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Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1716

Published at 14th of June 2020 05:40:05 AM

Chapter 1716: 1716

Hidden Dragon Cave battlefield .

 The super immortal formation suppressing Di Zang Sheng was broken by Eastern Sea’s rank eights, it was half collapsed, only the central core area was still active .

 Old Man Bei Feng was heavily injured, he could barely hold down the situation . His grandson Feng Chan Zi was beside him, waiting for Heavenly Court’s reinforcements to no avail . The despair on Feng Chan Zi’s face became increasingly deep .

 Outside the central area, Eastern Sea’s rank eights completely surrounded this formation .

 Hua clan first supreme elder Hua Cai Yun let out an immemorial cloud beast, it continued to dwindle away at the formation’s core .

 “This is Heavenly Court’s creation after all, even just the core of the formation can resist my cloud beast’s corrosion . ” Hua Cai Yun sighed .


 At this time, a loud dragon roar could be heard from deep within the abyss, it was ground shaking .

 Sound waves reverberated, causing the entire Earth Trench to tremor, countless rocks started to fall off the Earth Trench’s cliffs .

 Eastern Sea’s rank eights looked at the abyss below them worriedly, Shen Cong Sheng urged: “The formation is half destroyed, it cannot suppress Di Zang Sheng anymore, to avoid problems, we need to act now . ”

 Di Zang Sheng was a very unique legendary immemorial desolate beast . Because it was created from the power of Central Continent’s earth veins, it was born from endless hatred, anger, and grudges .

 Thus, it bore natural hatred and killing intent towards humans, and most importantly, unless its source was destroyed, it would never die . It had once caused great trouble to Heavenly Court, Eastern Sea’s Gu Immortals did not want to fight Di Zang Sheng for no reason . They wanted to take away Dragon Palace to regain their reputation, if Di Zang Sheng was released, it would continue to find trouble with Heavenly Court and Central Continent .

 “It is ready . ” Song Qi Yuan nodded .

 “Puff . ” He muttered lightly .

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 Immortal killer move — Broken Mirror Shard Light .


 With a loud sound resembling a mirror falling on the ground and shattering into countless pieces .

 The entire formation core area’s light halo also shattered like a mirror, exposing Old Man Bei Feng and Feng Chan Zi who were inside .

 “No!” Feng Chan Zi was so scared he quickly screamed and moved back .

 Song Qi Yuan’s killer move was very special, it created no commotion when used at first, only after a long period of nurturing would it catch people off-guard and create an unexpected result .

 This broken mirror shard light was Song Qi Yuan’s proud method, it was mostly used against stationary enemies like formations .

 The formation broke, Di Zang Sheng growled loudly, the sound waves created shook the entire Earth Trench .

 “Quick, make use of the time!” Eastern Sea’s rank eights attacked .

 “I am going to die!” Feng Chan Zi fell backwards, he was so scared he shut his eyes, shivering with a distorted expression, awaiting his death .

 Old Man Bei Feng sighed deeply, he could not fight anymore, the difference in strength was too big, he could only wait for his death .

 “Don’t kill him, let me capture him alive . ” Shen Cong Sheng suddenly said .

 Eastern Sea’s Gu Immortals halted their attacks, they were quite surprised, did Shen Cong Sheng have a method to capture a rank eight Gu Immortal alive?

 “Everyone, take a good look . ” Shen Cong Sheng smiled confidently: “Go . ”

 The Eastern Sea immortals saw that countless threads appeared around Old Man Bei Feng’s body, he was wrapped up like a cocoon .

 “This is a new killer move that I created recently, it is called lingering sound!” Shen Cong Sheng explained .

 Old Man Bei Feng had a furious expression, he was already prepared for death, but these Eastern Sea Gu Immortals actually wanted to capture him alive, it was a great humiliation .

 Eastern Sea’s immortals were quiet .

 It seemed like Shen Cong Sheng could really capture rank eight Gu Immortals . Even though Old Man Bei Feng was defenseless at the moment, Shen Cong Sheng’s method was still quite threatening .

 Rank eight Gu Immortals had very deep foundations, it was evident from seeing Shen Cong Sheng’s method .

 Old Man Bei Feng could not resist, as for Feng Chan Zi, he was already shivering from fear, Eastern Sea’s immortals did not even bother with this cowardly rank six immortal .

 Shen Cong Sheng used his immortal killer move to its limit and captured Old Man Bei Feng . The value of a living rank eight Gu Immortal was much higher than a dead one . Forget about the rest, just the reputation gained from capturing a great expert of the same rank was enough for Shen Cong Sheng and the entire Shen clan’s reputation to soar in Eastern Sea!

 The other immortals started to look for Immortal Gu House Dragon Palace .

 They had come here together for this rank eight Immortal Gu House .

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 Soon, Zhang Yin found something .

 “Over there!” He pointed with an excited expression, before using an investigative immortal killer move .

 After using the killer move, an Immortal Gu House appeared, it floated above everyone’s head, it was several tens of meters on top of Old Man Bei Feng .

 The Eastern Sea immortals were overjoyed, what else but Dragon Palace could this be?

 Other than Shen Cong Sheng, the other Eastern Sea immortals quickly gathered with an excited expression .

 Shen Cong Sheng concentrated on dealing with Old Man Bei Feng, he felt no anxiety . Before coming here, the Eastern Sea immortals had already set an alliance agreement, it had quite the binding force . The rule was: If Eastern Sea’s immortals obtain Dragon Palace, everyone would get a share . As for the share, it would depend on how much effort they put in .

 Since Dragon Palace appeared, Song Qi Yuan and the rest started to try and capture it .

 But after using several killer moves, Dragon Palace only shook, it did not acknowledge a new owner .

 “This Immortal Gu House is really extraordinary!” Dragon Palace’s fierce resistance made the Eastern Sea immortals even more excited, their desire for Dragon Palace rose even more .

 Gradually, while trying to capture it, they realized a huge secret .

 “So that’s it . ”

 “Heavenly Court placed Immortal Gu House Dragon Palace here to try and tame Di Zang Sheng!”

 “Even though Di Zang Sheng was born from the earth vein and negative emotions, it is still considered a dragon, it is countered by Dragon Palace, thus there is a possibility of subduing it . ”

 “Duke Long has a good plan indeed! Now that the five regions’ earth veins are becoming one, and Di Zang Sheng’s power comes from the earth vein, once they combine, Di Zang Sheng’s power will rise by at least five times!”

 “Don’t forget, when the earth veins become one and the five regional walls vanish, the world would be in chaos and conflict, by then, there will be a great amount of fear, hatred, jealousy, and other emotions . With that, Di Zang Sheng’s strength will rise again . ”

 Eastern Sea’s immortals conversed as some gasped .

 At this rate, among the legendary immemorial desolate beasts, Di Zang Sheng might become the number one among them .

 It already had peak rank eight battle strength to begin with, after the boost, it might even be able to reach pseudo-Immortal Venerable!

 “No wonder Duke Long paid a huge price to obtain Dragon Palace, he wanted to subdue a pseudo-Immortal Venerable battle strength to suppress the situation . ”

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 “Thankfully we came to stop Heavenly Court’s plan, otherwise, we will have trouble during the five regions chaotic war . ”

 Eastern Sea’s immortals were very glad .

 “No wonder we could only hear dragon roars even though the formation broke, Di Zang Sheng has not escaped yet . ”

 “Right now, Dragon Palace is suppressing Di Zang Sheng, we need to wait a bit more . ”

 “That’s right, after Dragon Palace subdues Di Zang Sheng, not only would we gain a rank eight Immortal Gu House, we will also gain an existence with great battle strength . ”

 “If Heavenly Court finds out, they would probably puke blood . ”

 “Hahaha, truly fantastic, fantastic . ”

 Emperor City battlefield .

 Immortal killer move — Great Thief Ghost Hand!

 Fang Yuan activated it in succession, Heavenly Court’s Immortal Gu Houses avoided them wherever the ghost hands went .

 Great thief ghost hand could steal Gu worms, Fang Yuan could use this killer move to steal rank eight Immortal Gu, even if they were hiding inside the grotto-heavens of Gu Immortals .

The essence of Immortal Gu Houses was the combination of Gu worms to create a stable form . It could be seen as a combination of many killer moves, or a mobile immortal formation .

 Be it immortal killer move, Immortal Gu House, or immortal formation, they were all ways to use Gu worms . Even though they appear different, the essence was the same .

 Great thief ghost hand could even steal Gu worms inside immortal apertures, not to mention Immortal Gu Houses which were essentially mobile immortal formations that exposed their Gu worms on the outside .

 Undeniably, great thief ghost hand countered Immortal Gu Houses!

 Fang Yuan relied on great thief ghost hand to attack, managing to steal many Gu worms .

 He had targeted Immortal Gu Houses before, but that was Great Space Temple which had a method that resisted great thief ghost hand . In truth, most Immortal Gu Houses did not have a way to counter Fang Yuan’s great thief ghost hand .

 The Immortal Gu House defense line that Heavenly Court meticulously created became a huge mess because of Fang Yuan’s interference and influence .

 “Scoundrel Fang Yuan, accept your death!” At the critical moment, Li Huang shouted as he pounced at Fang Yuan with verdant sun flame cloak on him .

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 Heavenly Court’s Immortal Gu Houses could not deal with Fang Yuan, but their Gu Immortals could .

 It was much harder for great thief ghost hand to steal Immortal Gu from immortal apertures than Immortal Gu Houses!

 Especially when Li Huang had verdant sun flame cloak, it could defend against Fang Yuan’s great thief ghost hand .

 Fang Yuan saw that Li Huang had approached him, he advanced instead of retreating: “Li Huang, you finally showed up at long last, I’ve been waiting for you!”

 At the next moment, Fang Yuan turned into the immemorial year monkey and spitted .

 Instantly, spring scissors killer move flew out, tearing through space as it targeted Li Huang .

 Next, Fang Yuan breathed in deeply as the monkey grabbed empty space with both hands, pulling out a huge fan out of nowhere .

 It was immortal killer move — Summer Fan .


 “What?!” Li Huang had a shocked gaze as the cloak on his back became torn, its defense was greatly lowered .



 Intense winds blew, the world changed colors .

 Li Huang was hit as he flew far away due to the wind .

 “How did his strength rise so drastically?” Li Huang looked at the tiny spark left on his verdant sun flame cloak as he showed an ugly expression .

 Because when he got attacked earlier, he saw that the situation was bad and activated verdant sun flame cloak once again .

 This fire path defensive killer move had a great attribute, it could be used consecutively and stacked . The weakness was that the expended immortal essence would be twice as high!

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