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Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1057

Published at 17th of July 2019 06:05:09 AM

Chapter 1057: 1057

Chu Du .

Known as Domination Immortal, a legendary person in Northern Plains’ Gu Immortal world!

He was born in a poor family, he was not of the Huang Jin bloodline, he had a lowly start, even his aperture awakening was by chance . Without any teachers or tribesmen to help him, he cultivated alone . He cultivated strength path, but was not restrained by the flaws of it . With his overwhelming talent, he independently created jin strength Gu, strength of ten jin Gu, jun strength Gu, strength of ten jun Gu and others .

Using these Gu worms, he grew step by step, under everyone’s shocked gazes, he turned from a mortal to an immortal .

But this was not the end of his legend, when he became a Gu Immortal, he went back to his roots and created the human jun strength branch .

This small branch gave the dying strength path a surge of rejuvenation, it was as if vitality had filled dying trees, strength path shined again in a different light .

After the beast strength phantom branch and atmospheric heaven and earth branch, it was recognized by everyone that strength path had a new human jun strength branch .

With his efforts alone, he changed the future of strength path .

Nobody could deny his grand achievement .

Now, nine out of ten Northern Plains Gu Masters cultivated strength path on the side, they mostly used the human jun strength branch .

Destiny was a mystical thing, nobody could decipher it .

Be it Chu Du or Fang Yuan, they had never thought that they would meet in such a situation .

Fang Yuan was undergoing tribulation, because of the ancient ruin bat’s power, his immortal aperture’s walls were shattered, connecting to the outside world .

And Chu Du was assisting his disciple in his immortal ascension tribulation, absorbing the true meaning of Reckless Savage .

The northern icy plain was so huge, but these two people chose their tribulation location so closely .

Both of their eyes made contact over the distance in an instant!

Chu Du had just destroyed his disciples tribulation, one of his hands was behind his back, while the other was toying with the frost lightning, he was calm and composed .

Fang Yuan was wearing a white robe, he had a sharp gaze, his body was injured, battle intent rose in him like he was a divine sword, the sharpness in him made even Chu Du frown .

“Someone is undergoing tribulation here, what is going on? The ancient ruin bat inside has Reckless Savage’s true meaning, it manifested using the tribulation . This person has such an amazing method, he can replicate the immortal ascension and obtain Reckless Savage’s true meaning to improve himself!” Chu Du felt immense shock before it turned into joy .

“Domination Immortal Chu Du!” Fang Yuan was shocked: “This person is helping another person with his tribulation, he must be after Reckless Savage’s true meaning . Oh no, he saw what is going on here, he will definitely seek me!”

Fang Yuan had obtained the killer move immortal tribulation tempering aperture from land spirit, this was a huge attraction to Domination Immortal Chu Du .

“As long as I can get his method, why would I need to bother with raising disciples for immortal ascension? I can undergo tribulations myself and draw in Reckless Savage’s true meaning, the tribulations would be stronger and I would obtain even more true meaning, that would be best! I must, I must get this method!!” Chu Du screamed in his mind, he shot towards Fang Yuan like a flash of lightning .

He was known as the Domination Immortal, in the past when he was rank six, an experienced lone immortal came to find trouble with him and was beaten to a pulp . The lone immortal called for reinforcements, but the three lone immortals were chased by the newly ascended Chu Du, he chased them for an enormous distance before killing all three immortals .

A hundred years later, Chu Du and a Gu Immortal of Liu tribe had a conflict, after a dozen rounds of fighting, the Liu tribe Gu Immortal lost and begged him for mercy, but Chu Du killed him without hesitation .

Next, Liu tribe sent out several Gu Immortals, Chu Du’s two fists could not rival four palms, he was outnumbered, he went into seclusion for decades . When he appeared again, he had rank seven cultivation level, he went around and destroyed eighteen of Liu tribe’s resource points in three days . Three of Liu tribe’s Gu Immortals chased after him, but he did not run away, instead, he forced the three Liu tribe Gu Immortals to retreat and even nearly attacked their headquarters .

Chu Du encircled Liu tribe’s blessed land and refused to leave . Liu tribe’s first supreme elder emerged outside in anger, fighting with Chu Du for a long time, he was an experienced rank seven expert, but he could not do anything to Chu Du . He could only let him leave freely .

After this battle, Chu Du’s reputation surged, the entire Gu Immortal world found out about his domineering style!

No Gu Immortal dared to look down on him . Those who tried to find trouble with him had to consider it thoroughly before acting .

But after this battle, Chu Du became very low profile, he cultivated in seclusion and rarely showed himself . It was only during the recent Northern Plains auction that he appeared in front of everyone .

Now, it seemed that in the past, Chu Du gained a huge growth in strength and defeated Liu tribe because of Reckless Savage’s true meaning .

He nurtured a few Gu Masters and helped them to ascend to immortal, his strength path attainment level reached grandmaster level, and he created his own immortal killer moves .

When the time was ripe, he took advantage of Liu tribe’s temporary weakness and challenged them, he not only took revenge for himself, he even created a fierce reputation .

These last years, he had been secluded, staying inside the northern icy plain, trying to excavate the huge treasure known as Reckless Savage’s true meaning .

Chu Du saw Fang Yuan, he not only wanted Fang Yuan’s method of drawing out Reckless Savage’s true meaning, he even had a feeling of unhappiness because his treasure was being taken by others .

Thus, he did not think too deeply, he attacked directly, he wanted to take down Fang Yuan and interrogate the method to lure out Reckless Savage’s true meaning .

Though the distance was great, it was nothing to Gu Immortals .

Their distance was shrinking rapidly .

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“Huh?” Chu Du stretched out his right hand, pointing at Fang Yuan who was in the immortal aperture, but a sword light shot at him first .

He reacted quickly, but Fang Yuan was even faster!

Almost at the first instant, Fang Yuan used sword marks targeting death and shot out flying sword Immortal Gu .

Flying Sword pierced through the sky, shining in bright silvery light, Chu Du could not look at it directly .

Chu Du chuckled, he stretched out his right arm, grabbing at Flying Sword .


An explosion caused the air to burst .

A huge strength path phantom in the form of Chu Du’s right hand squeezed the air, it was like a rampaging mountain, moving quickly and grabbing flying sword Immortal Gu .

Surprise flashed across Fang Yuan’s eyes .

Chu Du’s strength path phantom hand was very similar to his giant hand . But evidently, his strength path giant hand was not only stronger than Fang Yuan’s, it was even more agile .

Chu Du’s strength path giant hand moved together with his actual right hand .

After grabbing flying sword Immortal Gu, Chu Du clenched his fist and directly sealed flying sword Immortal Gu .

Fang Yuan instantly felt that his connection to flying sword Immortal Gu weakened severely .

Chu Du frowned in an unnoticeable manner, he opened his clenched fist, he saw a trace of blood at the center of his palm .

It was the killer move sword marks targeting death’s effect .

“Interesting . ” He commented lightly .

While he said that, the injury on his palm has already healed .

“Hand over the method and I will spare your life . Hmm?” Chu Du proclaimed but when he raised his head, his expression changed .

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At the crucial moment, Fang Yuan chopped off the lower half of his body, he used a certain blood path killer move and refined his lower body into a pool of blood .

The blood fused into the immortal aperture’s gap and fixed the crack within space in an instant .

Chu Du quickly used his strength path giant hand to attack .

But it was a moment too late, he had lost his chance . The giant hand failed to hit anything, like a crashing meteor, it landed on the ground and formed a huge crater of over dozens of meters wide .

Chu Du flew to the spot where Fang Yuan placed his immortal aperture with a heavy expression . He did not have any method to break into the immortal aperture .

“Damn it! Why did I encounter Domination Immortal of all people?” Inside the immortal aperture, Fang Yuan only was left with his upper body, he floated in the air . His injuries were severe, his lower body had already been refined and used .

Intense pain did not affect Fang Yuan due to the use of Gu worms, faced with two ancient ruin bats, he kept his composure and calmness .

“I have to kill these two ruin bats as soon as possible!!” Fang Yuan gritted his teeth, his expression was ruthless .

Triple layered sword wave!

He used this killer move consecutively, the waves crashed against the ancient ruin bats .


Fang Yuan’s seven orifices spurted blood, his head was dizzy, he was on the verge of fainting .

His head was hurting, triple layered sword wave was a killer move that used many Gu worms, it was not easy to activate . In order to use so many Gu worms, he had used up all of the thoughts in his mind, his brain was in a state of overuse .

And to protect his aperture walls, to prevent the ancient ruin bats from causing more destruction, Fang Yuan had to block all of the ancient ruin bats’ attacks desperately .

Seconds passed like years .

Every time he blocked an ancient ruin bat’s attack, Fang Yuan’s vision turned dark, he was uncertain about his capability regarding blocking the next attack .

He could not think of anything else, all of his newly produced thoughts were used to mobilize all of the Gu worms in his body .

Both sides were like warriors in a death match, they attacked with sharp weapons and stabbed their opponents continuously, whoever was unable to endure it would fall in defeat first .

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After an unknown period of time, a gust of wind blew, clarity flashed in Fang Yuan’s dazed eyes .

“Did I succeed?” He looked up in the sky, at the falling ancient ruin bat as he muttered to himself .

Soon, the thoughts in his mind replenished amply, he could finally think again .

He finally killed one ancient ruin bat, there was still another left .

Fang Yuan licked his dry lips, his face was pale as paper, but it showed a distorted expression as he charged towards the ancient ruin bat again .

It was much easier for him this time .

Facing an ancient ruin bat alone, Fang Yuan felt much less pressure, the thoughts in his mind increased in number, he could think of more things, he could attack the ruin bat after making rational decisions in response .

But he did not dare to relax .

If another ancient ruin bat formed, it would be troublesome .

Even worse was if Domination Immortal Chu Du was allowed to come in, if that happened, Fang Yuan’s situation would be far worse, it might be even more terrifying than dying in the calamity .

But eventually, the heaven and earth qi calmed, and Fang Yuan succeeded in killing the third ancient ruin bat, no more ruin bats formed, and Chu Du was absent .

“The calamity has ended . I finally survived this!” Fang Yuan looked down weakly, this place had already turned into an icy field, countless desolate beast snow monsters were staring at him, growling as they showed ruthless expressions .

“Thankfully, my immortal aperture is big enough, there are no resources in here yet, I will let these snow monsters stay for now . They cannot break the aperture walls . ” Fang Yuan flew up to the first layer of the heavens in the sky of his immortal aperture .

He was severely injured, he needed to recuperate .

While healing his injuries, he also needed to prepare for battle .

If Chu Du invaded this place, it would no laughing matter!

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