Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1708

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Chapter 1708: 1708

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Central Continent, Emperor City.

 “This is the Immortal Gu House that master told me about?” Ye Fan had made it to the finals competition, he looked at the sky with deep shock.

 The other participating Gu Masters were mostly the same.

 “These Immortal Gu Houses are usually the foundation of a super force, to think that so many would appear. I’m afraid that even after the regional walls vanish and the earth veins become one, during the five regions chaotic war, there would not be such a battle.” Ye Fan had a realization.

 At this time, a voice sounded beside Ye Fan: “Brother Ye, we can finally compete this time and determine the winner!”

 Ye Fan diverted his gaze as he smiled and thought: “Master ordered me to join this Central Continent Refinement Path Convention, to think that I would meet such a talented person. Even if I lose in the competition later, it would be a great experience. This sworn brother is my greatest gain!”

 Friends are often made after a fight, Hong Yi and Ye Fan had emerged victorious in the previous few rounds, they naturally became acquainted.

 After some conversations, both developed a bond with each other, after a drinking competition, they decided to become sworn brothers.

 Hong Yi continued: “This Refinement Path Convention is unprecedented, let those Gu Immortals fight in the sky, we have our own business to attend to.”

 “Thank you for the concern Brother Yi, I understand.” Ye Fan knew about Hong Yi’s kind intentions, he expressed his gratitude before concentrating on the final competition.

 Outside Emperor City, Central Continent had many Immortal Gu Houses of varying ranks, they were distributed around Emperor City, surrounding it and forming a three layered defense line.

 Outside the defense lines, there were many Western Desert rank eight experts and Immortal Gu Houses.

 Other than that was the one controlled by Bai Ning Bing and the rest, Fang Yuan had not even named this Immortal Gu House that he assembled in a rush.

 Fang Yuan originally wanted to show up, but after Western Desert’s Gu Immortals appeared, he decided to stay hidden again.

 Western Desert’s Gu Immortals flew down along the Immortal Gu Houses, they continued to shorten their distance, causing huge pressure to form on Central Continent’s side.

 Even Li Huang who was commanding the situation felt a little pressured.

 Even he who had great battle experience had not participated in a battle of such a huge scale.

 Li Huang had participated in many chaotic battles involving Gu Immortals, but he had never seen so many Immortal Gu Houses in one fight.

 Immortal Gu Houses were much rarer than Gu Immortals, normally speaking, very few Gu Immortals had their individual Immortal Gu Houses, only super forces had them.

 A Gu Immortal alone could not gather enough wealth, ability, and time to create an Immortal Gu House. And an Immortal Gu House was not the most feasible for a single person’s use.

 For super forces, they needed a rank seven Immortal Gu House, in crucial situations, it could act as their rank eight battle strength!

 Rank eight Gu Immortals were not common, the first supreme elder of many forces were only rank seven. At this time, a rank seven Immortal Gu House could help to stabilize the situation.

 Immortal Gu Houses had their flaws of course, the methods were fixed and easily countered.

 Thus, even though most rank seven Immortal Gu Houses could rival rank eight, they could not truly fight against a rank eight Gu Immortal.

 Right now, the Immortal Gu Houses here were at least rank seven, they all had rank eight battle strength.

 From a certain perspective, this was a battle that involved more than ten rank eight battle strength existences!

 Both sides felt nervous and pressured.

 But this was an unavoidable battle!

 The atmosphere became heavier, when the distance between both sides shrunk to a certain degree, an Immortal Gu House that was in Central Continent’s second layer defense line attacked.

 This Immortal Gu House was small and delicate, it was an exquisite and small pavilion, there were countless bird cages hanging on it as birds chirped continuously.

 It was one of Heavenly Lotus Sect’s five Immortal Gu Houses — Canary Pavilion.

 A large number of cages were unlocked in Canary Pavilion, flaming birds flew out rapidly, shooting out like a rain of flames.

 These birds expanded midway and regained their original size.

 They were large as horse carriages, their bodies were red and their feathers were flaming with great heat. Their eyes resembled molten magma, their chirping was quite unique, it sounded like flowing lava.

 Ancient desolate beast — Molten Flame Bird!

 “Be careful, these birds can self-detonate, they have great power!” Among the Western Desert group, a Gu Immortal immediately warned.

 “Fire path ancient desolate beast, hahaha, let us face them.” Amidst the laughter, an Immortal Gu House that resembled a waterwheel rolled out itself using those gigantic wheels.

 A huge red light shot out of the wheel, it seemed to resemble ribbons that tangled the bird group.

 The molten flame birds shrieked and tried to struggle but most were suppressed by the red light. A few self-detonated, turning into lava that were absorbed by the red light to become even stronger.

 “What Immortal Gu House is this?” Central Continent’s side was shocked, to think that the molten flame birds were so easily countered.

 Western Desert’s side was also shocked, a few rank eight Gu Immortals paid slight attention to this weirdly shaped Immortal Gu House, they had no information regarding it.

 “Oh? Dong clan’s Red River Wheel.” Fang Yuan’s eyes shined.

 This Immortal Gu House was obtained by Dong clan from a mysterious inheritance, in Fang Yuan’s previous life, it had displayed its great power and gained huge fame.

 Normally speaking, if a super force wanted to research and create an Immortal Gu House, the process would take a long time. And in this process, a lot of clues would be obtained by other forces.

 Only Immortal Gu Houses that were suddenly obtained like this would shock people.

 Dong clan’s Gu Immortals felt a little proud, they had made a great gain, obtaining these molten flame birds. With them, Dong clan’s Red River Wheel would become even stronger, especially in terms of speed.

 “Tit for tat.” Fang clan’s Gu Immortal shouted in the Immortal Gu House, releasing a large number of ancient desolate beasts, most were dogs and chickens.

 Fang Yuan was even clearer regarding this Immortal Gu House.

 It was Fang clan’s Chicken Dog Coop, it looked like two buildings side by side, the left building was yellow and had a round plaque that had ‘chicken’ written on it, the right building was red and had the word ‘dog’ on its plaque.

 Every Immortal Gu House was comprehensive in all aspects but also contained its own specialty.

 Chicken Dog Coop and Canary Pavilion were both focused on enslavement path, the former enslaved chicken and dogs, while the latter raised canaries.

 Both were also the same at rank seven.

 The advantage of enslavement path was to engage in a battle of attrition.

 A large group of chickens and dogs charged out as Central Continent’s outer layer of defense reacted, using all sorts of killer moves on these chickens and dogs, a large number died.

 But Western Desert’s group also followed after and attacked.

 At once, Immortal Gu Houses unleashed thunderous sounds and collided into each other, killer moves were unleashed as space was torn, loud sounds caused continuous tremors in this area.

 Western Desert’s advancement was very ferocious, soon, Central Continent’s first layer of defense was broken, the second layer was also almost broken, but it barely held on.

 “Western Desert’s side has less manpower and Immortal Gu Houses than Central Continent after all.”

 Western Desert was different from Southern Border, Northern Plains, and Eastern Sea.

 Southern Border had the Southern Alliance, the super forces were working very closely now. Right now, the whole of Southern Border had Beacon Towers everywhere, this was proof of their cooperation.

 Northern Plains had Longevity Heaven leading them, in the recent years, Longevity Heaven had been recruiting lone immortals and demonic path members, they were trying to unify the entire Gu Immortal world of Northern Plains.

 Eastern Sea’s rank eight Gu Immortals had almost lost all their face because of Duke Long’s actions of taking the Immortal Gu House. Because Duke Long offended all of these people which were all arrogant overlords of their own territory, this event caused them to band together instead.

 Over at Western Desert, even though they knew that the issue of Heavenly Court repairing fate Gu was severe, only super forces participated in this. Fang Yuan did not see any Western Desert lone immortals or demonic path members.

 “And Western Desert’s super forces have reserved a lot of strength in this battle too.”

 “Fang clan is the one that has brought the most force.”

 “They brought Chicken Dog Coop, Inquiry Dock, and Fallen Flower Hall, I wonder if Divine Bean Palace has been repaired, did they bring it?”

 Fang Yuan pondered rapidly.

 Divine Bean Palace was a rank eight Immortal Gu House, if they brought it, this would be interesting.

 But Fang clan knew that the chances were slim, even if Fang clan had control of Divine Bean Palace now, there was a good chance that they would leave it in their base.

 In this Refinement Path Convention, even though Western Desert and Eastern Sea mobilized their forces, they were quite conservative, they were wary of each other.

 “You go this way.” Fang Yuan watched from above as he commanded Bai Ning Bing and the rest.

 Bai Ning Bing and the rest moved the Immortal Gu House according to Fang Yuan’s instructions and passed the second layer of defense, going straight for Emperor City under everyone’s shocked gazes.

 But Emperor City was protected by Central Continent’s third layer of defense.

 Two Immortal Gu Houses charged toward Bai Ning Bing and the rest from the left and right.

 The palace at the left was grand and imposing, it was Heavenly Lotus Sect’s Immortal Gu House — Yue Yang Palace.

 The right garden was exquisitely built, it was grand with white jade tiles and oozing with cold air, there were faint dragon roars heard occasionally, this was Ancient Soul Sect’s Immortal Gu House — Frost Dragon Manor!

 Bai Ning Bing and the rest used the Immortal Gu House’s killer move, the move was not powerful, it was destroyed by Yue Yang Palace and Frost Dragon Manor, they arrived in front of Bai Ning Bing and the rest.

 Bai Ning Bing and the rest knew that their Immortal Gu House was inferior, they could only retreat.

 “You can’t retreat!” A Western Desert rank eight Gu Immortal shouted, if they retreated, this gap that was painstakingly created would be mended, their chance would be lost.

 “Retreat!” Fang Yuan’s orders were very direct.

 This Immortal Gu House was not Frost Dragon Manor and Yue Yang Palace’s match, Fang Yuan needed to preserve them. If it was destroyed now at the start, it would be a huge waste.

 However, it was not so easy to retreat.

 At the crucial moment, intense winds restrained Bai Ning Bing and the rest.

 It was a seven-story tower, curtains were fluttering in the building, it was rank seven Immortal Gu House — Wind Sweeping Building!

 This was one of the two signature Immortal Gu Houses of Wind Cloud Manor, it was paired with Cloud Passing Building.

 Wind Sweeping Building and Cloud Passing Building were able to combine into rank eight Immortal Gu House Wind Cloud Manor, it had extraordinary power. In the five hundred years of Fang Yuan’s previous life, Wind Cloud Manor was once ranked as the number one Immortal Gu House for some time!

 With Wind Sweeping Building restraining them, Yue Yang Palace moved rapidly like a meteor, crashing into Fang Yuan’s Immortal Gu House.

 Next, Frost Dragon Manor’s killer move also landed.

 Instantly, a portion of Fang Yuan’s Immortal Gu House broke, pillars broke and a huge gap was created. A vast number of mortal Gu was destroyed, he also lost several Immortal Gu.

Fang Yuan snorted as he showed up.

 Emperor yama killer move!

 With the use of great thief ghost hand, he directly took a bunch of Gu worms and three Immortal Gu!

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