Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1039

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Chapter 1039: 1039

“Fixed Immortal Travel?” Lang Ya land spirit was surprised, asking hesitantly .

Fang Yuan knew what his concern was, it was that Immortal Gu were unique .

He replied to the land spirit calmly: “Don’t worry, I am mostly sure that Fixed Immortal Travel no longer exists in the world . ”

He had approached the current generation Ni Xiang, asking a question about Fixed Immortal Travel and other Immortal Gu .

Fang Yuan asked: Fixed Immortal Travel, Spring Autumn Cicada… and other Immortal Gu, were all of them either destroyed or preserved?

Current generation Ni Xiang answered: No .

Thus, Fang Yuan confirmed two details .

The first was that some of the Immortal Gu including Fixed Immortal Travel were still remaining, while some were destroyed .

The second was that Ying Wu Xie had most likely discovered and broken the arrangements on his original body .

The current generation Ni Xiang was already over fifty years old, after using yes or no Immortal Gu once, he expended fifty years of lifespan . Thus, after answering one question, Ni clan’s old clan leader died on the spot .

But this answer had already helped Fang Yuan greatly .

“In the worst case scenario, Ying Wu Xie has already broken my arrangements, he would hide himself and prevent me from finding him . He might not even be in Southern Border anymore . ”

“I am unable to contact Hei Lou Lan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng, these two have either turned to his side or been killed by him . ”

“I wonder which Immortal Gu in my original body have already been destroyed? It is most likely that Fixed Immortal Travel is already destroyed, because the special will that I designed would destroy it first . ”

Fang Yuan made such an arrangement earlier because he was wary of Fixed Immortal Travel’s power, and also because he was afraid that he could not retrieve the special will in time after getting back his body, thus he set them to self-detonate one by one .

“The most likely thing is that after Fixed Immortal Travel was destroyed, Ying Wu Xie found there were problems and used methods to seal the other Immortal Gu temporarily . ”

“The two of us have swapped souls, his situation is worse than mine, he has no Gu worms to manipulate . But to think he could seal my Immortal Gu, that means he either deceived Hei Lou Lan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng or used the remaining forces Shadow Sect has . ”

Since Shadow Sect was created by Spectral Soul Demon Venerable and was in operation for tens of thousands of years, it was natural that they had remaining forces . Fang Yuan had already expected this .

“Shadow Sect exists in all five regions, even Zombie Alliance was a subsidiary force of Shadow Sect . The battle of Yi Tian Mountain happened in Southern Border, most likely, Shadow Sect’s forces in Southern Border suffered the greatest loss, while the other four regions are less affected . ”

“If Fixed Immortal Travel is already destroyed, Ying Wu Xie can’t deal with me using just Hei Lou Lan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng . He would need to gather Shadow Sect’s remaining forces and come at me after he is prepared . Thus, he also wants to refine Fixed Immortal Travel . ”

Fang Yuan’s new body was outstanding .

When he thought about things, inspiration flowed with ease, there were no obstacles .

And for him, Fixed Immortal Travel was also something he needed urgently .

Because of the regional walls, and the fact that stargate Gu had no effect on his new body, Fixed Immortal Travel was the best tool for him to travel the five regions .

“As long as I have Fixed Immortal Travel, I can return to Lang Ya blessed land directly and store all of the Immortal Gu with me . ”

“My earlier cultivation resources can also be placed into the nine-five sovereign immortal aperture . ”

“I can even go into Earth Abyss and devour Star Form blessed land!”

No matter which one it was, it would greatly increase Fang Yuan’s strength .

But not only was treasure yellow heaven too open and would lure many greedy people to Fang Yuan if he used it for transportation, just the processing fee that it charged was too high .

If Fang Yuan used treasure yellow heaven to transport the rank eight wisdom sword Gu, all of his savings would be expended, and it would not be enough .

“Are you sure you want to refine Fixed Immortal Travel?” Lang Ya land spirit asked again .

Fang Yuan sensed something amiss, he frowned: “What, is this out of your capability?”

Lang Ya land spirit shook his head: “I am not going to go back on my agreement with Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable . But even though I have divine travel Gu and the other supplementary Gu materials, I lack the most critical material . Can you guess what it is?”

Fang Yuan thought and frowned: “Is it the light of the immemorial era?”

“That’s right . ” Lang Ya land spirit answered: “No matter which Gu recipe you try to use to refine Fixed Immortal Travel, in all of them, the most crucial material is the light of the immemorial era . Light is something hard to capture and store . The Immemorial Antiquity Era… it is earlier than the Olden Antiquity and Remote Antiquity Era, it is the time when Ren Zu was alive . Back then, in the entire world, the only humans were Ren Zu and his ten children . ”

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“Not a single Gu recipe will work?” Fang Yuan knew that Lang Ya land spirit would not lie, but he was unwilling to give up .

“Of course!” Lang Ya land spirit replied firmly: “I have two fixed immortal travel Immortal Gu recipes . I have seen more than ten Fixed Immortal Travel remnant recipes, no matter which one, they cannot avoid the light of the immemorial era . The only difference is the amount of light needed in each recipe . ”

“Fixed Immortal Travel is a precious Gu, it has great use . If not for this, it would have been refined long ago, how could you have the chance?”

Fang Yuan heard this and realized how lucky he was back then when refining Fixed Immortal Travel .

The light of the immemorial era at that time was formed using the extreme light Gu in Xiao Mang’s hands .

But now, Xiao Mang was dead already .

Because Xiao Shan and Xiao Mang were pawns of Xiao clan’s supreme elder .

These two were potential Gu Immortals, but yet they were mortals and simply pawns . Even after dying, they did not realize the truth of Yi Tian Mountain .

Once Xiao Mang died, extreme light Gu was destroyed as well .

“Xiao Mang is dead, his soul was not even spared, how can I get the light of the immemorial era? First supreme elder, if you use the light of wisdom, would you be able to deduce a recipe that does not use the light of the immemorial era?” Fang Yuan asked again .

Involving a rank nine Immortal Gu, Lang Ya land spirit was uncertain, he was only a rank eight Gu Immortal even during his life .

Even if he helped two venerables refine Gu, he was not clear about the exact details of wisdom Gu .

“Forget it, even if the light of wisdom can be used to create an Immortal Gu recipe without the light of the immemorial era, I am no longer an immortal zombie, I cannot use it . I should go to Xiao clan and check, Xiao Mang’s extreme light Gu was found in a graveyard, I might find some clues there . ”

Fang Yuan ended the conversation with Lang Ya land spirit .

He changed directions and rushed to Xiao clan .

But before ending their talk, he did not forget to pass the souls from killing Ni clan to Lang Ya land spirit .

Next, he asked for a list from Lang Ya land spirit .

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The list was a request for the sword path killer moves in Lang Ya Sect .

Fang Yuan rushed to Xiao clan as he inspected these killer moves .

Even though there were a number of sword path killer moves, most of them were mortal killer moves, there were only three immortal killer moves .

Among them, one was an incomplete immortal killer move, like a remnant Immortal Gu recipe, it had a lot of value in research, but could not be used directly .

Among the other two, one was for movement, another was for attack .

The movement immortal killer move was called ‘sword flash thunder sound’, it only used two core Immortal Gu, they were flash sword Gu and rumbling thunder Gu .

The offensive immortal killer move was called ‘dark assassination’, there were also two core Immortal Gu, flying sword Immortal Gu and dark limit Immortal Gu .

Seeing the familiar dark limit Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan sighed internally .

A long time ago, he had once sought this Immortal Gu, but he did not succeed .

After Fairy Jiang Yu died, dark limit Immortal Gu was destroyed as well .

“If I had dark limit Immortal Gu, together with flying sword Immortal Gu, I would be able to use this dark assassination . It is a pity…”

While Fang Yuan was thinking, a voice came from afar: “Friend, please wait . ”

Fang Yuan turned around and saw a desolate beast qi grand lion running over, there was a huge red chair on the lion’s back, two Gu Immortals were seated .

Central Continent, Earth Abyss .

The soul beast howled, emitting a wretched growl .

“Be careful, soul howl Immortal Gu has activated again!” Ying Wu Xie warned .

A formless sound wave created air currents in the air, sweeping towards Ying Wu Xie, Hei Lou Lan, and Tai Bai Yun Sheng .

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The three had no choice but to retreat gradually .

This wild soul howl Immortal Gu was rank seven, living inside a soul beast . Ying Wu Xie, Hei Lou Lan, and Tai Bai Yun Sheng forced the soul beast into a dangerous situation, the Immortal Gu reacted and unleashed its power, giving the soul beast enough time and space to retaliate .

“How can this be? This soul beast is only a desolate beast, how can it have a wild rank seven Gu?” Tai Bai Yun Sheng’s seven orifices were bleeding as he called out .

The other two were in bad shape as well, their heads were spinning, their souls were heavily injured .

Ying Wu Xie’s expression was ugly .

It was truly a crisis out of nowhere .

Earlier, it was still fine, but suddenly, a soul beast charged into Shadow Sect’s territory .

“The activation of soul howl Immortal Gu does not require immortal essence, it uses the foundation of the soul . This desolate soul beast must have been at ancient desolate level earlier . It had escaped after going through intense battle and because soul howl Immortal Gu activated, it fell from an ancient desolate beast to a desolate beast . ”

Ying Wu Xie answered Tai Bai Yun Sheng with a hoarse voice .

At the same time, two words appeared in his mind — heaven’s will!

“My Shadow Sect’s plan failed, and I defied heaven’s will, after rebirth, I did not go to Fang Yuan and perish together with him . Thus, heaven’s will is coming after me now . ”

The way of heaven emphasized on balance between all living beings .

Earlier, Shadow Sect was hidden and tried to evade heaven’s will, they operated in secret and faced less obstruction .

But now, Ying Wu Xie was completely exposed, heaven’s will prepared and lured the soul beast to them .

“Heaven’s will is everywhere!”

“Back then, when Fang Yuan refined Fixed Immortal Travel, it arranged the situation for him nicely, sending the light of the immemorial era to him . Now, it is trying to eliminate me . ”

“Do I really need to destroy the Spring Autumn Cicada in my body?”

Ying Wu Xie was hesitant .

“We cannot get close to this soul beast! At this point, why are you still concealing your strength? Why aren’t you using the Gu formation?” Hei Lou Lan transmitted, urging .