kazaam!” Han Shuo shouted . The Demonslayer Edge turned into black lightning and vanished in mid air . In the next moment, Ironstone Warrior’s obsidian body suddenly exploded .

Han Shuo smirked . His gaze landed on the Scarletfiend Warrior with the plump bosoms, large buttocks, and an unbelievably seductive body . He teased, “Hey pretty, wanna live?”Please download our sponsor's game to support us!