Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1718

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Chapter 1718: Chapter 1718 - Heavenly Court’s Chaotic Battle

Heavenly Court battlefield .

Figures danced in the sky or fought on the ground .

Intense explosions continued to resound, sparks were flying, bright lights were flashing .

Northern Plains’ Gu Immortal experts fought against Heavenly Court’s members .


In an instant, a loud explosion occurred as the black bear that was large as a mountain lost its right shoulder, a huge piece of flesh went missing, even its shoulder bone was shattered .

The black bear had a painful expression as it shut its eyes, it had fainted from the explosion .


Next, its body fell like a mountain, in the end, a huge pit was formed on the ground .

Above it, a Northern Plains Gu Immortal was laughing in the sky: “The killer move twilight lightning that I, Nu Er Bao Xiong, possess is not so easy to deal with . Even if your transformation path grants you strong defenses, I have already killed so many transformation path Gu Immortals in my life, ahahaha!!”

He cultivated lightning path solely, he was once a brutal slaughterer that roamed Northern Plains’ Gu Immortal world unhindered . When he was the first supreme elder of Nu Er tribe, it became the number one force of Northern Plains without doubt .

But Nu Er Bao Xiong’s laughter came to a stop as a delightful female voice resounded: “Shameless words, I also cultivate transformation path on the side, come and kill me . ”

“Which stupid…” Nu Er Bao Xiong had just turned around and spoke when he saw a bright red light flash before him .

Before he reacted, he heard a loud explosion as flames scattered everywhere, dust clouds rose .

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He fell from the sky, his body was still burning with blazing flames .

“The time is now, save Zhang Fei Xiong!” Gu Liu Ru who was sitting in a wheelchair shouted as he pointed .

Instantly, the black bear that Zhang Fei Xiong had transformed into flickered with a shining light, his life was preserved .

“Hmph, I like to kill people, not save them!” A shadow tore through the sky, rushing down and approaching Zhang Fei Xiong .

It was Wan Zi Hong, she was extremely beautiful and enchanting, she cultivated wood path and was originally a demonic path Gu Immortal, she had a deep killing nature but was recruited by Heavenly Court .

“This Zhang Fei Xiong is quite impressive, even though he fainted, his transformation did not vanish!” Wan Zi Hong had a look of alertness as she charged into Zhang Fei Xiong’s right shoulder wound without stopping .

The moment she went in, Wan Zi Hong scattered into pink petals that landed on the bloody wound .

The flower petals had a dense fragrant smell, flowers started to grow on the bloody wound .

The petals of the flowers fell again on the surrounding flesh, more and more flowers grew as a sea of flowers was formed .

Zhang Fei Xiong’s flesh and blood was quickly replenished, he was healing at an observable pace .

“Hmph!” In the sky, Nu Er Bao Xiong had a grim expression . Even though he had strong lightning path killer moves, Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals were not weak either . Wan Zi Hong’s healing method actually got rid of the lightning path dao marks that he landed on Zhang Fei Xiong, he was healing rapidly and effectively . It was as if Wan Zi Hong’s wood path dao marks and Zhang Fei Xiong’s transformation path dao marks did not conflict with each other .

Nu Er Bao Xiong only took one glance but his enemy made use of that timing to find a weakness .

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A flash of red light appeared as Nu Er Bao Xiong got hit again, his body was covered in flames .

Seeing this, Nu Er Bao Xiong gave up on chasing after Zhang Fei Xiong, he shook off the flames and looked at his enemy: “Who are you? As a Heavenly Court member, are you going to hide your appearance and act so shady?”

The red light that was flying in the sky laughed loudly as it flickered left and right without stopping, Nu Er Bao Xiong could only watch without having a chance to land an attack .

“It should be senior Zhu Que Er . She cultivates fire path and transformation path, her battle style counters Nu Er Bao Xiong . ” Seeing this, Fairy Zi Wei expressed joy on her face .

As time passed, more and more Gu Immortals woke up from the immortal graveyard, Zhu Que Er was one of them .

“But Longevity Heaven’s time path killer move is too powerful, it is still summoning more people!” Fairy Zi Wei looked towards Calamity Luck Altar and the phantom River of Time as her heart shook with worry .

“This is likely Red Lotus Demon Venerable’s killer move, Lord Duke Long might know something . ” Fairy Zi Wei had been searching for a chance, she wanted to enter the battlefield and save Duke Long .

But Duke Long’s position was not good, he was quite near Calamity Luck Altar, below the phantom River of Time, there were Northern Plains Gu Immortals moving about constantly .

If Fairy Zi Wei charged in to save him, the risks would be huge, and she had her own job to do .

“Earlier, both venerables appeared in Imperfection Regret Pavilion, even though Duke Long was hit by the rank nine killer move and got restricted, his life is not in danger . ”

“I have an important mission, I need to provide Immortal Gu to the newly awakened Gu Immortals, I also need to protect Old Man Zheng Yuan, he is one of the most important elements of this battle!”

Fairy Zi Wei squinted, she stayed at the back and did not move out .

Duke Long had instructed her earlier before he left, she had to take charge of the situation .

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A golden light suddenly flickered before Fairy Zi Wei’s eyes, when the light faded, a Northern Plains Gu Immortal was seen .

He had dark skin tone and sharp eyes, constantly emitting a brave aura, he was an expert of Ye Lui tribe, Ye Lui Kou, he cultivated metal path and was a great expert part of the second batch who left the River of Time!

When Ye Lui Kou was a youngster, he stood out with his ferocious nature and sharp foresight, he could often see the most important elements of a battle . During the Imperial Court contest, he often fought alone, charging towards an army singlehandedly, killing the enemy’s leader under everyone’s watchful gaze, he was unstoppable .

After becoming a Gu Immortal, he plundered many places and targeted the enemy’s weakness, as a righteous path Gu Immortal, he had a terrible reputation on par with demonic path members . But his reputation changed after reaching rank eight . By that point, everyone in Northern Plains’ Gu Immortal world feared him, all of the accusations and grudges towards him turned into superficial reverence and slander in secret .

Fairy Zi Wei’s heart jumped, facing Ye Lui Kou’s gaze, she felt like a rabbit sprinting in the plains, while being targeted by a hawk .

She quickly retreated, her body vanishing among the palaces .

“This damned qi wall!” Ye Lui Kou had an irritated expression .

He had a keen sense towards any battle, he could detect the enemy’s weakness and target it with great precision .

This was a talent that he was born with .

But his plan was ruined by Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable’s qi wall killer move that was left in Heavenly Court .

This qi wall killer move could discern enemy and ally, it did not obstruct Heavenly Court’s members . But against Longevity Heaven’s side, it was a huge problem .

Northern Plains’ Gu Immortals could only move around the road that Limitless Demon Venerable created to fight against Heavenly Court .

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Precisely so, the fight between rank eights was fixed at a certain area . Heavenly Court had many important places like the Demon Judgment Board or the immortal graveyard, but these places were protected by the qi wall, Northern Plains’ Gu Immortals could not go there .

But in the battlefield, Northern Plains’ Gu Immortals had the obvious upper hand, Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals needed to rely on the qi wall to retreat at times, allowing them to continue this battle .

“Our Gu Immortals had just woken up, they lack compatible Gu worms . Mortal Gu are still fine, but they are lacking many Immortal Gu, this prevents their battle strength from being displayed . ” Fairy Zi Wei was very worried .

Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals gave all their Immortal Gu to Heavenly Court while they slept in the immortal graveyard, on one hand, resources had to be optimized, while Heavenly Court also needed to feed the Immortal Gu .

These Immortal Gu were mostly used to construct Immortal Gu Houses, they created the countless pavilions and palaces in Heavenly Court . A small portion was handed out to certain people in the ten sects, for example, Feng Jiu Ge’s fate armor Immortal Gu . There were very few Immortal Gu which were truly kept in the treasury on standby .

Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals were all elites among rank eights, but because they lacked Immortal Gu, they could not use their full power, even with abundant immortal essence, they could not change the situation .

In contrast, Northern Plains’ side had Red Lotus Demon Venerable’s call of the ancient killer move, it was truly magnificent, they were able to go up against Heavenly Court’s foundation that was accumulated over countless years .

Duke Long was filled with pain and anger .

At this crucial moment, he could not move, he could only watch as the battle unfolded .

And most importantly, the one who created this situation was the beloved disciple that he had entrusted hope to in the past — Red Lotus Demon Venerable!

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