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Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1317

Published at 27th of November 2019 05:10:36 AM

Chapter 1317

Qiao Si Liu only made one cup of willow spiral tea, which was given to Fang Yuan .

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Such a brewing method immediately changed the significance of this cup of willow spiral tea .

Fang Yuan’s expression slightly changed, showing flattered joy on his face, but his mind was tranquil with no ripples .

“This is truly a pity . No matter how beautiful you are, without eternal life, you will just be a pile of bones in the end . ”

“Beauty is superficial, but people cannot stop indulging in it . ”

“But this Fairy Tian Lu is indeed Qiao Si Liu’s best friend, their coordination is remarkable . ”

The only cup of brewed tea was given to Fang Yuan by Fairy Si Liu, Luo Mu Zi and Lun Fei, who were still thinking of tasting the tea, however, obtained such a reply .

Their expressions had become quite stiff at this moment .

Qiao Si Liu smiled: “The willow spiral tea was only a token of goodwill . I have brought bewitching tea for everyone, please have a taste . ”

She waved her silk sleeve, five servings of tea appeared on the table .

This tea was different from willow spiral tea, it was not in a cup, but in a white porcelain dish .

At the center of this dish was a fist sized dewdrop .

This dewdrop was lustrous like a jade, its surface wobbling slightly against the night wind, looking delicate .

“Bewitching tea is a renowned tea of Qiao clan, to think I could have a taste tonight . ” Luo Mu Zi gave himself an excuse, but in fact, his gaze was still fixed on that cup in front of Fang Yuan .

Lun Fei had already tightly clenched his fists below the table, grinding his teeth as he raised the small porcelain dish and took a sip of the bewitching tea .

“Good tea . ” He exclaimed, but his expression was slightly rigid .

In fact, bewitching tea was multiple grades higher than willow spiral tea, the latter was only Qiao Si Liu’s creation, while the former was Qiao clan’s signature tea . A super force’s signature tea was naturally more outstanding than the tea created by Qiao Si Liu, a single Gu Immortal .

However, as far as Luo Mu Zi and Lun Fei were concerned, they would rather give up a hundred servings of bewitching tea to drink a serving of willow spiral tea .

“Bewitching tea is really refreshing and has endless aftertaste . Si Liu, how can I take out my aurora tea when you brought out this tea?” Fairy Tian Lu smiled .

Qiao Si Liu, however, was not the slightest bit polite to this best friend of hers: “Just don’t take it out then, I am already tired of drinking your aurora tea . Right now, I am anticipating Sheng Liu’s drunken flowers tea . It is rumored this tea was a creation from his inspiration when he fell in love at first sight with you . I wonder if I might have the opportunity to taste it today?”

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“I am ashamed, ashamed . ” Sheng Liu rubbed his nose, giving a bitter smile, “My drunken flowers tea is a crude creation, it is not exquisite enough for today . ”

Fairy Tian Lu also smiled while covering her mouth: “Si Liu, you are making things difficult for my darling Liu, this won’t do! Only I can drink drunken flowers tea, outsiders can stop dreaming about it . ”

Her face showed pride and love as she said this .

Gu Immortal Sheng Liu who was beside her, looked lovingly at Fairy Tian Lu, they were already holding their hands below the table .

Qiao Si Liu gave a deep sigh: “Oh, I wonder when I will meet a person who will create a tea for me?”

There was a sense of dejectedness in her soft query .

At this moment, moonlight shone into the pavilion .

A beauty sighing softly under the moonlight was truly a very loveable sight .

Luo Mu Zi and Lun Fei felt their bodies heating up, Luo Mu Zi even stood up: “Fairy Si Liu, I have a tea which is called nine recollecting fragrances . It is my own creation, fairy, I would like to offer it to you on this auspicious occasion . ”

Not willing to be left behind, Lun Fei also quipped in: “I also have prepared my tea, this is yin-yang tea, there is a clear distinction between yin and yang, fairy, please have a taste . ”

These two Gu Immortals only offered the tea to Qiao Si Liu, just like Qiao Si Liu had given her willow spiral tea to Fang Yuan .

Qiao Si Liu took a sip of both tea, and said with a smile: “Nine recollecting fragrances is aptly named, the moment the tea enters the mouth, fragrances coil around the tongue . Tasting it carefully, there are actually nine moments when the fragrances intensify, it is really extraordinary . ”

“Haha, fairy, it is not worthy of such praise from you . ” Luo Mu Zi laughed heartily, his previous bad mood swept away completely .

Qiao Si Liu then said to Lun Fei: “Yin-yang tea, although it is not a unique creation, I have heard of it before . There are three levels to brewing this tea . First level is when yin and yang are obscure . Second layer is when yin and yang are separate . Third level is when yin contains yang, and yang contains yin, yin and yang revolving around each other . Lun Fei, your skill can be seen for being able to achieve the second level of brewing this tea, there are probably less than ten people who can achieve that in the whole of Southern Border, worthy of a food path Gu Immortal like you . ”

Tea, wine, delicacies, in this world, they were naturally not ordinary .

There were countless ways to brew tea . It was not as simple and shallow as putting tea leaves in hot water .

Like the tea discussed by the immortals in the pavilion: Willow spiral tea, bewitching tea, drunken flowers, nine recollecting fragrances and yin-yang tea, they were all incomplete Gu recipes .

And when these Gu recipes were completed, and the Gu Immortal brewed tea at that time, they could refine food path Gu worms .

Food path was one of the many cultivation paths, it was just that it had never flourished . Although it was extremely significant and there was a lot of interests in it, unfortunately, because of historical reasons, there were very few food path inheritances left in the world .

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“This Lun Fei’s main cultivation is actually food path?” Fang Yuan gave Lun Fei a quick glance, feeling slightly surprised inwardly .

“What is this guy’s origin? I have many Immortal Gu, if I could obtain his food path inheritance, it might be a huge help to me . ” Fang Yuan immediately had malicious intent .

Even if you had no intention to harm others, they might still want to harm you .

Fang Yuan was somewhat moved .

His current strength was already among the best below rank eight . When he activated reverse flow protection seal, although his offensive methods were still weaker, he could stand toe to toe with Feng Jiu Ge .

“I need to first check Lun Fei’s background and see if I can make a move against him or not . ”

“If I can, Wu Yi Hai’s identity must not be implicated!”

With Wu Yi Hai’s identity, Fang Yuan definitely could not brazenly kill Lun Fei . Because he was a righteous path Gu Immortal Gu, and could not adopt demonic path methods .

A super force had much more robust strength than a lone immortal, but these forces usually did not lightly offend any Gu Immortal .

The same went for Wu clan .

A super force had huge assets and businesses, if a Gu Immortal could not be killed and escaped, they could destroy many resources of the super force and be a huge headache to the super force .

Wu Yong had this consideration as well when he accepted Fang Yuan’s idea of giving some concessions to Mountain Moving Old Monster in regards to Mount Snail .

“Hmm… it is better to probe and determine the value of Lun Fei’s inheritance . If it is not high, forget it . ”

“If the value is high and I am to make a move, I need to be absolutely careful to not let his soul self-detonate . ”

There was no need to think about Immortal Gu, they could not be obtained .

But Fang Yuan could kill Lun Fei and capture his soul, to obtain the food path inheritance by soul searching .

Fang Yuan had always held food path inheritances in high expectations .

Unfortunately, due to a lack of fortuitous encounters, he could do nothing about it .

Since there were no fortuitous encounters, then he had to make a move himself and rob others .

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Fang Yuan did not have any feeling of guilt!

Many Gu Immortals were particular about not attacking others if others did not attack them .

However, Fang Yuan was someone who, even if others did not attack him, would go attack them .

“I brewed this tea over seven days and seven nights, fairy, now being able to receive your praise, it was all worth it . ” Lun Fei’s tone was slightly shaking with excitement .

He then looked at Fang Yuan and said with a hint of challenge: “I wonder what tea Lord Wu Yi Hai is going to show us?”

He had not even the slightest idea that Fang Yuan was already brewing thoughts of killing him .

“Eastern Sea is the most plentiful region in terms of resources . Wu Yi Hai has lived in Eastern Sea for many years, any tea he brings out will definitely surpass others and be the top tea . ” Luo Mu Zi sat back and spoke with enthusiasm .

Fang Yuan smiled .

These two were Qiao Si Liu’s pursuers, after realizing Fang Yuan’s ‘threat’, they had tacitly allied to put Fang Yuan in an awkward situation .

They praised Fang Yuan highly, making it difficult for him to refuse their request .

Qiao Si Liu slightly frowned .

Luo Mu Zi and Lun Fei’s thoughts were slightly devious . If Wu Yi Hai could not showcase such a tea, the situation would be awkward . Even if he could, his reputation would suffer .

The reason?

Because this event was hosted by Qiao Si Liu . Qiao clan’s bewitching tea was the main tea, while other Gu Immortals’ teas were supplementary .

The guests should not overshadow the host, this was an unwritten rule of the moon festival . Qiao clan might not care about it, but Wu Yi Hai’s reputation would suffer .

The righteous path was very concerned about reputation!

Fang Yuan, however, had no hesitation .

He directly took out five cups of tea and indicated to the others: “Please enjoy . ”

Fairy Tian Lu’s eyes brightened, being the first to pick up a cup: “I am very curious as to what Lord Wu Yi Hai’s tea is like?”

But the first person to drink the tea was not her, but Lun Fei .

He looked somewhat hurried .

This was the best opportunity to knock down his rival, as a food path Gu Immortal, he was proficient in this aspect, how could he not take this opportunity?

But with just one sip, he immediately frowned and spat it out: “Pshaw, what rotten tea is this?”

“Awful, too awful . ” Luo Mu Zi also took a sip before placing the cup down: “This is the most revolting tea I have ever had in my life, it might even be worse than mortal tea . ”

His tone was extremely impolite, with no hint of respect towards a rival .

The two had firmly grasped the opportunity to attack Fang Yuan’s reputation .

Fairy Tian Lu wanted to help mediate the situation, but after drinking it, she gave a helpless smile: “This tea is salty and bitter, it is like seawater . ”

Fang Yuan smiled and unexpectedly admitted: “It is seawater . ”


“You actually brought seawater? Are you trying to shame Fairy Si Liu!”

Luo Mu Zi and Lun Fei quickly sent verbal attacks .

The smile on Fang Yuan’s face disappeared, replaced by solemness: “I don’t like to drink tea, if I had to choose, this seawater would be my tea . ”

“You do not understand . ”

“I lived the life of a secluded cultivator in Eastern Sea, an orphan with no one to rely on and with calamities and tribulations pressuring me at all times . ”

“Every day, I would wake up early and scoop a bowl of salty seawater to drink, this was to remind myself to not slack and continue persevering . ”

The pavilion immediately fell into silence .

Qiao Si Liu slowly lifted her cup amidst this silence and took a sip, before slowly putting the cup down .

She smiled, her rosy lips and white teeth seemed brighter than the beautiful moonlight: “This is the most special tea I have had in my life, thank you, Yi Hai . This tea is good, I am truly moved . ”

Luo Mu Zi and Lun Fei fell into silence seeing that the person they loved had responded like this .

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