Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1713

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Chapter 1713: 1713

Bam bam bam…

 With a chain of explosions, Five Deity Hall was blown to smithereens amidst a huge fire .

 Five Elements Grandmaster stepped on thin air as he walked out, even though there was some soot on his face, he was unharmed .

 Next, he went inside Calamity Luck Altar .

 Five Elements Grandmaster laughed loudly: “Even though this Five Deity Hall is extraordinary, I am very familiar with its concept, my methods directly counter it . This was much easier than I had expected it to be!”

 As he said that, a sense of pride emerged in him .

 Bing Sai Chuan looked at him and said plainly: “Of course it is, the formation path methods that you use are part of my Ancestor Giant Sun’s arrangements . ”

 Five Elements Grandmaster was stunned, his expression changed as he looked at Bing Sai Chuan: “What do you mean?”

 Bing Sai Chuan gave him a glance, showing a smile full of deep meaning: “Why do you think you managed to enter Longevity Heaven when you attacked? Do you remember the most important words of your inheritance? Do you find them nonsensical? Try reading them in reverse, but only the last word of each sentence . ”

 Five Elements Grandmaster was immediately suspicious .

 He was a lone cultivator from birth, his turning point was the mysterious lone immortal formation path true inheritance that he found, it led to his achievements .

 “Ever since I obtained the true inheritance, I cultivated non-stop and had never spoken of it to others . How does Bing Sai Chuan know that my true inheritance has those important sentences? I have never understood what it was saying… reverse the order and read the last word of each line… . ”

 “Hmm? Listen to Bing Sai Chuan and attack Heavenly Court?!” Five Elements Grandmaster was lost for words, he stared at Bing Sai Chuan in disbelief .

 Bing Sai Chuan controlled Calamity Luck Altar to move forward while saying slowly: “Even if a rank nine venerable does not cultivate wisdom path, at their level, they have already gained a deep understanding of the path, it is not hard to set up arrangements that will affect future generations . ”

 “Back then, after Ancestor Giant Sun visited Heavenly Court, he made plans for today’s invasion . The method to destroy Five Deity Hall was part of his arrangements . ”

 “But if he displayed his research results so openly, traces would be left behind and Heavenly Court would notice them . Thus, he secretly left an arrangement that was independent of Longevity Heaven, he allowed it to develop on its own and be cultivated by a lone cultivator . Because you are not of Giant Sun’s bloodline, even if you become a rank eight, Heavenly Court would not expect your methods to counter Five Deity Hall . They would not think of you and link it to our invasion of Heavenly Court!”

 Saying so, Bing Sai Chuan paused and continued: “Grandmaster, the climatic battle involving fate Gu is far more complex than you can ever imagine . Rank six and seven Gu Immortals are not even qualified to join . As for rank eight Gu Immortals, we are merely pawns . Some rank eights refuse to join in, that is because they sensed something and understand their own self-worth . Some joined but are ignorant of the true situation . ”

 “The truth behind this great battle is the fight of past venerables across time and space!”

 Five Elements Grandmaster was stunned from hearing this, he muttered: “Fighting across time and space, a battle between venerables?”

 In human history, there were ten venerables . Each one was invincible in their own era, they were at the apex of history, the greatest pride of humanity .

 Bing Sai Chuan revealed the truth, Five Elements Grandmaster was deeply shocked .

 He could not help but feel his own insignificance, his pride from earlier vanished without a trace .

 Bing Sai Chuan glanced at Five Elements Grandmaster’s look of shock as he consoled: “But don’t worry, among the venerables, Ancestor Giant Sun is the most caring towards his descendants and subordinates . He gained a nickname back then because of this . ”

 “The venerables all have their own arrangements, they want to exert their influence at this crucial moment, But after the merciless tides of history, most of these arrangements have been altered in some way . Rank nine venerables are not all-knowing, they would make mistakes too, many arrangements have been completely changed due to the passing of time . ”

 “A large number of them were discovered by future venerables and got modified . ”

 “Ancestor Giant Sun came after Genesis Lotus and Thieving Heaven, he was succeeded by Spectral Soul and Paradise Earth . The venerables who appear later would naturally have an advantage in setting up their arrangements, our attack on Heavenly Court succeeded to this extent, the reason is obvious . ”

 Bing Sai Chuan’s words made Five Elements Grandmaster go into a daze .

 Bing Sai Chuan chuckled afterwards: “So what if there is Duke Long? Can he compare to Ancestor Giant Sun’s arrangements? No need to worry so much, you must have confidence that we will succeed! In this expedition, our Longevity Heaven will definitely obtain fate Gu!”

 “Obtain fate Gu?” At this moment, Five Elements Grandmaster finally realized Longevity Heaven’s objective in attacking Heavenly Court .

 “That’s right . ” Bing Sai Chuan admitted openly, there was no need to hide anything now: “Heavenly Court came to snatch our fortune rivalling heaven Gu, why can’t we come after their fate Gu?”

 “Why is Heavenly Court the number one human force? Fate Gu played a crucial role in it . After getting it, our Longevity Heaven will definitely obtain the throne of the number one human force!”

 In Central Great Hall .

 Fairy Zi Wei looked as Calamity Luck Altar got closer, she had a serious expression: “They are coming!”

 At her side, Old Man Zheng Yuan was also expressing his concern .

 Even though the Central Great Hall was the control area of all the Immortal Gu Houses, it had low defense . After all ,who would think that Heavenly Court’s Central Great Hall would be attacked by enemies?

 Even though this Central Great Hall was once attacked by three Demon Venerables and even got destroyed, Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals did not reinforce its defense later on . Because against venerables, no matter how strong Central Great Hall’s defense was, it could not defend against a venerable, there was no point .

 Now it seemed like Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had already noticed this flaw when he toured Heavenly Court . Longevity Heaven’s assault caught Heavenly Court off-guard, Fairy Zi Wei and the rest were in a passive situation .

 “It seems that the true flaw is not in terms of defense but mindset . ” Fairy Zi Wei had an understanding as she said: “I seem to have missed out something . Is it…”

 “How long until fate Gu is fully restored?” At this moment, Duke Long asked .

 Fairy Zi Wei was in charge of the Central Great Hall, she knew the situation of the refinement path formation, she had a heavy heart as she answered: “We need six hours . ”

 “Six hours…” Duke Long was joyful: “My lifespan is almost used up, but heaven has taken pity on me, even though six hours is not a lot, I will be able to see fate Gu restored . Next, let me handle this . ”

 Fairy Zi Wei asked worriedly: “Lord Duke Long, your injuries have yet to…”

 Even though Heavenly Court tried its best to heal him, Duke Long’s injuries still remained . This was caused by the joint attack of Eastern Sea’s rank eight Gu Immortals, in the short time, even Duke Long could not heal himself fully .

 Duke Long smiled plainly: “I am about to die anyway, these injuries do not matter . In any case, I have the killer move heavenly dragon’s last stand, at the final moments of my life, in all five regions, is there anyone who can match me in battle?”

 He had a plain expression but his words revealed utter confidence and dominance!

 Calamity Luck Altar was like a huge beast as it charged down at the Central Great Hall .

 Air was sliced apart, wild winds roared .

 If it hit, the entire Central Great Hall would be reduced to shambles .

 At this moment, a single small body appeared, blocking its path .

 “Duke Long!” Five Elements Grandmaster shouted .

 “Smash into him . ” Bull Demon said .


 The hill-like Calamity Luck Altar crashed down ferociously, but it was stopped in midair .

 A dragon claw forced it to stop .

 Duke Long floated in the air, his body did not move but his right hand had turned into sharp dragon claws, grabbing onto Calamity Luck Altar and preventing it from moving any further .

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 “This?!” Five Elements Grandmaster was deeply shocked .

 Bull Demon was also in disbelief: “He alone managed to stop Calamity Luck Altar so easily? Unbelievable! If I was not seeing this personally, I would never believe it . ”


 The dragon claws exerted strength as they dug into Calamity Luck Altar, cracks started to form and spread around the dragon claws .

 Calamity Luck Altar started to shine in a piercing light, immortal killer moves were used on Duke Long who was in close proximity .

 Despite being bathed in explosions and impacts, Duke Long’s body remained unmoved .


 An immense aura and qi burst out of his body .

 The qi gathered and formed into dragons that coiled around Calamity Luck Altar, squeezing it .

 “What method is this? Duke Long had not used it in the Eastern Sea battle!” Bull Demon squinted .

 He suddenly had a flash of inspiration, uttering: “There is no invincible Immortal Gu, only invincible Gu Immortal . ”

 Five Elements Grandmaster was shocked once again .

 Dragon qi killer move had unparalleled might, Five Elements Grandmaster knew clearly that if he had to face the attack, he would not last long . Calamity Luck Altar was a rank eight Immortal Gu House, but it was still suppressed by Duke Long singlehandedly!

 Longevity Heaven’s members could already see victory in the horizons, Heaven Overseeing Tower was right ahead but Duke Long obstructed them, turning their hope of victory into an unattainable dream .

 Duke Long was just one person, but he was an obstacle that they could not get past!

 “He is just rank eight, how can our difference be this immense? Lord Bing Sai Chuan, what do we do?” Five Elements Grandmaster was out of ideas .

 The difference in battle strength could not be made up for with courage .

 Five Elements Grandmaster looked at Bing Sai Chuan, but he had already gone missing .

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 Where did he go?

 At the next moment, Bing Sai Chuan appeared behind Duke Long .

 His time path killer move that had been prepared for a long time landed on Duke Long’s head .

 “Success?” Bing Sai Chuan’s pupils shrunk .

 Duke Long did not move, instead a vast wave of dragon qi shot out with a loud roar .

 The dragon mouth bit Bing Sai Chuan as it flew up, restraining him in the air .

 Bing Sai Chuan relied on his defenses to hold on while he used killer moves to try and get out of the dragon qi’s restraint .

 But his actions were futile .

 The dragon qi was not indestructible, but its speed of recovery was just too fast .

 “You are clearly injured… this is definitely not your usual battle strength!” Bing Sai Chuan gritted his teeth .

“How can you possibly comprehend the profundity of my killer move, heavenly dragon’s last stand?” Duke Long looked at Bing Sai Chuan plainly as he placed his focus back on Calamity Luck Altar .

 Calamity Luck Altar was filled with cracks, it was surrounded by countless dragon shaped qi that pressed down on it, a large number of Gu worms continued to die . Calamity Luck Altar could not break free, if this went on, it would definitely be destroyed .

 Five Elements Grandmaster gritted his teeth: “Let me go out, I would rather die in combat by Duke Long’s hands than die here without doing anything . ”

 Bull Demon was silent .

 Bing Sai Chuan suddenly snickered: “I am not your match, but so what? I have my trump card! I respectfully request — Limitless, please turn around!”

 “What?!” This time, it was Duke Long’s turn to be shocked .

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