Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1715

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Chapter 1715: 1715

Fairy Zi Wei’s expression was grim .

 The Central Great Hall was the control area of Heavenly Court’s palaces, now that it was destroyed, Fairy Zi Wei’s control fell drastically! She would need to expend a lot of time and effort to mobilize them now .

 But in intense battles like this, every breath of time was precious .

 The Central Great Hall became a pile of rubbles, ahead of Calamity Luck Altar was a tall tower .

 “Heaven Overseeing Tower!” Inside Calamity Luck Altar, Bing Sai Chuan had a heated gaze .

 Heaven Overseeing Tower was famous in the world, all Gu Immortals in the five regions knew about it . Right now, it was still and motionless, a refinement path immortal formation was shining in bright light, enveloping it .

 “Fate Gu is at the top of Heaven Overseeing Tower, it is being repaired using the refinement path formation!” Bing Sai Chuan frowned .

 Heavenly Court’s defenses were very tight, Heaven Overseeing Tower was actually the final line of defense .

 The Central Continent Refinement Path Convention was not over yet, but only the finals were left . Because countless Gu Masters failed in their Gu refinement, there was already many success dao marks inside Infallible blessed land .

 These dao marks were taken by Heavenly Court, they used them to repair fate Gu, ensuring that nothing went wrong in the process .

 “We cannot directly destroy this refinement path formation, otherwise, fate Gu’s recovery might be ruined due to the backlash, it will return to its originally injured state . We need to go in and snatch it!” Thinking of this, Bing Sai Chuan gave orders to Five Elements Grandmaster and Bull Demon .

 Bull Demon acknowledged the order while Five Elements Grandmaster became hesitant: “Lord Bing Sai Chuan, there might be a slight problem . If we gain a good chance to snatch fate Gu but it has not been repaired fully yet, what do we do?”

 This was a problem indeed .

 Heavenly Court had methods to restore fate Gu, they were relying on human path killer moves, the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention, and a vast number of failures to create the success dao marks in Infallible blessed land that could be used to repair fate Gu .

 Longevity Heaven did not have such methods .

 Bing Sai Chuan looked at Five Elements Grandmaster, at this point in time, there was no need for any concealment, he said the truth: “We want fate Gu in such a state . It had been repaired by Heavenly Court for countless years, it is near complete recovery now . This is the fate Gu that we want . ”

 “A fully repaired fate Gu cannot be used by anyone . Even Heavenly Court can only use it through Immortal Gu House Heaven Overseeing Tower, to look at the fate of all lifeforms in this world . If anyone can truly control fate Gu, they will be able to decide the traces of fate, they will be able to manipulate the lives of all beings . It is a pity, even though the venerables of past generations tried so, none of them have ever succeeded . ”

 Five Elements Grandmaster was curious: “In that case, what is the point of snatching an incomplete fate Gu?”

 Bing Sai Chuan smiled lightly: “We cannot control fate Gu, the reason that the past venerables came up with was that the activation of fate Gu has a high requirement, only heaven’s will can control it . But this does not mean that we cannot use fate Gu itself . ”

 “Heavenly Court’s Heaven Overseeing Tower is the best example . They are able to make use of fate Gu, even though it is a minor usage . ”

 “Other than that, Heavenly Court has another method, that is to use fate Gu as an immortal material to refine it with a luck path Immortal Gu and create destiny Gu!”

 “Destiny Gu?” Five Elements Grandmaster’s pupils shrunk .

 Bing Sai Chuan’s smile widened: “That is the reason why Heavenly Court invaded Northern Plains to try and snatch fortune rivalling heaven Gu for themselves . ”

 “So that’s it . ” Five Elements Grandmaster realized .

 Bing Sai Chuan continued: “But they do not know that the so called destiny Gu was first conceptualized by Ancestor Giant Sun . Heavenly Court wants to refine rank ten destiny Gu in one go, they are too ambitious . We are different, we only want a rank nine destiny Gu, thus, the fate Gu that we use does not need to be fully restored . ”

 “As long as we have rank nine destiny Gu, my Longevity Heaven will be able to contest Heavenly Court . In the following great era, we will dominate and replace Heavenly Court, we will reign over the five regions, we can even become the supreme rulers of all beings in this world!”

 Five Elements Grandmaster was tongue-tied, Longevity Heaven’s ambition was shocking, but he was also in deep admiration towards Giant Sun Immortal Venerable’s plan: “So Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had already planned for Heavenly Court’s invasion long ago, Longevity Heaven only used the arrangements today!”

 Hearing Bing Sai Chuan’s explanation and encouragement, Five Elements Grandmaster hesitated no more, he went with Bull Demon as they flew out towards the refinement path formation .

 Heaven Overseeing Tower was at the center of the formation, they had to charge up to the top of Heaven Overseeing Tower to take away fate Gu .

 “They’ve entered the formation!” Old Man Zheng Yuan watched from afar, he had a worried expression .

 Fairy Zi Wei was not too worried: “This refinement path formation was specially set up, it is not the Refinement Cauldron formation from earlier, not only is Yuan Qiong Du inside, there are two other rank eights helping with the Gu refinement . ”

 Even though the Refinement Cauldron formation was effective in repairing fate Gu, because it was a copy of Lang Ya blessed land’s Refinement Cauldron, Heavenly Court stopped using it .

 After all, Longevity Heaven had already annexed Lang Ya Sect, they already had information of the Immortal Gu House Refinement Cauldron .

 Inside the refinement path formation, Yuan Qiong Du was the main person in charge, he had to concentrate and could not leave . The two Heavenly Court rank eights helping him could temporarily stop their work and help protect Yuan Qiong Du .

 Thoughts flickered in Fairy Zi Wei’s mind continuously: “Since Longevity Heaven sent people to invade the formation, they must be trying to snatch fate Gu and not destroy it, that’s why they are acting so cautiously . Only otherworldly demons can destroy fate Gu, while Fang Yuan is at Emperor City now, we still have time . ”

 Thinking of this, Fairy Zi Wei did not join the battle, instead, she placed Old Man Zheng Yuan under protection .

 Old Man Zheng Yuan only had rank seven cultivation level, he could not participate in the fight . But he had a crucial use, he was the key to using Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable’s human path methods!

 After making sure Old Man Zheng Yuan was safe, Fairy Zi Wei returned to the battlefield .

 Calamity Luck Altar was floating in the air, blocking the entrance to the refinement path formation .

 Within the formation space, Bull Demon and Five Elements Grandmaster were already fighting against the two Heavenly Court rank eights .

 With a cry, Fairy Zi Wei had countless thoughts rain down like a meteor storm, crashing towards Calamity Luck Altar .

 This was an extraordinary immortal killer move, with the amplification of Star Constellation Chessboard, even Calamity Luck Altar could not ignore it .

 Bing Sai Chuan healed his injuries while he controlled Calamity Luck Altar to resist Fairy Zi Wei .

 Fairy Zi Wei’s Star Constellation Chessboard was also a rank eight Immortal Gu House created by Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, while Calamity Luck Altar was created by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable .

 The fight between two Immortal Gu Houses was also akin to the fight between Giant Sun Immortal Venerable and Star Constellation Immortal Venerable .

 At once, the scene was intense .

 Both sides went all out with their abilities, rank eight immortal killer moves had incredible power, but thankfully Heavenly Court was defended by past venerables’ methods, it was not destroyed .

 As the battle went on, Fairy Zi Wei’s breathing became heavier .

 Even though she controlled Star Constellation Chessboard, it was tiny and could be held in one hand . Compared to it, Calamity Luck Altar was huge and blocked the formation entirely, it had an advantage .

 During this time, Fairy Zi Wei also wanted to save Duke Long .

 But Duke Long was bound by silvery chains made by Limitless Demon Venerable’s method, once Fairy Zi Wei got close, she felt a strong repulsion force . Any immortal killer move she used was also dispelled by the chains .

 Thankfully, this was a form of protection for Duke Long, even though he was in the battlefield, he was completely unharmed . Meanwhile, the palaces around him were turned into ruins, there were many crevices and pits all over the area .

 “Damn it, damn it!” Duke Long gritted his teeth, he continued to struggle but there was no effect .

 “This is not going well . ” Fairy Zi Wei had a heavy heart, she was engaged in a long fight, she could not help Yuan Qiong Du who was inside the formation .

 Even though Longevity Heaven did not bring many Gu Immortals, all of them who came were rank eight elites, they had their respective roles .

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 At this rate, they might really be able to take fate Gu away .

 Right when Fairy Zi Wei felt helpless against the situation, a corner of Heavenly Court shook intensely, auras started to grow from nowhere, rapidly expanding .

 “That is… the immortal graveyard!” Fairy Zi Wei was overjoyed .

 Heavenly Court’s immortal graveyard had countless rank eight experts . It was unfathomable, not even Fairy Zi Wei knew how many rank eights were sleeping there .

 At the critical moment, Heavenly Court finally expended its foundation, the slumbering Gu Immortals sensed it and awakened from their slumber!

 “You dare attack my Heavenly Court, you are courting death!” With an explosive voice, a muscular Gu Immortal with a bear head jumped up, his body flying into the sky as his cold gaze stared at Calamity Luck Altar .

 While he said that, his figure vanished on the spot .

 “Such speed!” Bing Sai Chuan was shocked .

 At the next moment, with a loud crash, Calamity Luck Altar fell like a toppling mountain, it was sent flying by a huge force .

 A huge black bear that was even larger than Calamity Luck Altar stood at where it was blocking earlier .

 Fairy Zi Wei’s eyes shined brightly: “This is Senior Zhang Fei Xiong, a transformation path great expert of Heavenly Court! He is most skilled in bear-type transformations, his strength can rival mountains, his power can move the earth . ”

 “The juniors are too useless, outsiders actually managed to attack Heavenly Court so deeply, hmm? Central Great Hall was destroyed?” A voice resounded again .

An old Gu Immortal appeared in the air .

 He had a pale face and thin body, he looked like he was sick . Right now, he sat on a wheelchair, his body seemed weak but his eyes shined with cold light, it made people feel fear and worry .

 “Ah . ” Fairy Zi Wei gasped: “Lord Gu Liu Ru . Sigh, he is a time path great expert, if he had woken earlier to defend the River of Time, taking the place of Senior Li Huang, Fang Yuan would not have escaped!”

 Calamity Luck Altar flew into the sky again, as Gu Liu Ru pointed his finger at it .

 The entire rank eight Immortal Gu House started to move several times as slowly!

 Zhang Fei Xiong laughed loudly as he pounced, crashing into Calamity Luck Altar as he pressed down on it, suppressing it .

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 “Who woke me up? Sigh, I am so old, if I sleep any less, I will get more wrinkles, I will be ugly! Little sister, don’t you agree?” A beautiful figure appeared beside Fairy Zi Wei all of a sudden .

 Fairy Zi Wei was taken aback, she did not sense anything .

 “Junior greets Senior Wan Zi Hong . ” Fairy Zi Wei bowed respectfully .

 “Don’t call me senior, call me sister . Look, are there more wrinkles near my eyes now?” This newly awakened female immortal got close to Fairy Zi Wei as she asked with deep concern .

 Fairy Zi Wei looked at the snow-white, beautiful and flawless face, she was speechless but her expression became very polite: “There are no wrinkles, Wan… sister, you are too worried . ”

 She was very cautious .

 Because this female immortal Wan Zi Hong did not have an ordinary background .

 Most of Heavenly Court’s members were chosen from Central Continent’s ten great ancient sects, but this Wan Zi Hong was once a great demon that wreaked havoc in Western Desert, she was absorbed by Heavenly Court to become one of its members .

 Zhang Fei Xiong, Gu Liu Ru, Wan Zi Hong… one by one, Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals woke up from the immortal graveyard .

 At once, the numbers on each side became tilted, the situation changed drastically .

 “So many reinforcements at once? Are there more?” Inside Calamity Luck Altar, Bing Sai Chuan laughed loudly .

 In this dangerous situation, he was still able to laugh .

 Fairy Zi Wei had a bad feeling, since Longevity Heaven was attacking Heavenly Court, how could they not expect the situation in the immortal graveyard?

 “Do you know why I bought Calamity Luck Altar? Because the killer move of a former Demon Venerable is in it . ” At this moment, Bing Sai Chuan’s gaze became deep and unfathomable .

 But what method gave him such confidence?

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