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Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1239

Published at 16th of October 2019 05:10:09 AM

Chapter 1239: 1239

Qi luck sensation .

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This immortal killer move came from Hei Fan grotto-heaven, the inheritance of Gu Immortal Feng Jun .

It used qi luck Immortal Gu as the core, with supplementary mortal Gu, to allow a Gu Immortal to sense people who were closely related to them in terms of luck .

Furthermore, the closer they were to each other, the clearer the connection would feel .

Fang Yuan used this move to sense the locations of Ying Wu Xie and the rest, even though they were separated by regional walls .

This was because Ying Wu Xie and the rest had their luck connected to Fang Yuan .

After using Connect Luck, both parties would have their luck closely connected, they would share both fortune and disaster together .

However, with Ying Wu Xie’s methods, he was able to negate a portion of the effect of qi luck sensation, he even could hide inside an immortal aperture to cut himself off from Fang Yuan’s detection .

Fang Yuan was very wary of Ying Wu Xie and gang, even though Shadow Sect was a fraction of its former size, a broken ship was still better than a plank, a dying camel was larger than a horse, by just gathering Shadow Sect’s remaining resources, Ying Wu Xie and the rest would grow much more rapidly than Fang Yuan and at a steadier rate .

“This time, after elevating qi luck sensation, I should be able to detect the locations of Ying Wu Xie and the rest . I will eliminate them in advance and get rid of this huge threat!”

Fang Yuan decided to add Unravel Mystery into qi luck sensation, causing this killer move to have two cores instead of one .

“Unravel mystery Immortal Gu is wisdom path, hmm… I should add some wisdom path Gu in . ”

“After that, I will use some group think Gu and some mortal connect luck Gu, hmm, and some pair Gu and sequence Gu . ”

Fang Yuan did not make any deductions, he was making decisions based on his instincts .

A large number of mortal Gu were added in .

Among these Gu worm, a portion were owned by Fang Yuan, but he had to buy more of them through treasure yellow heaven .

Without any hurdles, soon, he obtained these Gu worms .

But next, he did not activate the immortal killer move immediately, he went to do further testing .

After adding so many Gu worms, qi luck sensation had changed greatly, if he activated it blindly, he might just fail immediately, Fang Yuan might get injured, or worse, his Gu worms might be destroyed . Destroying mortal Gu was fine, but if his Immortal Gu were destroyed, what would he do?

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When Gu Immortals create a new immortal killer move, the experimentation process was also very risky .

Fang Yuan first separated the new qi luck sensation into several portions and did experiments on them one by one .

The results of the experiments were very good .

Not a single one failed .

Fang Yuan next used wisdom path methods to deduce, modify and improve on the newly created qi luck sensation .

Half a day later, Fang Yuan finally finished his deductions, he activated the newly modified qi luck sensation for the first time .

Halfway through activating it, a small problem that was beyond Fang Yuan’s estimations occurred .

It was not a big problem, but the result of success might possibly be affected .

Fang Yuan was vigilant, he forcibly stopped the activation .

Many mortal Gu were destroyed .

Fang Yuan did not even blink at the result, as long as qi luck Immortal Gu and unravel mystery Immortal Gu were fine, it was no problem . He was very rich now, expending some mortal Gu was simply a negligible loss to Fang Yuan .

As for the supplementary mortal Gu, they did not need to be purchased .

Fang Yuan had considered this situation long ago, thus he purchased more than what he needed for one activation .

He continued to deduce and found out the reasons that resulted in this unexpected change .

This time, Fang Yuan spent half a day again modifying the immortal killer move . After fixing it, he experimented again .

This time, towards the later half of the immortal killer move, a mishap occurred again .

The immortal killer move used too many Gu worms, Fang Yuan could not completely deduce the entire process .

Even though these small unexpected sparks appeared minimally, Fang Yuan still thought of inspecting them, he forcibly stopped the killer move once again .

Be it unravel mystery Immortal Gu or qi luck Immortal Gu, they had to be used at the final juncture, thus, although he lost many mortal Gu, they were inconsequential .

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After repeated trial and error, he continued to deduce and modify it .

Several days later, Fang Yuan finally obtained a relatively perfect version of qi luck sensation .

This immortal killer move used three times the number of Gu worms as before, with two Immortal Gu as the core, unravel mystery Immortal Gu and qi luck Immortal Gu, they were like two shining suns in the sky .

Activating the new qi luck sensation!

A mystical feeling appeared inside Fang Yuan .

First, he detected Ye Fan, Hong Yi, and Han Li, they were in Southern Border, Central Continent, and Western Desert respectively, the exact details were clearer than before, especially Ye Fan, Fang Yuan could tell that he was currently on Shang Liang Mountain .

The rest were more vague .

Ying Wu Xie and Hei Lou Lan appeared in Fang Yuan’s detection again .

It was vague, countless times less clear compared to Ye Fan, he also did not know their exact location, but Fang Yuan could tell the general area they were in .

“Strange, other than Ying Wu Xie and Hei Lou Lan, there is a third person, but they are just as unclear as them . Don’t tell me Ying Wu Xie used connect luck Immortal Gu to connect his luck with an unknown Gu Immortal?”

Fang Yuan guessed the truth immediately .

He frowned .

Connect luck Immortal Gu was in Ying Wu Xie’s hands, this was no secret .

This was Fang Yuan’s weakness .

Currently, Fang Yuan no longer used Spring Autumn Cicada, he sealed it . In regards to luck, with dog shit luck Immortal Gu’s protection, it had turned from a weakness to his strength .

But Ying Wu Xie and the rest were taking a portion of Fang Yuan’s advantage .

When Giant Sun Immortal Venerable developed in his early days, a lot of his success was attributed to this dog shit luck Immortal Gu . But Fang Yuan was not enjoying it alone, his dog shit luck Immortal Gu’s effect was split among other people .

If it was split equally with Ye Fan, Han Li, Hei Lou Lan, and Hong Yi, so be it . After all, these were four lucky people . But Ying Wu Xie and that new Gu Immortal were huge burdens, they were weakening the effects of Dog Shit Luck .

“This direction… hehehe, to think that they are in Southern Border!”

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“Ying Wu Xie and the rest need to be eliminated, after killing them, I will be truly safe, nobody would come after the sovereign immortal body again . ”

“At the same time, after I kill them and remove the threat, my luck will rise greatly, the true power of Dog Shit Luck would be unleashed . ”

At this moment, Fang Yuan was filled with killing intent, he wanted to move immediately and get rid of Ying Wu Xie and the rest once and for all!

Central Continent .

“It is time, we can go now!” Rank eight Gu Immortal Wei Ling Yang shouted .

His voice was hoarse, he had a middle aged appearance with dark bags under his eyes and looked listless, giving others a feeling of extreme fatigue .

But he was the strongest among the three rank eight Gu Immortals on this journey, he was tasked as the leader of this rescue mission .

Along with him, there were Bi Chen Tian and Myriad Tidal Dragon .

These two were rank eight Gu Immortals as well .

Bi Chen Tian joined the battle of Yi Tian Mountain and survived in the end .

Myriad Tidal Dragon had higher seniority than Bi Chen Tian, recently, he was given pointers by Duke Long, his strength rose again .

Duke Long was old and it was difficult for him to fight once again, but he controlled the situation and immediately changed the way that Heavenly Court functioned .

They sent out three rank eight Gu Immortals, all from Heavenly Court, they had phantom apertures but their battle strength greatly surpassed the rank eight Gu Immortals of the ten great ancient sects .

The immortals acknowledged his words and split into three groups, entering three Immortal Gu Houses respectively .

These three Immortal Gu Houses were: Wind Cloud Manor’s Wind Sweeping Building, it had seven floors and had fluttering curtains; Heavenly Lotus Sect’s Canary Pavilion, small and exquisite, filled with liveliness; Combat Immortal Sect’s Edge Link Camp, it was a military stronghold with waving battle flags .

Each Immortal Gu House was guarded by a rank eight Gu Immortal .

Zhao Lian Yun was in the middle one, Wind Cloud Manor’s Wind Sweeping Building .

She was at the top floor, the safest place inside this Immortal Gu House .

“Right now, our group is too powerful, we have three rank eight Gu Immortals as well as three Immortal Gu Houses! Victory is basically assured . ” Bu Zhen Zi followed behind Zhao Lian Yun, saying this .

Zhao Lian Yun nodded, she was expressionless but her heart was jumping: “Hong Yun, I am coming! You must persevere . ”

The three Immortal Gu Houses were like shooting stars, flying towards the sky .

Edge Link Camp was at the front, opening a path for the rest . Wind Sweeping Building was in the middle, in charge of reinforcements . Canary Pavilion was at the back, looking out for unexpected situations .

The heavenly wind qi wall was right before them .


Edge Link Camp unleashed its might, giant sharp horns were formed, resembling solid figures, as they stabbed into the heavenly wind qi wall fiercely . Without any resistance, they forcefully created a tunnel .

Wind Sweeping Building and Canary Pavilion followed after it quickly .

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh .

Wind Sweeping Building continued to shake, Zhao Lian Yun was also shaking at the top floor, almost falling down .

Bu Zhen Zi was tongue-tied: “It is said that the heavenly wind qi wall is thicker than the five regional walls, it seems to be true after seeing it myself . Our Wind Sweeping Building is just in the center, moving along the created tunnel, yet the heavenly winds are already causing us to be so unstable . It is hard to imagine what it is like inside Edge Link Camp!”

The heavenly wind qi wall was created by heavenly wind qi, even after creating a tunnel, the wind would rush in and fill the gap very quickly .

Thus, the three Immortal Gu Houses were very close together, almost touching the edges of each other, they continued to charge forward .

Halfway through their journey, Edge Link Camp lost many Gu worms, its charging power fell and it went to the back .

Wind Sweeping Building replaced Edge Link Camp’s spot, taking charge of creating a path ahead . After a quarter of the journey, Canary Pavilion went to the front .

This way, some days later, the three Immortal Gu Houses finally broke through the heavenly wind qi wall and reached black heaven .

Right now, in the Gu Master world, there were only black heaven and white heaven left of the immemorial nine heavens .

It was clear why they did not choose white heaven .

It was to prevent exposing themselves .

Black heaven had natural concealment, it could help to hide the traces of the three Immortal Gu Houses to an extent .

This way, the Central Continent Gu Immortals would ensure that they had the advantage in launching a sneak attack on this journey .

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