Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1707

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Chapter 1707: 1707

Central Continent, Hidden Dragon Cave, grand formation .

 Myriad dragons flew around, encircling Eastern Sea’s rank eight Gu Immortal Song Qi Yuan like a huge ball made of dragons .

 “These ancient poison dragons are clearly made from the formation’s power, yet they are so agile and act as if they are real!” Song Qi Yuan defended himself as he pondered .

 He wanted to kill these ancient poison dragons, there was no issue with that, but even if he got rid of them, there were other obstacles awaiting him .

 The tens of thousands of ancient poison dragons were formed using the formation’s power, Song Qi Yuan had to destroy this formation to target their root source . Otherwise, even if he killed the ancient poison dragons, he would not be able to break out of the formation .

 “It is a pity my formation path attainment is too low, even until now, I have not found any flaws . ” Song Qi Yuan gritted his teeth .

 Immortal killer move — Perfect Round Light .

 He used his defensive method as his body became shielded by a ball-shaped yellow barrier .

 Regardless of how ferocious the ancient poison dragons were, they could not break this thin light barrier .

 From this, one could see how deep Song Qi Yuan’s light path foundation was . Unfortunately, his opponent was this super formation, he needed formation path understanding instead .

 There were many Gu Master paths, like earlier when Fang Yuan was countered by Heavenly Court’s human path and information path methods, Song Qi Yuan was also countered by formation path .

 Even though rank eight Gu Immortals could usually mimic other paths, and Song Qi Yuan could use light path to mimic the effects of formation path, he was facing against a super immortal formation that Heavenly Court had paid a huge price to create, it was the grand formation that could seal legendary immemorial desolate beast Di Zang Sheng!

 Song Qi Yuan, who could not find any flaws, could only defend himself while waiting for a chance to appear .

 Inside the formation’s control area, Old Man Bei Feng manipulated the super immortal formation as he observed the situation of the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals .

 A young looking rank six Gu Immortal was beside him, it was Old Man Bei Feng’s grandson Feng Chan Zi .

 Feng Chan Zi looked at the images as he cheered: “Grandfather, this is great! These rank eight Gu Immortals are all trapped and unable to escape . We have made a huge contribution, we can definitely atone for our mistake and leave this cursed place . Grandfather, you can also become a true member of Heavenly Court!”

 Old Man Bei Feng shook his head, he had a solemn gaze: “Grandson, you are not clear of the true situation . These rank eight Gu Immortals have not exhausted their means, most of them are unharmed . They are unable to break the essence of this formation so they chose to observe for now, waiting for reinforcements . Once they find any flaw, they would attack with unparalleled and shocking might . ”

 Feng Chan Zi was stunned and frightened: “Then, then what do we do? Grandfather, didn’t we seek reinforcements long ago? Why have Heavenly Court’s reinforcements not arrived yet?”

 Old Man Bei Feng was silent for a moment before he said: “How can we know what Heavenly Court is planning? We can only guard this place to the best of our abilities now . ”

 After Old Man Bei Feng said that, the formation started to shake .

 “What is going on? A rank eight Gu Immortal found out a flaw of the formation?” Feng Chan Zi was shocked .

 “No, it is that Evil Dragon!” Old Man Bei Feng’s expression turned pale all of a sudden .

 Hidden Dragon Cave, it was renowned for sealing Evil Dragon Di Zang Sheng . Right now, Di Zang Sheng was struggling, it wanted to get up, Old Man Bei Feng could not help but resist bitterly .

 Di Zang Sheng was not ordinary, it was created from endless hatred, anger, and grudges, all these negative emotions in Central Continent’s earth veins .

 It was originally sealed and constantly struggled, if it succeeded, there would be a huge earthquake .

 Old Man Bei Feng was guarding it, one of the reasons was to stop the Evil Dragon from causing huge earthquakes in Central Continent .

 But now, Fang Yuan and the other regions’ Gu Immortals rampaged in Central Continent, attacking countless lifeforms, a vast amount of grudges, hatred, and fear were generated .

 Di Zang Sheng absorbed these emotions and gained a huge boost in strength .

 When the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals attacked the formation, it was already alerted .

 The crafty Di Zang Sheng held its patience and gathered strength, by causing a scene now, Old Man Bei Feng was caught off-guard .

 Old Man Bei Feng quickly reacted and tried to use the formation’s power to suppress Di Zang Sheng .

 “After that old man Duke Long used this formation, it weakened by thirty percent . Right now, my strength has secretly risen by at least fifty percent, Old Man Bei Feng, if you escape now, you might survive . Otherwise, when I destroy this formation, I will tear your corpse to pieces!” Di Zang Sheng roared, its voice was thunderous and caused tremors in this huge Earth Trench .

 “Don’t even think about it!” Old Man Bei Feng had a grim expression but his determination did not waver .

 “I found a flaw!” In a formation space, Eastern Sea rank eight Gu Immortal Qing Yue An stared with opened eyes as his aura burst out like a volcano .

 Immortal killer move — Mountain Suppression!

 Bam .

 A huge phantom mountain appeared out of nowhere, it struck towards the formation’s loophole while creating loud sounds resembling wind and thunder .

 Hidden Dragon Cave’s super immortal formation had already reached its limits facing Eastern Sea’s Gu Immortals and Di Zang Sheng, now that Qing Yue An attacked it, it was like a broken bowstring .


 The formation collapsed, Old Man Bei Feng suffered a backlash and spat out mouthfuls of blood, his face turned pale as paper and he was on the brink of death .


 Sounds of glass cracking could be heard, a huge portion of the immortal formation was destroyed, only the control area was left, it was still pitifully defending the final bit of territory .

 Eastern Sea’s immortals felt their vision shifting as they were all released .

 “I can sense it, the rank eight Immortal Gu House is outside the immortal formation’s core!” Shen Cong Sheng’s eyes shined with bright light .

 “Charge!” Song Qi Yuan laughed loudly as he moved .

 Qing Yue An stayed behind to heal himself, he had suffered injuries in trying to destroy the formation . He was not a formation path Gu Immortal, he could not resolve it through formation path means, he had used brute force instead .

 Di Zang Sheng roared in excitement, its voice was loud as thunder, it made all the Eastern Sea immortals’ expressions change .

 “Quick, destroy the control area!”

 “I am about to regain freedom, hahaha!”

 “Old man Duke Long, after I get out, I will tear apart your tendons and eat you piece by piece!”

 Di Zang Sheng’s voice was filled with hatred and rage, it sent a chill down all of the immortals’ spines .

 “Grandfather, grandfather, you must hang on!” In the tattered formation control area, Feng Chan Zi cried as he held onto Old Man Bei Feng . He shuddered as he screamed: “Why have Heavenly Court’s reinforcements not arrived yet?!”

 Old Man Bei Feng was still spitting out blood, there was a pool of blood beneath him now .

 Both of them fell into a desperate situation .

 Central Continent, Emperor City .

 This huge city was made of Gu worms, it was known as the number one mortal Gu House in the world .

 At the same time, it was also the largest mortal gathering spot in the whole of Central Continent .

 The finals of Central Continent Refinement Path Convention would be held here .

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 Fang Yuan was high in the sky, covered by layers of auspicious clouds, this was a luck path method meant to conceal his traces .

 Other than that, there were more than ten immortal methods used by Fang Yuan on himself, he could barely defend against the investigative power of people’s accusation .

 He did not have human path methods after all, this effect was already satisfactory .

 Right now, his gaze was focused on Emperor City .

 “Nobody else has acted yet?”

 “Longevity Heaven has yet to respond, damn it!”

 Fang Yuan frowned deeply .

 He did not know that Southern Border’s immortals were already attacking Infallible blessed land with great morale . Meanwhile, in Hidden Dragon Cave, Eastern Sea’s immortals had also broken the formation, only the core was left .

 “I cannot let Heavenly Court repair fate Gu fully . I will destroy this Emperor City and kill all of the Gu Masters that are in this final competition!”

 Fang Yuan ordered, an Immortal Gu House crashed down like a meteor .

 The Immortal Gu House contained Hei Lou Lan, Bai Ning Bing, Ying Wu Xie, and Qi clan’s Gu Immortals . It could be said to contain almost all of Fang Yuan’s subordinates now!

 “Who dares to attack us, I will kill all of you!” Li Huang’s voice resounded, he was the rank eight expert tasked to guard this place!

 As he said that, Immortal Gu Houses started to appear, revolving around Emperor City like planets moving around the sun .

 Fang Yuan sighed to himself: “My Immortal Gu House was made using Bai Xiang grotto-heaven’s Thirty-three Heavenly Halls, along with the place where the killer move heaven form was stored, I also added in some Gu worms to barely assemble it, it is likely not the match of these Immortal Gu Houses!”

 Even so, Fang Yuan did not ask them to retreat .

 He had expected this situation, but there was no choice, time was tight, he had to do something!

 Fang Yuan made up his mind, when Bai Ning Bing and the rest are unable to continue, he would show up personally .

 As expected, Bai Ning Bing and the rest were attacked by many Immortal Gu Houses, they were suppressed from the start of the battle .

 Heavenly Court placed a huge line of defense here, it was simply ridiculous .

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 A moment later, the Immortal Gu House that Bai Ning Bing and the rest were in became extremely damaged, they were soon to be defeated .

 Fang Yuan sighed, he was about to enter the battle when his expression froze, he looked towards another direction .

 Several rank eight Gu Immortals appeared, they were followed by several Immortal Gu Houses .

 “These are Western Desert’s rank eight Gu Immortals, and the Immortal Gu Houses of super forces!” Fang Yuan’s heart jumped, he showed joy on his face .

 Heavenly Court .

 “Western Desert and Southern Border’s main forces have arrived . ” Fairy Zi Wei sighed: “Actually, if not for the fusion of earth veins, the regional walls would still be thick, our Heavenly Court will definitely not face a coordinated attack of this degree!”

 She was right .

 Precisely because the great era was impending, the five regions were becoming one as the regional walls vanished, these four other regions felt a strong sense of threat .

 Central Continent had the greatest strength, this was publicly recognized since ancient times .

 Right now, Heavenly Court wanted to repair fate Immortal Gu, this was adding fuel to the fire, the other four regions’ Gu Immortals had to stop them .

 “The strongest group has not arrived yet . ” Duke Long said plainly .

 “Yes . ” Fairy Zi Wei frowned: “Only several people from Northern Plains have arrived, their main force has not shown up at all . Fang Yuan is also not present, considering the battle in the River of Time earlier, he might likely join forces with Bing Sai Chuan again!”

 Saying so, Fairy Zi Wei gritted her teeth: “Let me deduce with all of my strength again . ”

 Duke Long was about to nod when his expression suddenly changed, he looked afar: “No need, they have arrived . ”

 At the next moment, Fairy Zi Wei looked with deep anger as a rainbow fog appeared in the sky of Heavenly Court, rank eight Immortal Gu House Calamity Luck Altar burst out of it .

 “These Northern Plains brutes! They, they are too daring, how dare they attack my Heavenly Court directly?!” Fairy Zi Wei was so angry her body was shaking .

 Old Man Zheng Yuan who was at the side became speechless .

 Duke Long laughed loudly, standing up: “Indeed, this is the character of Northern Plainsmen . ”

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