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Chapter 5.2

[Private chat] Mo Shang: You have entered a hidden map, don't  move around randomly  you stay where you are , wait for me to come in and find you .

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[Private chat] Ning Xin: Ok, I am waiting for you .


Hidden maps generally require conditional triggering . Sometimes it was necessary to complete a task, sometimes it is necessary to touch a hidden space . The hidden map setting of Lingyun Snow Mountain is very unique . It required neither tasks nor to touch hidden space . It is very simple and boring something nobody would have thought of doing ,chasing after the snow white fox!


The foxes in the snowy mountains are refreshed at regular intervals . After refreshing, they will run around on the snowy mountains . Of course, not all foxes will run around, and one of them will find a home , snow fox will  rush back to hide in old nest in the map . Knowing this principle, Mo Shang easily found the snow fox that ran towards home  in map after the system was refreshed . After the snow fox ran to the position where Ning Xin had just stood again, Mo Shang followed fox .


Mo Shang followed the snow fox , the key to unlocking the map . After the snow fox ran to a specific location, the system showed a prompt .


[System] snow fox: the sky is getting dark . I should go home . I have to be careful about the bad guys and hurry back to my mother .

Snow fox muttered to itself, After reaching the place his  screen displayed the map and information . Great God Mo Shang found himself in  blue lit underwater caves and standing in front of him Ning Xin .

[Private chat] Ning Xin:  you came! What is this place ?

[Private chat] Ink: The hidden snow fox nest .

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[Private chat] Ning Xin: Fox nest? Why is the fox living in underground water cave?

[Private chat] Mo Shang: In the world of mythology, fox also lives on tree, so it is not weird  for the fox to live in the water .

[Private chat] Ning Xin: . . .

Hearing the reply,Ning Xin has no idea what else can be used to describe her mood at the moment . It turns out that this great god also has a sense of  humor, but cold !

[Private chat] Mo Shang: Follow me .

Keeping Ning Xin  in the back,  Mo Shang carefully took the lead . Ning Xin looked at the broad back of the white swordsman feeling very safe . Two people tiptoed in the fox's underwater cave, suddenly  the little snow fox that brought them in the map came out again .

[System] Xue Meier: Ah, bad guys, mother, I am afraid!

Suddenly a white lights flashed . Mo Shang unconsciously deflect the white light like a fly, and  immediately defended the other with his body,before the attack hit Ningxin .

Ning Xin is safe, but Mo Zhen is sadly reminded . The damage was all transferred to his body, he instantly suffered  a damage of 4000 hp

[Private chat] Mo Shang: get back!

Ning Xin still did not respond to what had happened, but fortunately she was very obedient , and followed orders .

[Private chat] Mo Shang: When you meet BOSS, you stand afar and  help me restore my health .

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[Private chat] Ning Xin: . . . well . . . oh ok!

Ning Xin is very puzzled, and still did not understand the whole situation . For a  person who has been engaged in excavation for a long time, BOSS is a strange existence for her . She  watched as the nine-colored fox popped out from  the bottom of the hole, twisting her butt and fanning out the tails . Ning Xin was at a loss of words .

[Private chat] Ning Xin: This BOSS is so beautiful, can we not fight her?

At this time, Mo Shang was being attacked  by BOSS, and while he was fighting, Mo Shang  replied .

[Private chat] Great God:  … . . . . . . . .

At this time, Mo Shang was being ravaged by BOSS, and while he was fighting , Mo Shang was typing .

[Private chat]  Mo Shang : . . .

[Private chat] Ning Xin:? ? ? what's wrong? ? ?

You have to admit this Great God is indeed very good . He does not only calmly move, but also attacks skillfully and between he even has time to chat .

[Private chat] Mo Shang: so you are saying I should just stand here and get beaten by her?

(Realising his mistake)

[Private chat] Ning Xin: no, you  beat her, and I would cheer from back here!

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The cooperation between weapon of mass destruction and mobile blood banks is indeed like super cheat . Although Ning Xin was a little startled at first, but she got the hang of it . Although the damage occur during the process of healing, the nine-color fox has just stared at her, and health of Mo Shang was restored .

The fight between the BOSS and the great god can only be described in one word  grinding! It was reasonable that in the fight between  these two people , the amount of ammunition will be the deciding factor . However, who was Ning Xin ? Spirit pivot girl with the MP of  13,000 . Great god is a swordsman, physical attack and spell are his main frontier of attack, the consumption of ammunition is not very serious . Moreover, with Ning xiu any damage to him was instantly restored .

The result was obvious, the poor nine-color tailed  fox was ruined by these two unscrupulous people

[System] Riding the wind great god Mo Shang has swept across the great snow mountain ranges . The nine-color tailed fox has been defeated, Congratulations to the great god  and his battle  group, for completing the Lingyun Snow Mountain  test and winning the mysterious demon treasure .

As soon as the system news came out, the world chat started heating up .

[World] mad wind:when did he form a team?

[World] Flowing water:  demon treasure, what is it . Let's find out .

[World] Happy and joyful: I love you!

[World] Flowing Clouds: This is ridiculous .

[World] Bright sorrow: so you are saying that there is BOSS in the place where the bird does not even shit ?

[World] Dangdang: I don't know .

[World] Dangdang: Ibid .

The world chat was set ablazed by the fact that the Mo Shang  has won the demon treasure . Some were astonished while some congratulated general, however many were  envious and hated the fact that they could not obtain the treasure

Mo Shang ignored them , and opened two treasure boxes, one is a skill book, and the other one is a pet egg .

After seeing  the introduction of the skill book, Mo Shang felt that the snow mountain BOSS actually appeared here for him and Ning Xin . What a good BOSS .

To explain briefly, this skill is similar to the golden bell iron shirt . As long as you are put on this skill, in 10 seconds, you get additional attack power ! But  After using the skills, you will lose half of your MP .

After learning the skill , Mo Shang sent the pet egg to Ning Xin .

[Private chat] Ning Xin: What is this?

[Private chat] Mo Shang: Pet egg, it  will hatch snow fox, do you like it?

[Private chat] Ning Xin: Really! Thank you!

[Private chat] Mo Shang: No Thanks, this should belong to you .

Ning Xin held the pet egg in joy .

[Private chat] Ning Xin: How do this pet egg hatch ?

[Private chat] Mo Shang: you need to go to . Forget it, I will take you there . . .