Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1712

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Chapter 1712: 1712

Once Sun Palace was destroyed, the next was Five Deity Hall . And after Five Deity Hall, it would be the Central Great Hall that Fairy Zi Wei and Duke Long were in .

 Longevity Heaven’s Gu Immortals came with determination, they attacked ferociously without concern for sacrifices, Heavenly Court’s immortals felt deep pressure .

 “We cannot let them continue with this any farther . ” Duke Long turned to Fairy Zi Wei: “Have you deployed all of them already?”

 Fairy Zi Wei’s expression was quite ugly: “Only two came . ”

 Duke Long was dazed before he spoke: “Cang Xuan Zi didn’t come? So be it, when it agreed to join Heavenly Court back then, there was already an agreement with Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable . The two that came should be able to block Calamity Luck Altar for some time with their strength . ”

 Five Deity Hall was already in sight, suddenly, a sandstorm brewed, waves of sand blocked Calamity Luck Altar .


 A tiger’s roar resounded in the surroundings .

 The sand waves spread apart as a hill-like tiger was exposed from within .

 The fierce tiger had overwhelming aura, its body seemed to be made of metal, it had golden skin and silver teeth, its eyes resembled sparkling rubies, emanating fierce light . On the tiger’s forehead, the marking was not ‘王’ but ‘沙1‘ .

 Five Elements Grandmaster took a glance and expressed his shock: “Heavenly Court also has legendary immemorial desolate beasts?”

 “Of course . ” Bing Sai Chuan had a plain expression: “Heavenly Court has a total of three legendary immemorial beasts . This huge tiger looks like a tiger but it is actually a Shabi . This is a type of monster that is formed in the fiendish qi sea spring . Right now, qi path is going extinct, the fiendish qi sea spring is already extinct, this is the only Shabi left . ”

 “During the Olden Antiquity Era, Heavenly Court’s qi path great expert Seven Fiendish Primeval Monarch nurtured it . After he became rank eight and traveled the world, he purposely looked for the fiendish qi sea springs and created the Shabi from them . He refined a total of ninety-nine Shabi, he formed a grand army with them . These Shabi were compatible with his immortal killer moves, he could use them extremely well, during that era, almost nobody could rival him . ”

 “But now, this is the final one . This Shabi was one of the last few created, it was number ninety-five . Thus, it had been named as such, but after Ancestor Giant Sun got invited to Heavenly Court and saw this Shabi, he named it Shabi Ninety-five1 . ”

 “So there was such a backstory . No wonder lord has such a deep understanding of it . ” Five Elements Grandmaster sighed in admiration .

 He looked behind him, only to see that Shabi Ninety-five had whipped up a sandstorm, fighting against ‘Calamity Luck Altar’ with a grand commotion, displaying peak rank eight battle strength!

 Bing Sai Chuan analyzed closely: “Shabi Ninety-five resides in Eternal Sand Cave, it was deployed by Heavenly Court to come here . Green jade crane Ruan Dan will likely come here too, while Cang Xuan Zi is probably not coming . ”

 Five Elements Grandmaster asked: “Ruan Dan, Cang Xuan Zi, are they the remaining two legendary immemorial beasts?”

 At the same time, he felt puzzled inside: Why was Bing Sai Chuan so certain that Cang Xuan Zi would not join the battle? Did they have spies in Heavenly Court?

 Bing Sai Chuan answered: “Indeed . Ruan Dan is an immemorial green jade crane, it was nurtured by Immortal Crane Sect and created pill path, it resides in Heavenly Court to cultivate in normal times . As for Cang Xuan Zi, it is that vast heaven vine . This vine has incredible power and abilities, it sprouts in three hundred years, blossoms in three hundred years, and bears fruits in three hundred years . The fruits that it create are called vast heaven fruits, if used in a grotto-heaven, it can expand the size of the immortal aperture’s sky . Thus, this vast heaven vine is also known as the tenth heaven of this world!”

 “Tenth heaven of this world…” Five Elements Grandmaster shook, he suddenly realized as he pointed left: “That huge vine pillar that extends towards the limits of the sky?”

 Heavenly Court had countless palaces, there was a huge vine that connected heaven and earth, it was even taller than the Heaven Overseeing Tower behind the Central Great Hall, it was very eye-catching . When Five Elements Grandmaster invaded Heavenly Court, he noticed it immediately .

 “That’s right, the vast heaven vine was brought in by Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable personally, it had an agreement with him, it is a unique existence in Heavenly Court, it does not need to follow orders, but only has to provide a batch of vast heaven fruits every thousand years . ”

 Five Elements Grandmaster heard this as he felt his horizons broadening, he had never thought that there would be a legendary immemorial desolate plant in this world that could ignore Heavenly Court’s orders .

 But thinking about it, he knew why .

 The vast heaven vine’s ability was too unique and special . With these vast heaven fruits, Heavenly Court could continue to increase the skies of the immortal aperture and increase its foundation . Rather than saying that the vast heaven vine could ignore Heavenly Court’s orders, it was more like Heavenly Court was making use of it and allowing it some degree of freedom .

 At the moment, in the Central Great Hall .

 “Oh no!” Fairy Zi Wei frowned: “This Calamity Luck Altar is fake . ”

 “What?” Duke Long looked over .

 Fairy Zi Wei was in control of Central Great Hall, she had been using the palaces and countless Immortal Gu Houses to observe Central Continent, she obviously kept a high amount of concentration on Heavenly Court’s situation .

 Heaven Overseeing Tower could not be moved normally, Fairy Zi Wei mobilized the other Immortal Gu Houses, shooting out a crystal rainbow light .

 The rainbow light tore through the skies, landing on ‘Calamity Luck Altar’ .

 “Calamity Luck Altar’ shook before it returned to its original form .

 This was a four legged beast with purple fur .

 Its body was huge, even larger than the Shabi .

 It was like a ferret, its body covered in shiny purple fur, its eyes were shining with a purple crystal-like color, there was a dog tail on its back .

 “Oh! You finally realized, you fools from Heavenly Court! Hahaha…” The purple ferret laughed loudly, mocking its enemies .

 “You are… Giant Sun Immortal Venerable’s dog tail life extending ferret, Mao Li Qiu?!” Shabi Ninety-five was very shocked, it spoke human words .

 The purple ferret’s expression sank, it quickly moved out like a purple flash of lightning .

 Boom .

 Sand splattered, the dog tail life extending ferret pressed down on the Shabi as it opened its mouth, saying with a fierce expression and low tone: “Remember, call me Grandpa Mao!”

 Shabi Ninety-five was furious, growling: “In terms of age, I am your grandfather instead!”

 It struggled to get up but the dog tail life extending ferret did not budge .

 Shabi Ninety-five was secretly shocked: “This beast has such great strength? But how can I be suppressed like this?”

 “Hahaha, stupid cat and silly ferret, you two are a good couple, this is such an interesting fight . ” Right at this moment, laughter resounded above the two beasts .

 Dog tail life extending ferret looked up and saw a Gu Immortal sitting on a cloud, looking at them with a smile .

 The dog tail life extending ferret’s expression froze for a second before it realized: “Oh, so you are that green jade crane, why are you posing as a human? Come down, let your Grandpa Mao teach you how to be a proper bird again!”

 The laughter stopped, the green jade crane was furious: “You insolent ferret, I am going to tear your skin apart . ”

 The green jade crane was about to descend when it stopped all of a sudden, Fairy Zi Wei had given it orders secretly, instead of fighting with dog tail life extending ferret Mao Li Qiu, it was supposed to head to Five Deity Hall .

 The true Calamity Luck Altar had not shown itself but the route it could take was fixed .

 The green jade crane acknowledged the order and was about to leave when a huge shadow appeared in front of it .

 It looked up and its pupils shrunk .

 Mao Li Qiu had jumped into the sky and its huge form was crashing down while causing a vacuum behind it .

 The green jade crane shrieked before it returned to its true form, it flapped its wings and quickly got out of the casted shadow’s range .

 But at the next moment, Mao Li Qiu’s claws grabbed onto the green jade crane’s leg .

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 “Come down here for your Grandpa Mao!” The dog tail life extending ferret snickered as it pulled with its strong limb .

 The green jade crane flapped its wings furiously, but it soon discovered to its despair that any effort ended in vain .

 Slam, the green jade crane landed on the ground, causing a huge pit to form .

 The green jade crane’s ears were buzzing, it only had one thought in its mind now: “This Northern Plains brute has such great strength!”

 The green jade crane struggled to get up but Mao Li Qiu pounced once again .

 Dust clouds rose as rocks were sent flying .

 The green jade crane continued to shriek ——

“Ahh! You thug, don’t pull my feathers . ”

 “Ahh, you mindless beast, don’t bite my leg!”

 “Don’t touch my elegant neck you scumbag!”

 “My neck is breaking, it’s breaking!”

 “Ahhhh, my leg is breaking, my leg is breaking!”

 Duke Long: “…”

 Fairy Zi Wei: “…”

 Five Elements Grandmaster: “…”

 Bing Sai Chuan: “…”

 Eventually, the green jade crane’s screaming reached its limit: “Stupid cat, what are you doing, why aren’t you coming here and helping me?!”

 “Hahaha, weren’t you having a good time watching earlier? You two can play, I’m leaving . ” Shabi Ninety-five laughed as it flew towards Five Deity Hall .

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 “Where are you going?” Mao Li Qiu snickered as a clone flew out of its body, pouncing at Shabi Ninety-five with great speed .

 “We are both males, why are you lying on top of me now?!” Shabi Ninety-five was furious .

 The green jade crane agreed with these words wholeheartedly, it shrieked amidst the dust clouds: “That’s right! Let us go if you have guts… ahhh, stop kicking between my legs, your evil scumbag!”

 Shabi Ninety-five was very angry, it liked the action of pouncing on others, but it liked to be at the top, being at the bottom was a disgrace and humiliation .

 Shabi Ninety-five was struggling on the ground below Mao Li Qiu, it was furious and its teeth were exposed as it growled: “A mere clone, you want to obstruct me, you are simply looking down… hmm?”

 At the next moment, Shabi Ninety-five’s expression became dazed, it was a little fearful: “Is this the main body or a clone? Why does it have such great strength?”

 In the Central Great Hall, Duke Long seemed to have realized something: “This is…”

 Because of Mao Li Qiu’s actions, Calamity Luck Altar obtained some crucial time, it finally arrived at Five Deity Hall .

 “I have already explained the details of Five Deity Hall to you, it will depend on you now . ” Bing Sai Chuan said to Five Elements Grandmaster .

 Five Elements Grandmaster looked behind worriedly: “Can Grandpa Mao do it? How long can it last?”

 “Don’t worry, it is using the killer move perfect pair, this was the method of Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable that my Longevity Heaven had searched for with great effort! It can summon a clone with the same battle strength as the main body . ” Bing Sai Chuan’s lips curled up .

 “Understood!” Five Elements Grandmaster’s eyes shined with bright light, staring at Five Deity Hall .

 Five Deity Hall shook intensely, a giant spirit made of the five elements, metal, wood, water, fire, earth, formed and attacked Calamity Luck Altar .

 Calamity Luck Altar burst out with profound light, Five Elements Grandmaster was directly sent into Five Deity Hall .

 The five elements giant spirit was furious, it wanted to defend but Calamity Luck Altar shot out an incredible attraction force that restrained it .

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