Great Doctor Ling Ran - Chapter 999

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Chapter 999: 999

Chapter 999: Unexpected Person

“Titanium clips are more convenient, but in terms of its usage, it still needs to be controlled .

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“The location and the seriousness of the liver trauma would directly affect the prognosis of the patient . So, we should choose a treatment method that suits the patient .

“If the hemodynamics is stable, we could choose to suture the damaged blood vessels one by one . However, if the hemodynamics is not stable, we could use the Lembert Suturing Technique to close up the wound…”

Ling Ran lowered his head and looked at his speech draft from time to time . Aside from this, Ling Ran did not do any other unnecessary movement and or add any other unnecessary information in his speech . It was just like any other normal, slightly boring, and dull speech .

If this were only presented in words and published in a different place, this could be another academic article that few people would read .

However, all the people at the Shangri La meeting room today had a different experience when they heard Ling Ran’s voice .

Chief Physician Ji and the others found Ling Ran’s voice to be annoying, and they needed to refute him and even stop him .

For many young female doctors, they felt that Ling Ran’s voice was husky and sexy when they heard it . It was a voice that could make them tremble, but also made them feel incredibly at ease .

For pharmaceutical sales representatives and normal doctors, Ling Ran’s voice was like the narrator who spoke before a show . It was interesting, lively, and full of humor .

Some people could not help but smile, when they thought about the expressions of the department leaders who sat in the front row .

As department leaders, it was impossible for them to avoid offending others . Even if they did not purposely offend anyone, if they blocked the path of the people behind them, those people who were blocked would still feel jealous, envious, and hate toward them . This was something common .

Usually, the department leaders did not care about the thoughts of the people behind them . As doctors, those who obtained a decent position would already be at their forties or fifties, and if they wanted to become a leader by gaining enough experience in a subdivision of their field, they could only start when they were at their forties or fifties . Then, they could only enjoy this glory for around a decade . They would not care about what the people behind them wanted to do .

Even if their superiors or government officials gave them pressure, doctors only needed to follow the rules of society and be bound by the limitations set on them by society, and when it came to their personal feelings, a doctor’s pride was extremely high, and they put more attention on themselves than on other people .

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But today, Ling Ran was dealing with these department leaders .

“Young people nowadays truly run their mouths, huh?” Chief Physician Ji who sat under the stage looked at the young Ling Ran and felt that he should say something . If he did not say something, others would think that he was afraid .

What should he be afraid of?

Ling Ran was just a handsome young doctor . Even if he had performed more than one thousand cases of hepatectomy, was reported on in several major news articles, treated some rich and important people, and was highly reputable within West Changxi Province, but Old Ji… Old Ji was not too bad as well!

Chief Physician Ji raised his head and looked at both sides .

The experts from both sides put on shy smiles .

“Ling Ran is from Yun Hua Hospital, right? Old Xu, that’s your territory . ” Chief Physician Ji’s assistant was also a chief physician of the Provincial Research Institute of Digestive Diseases, and he automatically found a breakthrough point .

Old Xu was the chief physician of the Digestive Surgery Department of Yun Hua Hospital . Since he did not have the title of a department director, he had no concerns about collaborating with the provincial hospital .

However, Old Xu became much warier when it came to Ling Ran . He smiled, as if he was trying to retreat from this entire mess, and said, “The Digestive Surgery Department of Yun Hua Hospital isn’t considered as my territory . So, I can’t comment much in the hospital . ”

“You should say something . He will listen . ”

Old Xu snickered . “What will he listen to? The jokes from an old man?”

“We wrote our names in this article asking for our expert opinion before we published it . ” Chief Physician Ji’s expression was cold .

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When a doctor became a department director, his promotional path could be considered to be completed . However, for those doctors who were motivated and determined, there were still other paths they could take .

One of the paths was to become a “real” expert, which was to become someone whose words held weight in a subdivision of their medical field .

Certainly, the true experts still needed to come out with “guidelines” backed by medical evidence . However, based on the current condition in the country, basically, only specialist groups who were based in the capital could come out with guidelines endorsed by the government .

Chief Physician Ji was based at Changxi Provincial Hospital, and all his connections and his students were at the provincial hospital . Therefore, he would not be able to enter Beijing . Thus, he tried to come out with expert opinions, which could be considered to be of much lower quality compared to guidelines, and this was already the result of Chief Physician Ji’s hard work .

At his age and status, if he worked harder in the future and improved further until he was able to come up with an article focusing on expert consensus, he should be able to retire happily .

But he never thought that an unexpected person appeared when his work was only halfway through .

“Old Xu, you don’t want to waste your effort over the past few months, right?” Chief Physician Xu stopped and said, “You just want to look at this young man overtake you?”

In fact, the competition would be more aggressive within the same hospital, and going by that logic, the competition among the doctors within the same department would be fiercer than the competition within the same hospital .

In some top-graded tertiary Grade A hospitals, there were cases where two doctors within the same department did not talk to each other for decades, and it was all because of competition and benefits .

Chief Physician Ji did not want to handle this directly . Since when did the final boss join the battle in the beginning?

Old Xu’s status was perfect for this, and he was the doctor of Yun Hua Hospital as well .

Old Xu smiled bitterly . “If we’re talking about him getting to the top, he has already got to the top since a long time ago, and there is no need for him to step on me anymore . ”

“Old Xu…”

Without waiting for the others to speak, Old Xu shook his head again . “I still want to stay at Yun Hua Hospital for at least a decade . Honestly speaking, it doesn’t make a difference whether I act on our behalf or not . He Yuanzheng is the department director of the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, you know? But when he sees Ling Ran, he’s like a rat who saw a cat . ”

No one in Yun Hau Hospital treated Ling Ran as a normal doctor anymore .

Doctors still depended on skills to become better than others . If the gaps between their skills were small, they could use all sorts of methods easily to squash the other party . However, if the disparity in strength was too huge, it would be pointless to fight for titles and power against these people, especially when they could only get those titles and power by getting in touch with top-class skills .

If the doctors with good skills and had a bright future wanted to fight for power and titles, the hospital could only try to satisfy them, otherwise, these doctors would be headhunted by other hospitals .

It was not something strange if a tertiary Grade A hospital had eight Orthopedic Departments and four Ophthalmology Departments . When a hospital was at the level of hospitals like West China Hospital, the hospital even needed to establish a branch for the skillful doctors and give them the power to manage their human resources and finance in order to keep the doctors at the hospital . That was the reason why private hospitals in China were not able to compete with public hospitals . Private hospitals would not be able to afford to hire a lot of doctors who were above the title of associate chief physicians .

Old Xu understood this matter clearly . With Ling Ran’s current level, his only problem was that he was too young, or else, the hospital would need to allocate a full team and resources for him .

He Yuanzheng from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery was now living a tough life . To some extent, this was because this was something the hospital had tacitly agreed to happen .

Old Xu admitted that he was not even a department director . Thus, he was not willing to say anything .

“In business, everyone needs to cooperate well . ” Old Ji could only say this weakly when he saw that Old Xu was not willing to go up against Ling Ran . Then, he started to send messages through WeChat .

A while later, a thirty-year-old man at the back of the meeting room stood up and raised his hand in a rude way to say, “Doctor Ling, I’ll stop you for a while . From what I’ve heard, you’re basically using suturing techniques for hepatectomy . Personally, I think the effect of using consumables like titanium clips isn’t bad . It also saves time, and the prognosis is good as well . Do you think that this difference in preference is due to personal practices?”

Ling Ran was not used to being interrupted by others . He slowly put down the speech draft and looked at the doctor who raised this question . He thought about this for a few seconds and asked, “The difference in preference is mainly because your suturing technique is lousy . ”

The meeting room with nearly a thousand participants suddenly became quiet . In the next moment, it was instantly filled with all kinds of laughter .

The doctor who remained standing was embarrassed . He wanted to defend himself, but suddenly, he realized that he had nothing to explain .

What Ling Ran had said was definitely not wrong, but his tone and the response from the crowd was unexpected .

“Doctor Ling…” The doctor remained standing and did not want to sit down just like this . He raised his hand again and said, “Actually, I’m trying to say that with the average level of the doctors, the usage of titanium clips will lower the technical difficulty…”

“The doctors with lousy skills should not perform hepatectomy . That may place the patient’s life in danger . If any of your patients require treatment, you can send them to Yun Hua Hospital or you can call me over to perform this surgery . ” It was not often that Ling Ran would think on behalf of others, and he personally felt that this was a good treatment plan .

The burst of laughter became louder .

The doctor who raised the question just now sat down quietly . His fingers around the phone were as white as that of a zombie’s .

Old Xu, who was in the front row, could not help but wear a gratified smile . ‘At least you didn’t frame me!’

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