Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1494

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Chapter 1494: 1494

The louder young Thieving Heaven screamed, the brighter the elderly Gu Master’s smile .

But soon, young Thieving Heaven realized this and gritted his teeth, not uttering a sound .

“Eh? Brat, you still want to resist?” The elderly Gu Master was furious and stomped young Thieving Heaven’s chest .


Young Thieving Heaven’s ribs immediately fractured into pieces which then pierced into his heart and lungs, immediately causing him to be on the verge of death .

But he still did not utter a sound, he had almost crushed his teeth with his intense grinding, and his eyes were opened wide with anger, but he did not scream .

“Hehehe!” The elderly Gu Master started laughing from anger, and directly used Gu Master methods against young Thieving Heaven .

This time, it was not as simple as a sharp pain, young Thieving Heaven felt a kind of numbing pain with all kinds of sensation attacking him in turns .

“Ahh—!” He could endure it no longer, he let out a piercing scream and started struggling fiercely, he rolled on the floor while crazily scratching his skin .

The elderly Gu Master laughed heartily: “Suffered enough? Actually daring to defy the great Sha Xiao, hmph, even if you have strong pride, you will still have to kneel before me . Beg for mercy, as long as you call me grandpa Sha, grandpa will forgive you, grandson, ahahaha!”

But young Thieving Heaven’s heart was filled with nothing but fury .

Sha Xiao’s words triggered his pride, he inwardly vowed that even if he died from the itch, died from pain, died by rotting, or died from numbness, he would not beg for mercy!

Sha Xiao waited for a while, young Thieving Heaven was still rolling on the ground, tearing his clothes and skin, crying out in deep pain, but he did not beg for mercy .

Until young Thieving Heaven could not endure anymore, a fierce light flashed past his eyes as he smashed head-first into the wall of the well .

“He actually wants to die?!” Sha Xiao was surprised, quickly moving to stop this .

Young Thieving Heaven’s strength was useless, he could only let Sha Xiao manipulate him .

Sha Xiao not only saved him, but also healed him, soon, his heavy injuries had turned into light injuries .

“Kid, you have quite the backbone, even I am feeling some admiration . ” Sha Xiao changed his tone, green light flickering in his eyes .

He looked at the powerless young Thieving Heaven lying on the ground, and said with a soft and slow voice: “But if you die, what will your family do? I won’t feel distressed about it, but what about your parents? What about your siblings? Hehe, do you have a girl you love, does she know your feelings? If you die, what about her?”

Young Thieving Heaven’s expression began to change .

He had lived for over ten years in this world, yet he had a wanderer’s mentality without any restraints . However in his original world, he had a family, healthy parents, and a beloved fiancée .

“I cannot die . ”

“I need to live on!”

“I need to find a way to leave this world and return home . There are people waiting for me there!”

Sha Xiao was an old schemer, the corners of his lips curling up slightly as he saw the change in young Thieving Heaven’s expression .

Young Thieving Heaven fearlessly gazed at Sha Xiao: “You have not killed me because you want to make use of me . Speak, what do you want me to do?”

Sha Xiao laughed heartily, giving a thumbs-up to young Thieving Heaven: “Kid, you have guts, you actually dare to speak to me like that . ”

The moment he finished speaking, Sha Xiao’s expression changed, his laughter was gone without a trace, replacing it was twisted fury .

He ruthlessly kicked young Thieving Heaven’s face, and sent him flying .

He then pointed with his finger, a strange light shot out and struck young Thieving Heaven’s body .

Chii Chiii Chiii…

A series of soft sounds echoed within this old well .

Young Thieving Heaven’s expression rapidly changed as he felt intense pain all over his body, he tried to stand up but due to a lack of energy, he could only sit on the ground .

His face was bloody, his nose bridge had been smashed by Sha Xiao’s kick .

Young Thieving Heaven started blacking out and almost fainted from the pain .

With his remaining consciousness, he squinted at his hand but immediately received a huge shock .

He saw his hand was festering and corroding like it had touched powerful acid .

Not just the hands, his face, his arms, his neck, his whole body was starting to rot .

Soon, young Thieving Heaven’s eyes also started to corrode, losing his sight .

Sha Xiao’s sinister voice floated to his ears: “You think I need you? Hehehe, it is your fortune to be used by me! You dare show me such an attitude, so what if you die? At worst, I will just find another puppet . Hahaha!”

“Now, this is your final chance! I shall give you one final opportunity, if you don’t want to die, kowtow to me and call me grandpa, obediently follow my orders . ”

“Take your time . You have been struck by my killer move anyway, your whole body will continue to rot, in a dozen or so breaths, your whole body will rot completely and only your skeleton will remain . Hehe, I will give you a few kicks then and see how hard your backbone really is . ”

Young Thieving Heaven was silent .

Sha Xiao did not speak anymore after this, only looking at young Thieving Heaven with his sinister gaze .

Young Thieving Heaven was slumped on the ground, motionless like a statue .

The muscles on his whole body were beginning to rot, the stench of it had already filled the well .

The terrifying injuries, intense pain, and more importantly the entanglements in his heart, caused his face to distort .

“I, the great Ben Jie Sun, a noble army general, how could I beg for mercy?”

“But… if I die here, do I let my loved ones in the other world wait in vain?”


Young Thieving Heaven let out a heavy sigh inwardly .

He slowly adjusted his posture and knelt down, then he lowered his head till his forehead touched the ground .

He spoke with a weak and rough voice: “You win . ”

“Hahaha . ” Sha Xiao laughed wildly, his eyes opened wide as he stared at young Thieving Heaven: “Then what should you call me?”

“Gran… grandpa . ” Young Thieving Heaven gritted his teeth, his whole body shook and hot tears rolled down from his corroded eyes .

“Hehehe, my good grandson!” Sha Xiao was satisfied, his voice turned sharp like a crow’s cry high above the graveyard .

Young Thieving Heaven reached his limits and completely fell unconscious .

Darkness descended upon Fang Yuan once again .

And the dream realm fiercely corroded his soul .

Fang Yuan passed this period with difficulty, his ten million man soul had already fallen to million man soul .

Exploring this dream realm of Thieving Heaven had an extremely high demand on soul foundation! Were it not for Fang Yuan cultivating his soul painstakingly before, he would not have the qualifications to explore this dream realm .

With the passing of time, the darkness disappeared, Fang Yuan could see once again .

The blazing sun was high in the sky, young Thieving Heaven was moving across the desert while dragging his extremely weak body .

Those terrifying injuries on him were all gone without a trace . But there were several new injuries which looked like lacerations inflicted by fangs and claws of wild beasts .

“Kid, listen properly, when you return to the clan, probe the situation for your grandpa . ”

“Wait, grandpa will bring a few desert wolves to you, hehe, if you are going to put on a show, you should go all the way . Grandpa will not help you, if you can’t escape the wolves, you can only blame yourself . ”

“Oh, remember not to speak carelessly . Grandpa’s killer move is in your body, you have already tasted the feeling of a rotting body . As long as I will it, your internal organs and your brain will immediately rot, hehehe, be obedient, grandpa won’t mistreat you, my good grandson!”

Sha Xiao’s figure was nowhere to be seen, but young Thieving Heaven’s ears were resonating with his voice .

The moment his words finished, several desert wolves rushed out from a sand dune .

These desert wolves had short and thin fur, they were pale brown and not that big but were extremely ferocious . They howled to signal the attack as they rushed towards young Thieving Heaven .

Young Thieving Heaven did not budge as he looked at the distance between him and the desert wolves shrinking rapidly .

Fang Yuan was baffled before suddenly reacting, he cursed inwardly while quickly attempting to control young Thieving Heaven .

Just like he expected, he had once again gained control of this body .

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Fang Yuan quickly ran while looking into his aperture to see if there were any Gu worms that he could use to fight .

A sandpit Gu, a chimney smoke Gu, and a clear water Gu .

There was only over ten percent of green copper primeval essence left .

Those cool wind Gu and other Gu he had gathered after painstaking efforts were all gone .

“Looks like Sha Xiao did not want to expose that small oasis and the well, so he destroyed all the relevant clues on Thieving Heaven . ”

“Damn it, clear water Gu is of no use here . Only sandpit Gu and chimney smoke Gu can be relied upon . ”

Just as Fang Yuan thought of this, he suddenly felt wind at the back of his head .

Without even thinking, he leaped to the left .

At the next moment, a desert wolf had pounced on Fang Yuan’s previous location, it fell unstably to the ground, rolling some distance away .

Fang Yuan almost fell to the ground, if he fell down, those rushing desert wolves would definitely pounce at him and give him no chance to get up .

At the crucial moment, Fang Yuan propped his arms up on the sand and exerted strength on them to forcibly push his weak body forward, he barely maintained his balance and continued to run .

Not even a few steps later, another desert wolf had caught up to Fang Yuan .

Fang Yuan quickly activated sandpit Gu, this rank one Gu expended five percent of his green copper primeval essence, instantly forming a pit in the desert .

The second desert wolf had just been about to exert strength on its legs to pounce at Fang Yuan’s back, but a sandpit appeared out of nowhere as it stepped into it .

Because it had exerted too much strength, this desert wolf lost its balance and fell face flat on the ground .

But the third desert wolf quickly rushed over and had already leaped to the air . This desert wolf was extremely cunning, it had wild Gu on it which caused its movement to be without any sound .

Fang Yuan simply didn’t have time to look back, but he saw the shadow on the desert’s surface ahead .

The third desert wolf’s shadow was pouncing at his shadow’s head .

Fang Yuan gritted his teeth, there was no use in activating Gu worms at this moment and he also had no time to dodge .

However, his rich battle experience helped him make the most sensible choice at this moment .

Evading the worst!

Although he could not dodge properly, he had to evade the worst .

Fang Yuan intentionally inched his right shoulder to the wolf .


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The third desert wolf pounced at Fang Yuan, its sharp claws piercing through Fang Yuan’s right shoulder and cutting out few pieces of flesh .

But Fang Yuan did not stop at all, he continued to run madly .

By this time, the first and second desert wolves had already regained their footing and caught up .

At this critical juncture, Fang Yuan put all his primeval essence in chimney smoke Gu .

This Gu worm was originally used to smoke food, but right now, it was being used by Fang Yuan to cope with this emergency and it furthermore produced a brilliant effect .

The dense smoke obstructed the three desert wolves’ eyes and noses as Fang Yuan took this chance to pull apart some distance from the wolves .

But this was only a dying struggle .

The three desert wolves soon broke through the smoke and caught up to Fang Yuan .

“Am I going to fail?”

“This difficulty is too high!”

Fang Yuan was already at his wit’s end, but right at this time, an electric chain brushed past Fang Yuan’s cheek and struck the three desert wolves, instantly roasting them .

“The clansmen!” Fang Yuan was joyous as he recognized who had arrived .

But young Thieving Heaven was already at his physical limits, fainting once again .

The expected darkness did not appear, Fang Yuan surprisingly discovered his soul was floating in the air, out of the dream realm .

More accurately, this scene of Thieving Heaven’s dream realm that had shrouded his soul had already disappeared .

“So it’s like this, I successfully explored the first stage of the dream realm!” Fang Yuan was stumped before quickly realizing .

“Amazing, my theft path attainment has directly soared to grandmaster level!!”

Fang Yuan was overjoyed .

Although his soul foundation had greatly reduced, the harvest was similarly huge .

Indeed worthy of being Thieving Heaven’s dream realm, just passing the first stage raised Fang Yuan’s theft path to grandmaster level!

How terrifying would it be if he continued the exploration?

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