Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1722

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Chapter 1722: Chapter 1722 - Seven Extreme Desolation

Heavenly dragon’s last stand made Duke Long increasingly stronger, with each breath of time, he became stronger than before .

Looking at the phantom River of Time in the sky, Duke Long showed a complex emotion in his eyes, he sighed lightly: “Oh Red Lotus, I have already witnessed your call of the ancient and support of the future . Now, let me show you my heavenly dragon’s last stand!”

Duke Long’s words infuriated all of the Northern Plains experts .

He obviously looked down on all of the Northern Plains immortals present, there was only Red Lotus Demon Venerable in his eyes .

The Northern Plains experts were all famous people in history, they had their own arrogance and pride . But they had no way of rebuking Duke Long’s words .

Because their existence was the result of Red Lotus Demon Venerable’s immortal killer move!

“Old man, you speak too much!”

“Don’t look down on us . ”

“We will show you our power!”

Several Northern Plains rank eights charged at Duke Long .

Duke Long snickered as he roared, the purple-gold dragon-shaped qi flickered continuously .

Boom boom boom!

An intense explosion resounded, Duke Long rampaged among the Gu Immortals who encircled him, he was simply unstoppable .

In contrast, the Northern Plains experts were losing numbers rapidly from his ferocious attacks .


Duke Long was just too fast, the Northern Plains Gu Immortals could not stop him .

Any killer move needed time to prepare and activate .

Because Duke Long was concentrating on Calamity Luck Altar, he did not bother wasting time with the Northern Plains Gu Immortals that obstructed him .

“Block him!”

“Don’t think of leaving Duke Long, fight me for three hundred rounds!”

“We must stop him . ”

Purple-gold dragon qi flickered again .

The battlefield became silent, Bing Sai Chuan raised his head and looked .

Duke Long was finally standing before Calamity Luck Altar, his emotionless pupils looked at this luck path rank eight Immortal Gu House .

“Oh no . ” Sweat poured down Bing Sai Chuan’s forehead .

At the next moment, Duke Long roared as his qi path killer move was activated again .

Myriad qi rampaged, the world changed colors .

Immortal killer move — Qi Engulfing Mountains and Rivers!

At once, the rank eight Gu Immortals shook intensely as they felt an unparalleled pressure slamming down at them from all around .

Many killer moves collapsed, the Northern Plains experts who were pursuing Duke Long fell into the water like dumplings falling into a pot .

The world became still, nothing was left standing!

Crack, crack…

Calamity Luck Altar could barely operate, its thin light halo was resisting qi engulfing mountains and rivers killer move .

This luck path rank eight Immortal Gu House could not fly, it was suppressed by Duke Long and forced to stay on the ground!

At once, Duke Long became the main character of this battlefield, the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals looked at him with shock and amazement .

He had suppressed the entire situation singlehandedly .

Even though Northern Plains’ experts were strong and proud, their raised heads were forcefully lowered by Duke Long .

“Damn it, this qi engulfing mountains and rivers killer move had once been used in Eastern Sea by Duke Long . But its current power is more than ten times of before!” Bing Sai Chuan could not conceal the shock on his face .

Duke Long’s strength was too overwhelming, it was far out of his expectations .

“This damned old man is quite strong! It seems that you need Grandpa Mao’s help now!” Far away, Mao Li Qiu and his clone had been suppressing the two legendary immemorial beasts from Heavenly Court, after seeing Duke Long’s power, Mao Li Qiu gritted its teeth and wanted to rush over to help .

“You want to leave? Dream on!” The immemorial green jade crane shrieked, it activated an immortal killer move and attacked Mao Li Qiu’s clone .

“Stand there!” Shabi Ninety-five grabbed Mao Li Qiu’s right hind leg as it bit .

“These two idiots…” Mao Li Qiu was furious, it was unable to get away from these two .

Heavenly Court’s two legendary immemorial desolate beasts might not be able to turn the situation around, but they were great at keeping the status quo .

Duke Long’s power was simply like steroids injected into his allies, it made these two legendary immemorial desolate beasts extremely energetic!

“Go away!” Calamity Luck Altar suddenly shined in a fierce light, it started to rise slowly .

Next, the Northern Plains experts who were on the ground and used their killer moves on Duke Long .

Even though Duke Long was strong, he could only suppress them for some time, he was not just going up against the rank eight Immortal Gu House that Giant Sun Immortal Venerable created, there were also the countless experts from the Northern Plains Huang Jin tribes’ history!

“Go assist Duke Long!”

“We will make Longevity Heaven pay with bloodshed!”

“How can Heavenly Court’s authority be undermined . ”

Heavenly Court’s immortals reacted, they moved like rushing tide as they went to reinforce Duke Long .

A portion of the Northern Plains experts had to go and block Heavenly Court’s attacks on the outside . Inside, the remaining ones attacked Duke Long with all their might .

Inside Calamity Luck Altar, Bing Sai Chuan’s heart sank to rock bottom .

Duke Long was unstoppable even in the encirclement, he had the complete advantage, and outside, there were fewer Northern Plains Gu Immortals than Heavenly Court’s side, they were also losing there .

Bing Sai Chuan understood: Unless a venerable makes a move, Longevity Heaven’s invasion had failed!

Their goal was to take fate Gu but now, they were barely able to stay alive, not to mention snatch anything .

The truth was, Longevity Heaven was just one step away from success . The problem was Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable and his arrangement, it ruined Longevity Heaven’s plan .

“Even though my Longevity Heaven failed, your Heavenly Court may not succeed either!” A cold light flashed in Bing Sai Chuan’s eyes, he gave his orders — destroy the refinement path formation!

Since they could not obtain fate Gu or destroy fate Gu entirely, he would make sure that they fail in restoring it!

This way, Heavenly Court would need to continue holding the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention to repair fate Gu in the future .

And that would give the other four regions some respite .

But in that situation, in the future Central Continent Refinement Path Conventions, Heavenly Court would guard themselves deeply, Longevity Heaven would no longer have this chance to invade .

But there was no choice, the situation was forcing Bing Sai Chuan to make such a decision .

“Okay!” Bull Demon and Five Elements Grandmaster received their orders, they immediately attacked the refinement path formation .

Guh .

Cong Yan spit out a mouthful of blood, his face turned pale .

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But he had a faint smile as he said: “Hmph, why do you think Lady Zi Wei made me guard the formation internally? It was to prevent you guys from causing destruction!”

Bull Demon and Five Elements Grandmaster frowned deeply .

They realized that their attacks on the refinement path formation was actually transferred to Cong Yan . This was a rule path method unique to Cong Yan, he could transfer damage onto himself .

“You want to destroy the formation, how can we allow that?”

“With us around, don’t even think about it!”

Outside the refinement path immortal formation, Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals formed lines of defense as they blocked the assault of the Northern Plains experts .

Bing Sai Chuan changed his goal and attempted to destroy the refinement path formation, this was his enemy’s weakness as well .

For Heavenly Court, they had no choice but to defend the formation .

This way, the battle between the two sides went into a deadlock .

Most of Heavenly Court’s members were protecting the refinement path formation, Duke Long alone was attacking Calamity Luck Altar .

For Northern Plains, they were mainly defending Calamity Luck Altar while attacking the refinement path formation with a barrage of attacks .

Even though Duke Long was obstructed by all the Northern Plains experts, he still had the energy to attack Calamity Luck Altar .

Calamity Luck Altar endured attacks from Duke Long time and again but it still remained standing, this was the immense defense of a rank eight Immortal Gu House .

The truth was, Calamity Luck Altar’s methods were not just limited to these, against Duke Long, it could still retaliate .

But now, Calamity Luck Altar’s main purpose was to sustain call of the ancient killer move .

If it used other methods, this call of the ancient would be interrupted .

The root of the issue was that call of the ancient was a time path killer move, it was incompatible with Calamity Luck Altar’s methods . If there were any abilities similar to Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable’s earlier methods resembling painting path, the situation would not be this awkward .

Bing Sai Chuan was clear in his heart, once he stopped using call of the ancient killer move, the situation would worsen instantly . Only through this move could they resist the awakening Heavenly Court members .

As time passed, the situation got more intense, more and more Gu Immortals died .

Duke Long’s attacks from time to time made Bing Sai Chuan’s heart shook . He did not know how long Calamity Luck Altar could last, maybe at the next moment, call of the ancient killer move would stop .

If that happens, Longevity Heaven would lose this battle without doubt .

Even though both sides were attacking and defending, as Duke Long continued to unleash powerful moves, the situation was already changing . Heavenly Court had a slight advantage, Longevity Heaven was slowly losing their edge .

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A lightning path killer move landed on Duke Long’s back .

But Duke Long’s body did not even move, as the dust clouds settled, his back was exposed .

It was covered in purple-gold dragon scales .

As the effect of heavenly dragon’s last stand persisted, Duke Long’s body became stronger and larger, his size was already twice of before .

His dragon claws became sharper, his dragon tail became longer and more flexible, his dragon horns were originally very short but now they grew rapidly, they were the size of a deer’s antlers, they looked like a crown on his head, displaying his royal and authoritative figure .

Every moment and every second, Duke Long was getting stronger!

Bing Sai Chuan who was inside Calamity Luck Altar as well as the Northern Plains Gu Immortals could feel this very deeply .

“This is a monster!” A Northern Plains expert shouted in hatred .

“Monster? Hahaha, we Seven Big Dipper Immortals love dealing with monsters!” At this moment, from the phantom River of Time, seven Gu Immortals walked out .

“Ah! It’s them . ” Bing Sai Chuan saw this, becoming surprised and happy .

These Seven Big Dipper Immortals were all from Huang Jin tribes, there were three rank eights and four rank sevens, they were all from the same period of time in history .

During their era, legendary immemorial desolate beasts wreaked havoc, they caused the righteous path to suffer great losses . Thus, the Huang Jin tribes banded together and chose seven people to learn the ancient battle formation, they spent countless years to soothe the chaos and capture the beast, returning peace and serenity to Northern Plains .

Ancient battle formation — Seven Extreme Desolation!

At once, the seven Gu Immortals turned into a three headed four armed black-gold giant with a huge metallic ring on its back .

Immortal killer move — Winged Blade!

The black-gold giant’s right arm moved like a blade, creating an afterimage as it slashed towards Duke Long .

“Winged blade?!” Duke Long’s pupils shrunk, he could feel a fatal danger .

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