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Published at 18th of March 2018 09:05:45 PM

Chapter 4

Hello, hello, I’m back from the land of the dead and hopefully will be able to translate more for a while! Who knows~

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Besides this chapter, I’ve also been working on fixing the summary for GG, so hopefully that will be TLC’d soon and everything will be updated! My TLC is getting onto me about being lazy about reTLing GG chapter 1, so maybe that will also be fixed in the near future. (It probably won’t be.)

Anyway, enjoy!


TL: Mandarin TLC: Juzi

This Idiot Wants to Raise an Expert

The very large, silver dragon carried Mo Shang and Ning Xin to Lingyun Snow Mountain. Lingyun Snow Mountain's scenery was like its name, the mountain was covered with snow and so tall it scraped the sky.

This place wasn't just a map for levelling up and, besides the boundless snow, there weren't any spectacular views that made people stop and stare in admiration. As a result, people met on this map to: one, stare blankly; two, stare blankly; and three, still stare blankly! -_-|||

It wasn't that players hated this barren piece of land, but that even until now, nobody had discovered anything unique about it. As far as this snowy mountain's monsters, there were only cute little snow foxes. Although they were unreasonably beautiful, these monsters were thought to grow in this snowy mountain's constant harsh environment, strengthening their bodies until their HP was astonishingly large. Monsters that were capable of enduring hits wouldn't be a big deal, but what if after you spent an unimaginable amount of effort on killing these monsters, the system would inform you, the extremely unfortunate one, that you had earned only 1 experience point?

Ok, if there isn't experience, then there'll be drops, right? But after crazily killing this mountain's snow foxes over and over, people realized that these attractive snow foxes had been empty bags that completely lacked drops of any sort from the very beginning.

Since then, along with the similarly stingy lone boss, the Bloody Red Demon King, the snow mountain's snow foxes became monsters disdained by «Myth»'s players.

The players lost interest in the snow foxes, which indirectly led to Lingyun Snow Mountain's abandonment.

Lovers who wanted romantic scenery would naturally seek out places with beautiful landscapes, but who would go to this boring expanse of white where even birds don't poop to make out?

As a result, the Lingyun Snow Mountain of today had an additional name: Barren Wasteland.

Of course, the Barren Mountain was deserted. What was this peopleless place good for? Obviously, that's to kill people and take their stuff!

Fortunately, Great God Mo Shang didn't come here for murder, so the little white rabbit, Ning Xin, was still quite safe.

However, as Ning Xin looked at this overgrown land, she wondered why Mo Shang had brought her here.

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: Hey, why'd we come here?

When Ning Xin typed these words, she wasn't particularly happy.

She really wanted to refer to Mo Shang by his name, but she thought that even though they had a sort of brothers-in-arms relationship, they still weren't familiar enough to the point of calling each others' names.


Ning Xin's major in Chinese literature wasn't just for show, but she wasn't from ancient times.

Great God?

Heavens have mercy! To Miss Ning Xin, who could only gather herbs and dig, we can show our understanding. She never knew anything about the rankings, so, naturally, she didn't know who was on them.

Really, if she just looked at his skills or even his equipment, she'd know that Mo Shang was a glittering golden expert1. After all, to be able to deal with nine people at once while defending the delicate and weak push-over, Ning Xin, you'd definitely have to be abnormally strong.

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Unfortunately, Ning Xin didn't understand this. She didn't understand!

As a result, not knowing if Mo Shang was an expert or a no-name, Ning Xin still didn't dare to call him by the "Great God" title floating over his head.

If it was real, Ning Xin would still pick to call him Mr. Mo. But this was a game, a game! Aren't there people who have "Mr." and "Miss" in their character names?

As a result, Ning Xin had no choice but to helplessly use "hey" instead of the nickname "Mo Shang". However, she was still silently discussing in her heart, "I didn't do it on purpose, I'm actually pretty polite. It's just that I really don't know how to call you. . . ."

Of course, Mo Shang was completely unaware of Ning Xin's confusion~.

   [Just Now] Mo Shang: The world will be thrown into chaos in a bit. We'll be ok here for a while.


Ning Xin was puzzled. Mo Shang wasn't a psychic, so how did he know what had happened in the world a while ago?

Ning Xin was raised to not be embarrassed to ask questions, so she opened her mouth to speak.

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: Why is the world in chaos?

   [Just Now] Mo Shang: Look at the World Chat and you'll know.

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: ???

   [Just Now] Mo Shang: ?

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: Where's the World Chat?

   [Just Now] Mo Shang: In the Message Box, lower right corner.

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: Lower right corner?

Ning Xin stared at the lower right corner, as she helplessly continued to type.

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: There isn't anything there.

   [Just Now] Mo Shang: ~~~^_^~~~ Did you hide the World Chat?

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: . . . .

Ning Xin thought it over. It seemed that when she had complained to Xiao Yudi that the World Chat was too chaotic, Xiao Yudi had taught her how to hide it. However, when Xiao Yudi had taught her how to block, she didn't teach her how to undo it!

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: [(T_T)] I don't know how to find it again. . . .

   [Just Now] Mo Shang: -_-||| CTRL+C, Settings will pop-up, then in Messages, check "World Chat".

After Ning Xin finished following Mo Shang's directions, she finally found the World Chat for the first time in ages in ages and saw there was a lot of gold text2 in the messages on top.

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   [World] Thunderous Whirlwind: Fuck, you are willing to hit people, but not to speak? You relied on numbers to beat up our boss, but you didn't take your own strength into account?

   [World] The Sound of Light Rainfall: That's right, what else could a bunch of dirty rats like you do, besides pulling off such a sneaky trick?

   [World] Flowing Clouds: ^ savage.

   [World] Flowing Water: ^ you stole my script.

   [World] Mad Fighter: Mo Shang is weak, can't you do anything without depending on your woman? Next time I see you, I'll kill you first!

   [World] The Sound of Light Rainfall: Pei! Where'd this house fly come from? Shadily plotting against our boss, yet its words still aren't clean. Where's Quan Wudi? Kill it for me! Kill kill kill!

   [World] Quan Wudi: These pests are unworthy of this grandpa's fist.

   [World] Thunderous Whirlwind: Mad Fighter, time, place. Do you believe this grandpa can make you never dare to track dirt into this server ever again?

   [World] No.1 Tiny Stall Vendor: Whoa, daring to attack Great God Mo Shang? You don't want to live? This big sis won't set up shop, this big sis wants to watch the show.

   [World] Uncle Loves Lolis: *strikes mokugyo* Sit and watch3.

The top of the World Chat was really active! Even though Ning Xin was a natural airhead, she was especially skilled when it came to Chinese, so she still had some basic reading skills.

Almost immediately, she understood that the war in the World Chat was caused by the large number of supporters of the person in front of her.

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: So you were actually a Great God.

At this time, Mo Shang was being bombarded by PMs from his friends and only replied simply to a few of them. Out of nowhere, he suddenly had the urge to tease this cute naturally foolish thing in front of him.

   [Just Now] Mo Shang: Floating Cloud.

   [Just Now] Ning Xing: Yes, Great Gods are all floating clouds4.

   [Just Now] Mo Shang: Then, what am I?

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: You are. . . uh. . . .

Ning Xin bit her finger, not knowing how to answer. Since Great Gods are fleeting, she couldn't go back on her own words, so. . . you are fleeting?

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: You are Mo Shang.

   [Just Now] Mo Shang: Yes, I am Mo Shang.

At this moment, Ning Xin didn't know that on the other side of the screen a man's lips curled upwards slightly, revealing a smile as bright and dazzling as the flowers in summer.

In the game, he was the unrivalled king, said to be a myth within «Myth».

However, no matter if he, who was set on a pedestal, was a Great God or a nobody; in the end, he was just Mo Shang.

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In contrast, Ning Xin was the only one who still treated him as a person since he reached the top.

As a result, Great God Mo Shang finally used the Friends System that he had hidden for years once again.

Soon after, Ning Xin received a system notification.

   [System] Mo Shang wants to add you as a friend, would you like to accept?

After Ning Xin accepted the friend request, there was finally a bright image at the top of her all-grey friends list——Mo Shang's.

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: I finally have a living friend!

   [Just Now] Mo Shang: I'm honored.

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: You won't just leave suddenly, right?

   [Just Now] Mo Shang: I won't.

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: Ok, I'll keep playing, too, then. Originally, I didn't want to play because I was too bored, but if you're playing, I can just accompany you~.

When Mo Shang read this, his heart unexpectedly warmed. This idiot was unusually likeable. After all, even though he had always been complimented extensively, these few words could make him so happy.

   [Just Now] Mo Shang: You were bored? What do you usually do?

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: Mining, harvesting herbs, extracting gems. . . . Pretty much, digging non-stop.

   [Just Now] Mo Shang: . . . .

   So she's actually a crafting enthusiast!

   [Just Now] Mo Shang: Being a crafting enthusiast isn't bad, it's relaxing.

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

Ning Xin's string of emoticons nearly blinded Mo Shang.

   [Just Now] Mo Shang: What happened?

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: I had no other choiceeeeeeeeeeeeeee. . . .

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: I really can't do anything besides digging. . . .

Her anger was so fierce that Mo Shang could feel Ning Xin's overflowing resentment towards the Heavens through the screen.

Seeing Ning Xin's reaction reminded Mo Shang of the abnormal numbers when Ning Xin had restored his health. As a result, he clicked on Ning Xin's profile to examine her equipment and attributes. He wasn't taking a particularly serious look, but that collection of numbers really was shocking! And on top of that, that attribute-less newbie equipment? Mo Shang was speechless. What composure, what reservation, all of it was thrown out the window.

   [Just Now] Mo Shang: . . . .

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: ? ? ?

   [Just Now] Mo Shang: How did you survive with these stats?

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: Mining ore gives experience, but it's very slow.

After a seemingly endless wait, Mo Shang finally responded.

   [Just Now] Mo Shang: -_-||| You were a Great God since long ago. . . .

When Mo Shang compared himself to Ning Xin, his Great God title really didn't account for anything.

With no attack and no defense to the point of having no HP, just falling off this mountain would be enough to kill her. Unexpectedly, they could still reach level 75 by relying on the experience from digging and gathering herbs. This wasn't something the average person could accomplish, so Ning Xin was truly inhuman. Inhuman!

   [Just Now] Mo Shang: Miss, you are very patient and perseverant.

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: I'm just used to it.

She really was used to it, since she didn't have friends or a master. From level 1, when she ignorantly burst into the game «Myth», she hadn't relied on others at all to advance. She was used to being alone and avoiding others, which led to her learning to endure in silence.

Being weak and low-levelled, she was also forced to take the long way around any monsters she came across. Nobody had time to carry her or even keep her company. Sometimes not even Ning Xin, herself, knew why she kept going. Mo Shang's loneliness of being at the top wasn't the same. Ning Xin's loneliness was that of someone who had never been accompanied by anyone.

Knowing this, when Ning Xin said she was used to it, Mo Shang felt pity for the cute and lovable Spiritual Pivot in front of him.

   [Just Now] Mo Shang: I'll keep you company in the future.

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: Ok, sounds good!

Ning Xin thought a while before adding a sentence.

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: Great God, how about I raise you5!

With a rumble, thunder surged overhead6.

Mo Shang was stunned into silence. Was I just molested?

What Ning Xin said next helped Mo Shang to understand that a natural fool really lacks common sense.

   [Just Now] Ning Xin: I dig up a lot of things. Before, I could keep both my master and Xiao Yudi without a problem, so now I can also support you!

Ahh, Mo Shang felt that he was a pervert, this person in front of him was obviously nothing more than a little sheep that didn't know anything. What molesting? She probably doesn't even understand any of it!

As a result, after the surge of Heavenly Thunder, the No.1 ranked Great God Mo Shang was successfully kept by a natural fool. . . .

[ 1 ] most likely referring to Mo Shang’s fame and possibly the resources available to him (money, experience, guild, etc).

[ 2 ] Gold text apparently refers to the color of the text for World Announcements. For example, something you said using a speaker item or a megaphone, so that it would be seen publicly by everyone. [ 3 ] A “mokugyo” or a “wooden fish” is a kind of instrument. For more information, follow this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wooden_fish . [ 4 ] In chinese, referring to something as “floating clouds” means it is fleeting. Here, Mo Shang is saying that he is from the guild Floating Cloud Pavillion (probably), but he says it in a way that Ning Xin misinterprets, which amuses him. [ 5 ] So the word that Ning Xin uses here for “raise” or “support” also means “keep” as in a “kept man”. In other words, what she’s saying can be interpreted as her offering to be Mo Shang’s Sugar Daddy, which would suggest that she’s hitting on him (aka flirting heavily). [ 6 ] Think of the manga/anime scene where the sky darkens and lightning strikes after something shocking happens. Like this: 

Translator’s Note: I was a bit confused on some of the references (such as the glittering gold expert thing), so if anybody knows what that was referring to, please comment it below. Also, if you notice anything else that I should correct, please let me know. ^ ^

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