Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1803

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Chapter 1803: 1803

Chapter 1803 Dragonman Clone

Sovereign immortal aperture, Mini Red Heaven .

A large formation was making loud noises, variant human Gu Immortals were fully prepared for combat with Bai Ning Bing at their lead .


There was the sound of enormous tidal waves and an immemorial year beast rushed out of the formation that was shining in silver light .

“This is an immemorial year pig!” Lady White Rabbit shouted excitedly .

“Great, the year essence pool lacks this species of year beast . ” Fairy Miao Yin also added spiritedly .

There was nothing to say, the battle started immediately .

The immortals controlled Myriad Year Flying Warship and battled the immemorial year pig .

The immemorial year pig had a sturdy body, but Myriad Year Flying Warship was also incomparably firm, both sides were evenly matched .

The battle caused a storm just from its aftermath . If it were an ordinary immortal aperture, the Gu Immortal would definitely suffer heavy losses . But Fang Yuan’s sovereign immortal aperture was too vast .

He had devoured the lifetime accumulations of many Gu Immortals, but even then, his sovereign immortal aperture was only seventeen to eighteen percent developed .

This Mini Red Heaven was specially left empty by Fang Yuan, reserved as a battlefield .

Currently, the mini five regions’ development was flourishing, seven of the mini nine heavens also had some resources . Mini Red Heaven was completely empty, dream realms were stored in Mini Green Heaven, and Mini Yellow Heaven only had a small segment of a gold fragment current .

The mini five regions still had a lot of unoccupied land, it could be estimated that the mini nine heavens would remain barren for a long period of time .

Normally speaking, when a Gu Immortal advances to rank eight and gains a grotto-heaven, they would actively develop the sky because there would be no free space left on the land . But Fang Yuan was a special case and could not be assessed by common sense .

The battle of the rank eight Immortal Gu House and the immemorial desolate beast lasted for a few days before the latter lost and gave in .

Fang Yuan’s main body was sweeping through green ghost desert, while inside his immortal aperture, his subordinates were using Myriad Year Flying Warship to subdue immemorial year beasts .

On one hand, Fang Yuan was intentionally making these rank seven Gu Immortals get familiar with Myriad Year Flying Warship so that they could participate in battles of rank eights in the future .

On the other hand, Fang Yuan was using the immemorial year beast fishing formation to attract immemorial year beasts in an attempt to complete his Twelve Zodiac battle formation .

Fang Yuan had started on the plan of Twelve Zodiac battle formation in his previous life .

This was an ancient battle formation .

Gathering twelve different species of immemorial year beasts and using them as cores for the formation .

Twelve Zodiac battle formation was specialized in offense, and it could move freely after the formation was complete . During inactive times, these immemorial year beasts could be sealed, becoming like statues, unmoving and not requiring food . But during battle, the seal would be released, they would make up the battle formation and attack the enemy .

There were many advantages of this formation, one was it saved a lot on food expenditure .

In his previous life, Fang Yuan saw this point and had intended to use this method to ease the pressure on his immortal aperture management .

But in this life, Fang Yuan was very affluent, saving the food expenditure became secondary and what Fang Yuan prioritized now was the strong offensive prowess of this formation .

Only immemorial year beasts were qualified to be the cores of the Twelve Zodiac battle formation . Fang Yuan would be unable to construct the Twelve Zodiac battle formation if he used ancient year beasts or desolate level year beasts .

This showed that the Twelve Zodiac battle formation could definitely suppress the methods of ordinary rank eight Gu Immortals .

However, it was not as easy as it seemed to gather twelve different species of immemorial year beast .

It depended not only on strength but also luck .

In his previous life, Fang Yuan did not have the time and energy to spare on this and his luck was also bad, so he was not able to gather the complete battle formation even by the time of the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention .

The River of Time had a lot of year beasts, but the species of these year beasts were not allocated evenly . Instead, a certain species of year beasts would have a huge increase in its population during a certain period of time .

Fang Yuan also was not completely sure if he could gather them all in this life .

But in this life, the manpower, resources, time, and energy put into this project along with the increase in his luck was much more than his previous life .

This was a fact .

Time continued to pass .

Southern Border’s righteous path was being extorted by Fang Yuan, many secretly thought of ways to deal with Fang Yuan but were afraid of alerting him .

Western Desert’s righteous path forces were confronting each other, Fang clan and Wan clan’s argument was continuing without an end . The other righteous path forces were restraining themselves, but hidden undercurrents were surging .

In Northern Plains, Longevity Heaven was trying hard to unite the whole Northern Plains Gu Immortal world but there was little progress . In the previous life, Longevity Heaven took in Lang Ya blessed sect which made the Northern Plains Gu Immortals realize their sincerity, greatly reducing the hostile intentions . But in this life, Lang Ya blessed land was already completely taken by Fang Yuan .

In Eastern Sea, it was tranquil as always . There were some disturbances occasionally but they were nothing major . The most sensational issue would be the matter of Ascending Heaven Plain, but this matter was already settled .

In Central Continent, because of the defeat in Lang Ya blessed land, Heavenly Court was recuperating . Fairy Zi Wei wanted to find trouble with Fang Yuan, but she was helpless because Fang Yuan was wholeheartedly cultivating in seclusion, even if he took action, he would do it in disguise, making it hard for others to distinguish reality from rumors .

The Gu Immortal world of the five regions entered a temporary peaceful period .

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Fang Yuan did not waste even a second of his time, he used this rare peaceful period to constantly process his gains and strengthen himself .

Time cutting edge was one step closer to perfection .

He could already use all five colored lights of five restriction profound light qi at the same time after this period of painstaking training, but he was still some distance left from becoming completely proficient .

The progress of his soul path cultivation was also highly satisfactory .

Fang Yuan’s soul had already passed ten million man soul level, reaching one hundred million man soul!

This was the limit of a human .

Before Spectral Soul Demon Venerable appeared, in the long and endless history of humanity, even if there were shocking talents and geniuses, they could not progress beyond one hundred million man soul .

Man was the spirit of all living beings, humans had the strongest intelligence, but when their strength was compared, the sharpness of their nails, and the robustness of their souls, they were far inferior to other beings .

However, cultivation itself was a process of breaking one’s limits .

Gu Master could possess strength to suppress fierce beasts by using Gu worms, grow nails sharper than those of fierce beasts, and naturally, have the foundation to possess even more robust souls .

Spectral Soul Demon Venerable was the first to innovate this method of breaking through the limits, Fang Yuan naturally had a grasp of this method after inheriting Shadow Sect’s true inheritance .

Cultivating beyond the limit of a human soul was desolate soul!

Although one hundred million man soul was already condensed to the limit and could interfere with the real world, it was still fragile .

But when the soul reached desolate soul level, there would be an earth-shaking change in its battle strength, Fang Yuan would be able to match most desolate beasts with just his soul .

The one who had reached the peak in this was Spectral Soul . In the Battle of Yi Tian Mountain, he had used just his soul to fight against the heavenly and human calamities, his awe-inspiring demonic might had left an extremely deep impression on Fang Yuan, making him feel desire towards reaching this level .

“But I still have things to do before I breakthrough to desolate soul!”

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture, Fang Yuan’s split soul was put inside the Long Hair refinement path formation .

The formation began to work, its light dyed all the surroundings bright red like blazing fire .

After the experience of failing several times before, Fang Yuan’s movements were smooth .

“Concentrate, we are going to add the main immortal material next . ” Fang Yuan commanded, Lang Ya land spirit, who was helping as an assistant, nodded immediately, helping Fang Yuan control the formation .

The space inside the formation formed into partitioned secret rooms that were specially meant to store immortal materials .

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At this moment, one secret room opened and the immortal material inside immediately entered the formation .

This immortal material was called prospering spring light, it was a rank eight immortal material . Although it was a light path immortal material, it was condensed in the form of a flower . The flower bloomed open, its pure white petals were adorned with bright red specks along with blotches of bright green . The flower was lifelike and delicate, and was bursting with vitality .

The moment the prospering spring light entered the fire, it melted into pure white light that poured over Fang Yuan’s split soul .

The light fully covered the soul .

The fire continued to burn the soul .

Gu materials were thrown in one after the other, at the same time, several Immortal Gu outside the formation were ceaselessly activated .

Hairy man Gu Immortals were assisting with all their strength, some were dealing with the immortal materials, some were controlling the fire, and some were inspecting the wastage .

This was a group Gu refinement, the expenditure was much higher than refining Gu alone, but the difficulty of the Gu refinement was also lower .

In the previous life, Fang Yuan was alone and did not have this treatment . In this life, he annexed Lang Ya Sect, the refinement path capability he grasped had already surpassed Heavenly Court!

How many refinement path Gu Immortals could Heavenly Court awaken? Even if there were refinement path great experts hibernating in the immortal graveyard, there would be very few who might possess refinement path quasi-supreme grandmaster attainment level .

Naturally, Heavenly Court’s treasuries were extremely rich, they far surpassed Fang Yuan in this aspect . Even though Fang Yuan had swallowed the lifetime accumulations of so many Gu Immortals, he could not hold a candle to Heavenly Court .

The refinement was going well, Fang Yuan’s spirits rose as he shouted: “Next is false pearl!”

False pearl was not a pearl but a transformation path immortal material that could transform into any gem .

It was also a rank eight material like prospering spring light, and was this refinement’s main material!

The false pearl quickly integrated into the fire .

Fang Yuan called out: “Bai Ning Bing!”

Bai Ning Bing nodded, she was already standing in a formation core, she lightly swung her arm, blood flew out of the injury on her hand .

The blood entered the raging fire, the crimson fire immediately turned into a bewitching blood red color .

Moreover, dense blood qi spread into the surroundings .

Sixth Hair immediately gathered this blood qi and constantly removed it .

If this was not done, this blood qi could heavily interfere with the next process of refinement .

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The blood fire reduced in size the more it burned, and soon it shrunk to the size of a fist .

Fang Yuan took a deep breath, the other Gu Immortals also had solemn expressions .

Next was a crucial step .

“Release the raging wave rising dragon fire!” Fang Yuan sent the command .

The raging wave rising dragon fire could act on its own, the moment it was released, it sought to fly away from the formation, but how was it possible?

The Long Hair refinement path formation firmly blocked it and forced it to collide with the blood fire .

The two fires were quite distinct from each other, but they soon merged with each other, forming a large lump of colorful fire .

The mixed fire similarly reduced in size the more it burned while also emitting dense suffocating smoke .

The smoke settled down and covered the fire, forming a pitch-black sphere . From outside, one could vaguely see the bright fire in the center of the smoke sphere .


The smoke sphere lasted for about an hour when it suddenly exploded, countless gusts of smoke flew around chaotically like dragons . Air waves surged and people could hear a sound like that of a dragon roar .

A dragonman Gu Master walked out of the smoke and revealed himself .

He was muscular and handsome, he had a tall nose bridge and firm lips . He looked like a peerless hero .

He had golden dragon scales on his body, he had a pair of dragon eyes like topaz, there was also a pair of golden coral-like dragon horns on his head .

Seeing him, Lang Ya land spirit laughing loudly: “Success, we succeeded!”

Indeed, this young rank one Gu Master was Fang Yuan’s dragonman clone .

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