Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1723

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Chapter 1723: Chapter 1723 - Fatal Strike

Winged blade had very high reputation, it was publicly recognized as the number one offensive method of Northern Plains’ Gu Immortal world, it could even cut apart the winds of assimilation temporarily, its fearsome might was known to all .

“I managed to dodge?” The purple-gold dragon-shaped qi flickered as Duke Long appeared elsewhere, shock still showing on his face .


At the next moment, he watched as the horn on his forehead fell slowly towards the ground in front of him .

At the crucial moment, Duke Long managed to dodge the winged blade but his right dragon horn was sliced apart .

Duke Long was deeply shocked .

At this moment, the black-gold giant hooked its finger at Duke Long .

Immortal killer move — Immortal Binding Rope!

This was the number one capturing method in Northern Plains’ Gu Immortal world!

A green-gold rope appeared on Duke Long’s body, it wrapped around his waist thrice as he was pulled towards the black-gold giant .

Immortal killer move — Winged Blade!

The black-gold giant raised its right arm, aiming at Duke Long as it used the powerful killer move again .

Duke Long gritted his teeth, he shouted as his muscular body shook, he broke free of the immortal binding rope and retreated, avoiding the winged blade .

The black-gold giant wanted to capture Duke Long again but he dodged while spitting out two sharp dragon fangs .

The dragon fangs flew out of his mouth and expanded in size, they were like two curved blades that danced in the air, defending his body .

It was immortal killer move — Spiraling Dragon Fang .

Spiraling dragon fang was an offensive killer move but Duke Long used it for defense instead .

Even though the black-gold giant Seven Extreme Desolation had a powerful immortal binding rope killer move, it would be cut by the dragon fangs if it tried to bind Duke Long .

Bing Sai Chuan watched this as he felt suspicious and regretful: “The original spiraling dragon fang is only an arm’s size, but it is like two gigantic pillars now! What method did Duke Long use to make his immortal killer moves grow so powerful? It is a pity that Seven Extreme Desolation is much weaker now as fate Gu recovers due to the decreased power of call of the ancient killer move, otherwise, if they had their original power, Duke Long would be heavily injured from the attack earlier!”

Seven Extreme Desolation was an ancient battle formation made of three rank eights and four rank seven Gu Immortals .

Each of them were elites of the Huang Jin tribes in their time, they were famous in Northern Plains . And most importantly, the killer moves that they used were the trump cards of the respective tribes . For example, Chanyu tribe’s winged blade and Ye Lui tribe’s immortal binding rope .

With Seven Extreme Desolation restricting Duke Long’s attacks, the situation went into a deadlock again .

Calamity Luck Altar was temporarily safe, but Longevity Heaven’s side could not destroy the refinement path formation no matter what they did .

Heavenly Court had three layers of Gu Immortals both inside and outside, they formed a tight defense, the Northern Plains experts could not even get close to the formation, not to mention getting inside . In fact, Gu Immortals were already starting to set up new defensive formations outside the refinement path immortal formation .

“This looks like a deadlock but the initiative has been lost, at this rate, Heavenly Court will simply continue the battle of attrition . ” Bing Sai Chuan had a cold expression but determination still shined in his eyes .

Northern Plains’ Gu Immortals loved to fight, they had countless battles in their life, far more than other regions’ people .

Bing Sai Chuan was a time path rank eight great expert, he was the same . He had experienced countless difficulties in life, even though the situation was increasingly dangerous now, his fighting spirit did not waver .

He was trying to find a way out .

“The plan to invade Heavenly Court had been closely planned by my Longevity Heaven, we have our methods to retaliate . ”

“For now, we need to communicate with Fang Yuan and the rest, to target the outside world instead . ”

Bing Sai Chuan immediately contacted Fang Yuan and the rest, giving his orders .

“Luck path method again, they are communicating with the outside world . ” The moment Bing Sai Chuan acted, a few of Heavenly Court’s members sensed it .

Fairy Zi Wei smiled bitterly, the supreme profundity of luck path was held by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, Heavenly Court could not stop Bing Sai Chuan .

Emperor City .

Fang Yuan had activated emperor yama killer move as he flew rapidly in the sky .

Winds blew around him, in his vision, Li Huang and Qing Ye were like two torches that charged towards him in the darkness .

Fang Yuan stretched out his finger, countless yama children flew out to obstruct Li Huang and Qing Ye .

Next, he attacked the closest Immortal Gu House .

The Gu Immortals inside that Immortal Gu House were shocked, they quickly retreated .

“Fang Zheng, quickly use that move!” A Gu Immortal shouted .

Gu Yue Fang Zheng was also inside this Gu House, he immediately acted as the Immortal Gu House shot out a blood light that moved it with several times the speed, causing Fang Yuan to miss his target .

Using this chance, Li Huang and Qing Ye arrived and fought against Fang Yuan again .

The Western Desert Gu Immortals could not take it as they mocked: “This is clearly a blood path method, the great righteous path Heavenly Court is actually using blood path killer moves in public right now!”

“Bullshit, my Central Continent has unfathomable methods, how can you fools understand what we are doing?”

“Western Desert scoundrel, you are jealous of my Central Continent’s wealth, this is slander towards the righteous leader of humanity, this is unacceptable!”

How could Central Continent’s Gu Immortals acknowledge it, even though most of them knew that this was Fang Zheng’s blood path methods after all .

“Damn it . ” Fang Yuan gritted his teeth, Li Huang and Qing Ye were too annoying, he felt like he was stuck in a swamp .

In this current situation, his best method was great thief ghost hand, using this move, he could destroy many of the Immortal Gu Houses of Heavenly Court .

But Li Huang and Qing Ye were disturbing him, he did not have a chance to succeed .

But Western Desert was also very wary of him, they did not want to cooperate .

Fang clan had a secret cooperation with Fang Yuan but how could they expose that in public right now!

Fang clan had obtained Divine Bean Palace years ago and that caused Western Desert’s righteous path to gang up on them, they were keeping a low profile now . Using this Refinement Path Convention as a chance, they made an agreement with Western Desert’s righteous path forces . If they worked with Fang Yuan now, they would be giving the righteous path forces more excuses to suppress them afterwards .

“This is not looking good, the competition is nearing its end!” Fang Yuan had participated in the Refinement Path Convention before, he was clear of the situation now .

“Most importantly, why are those fools from Longevity Heaven not doing anything? Hmm?” At this moment, Bing Sai Chuan contacted Fang Yuan .

Towards Fang Yuan, he would naturally not use an authoritative tone, but Bing Sai Chuan knew how to convince Fang Yuan, he told him everything regarding Longevity Heaven’s invasion of Heavenly Court!

These were all truths, they had no loopholes .

Bing Sai Chuan did not hide or make up anything because he knew about Fang Yuan’s wisdom path attainment .

“These bunch of snakes!” Fang Yuan learned about what happened in Heavenly Court as brilliance flashed in his eyes, he gritted his teeth in anger .

He made use of Longevity Heaven and treated Bing Sai Chuan and the rest as pawns, was it not the same in reverse?

Longevity Heaven had their own goals, right now, they were being truthful because they wanted Fang Yuan to cause chaos and prevent Heavenly Court from repairing fate Gu fully .

Inside Heavenly Court, Longevity Heaven was only able to stabilize the situation and stall Heavenly Court’s experts, they had no chance of winning .

But if Fang Yuan destroyed Emperor City and ruined the competition, Heavenly Court’s human path methods would be stopped, they would not be able to take success dao marks from Infallible blessed land .

Without success dao marks, how could Yuan Qiong Du dare to repair fate Gu?

This was the only chance of victory!

Breathing in deeply, a cold light flashed across Fang Yuan’s eyes .

Even though he knew that Longevity Heaven was making use of him, this open scheme was in line with his own benefits, he had to do it!

Activating his immortal killer move, Fang Yuan moved like a phantom as he dashed around with shocking speed .

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Everywhere he went, Heavenly Court’s Immortal Gu Houses avoided him, because of Fang Yuan, the defensive line of Heavenly Court was in complete chaos .

It was a pity that at this time, Western Desert’s Immortal Gu Houses were all restricted by Heavenly Court, they also had no motivation to go all in, they were unable to make a breakthrough .

Li Huang and Qing Ye arrived again and interrupted Fang Yuan .

Usually at this time, while Fang Yuan was busy with Li Huang and Qing Ye, Heavenly Court’s defensive line would be reformed .

But it was different now!

Fang Yuan roared, turning into the immemorial year monkey .

Immortal killer move — Spring Scissors!

Immortal killer move — Summer Fan!

Be it spring scissors or summer fan, Fang Yuan aimed at the Emperor City below .

This made Li Huang and Qing Ye’s expressions change .

“Be careful, demon Fang Yuan is going all in!”

“Stop him!”

Li Huang and Qing Ye’s killer moves landed on Fang Yuan, winter coat killer move resisted them with difficulty, rank eight immortal essence was expended rapidly .

All the Immortal Gu Houses flustered, they tried to defend Emperor City by blocking the attacks .

Using this chance, Western Desert’s Immortal Gu Houses attacked .

Fang Yuan ignored everything, he focused his killer moves on Emperor City .

Winter coat killer move was finally unable to hold on, it broke with a loud sound, Fang Yuan’s flesh was torn and his bones broke from countless attacks . Fang Yuan forcefully activated winter coat killer move disregarding the damage to the core Immortal Gu or his injuries .

But the core Immortal Gu of winter coat killer move was already damaged, now that it was used, the defensive power was much weaker, it continued to get broken by attacks . Eventually, Immortal Gu Winter succumbed to its injuries and got completely destroyed .

Fang Yuan was no longer able to use winter coat, he lost his main defensive method, thankfully, the immemorial year monkey had a strong body to begin with, Fang Yuan also used many time path methods that were better than nothing .

Fang Yuan’s relentless attacks had some great effect .

Emperor City was shaking, the Gu Masters who were in the competition got disrupted as their refinement failed .

“What happened?”

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“The entire city is shaking!”

The Gu Masters were shocked and uncertain .

The Central Continent Gu Immortals who were inside Emperor City quickly made their move .

“Protect these Gu Masters!”

“Don’t let them die . ”

“These people are blessed by Central Continent’s human path luck, they are people with great fortune . If many of them die, our luck will not be able to resist demon Fang Yuan . ”

It turned out that Heavenly Court’s arrangements also considered the element of luck .

Even though Heavenly Court did not have too much confidence in luck path, they could use this rough method to eliminate Fang Yuan’s advantage in luck path .

“Ah, a chance! Fang clan’s immortals, the best opportunity is before us . ” Inside Immortal Gu House Chicken Dog Coop, Fang clan’s rank seven Gu Immortal shouted as his eyes shined .


Chicken Dog Coop was manipulated by Fang clan’s Gu Immortals, they crashed towards Emperor City while moving extremely close to the ground .

Heavenly Court’s attention was completely drawn to Fang Yuan .

If Chicken Dog Coop used an immortal killer move, it would be detected, they would lose the chance as Heavenly Court would return to defend the city .

But now, Chicken Dog Coop gave up on all methods, they charged directly without reservation, they had used their time optimally!

“Oh no!” Li Huang, Qing Ye, and the rest were pale with shock .

Undoubtedly, Chicken Dog Coop chose the best timing to attack, at this moment, Heavenly Court could only watch as it crashed into Emperor City .

Even though they had several immortal killer moves, there was too little time, they did not have enough power to stop Chicken Dog Coop .

Close, they were close .

The Gu Masters in Emperor City were still unaware while Li Huang and the other Gu Immortals had looks of despair .

The fatal attack was going to land!

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