Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1706

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Chapter 1706: 1706

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“Oh no, Wu Yong is leading a band of Southern Border Gu Immortals, they suddenly appeared near Infallible blessed land!” In Heavenly Court, Fairy Zi Wei’s expression suddenly turned to shock.

 “Oh? They finally showed up.” Duke Long said plainly, he still sat in his seat without any change of expression.

 Fairy Zi Wei breathed in deeply, she frowned deeply, feeling a different kind of pressure.

 Because Southern Border’s Gu Immortals were very united in this expedition, they were different from those Gu Immortals from the other four regions that caused chaos. And most importantly, they targeted an important place, it was Infallible blessed land!

 If Infallible blessed land fell, it would be a disaster to Heavenly Court. The huge price they paid to forcibly hold the Refinement Path Convention would be wasted as Southern Border’s immortals intercept and steal their gains.

 “Don’t be flustered. We already expected Infallible blessed land’s location to be leaked, for this reason, we have already set up a super immortal formation nearby. Right now, the initiative is in our hands, everything will progress smoothly.” Duke Long instructed.

 Fairy Zi Wei nodded respectfully, she used her method as the scene of Infallible blessed land showed up in the hall.

 Next, she hesitated before transmitting to Wu Yong: “Wu Yong, don’t forget that we had cooperated last time. If you want to continue being the Southern Border Alliance Leader, you should know what to do.”

 Wu Yong received news and snickered, he felt a sense of disdain in his heart: “The great Zi Wei, even as a wisdom path great expert, is nothing much in the end.”

 He did not even bother to reply to Fairy Zi Wei.

 His entire concentration was placed on his killer move.

 Immortal killer move — Unlimited Wind!

 A dark green wind started to blow, sweeping everywhere.

 Soon, the wind grew to become a huge tornado pillar, it charged forward with a thunderous roar, along the way, trees were uprooted, rocks were sent flying, it was truly unstoppable with unparalleled might!

 Seeing that the wind was approaching with great power, the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals defending the area sighed as they activated the super immortal formation.

 Creak creak.

 The halo created by the immortal formation was constantly eroded by the unlimited wind, it soon made creaking sounds, it was sharp and piercing.

 The Central Continent Gu Immortals used the methods inside the immortal formation, but any move that tried to weaken unlimited wind showed little effect.

 “It is useless, I have never used this move easily before because it would expend ten thousand of my wind path dao marks. But after paying this price, this wind is long lasting and can only be resisted by specific techniques.” Wu Yong spoke, his expression was plain but his eyes flickered with a sharp and cold light.

 “Such determination, such will…” Seeing this, Fairy Zi Wei who was inside Heavenly Court sighed from the bottom of her heart.

 Wu Yong paid such a huge price to use unlimited wind, it showed his unwavering determination, nothing could change his mind.

 Wu Yong had an ordinary appearance of a middle aged man, he had a strong body and sharp eyebrows, giving him a dark and hazy aura. Right now, he was standing in front of the immortals, he stood tall and proud, being a leader that had great disposition.

 Fairy Zi Wei memorized his appearance in her heart, she realized that she had underestimated him.

 Southern Border’s Wu Yong!

 A truly formidable person!

 He had Wu clan’s bravery and courage, but he was also able to control his own emotions and conceal them deeply. When Wu Du Xiu was around, he kept a low profile and reputation, even Wu Du Xiu underestimated him, only on her deathbed did she realize that her son had such methods.

 When he first took her position, Southern Border was in chaos, other clans pressured Wu clan and they lost a lot of territory. Using his strength and Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building, Wu Yong turned the situation around.

 After the battle of the dream realm, Wu Yong took a risk and worked with Heavenly Court, he took back the Immortal Gu of the Southern Border immortals, he returned all these Immortal Gu and that action gave him great reputation!

 In the Five Regional Mountain Range, he wanted to kill Fang Yuan but failed time and again. After that, even though Lu Wei Yin had the title of Paradise Earth’s inheritor, he could not take down Wu Yong, he still remained as the Alliance Leader of the Southern Alliance.

 Right now, Heavenly Court was at a crucial moment in restoring fate Gu, Wu Yong led all the Southern Alliance elites in this battle, he disregarded Fairy Zi Wei’s threat.

 Because he knew what the big picture was!

 They could not allow Heavenly Court to obtain the complete fate Immortal Gu once more!!

 Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

 Unlimited wind continued to attack, eroding the formation, the defending Heavenly Court Gu Immortals tried all ways to stop it but they failed. This move was too powerful, it was Wu Yong’s trump card, this was the first time he had used it. Not just Heavenly Court, even when Southern Border’s Gu Immortals saw it, they were shocked and under their joyful expressions were wariness and fear.

 Soon, a hole opened in the formation as Wu Yong waved: “Everyone, now is the time to risk your lives, charge in with me and kill!”

 Southern Border’s immortals entered as the defending Heavenly Court Gu Immortals became nervous: “They’re in, quick, activate the second layer formation!”

 Southern Border’s immortals felt that the scenery changed, jade blue light appeared and turned into countless flying pink flowers, they flew rapidly and rotated all over the place, enveloping the Southern Border immortals.

 A rank seven Gu Immortal stood up, he had a halberd-like beard, he was heroic and brave, his name was Tie Gan Ge, a pillar of support for Tie clan.

 He had peak rank seven battle strength, against such a strong force, he felt no fear, he shouted loudly as golden light flickered on his body, a dense number of golden halberds formed.

 “Go.” Countless halberds rained down furiously and crashed into the torrent of flying flowers.

 As they collided, the flying flowers and golden halberd both disintegrated into powder and fragments.

 The formation’s attack was rank eight level, but Tie Gan Ge actually held up against it, he did not fall into a disadvantage.

 Formation path great expert rank eight Gu Immortal Chi Qu You was standing beside him, trying to deduce the weakness of this formation. In this attack, Chi Qu You was bound to be the most useful person.

 A few breaths of time later, the golden halberds were slowly suppressed by the endless flowers, rank seven Gu Immortal Shang Que stood out.

 He stretched out his palm as a bloody hole opened up, the strong suction force absorbed many flowers.

 Yi Hei Ting growled, blue lightning sparks appeared on his body as he helped Tie Gan Ge with the situation.

 Meanwhile, rank seven wisdom path Gu Immortal Xia Liu Pei stood behind Chi Qu You, placing his palm on Chi Qu You’s back, using wisdom path methods to help accelerate his deduction speed.

 After a while, Chi Qu You acted!

 Professionals were specialized in different fields, using his methods, the formation became slow, the weaknesses that were exposed were evident even to Gu Immortals not in formation path.

 Boom boom boom!

 Southern Border’s Gu Immortals did not intend to hold back, they immediately attacked with many powerful killer moves, destroying the second formation.

 Southern Border’s immortals progressed into the third formation.

 Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals were deeply shocked!

 “With friend Chi here, what formation can stop us?” Wu Yong laughed loudly.

 The remaining immortals had high morales.

 Chi Qu You smiled bitterly: “My deduction method cannot be used easily, it expends my lifespan. But in this battle, I cannot hold back!”

 Southern Border’s immortals shook.

 Wu Yong could not help but look at Chi Qu You, both could see each other’s determination!

 But soon, Chi Qu You started frowning: “I do not need to deduce this third formation, it is very simple and easy, the formation core is that largest tree at the center of the forest.”

 The formation was easily understood, Heavenly Court purposely did this, it was very difficult to destroy.

 Because this forest was very special, it could eliminate the power of any killer move.

 Each tree was made of holy burial wood, the most central formation core was immemorial desolate plant level.

 If Southern Border’s immortals wanted to destroy these trees, they would need to use their physical bodies. However, there were countless vines on these trees, they were not simple. Some were green dragon vines, some were lightning vines, and some were chainsaw heart vines.

 The third formation was made using the dao marks of this forest. To destroy this formation, attacking other areas was useless, they had to destroy this holy burial forest.

 Southern Border’s immortals thought about it, they released the ancient desolate beasts and immemorial desolate beasts in their immortal apertures.

 The beast groups charged into the forest and attacked the vines, blood splattered all over. A while later, half of the beasts were sacrificed, the remaining were dazed in the forest, while the last portion fought among themselves.

 Southern Border’s immortals had grim expressions.

 “So this place also has seven star internal conflict grass, it makes these ancient desolate beasts fight each other.”

 “Even though immemorial desolate beasts are unaffected, they are obstructed by this beast digesting rotten qi.”

 This beast digesting rotten qi had dense poison path dao marks, it did not affect desolate plants, variant humans, or pure humans. It only affected wild beasts, it could make immemorial desolate beasts turn thin, their skin and internal organs would dissolve.

 Southern Border’s immortals failed in their attempts, Wu Yong was about to take out his Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building when someone stood up.

 “Let me try.”

 The immortals looked over, this Gu Immortal had a bald head, he had muscular shoulders and body, it was Ba clan’s rank seven Gu Immortal Ba Xiong!

 “Even though I am not a strength path Gu Immortal, I cultivate transformation path, let me charge in and destroy the holy burial wood.”

 “However, I only have peak rank seven battle strength, I would like Lord Yi Hao Fang to support me.” Ba Xiong said expressionlessly.

 The immortals were slightly moved.

 Ba Xiong only had peak rank seven battle strength, he was not a rank eight Gu Immortal, yet he was willing to take a risk that would kill him with any slight carelessness.

 Yi Hao Fang looked towards Ba clan’s first supreme elder Ba Shi Ba, seeing that the latter nodded, he used his method on Ba Xiong.

 His reinforcement method was not just famous in Southern Border, it was renowned in the world, Ba Xiong immediately felt an unparalleled strength flowing in his body.

 He flew out and used his killer move, turning into a giant as he charged rapidly towards the center.

 The Heavenly Court Gu Immortals were naturally not going to ignore him, they started to attack him.

 Southern Border’s Gu Immortals quickly helped to assist Ba Xiong’s advancement.

 Eventually, Ba Xiong was bathed in blood, his skin was torn and countless wounds could be seen as his bones became exposed, he had exerted himself in destroying the central holy burial wood at long last.

 In just a few minutes, Southern Border’s Gu Immortals had broken three formations!

 “Next, it will depend on the rest of you.” Ba Xiong was heavily injured, he had lost his strength to continue in this fight.

 “Friend, you were courageous and fought a dangerous battle, no matter how this battle ends up, you will gain huge merits in our Southern Alliance, we will definitely reward you handsomely when we return!” Wu Yong said with certainty.

 Ba Xiong smiled lightly: “I risked my life because I was moved by Lords Wu Yong and Chi Qu You, Heavenly Court had already gone overboard many times when they invaded our Southern Border, if they truly repaired fate Gu, what would we do?”

 “That is exactly right.” Wu Yong nodded.

 He looked at the immortals around him, his confidence surged to ten times that of earlier!

 Central Continent had people’s united hearts, while Southern Border’s immortals were unified in their objective, with such a grand force, what fortress could they not take down?

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