Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1816

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Chapter 1816: Chapter 1816 - Absorbing Qi Sea Grotto-heaven

Chapter 1816 Absorbing Qi Sea Grotto-heaven

Inside the sovereign immortal aperture .

Mini White Heaven .

The dragonman clone smiled as he stretched out his hand .

Before him stood a fawn .

The fawn lowered its head before the dragonman clone, stretching out its tiny pink tongue and licking the dragonman clone’s palm .

“Master . ” The fawn spoke in human language .

It was not an ordinary fawn of course, it was created from the obsession of Qi Xiang fusing with the heavenly power of the grotto-heaven, resulting in this Qi Sea heavenly spirit .

Qi Sea heavenly spirit had the appearance of a snow-white fawn, its eyes were golden in color, extremely dazzling .

But on the fawn’s back, near the right side, there was a deep wound that exposed the bones, it extended towards its stomach, leaving behind a dense amount of dao marks .

Dragonman clone sighed: “Your injuries are severe, my methods might not work . ”

This was the injury the fawn sustained when it used unlimited qi sea against Qi Sea grotto-heaven’s myriad tribulation .

In the previous life, when Bai Ning Bing attacked Qi Sea grotto-heaven, the heavenly spirit had fallen asleep due to its injuries, it was rudely awakened .

The fawn was a heavenly spirit, it was a special existence created from the fusion of obsession and heavenly power .

To heal the fawn, wisdom path methods were the most appropriate .

Thus, Fang Yuan tried but had no success .

Even though Fang Yuan’s refinement path methods were stronger, he did not dare to use them rashly .

It was not that he was helpless against one wound, but these methods were too powerful and uncontrollable, they were harmful to the heavenly spirit fawn . Very likely, the treatment might kill this Qi Sea heavenly spirit .

If the treatment kills Qi Sea heavenly spirit, what was the point of wasting effort in trying to save it?

For now, Fang Yuan could not heal this fawn .

But this heavenly spirit did not mind that, it was in fact quite happy . After Qi Sea grotto-heaven got annexed, it did not die, it still existed .

Every life form would have basic survival instincts, heavenly spirits were the same, they were inclined to finding a master and preserving the grotto-heaven .

Of course, they would only submit to masters who fulfilled their conditions . Or if methods like blood light spirit suppression were used .

Fang Yuan was thinking about the mystery of land spirits and heavenly spirits .

The Gu world had countless mysteries, the more Fang Yuan interacted with them, the more he realized how little he knew .

When ordinary Gu Immortals annex apertures, even if land spirits existed, they would die when the annexation is completed . But the sovereign immortal aperture broke this rule, there had to be a reason for it .

But Shadow Sect had no records of it .

Maybe Spectral Soul Demon Venerable hid the details, or maybe Shadow Sect’s true inheritance was not everything that Spectral Soul had .

Or maybe even Spectral Soul Demon Venerable had no idea that the sovereign immortal aperture would end up like this .

It was like how Fang Yuan could only understand the general concept behind an unknown Immortal Gu that he just refined, even though he had such strong refinement path attainment, he could not comprehend it entirely . A newly created and unprecedented Gu was especially so, only by using it could the Gu Immortal learn more things about it .

Right now, Fang Yuan’s sovereign immortal aperture had many land spirits and heavenly spirits .

Land spirits were more abundant, among them, Lang Ya land spirit was the most unique, he was made from two obsessions .

There were also a snake, star core, black hound, land spirits in all sorts of forms were scattered in different locations over the sovereign immortal aperture .

They were all useful assistants in managing the sovereign immortal aperture, they were in charge of their own territories .

Fang Yuan did not kill these heavenly spirits and land spirits, he preserved them .

Now was not the time, in the future, he was going to understand the logic behind their existence .

This was also why he wanted to save Qi Sea heavenly spirit .

After Qi Sea grotto-heaven was assimilated, Fang Yuan placed it in Mini White Heaven .

There were evident changes to the sovereign immortal aperture now .

All sorts of qi were growing and interacting, Mini White Heaven had the most evident signs, countless white clouds were forming and spreading .

The other eight mini heavens were the same, they all had their own colors .

These clouds were still like thin fog, they had not grown into cloud soil of their respective colors .

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But this was just the start .

According to Fang Yuan’s deductions, for the following period of time, different qi would appear in all parts of the sovereign immortal aperture .

These qi were of different types of varieties, most were mortal Gu materials .

But after a while, after enough mortal level qi are accumulated, they would start producing qi path immortal materials .

And after an even longer time, these qi path immortal materials would stabilize and create a special connection with the environment, that would be the initial formation of a resource point .

If it develops well, these tiny resource points might grow into small, mid, and large sized resource points .

Of course, without human interference, the chances of the sovereign immortal aperture generating a large sized resource point was simply too small, it was negligible .

All these changes were due to the addition of a million qi path dao marks .

These qi path dao marks were the accumulation of Qi Sea grotto-heaven, now that Fang Yuan annexed it, these qi path dao marks spread out and became distributed all over the mini five regions and nine heavens .

Each time he annexed an immortal aperture, he would gain dao marks, the environment of the immortal aperture would change slightly .

Like in the previous life, Fang Yuan annexed Beast Calamity grotto-heaven, gaining transformation path dao marks, this caused the entire sovereign immortal aperture to produce a larger variety of living beings . For example, the ordinary foxes in Mini Northern Plains would reproduce and have a greater chance of becoming red foxes, grey foxes, wind foxes, cloud foxes, or others, even becoming mutated beasts like autumn water fox or flowing light fox…

After annexing Xia Cha grotto-heaven, he gained a bunch of time path dao marks, the tributary of the River of Time became wider . Fang Yuan could control the upper and lower limit of the rate of time to a greater extent as a result .

Very evidently, randomly annexing apertures was not a good thing .

Because the increase in dao marks would cause the environment to change dramatically, without wisdom path methods to absorb these changes, the Gu Immortal’s development inside the immortal aperture would be ruined, they would lose all their assets .

The living habitat of the immortal aperture world was always a tight chain . If one small species of grass became extinct, it could lead to a crisis for countless species higher up in the food chain . In comparison, the annexing of immortal apertures would cause huge environmental shifts!

The reason why Fang Yuan gained from it was because the sovereign immortal aperture was too big and vast, it made these influences negligible when spread out .

Most Gu Immortals had tiny immortal apertures compared to this sovereign immortal aperture .

When the same volume of water is stored in a bottle and a vat, the bottle would be full while the vat is only filled to a negligible amount .

Other than that, fang yuan had deep wisdom path attainment, along with other paths that allowed him to easily deal with all the changes that happened .

“It was still okay when I annexed Xia Cha grotto-heaven, but after annexing Qi Sea grotto-heaven, the gain of a million qi path dao marks has made an evident change to the sovereign immortal aperture!”

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Xia Cha did not pass any myriad tribulations, she only had seventy thousand time path dao marks .

In the previous life, Fang Yuan annexed Beast Calamity grotto-heaven, which had over a hundred thousand transformation path dao marks . And this was because Beast Calamity Immortal had gone through one myriad tribulation before dying, the Beast Calamity grotto-heaven that he left behind did not pass a second myriad tribulation .

Qi Xiang was very strong in the past .

After all, the Five Xiangs were united and dominated the two heavens, their reputation was high in the five regions, they were incredibly famous .

After Qi Xiang died, Qi Sea grotto-heaven was left behind, it did not devour any fragment of the nine heavens, it still had to face endless calamities and tribulations .

Difficulties led to wealth!

After thousands of years, Qi Sea grotto-heaven had gone through more than ten myriad tribulations, each one gave around a hundred thousand dao marks .

Along with Qi Xiang’s accumulations in his life, there were over a million qi path dao marks .

This was a shocking achievement .

It was not easy!

Myriad tribulations were terrifying, even rank eight Gu Immortals were fearful of them, they could only pass with great difficulty .

But Qi Sea grotto-heaven had survived for such a long time .

Mainly by relying on unlimited qi sea! The heavenly spirit controlled this move and with sufficient rank eight immortal essence, Qi Sea grotto-heaven managed to pass each time .

“Of course, this move is incredible, it not only consumes immortal essence but also different types of qi . By expending qi, the immortal essence expenditure could be reduced, while also increasing this move’s power!”

“For the last thousands of years, Qi clan’s Gu Immortals had been going all over the world collecting these types of qi . ”

Compared to it, Beast Calamity grotto-heaven was just a child .

Even though Lang Ya blessed land had an even longer history, it had purposely fallen to a blessed land, it did not have to face myriad tribulations, the strongest tribulations it faced were grand tribulations, so it gained much fewer dao marks .

Other than that, Lang Ya blessed land also used killer moves to influence the contents of the calamities and tribulations, allowing it to gain a large number of water path dao marks .

These water path dao marks worked with the refinement path dao marks, creating refinement water .

In order to create a man-made secluded domain of heaven and earth, Lang Ya blessed land had expended a vast number of refinement path and water path dao marks .

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“If I did not annex this Qi Sea grotto-heaven, with the heavenly spirit fawn’s injuries, it would not be able to survive much longer . With a few more myriad tribulations, this grotto-heaven would be destroyed . ”

Thus, one could not say that Lang Ya land spirit’s decision was wrong . If Lang Ya blessed land was kept as a grotto-heaven, even if it obtained ten times the number of refinement path dao marks, it would not exist until today .

Fang Yuan continued to cultivate .

On one hand, he was trying his best to assimilate Qi Sea grotto-heaven entirely, on the other hand, he started practising qi path killer moves .

The consecutive hit method that Ba Shi Ba possessed was given up after Fang Yuan tried it .

The most important thing now were qi path killer moves, especially unlimited qi sea!

The power of unlimited qi sea was truly tremendous, it helped Qi Sea grotto-heaven pass so many myriad tribulations .

In the previous life, Fang Yuan lacked foundation and time, he also needed resources so he dismantled the killer move unlimited qi sea .

But now, as a qi path great grandmaster who annexed Qi Sea grotto-heaven, this unlimited qi sea killer move was usable by him .

The sovereign immortal aperture’s time flow was much faster than in the previous life as well!

This gave Fang Yuan even more time to practise his killer moves .

Fang Yuan’s qi path foundation soared to a peak, after he turns it into battle strength, he would definitely gain a huge amount of strength that would surpass his current state!

“If my qi path battle strength is formed, it will surpass time path and become my main offensive method . ”

“A million qi path dao marks, hehe, it is truly not a joke . ”

“By then, I can try to subdue Dragon Palace, I will be able to fight for it against multiple rank eight Gu Immortals, forcefully taking away this Immortal Gu House . ”

Fang Yuan’s gaze was eerie, he had made his plans long ago .

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