Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1075

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Chapter 1075: 1075

Sixth Hair looked at Fang Yuan as he laughed, feeling no fear .

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If he wanted to snitch, Fang Yuan would have attacked the moment Sixth Hair exposed himself .

But Fang Yuan did not, he sat down and said some empty threats .

As for the reason, Sixth Hair knew clearly, he said: “I was originally in charge of the twelve cloud cities . Before you came here, I had already set up an Immortal Gu formation . Not only can it conceal us to prevent Lang Ya land spirit from finding out, it can also suppress the alliance agreement . You can test it out . ”

Fang Yuan had joined Lang Ya Sect, he was bound by the alliance agreement and could not act freely .

Especially when talking with the spy Sixth Hair, it was against the alliance agreement .

But hearing Sixth Hair’s words, Fang Yuan tested it, as expected, there was no backlash from breaking some small alliance agreement rules .

Fang Yuan’s gaze was deep, he said after a while: “It seems you are indeed a spy in Lang Ya Sect . What transaction do you want?”

Sixth Hair felt great relief, he was afraid that Fang Yuan would take him down without any further discussion . The first hurdle had been passed already .

However… he could not be careless, Fang Yuan was unscrupulous and shameless, he was a devious person with no bottom line .

Even though he took a risk and exposed his own identity, danger was still extremely high .

There was no choice, Ying Wu Xie was out of ideas over there, he could only try this .

Having a transaction with Fang Yuan was the same as plotting with a tiger, it was too dangerous .

Only after the transaction was over and the evidence was firm, they would be tied together and he would have a hold on him . By then, Sixth Hair would be safe .

But how could he achieve his aims without losing too many benefits, Sixth Hair felt troubled, he was on the weaker side now .

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“Ying Wu Xie and I have deep enmity, they are suddenly approaching me and even exposed their spy’s identity, they have something to ask of me . Interesting… I want to see what he is up to . ” Fang Yuan had such a thought in his mind .

“To speak the truth, Lord Ying Wu Xie has already reached a desperate situation, his survival is at stake . Otherwise, I would not have appeared to talk to you . ” Sixth Hair said .

“Oh?” Fang Yuan’s brows rose, he looked at the other party again .

Sixth Hair was so honest, Fang Yuan felt shocked internally .

Why would one expose their own weaknesses before the deal?

Fang Yuan’s eyes shined, he sensed the ingenuity of Sixth Hair’s purposeful reveal — even if Sixth Hair did not say it, Fang Yuan would have noticed . By saying it, he could show that this was a last ditch attempt that was filled with determination .

“It seems that after interacting with Lang Ya land spirit for a long time, I have let down my guard . Even though the other party is a hairy man, he is a spy from Shadow Sect, how can he be as simple and easy to bully as a land spirit?” Fang Yuan raised his alertness .

Thinking about it, Fang Yuan spoke slowly and calmly: “Ying Wu Xie has all of the accumulated Gu worms in my body, he even has the help of Tai Bai Yun Sheng and Hei Lou Lan, how can he reach such a stage? I refuse to believe it . ”

Sixth Hair shook his head: “Fang Yuan, why the need to probe further? You set up the special will and caused your Gu worms to self-detonate, you really gave Lord Ying Wu Xie a huge surprise . He tried to preserve the Gu worms, but only thirty percent remain . ”

Once he said that, Fang Yuan was fully certain that Sixth Hair was a spy lurking inside Lang Ya Sect sent by Shadow Sect .

Fang Yuan’s thoughts churned, his words earlier were not completely true, after Sixth Hair answered him, he obtained a lot of precious information .

“To think that Ying Wu Xie is really controlling Hei and Bai . Hei Lou Lan is a formidable person, she was not easy to control, but after her aunts died, it is much easier to deal with her . She has the Great Strength True Martial Physique, if used well, she is an excellent pawn . ”

“And Tai Bai Yun Sheng is a kind man, even though he is hesitant and timid, he has two time path Immortal Gu, he can help out a lot . To think that they are both controlled by Ying Wu Xie, what a shame!”

Fang Yuan sighed internally .

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Fate worked in mysterious ways .

After the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, he and Ying Wu Xie had swapped places . He obtained sovereign immortal fetus Gu, while Ying Wu Xie obtained his accumulated wealth .

He was able to use Hei Lou Lan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng, as a split soul of Spectral Soul Demon Venerable, he had incredible methods to keep these two under control .

“Ying Wu Xie has my Immortal Gu and Hei and Bai to help him . Now, he is initiating a transaction with me, I just make him pay a high price!” Fang Yuan thought to himself harshly .

However, next, after Sixth Hair exposed their weakness, he changed his words: “Before the deal, let me show you our sincerity . Think of this as free intel . This intel is extremely important, it concerns your future cultivation greatly, or more accurately, it has to do with your life and death!”

Fang Yuan snorted, he said coldly: “You do not need to brag about the value of the intel . I can assess it myself when I see it . ”

“Fang Yuan, do you know what heaven’s will is?” Sixth Hair asked .

“Heaven’s will?” Fang Yuan asked in confusion .

Sixth Hair looked at his expression before nodding in understandment, saying: “You indeed forgot a lot of things, Fang Yuan . ”

“What do you mean?” Fang Yuan’s brows rose slightly .

Sixth Hair said: “You had once used heaven’s will’s guidance to swap souls with Lord Ying Wu Xie, disguised as the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique and finally taking away sovereign immortal fetus Gu . But what you did not know was, this eleventh extreme physique was created by Old Man Yan Shi, it had a huge flaw . Any soul which resides in the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body will fall into deep sleep and lose its memories . Even though Old Man Yan Shi tried to remove the weakness, he only eliminated the weakness of falling asleep, the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique still caused the soul to lose memories continuously . As time passed, more memories would be lost . Precisely because of this, Lord Ying Wu Xie was constantly losing memories and could only use the immortal killer move lead soul into dream . ”

Saying this, Sixth Hair took out an information path mortal Gu .

He moved this Gu around with his finger as he sighed internally .

This Gu worm has little to no value to him . But to Fang Yuan, it was immensely valuable! If not for the situation, why would he pass this to Fang Yuan?

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In Ying Wu Xie’s original plan, he was going to use this weakness of Fang Yuan to deal with him .

To think that there would be a time where he personally helped Fang Yuan fix this flaw .

“This letter Gu records the details before and after Yi Tian Mountain, take a look . ” Sixth Hair said as he tossed the Gu worm to Fang Yuan .

Fang Yuan received it and inspected it, there were no problems, he activated the Gu worm and the scenes of Yi Tian Mountain appeared in his mind .

He found that he was indeed lacking many crucial memories .

“No wonder I have been feeling something weird, but I did not know what . I lost my memories . ”

This was true amnesia .

By completely losing one’s memories, they could not realize it themselves . If they knew that they forgot something, that would not be true amnesia, they could still remember it eventually .

However, the scenes in the information path mortal Gu gave Fang Yuan a familiar feeling, of course, there was still a chance that they were deceiving him .

After checking it several times, Fang Yuan had a calm expression, his gaze was deep as he said: “I seem to have lost my memories, but how can I know that this is real, this can possibly be made up too . ”

Sixth Hair gritted his teeth .

He knew that this was the hard part of this transaction .

Fang Yuan and Ying Wu Xie were enemies, they had deep enmity, there was little trust between them . The problem was how to express his sincerity and make Fang Yuan believe them .

If this problem was tackled, the transaction would proceed smoothly .

Sixth Hair’s thoughts moved rapidly, colliding continuously in his mind . He was considering his words carefully, he had to, because Fang Yuan could kill someone without even blinking! If he said something wrong, so be it if he died, but Ying Wu Xie had the mission to save his main body, this could not fail .

After a long time, Sixth Hair spoke: ” Fang Yuan, you possess Spring Autumn Cicada, you have experienced rebirth, everyone knows this . But the truth is, even if you have many secrets, you have less of a clear understanding than us . ”

“Heaven’s will is vast, it is everywhere, all over the five regions and nine heavens, it spans across the past, present, and future . The way of heaven is to take away surpluses while replenishing deficits, it emphasizes on balance . And the way of humans is exactly the opposite, it is to reduce the deficits and build up the surpluses . The two are complete opposites, and they are in conflict with each other . ”

“Thus, the previous venerables, and any legendary figures, are the targets of heaven’s will’s suppression . Calamities and tribulations, lifespan Gu, they are two of heaven’s will’s trump cards . Fang Yuan, you have experienced two tribulations already, one was the earthly calamity, and the other was the creation of an Immortal Gu . The two of them had incredible power beyond reason, it was because you had revived using sovereign immortal fetus Gu and your new body and immortal aperture have unlimited potential, once you grow, you will surpass previous venerables . Because of this, heaven’s will feels extremely wary of you, and wants to kill you before you grow any further . ”

Fang Yuan’s heart shook .

Since the tribulations, he had been considering this question .

And now, Sixth Hair gave him the answer .

“Heaven’s will…” Fang Yuan muttered internally, thinking about this phrase .

Sixth Hair sighed, he continued: “My main body, Spectral Soul, created Shadow Sect, Zombie Alliance, and refined sovereign immortal fetus, preparing for a hundred thousand years, ending up in failure . This is the work of heaven’s will, not only were there grand tribulations and myriad tribulations, we even had to face countless enemies . Heavenly Court with Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord as the leader was its representative . And you, Fang Yuan, were the hidden assassin of our human tribulation!”

“What do you mean?” Fang Yuan squinted as his eyes shone, he felt deep interest, he could acutely sense that Sixth Hair’s words were going to cause a huge transformation in his situation!

Sixth Hair hesitated .

He knew: Once he said the following words, Fang Yuan’s greatest weakness of not knowing heaven’s will would be fixed . In fact, it might even cause Fang Yuan’s uncontrollable rise to the top .

Fang Yuan was like a python stuck in the swamp now . This python’s eyes were covered by a black cloth, it did not know its directions, it was rolling around in the mud .

But once the information was given to Fang Yuan, the python’s cloth would be removed, its vision would return, it would be able to see the huge world and realize that the swamp trapping it was very tiny .

With an accurate direction, knowing its circumstances, the python would raise its head towards the sky, it would cause huge storms, it would even become a dragon and roam the world freely!

These might just be some words, but to Fang Yuan, they were a qualitative transformation, the value was immeasurable .