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Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1951

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:12:54 AM

Chapter 1951: Chapter 1951 - Deadlock

“No matter how strong Duke Long is, he is only one person . Charge! We will attack together, Heavenly Court’s defensive line is so wide, let’s see how he will defend it . ” Wu Yong shouted, his sharp gaze containing a trace of restlessness . Duke Long’s astonishing performance had already triggered subtle changes in people’s hearts, he could not let him act so unbridled!

Wu Yong controlled Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building and took the lead, this move immediately made the Immortal Gu Houses around him start attacking once again .

Duke Long snorted, he suddenly disappeared and appeared to block Wu Yong’s path . His expression was grim and was about to attack Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building when Dragon Palace also attacked him .

Immortal killer move — Dreamy Light Smoke!

Duke Long stared with wide eyes as he had no choice but to dodge .

One skill to dominate the world!

Facing the dream path killer move, no matter how strong he was, Duke Long did not dare to test it .

His evasion immediately made Wu Shuai, Wu Yong and others let out a sigh of relief .

Duke Long’s mighty image that gave a feeling of being invincible was broken by this action .

The three regions’ immortals’ falling spirits became concentrated again .

“Fortunately, he dodged it . ” Thin beads of sweat covered Wu Shuai’s head .

Dreamy light smoke might be a dream path killer move but it had a limited strength . Facing such a powerful Duke Long, it was like using a small fish net to capture a giant shark .

Duke Long could not resist dream path killer moves, the giant shark could definitely be trapped, but what about after that? The shark would struggle to break free and could tear the small fish net .

Back to the present, even if Wu Shuai captured Duke Long, it was far beyond Dragon Palace’s ability to force such a powerful expert inside the palace, let alone suppress him .

The final conclusion might very well be Dragon Palace crumbling apart while Duke Long would be temporarily trapped inside a dream realm . But there was Feng Jin Huang who could deal with dream realms and quickly rescue Duke Long .

So, Wu Shuai’s move was only a bluff . Duke Long took the bait because he was not aware of this dream path killer move’s details .

This was also why Gu Immortals kept their killer moves hidden and would not display them easily . And when they showed their killer moves several times, they would actively modify them .

Duke Long retreated, the three regions’ immortals led a massive attack once again under Wu Yong’s lead, using this opportunity to gather and attack .

“Hmph, besides Lord Duke Long, Heavenly Court also has us!”

“You will definitely pay for underestimating us . ”

“With us around, don’t even think of succeeding . ”

At the crucial moment, Zhu Que Er, Bai Cang Shui, Zhao Shan He and others of Heavenly Court’s main force stepped forward, welcoming the violent attacks without fearing death .

“A bunch of old geezers . How much time do you even have left?” Hua Cai Yun sneered, countless thunder clouds shot out from beside her .

Boom boom boom!

The thunder clouds detonated ahead of time, they were all accurately intercepted by Yu Zhu Zi .

“How much time? We never cared! As long as we have a breath of life in us, we will crawl out from our graves!” Yu Zhu Zi shouted and pushed forward the back of his hand, a large patch of jade powder flew forward like fog .

“Retreat!” Facing the unknown killer move, Hua Cai Yun did not dare to test it and immediately retreated to be on the safe side .

“We will never lose this battle! Do you know why?” Zhou Xiong Xin wore a white robe and had thick eyebrows and a square face . He used information path methods, shooting out countless white arrows .

“Because since three million years ago, we have always been the pioneers of the eras, the backbone of humanity, the heroes of Central Continent . We will never forget the disgrace of becoming slaves to variant humans, we will never forget that peace is something we have fought for using our lives, and we will never forget that the happiness of the people needs to be guarded by each generation . ”

“As for you, you are petty people who don’t care about endangering humanity for your selfish interests . Short-sighted fools who cannot even see the future! Come, no matter what methods you have, no matter how many times you attack, you will only receive defeat!”

Zhou Xiong Xin shouted loudly, his endless arrows became stronger with his words; using attack as defense, the arrows forced back Five Elements Grandmaster, Yi Hao Fang, and other rank eights . They could only prioritize defense, the offense they had just started as well as their morale shrank rapidly . ”

“Look, this is our Heavenly Court’s perseverance!” Zhu Que Er and Prince Feng Xian combined their skills, flames surged and formed a completely new defensive line, firmly blocking the charge of several rank seven Immortal Gu Houses .

“Hmph, a bunch of babbling geezers . The immortal graveyard is already destroyed now, after killing you, let me see who else will stand up in Heavenly Court?” A famous expert in Northern Plains’ history, Liu Hui had just finished speaking when he felt his vision darken .

Duke Long suddenly appeared right before him!


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Immortal killer move — Dragon Claw Strike!

Liu Hui’s whole body let out a bright green light, his defensive killer move was activated with full power . But it only lasted for a second before it shattered, his whole body was slashed into pieces .

Liu Hui died immediately from Duke Long’s one attack .

Five Elements Grandmaster and others quickly retreated in fright, entering their respective side’s Immortal Gu Houses .

Duke Long swept his gaze around the battlefield and shouted: “You colluded with the otherworldly demon and attempted to overthrow Heavenly Court, you are all traitors to humanity . You don’t understand, even if we battle to the death, our three qi will still remain . This is the grand qi of humanity, it will last forever with mountains and the land itself . Triple qi retraction!”


A huge explosion sounded, the whole sky turned dark . Three qi flocked and gathered into Duke Long’s body from all areas of Heavenly Court .

Duke Long’s translucent blazing qi expanded wildly, giving a heart-shaking feeling to everyone .

Immortal killer move — Great Qi Hand Explosion!

Duke Long stretched his left arm and spread his five fingers, his palm pointed towards a rank seven Immortal Gu House .

At the next moment, he clenched his left hand .

Bam .

Great qi exploded, the rank seven Immortal Gu House split into pieces, exploding into countless fragments . Immortal Gu were all destroyed, the Gu Immortals inside also met with calamity, none survived and only bones, blood, and meat pulp were left behind .

The three regions’ Gu Immortals were horrified and stupefied .

Heavenly Court’s side cheered loudly .

“This is Heavenly Court’s power!” Inside Demon Judgment Board, Qin Ding Ling’s eyes shined brightly . Fang Zheng, however, was silent as he was shaken mentally .

The shock was not only to Duke Long’s strength, there was also a kind of turbulence going on in his mind .

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At this moment, Fang Zheng began to understand the spirit of Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals!

“Yes . ” Fang Zheng thought inwardly: “If there were no Heavenly Court in history, could there be the current human race? Generations of Heavenly Court Gu Immortals cleared away obstacles with their blood, making countless sacrifices to bring about the rule of humanity . Comparatively, Fang Yuan and these people disregard the big picture, destroying fate Gu is giving the variant humans a chance to rise up . They are indeed traitors to humanity . ”


Right at this time, a sword light pierced through the battlefield, bringing forth a soft sound and a bloody figure .

Zhu Que Er slowly fell to the ground like a sparrow whose wings were cut, her body was directly slashed into two halves .

Immortal killer move — Five Finger Fist Heart Sword!

It was Fang Yuan! He was sinisterly roaming at the edge of the battlefield in his immemorial sword dragon form .

“Fang Yuan!” Heavenly Court’s immortals were furious .

Fang Yuan sneered: “I am here for my own interests! I don’t give a damn about what you are, you can be noble or insignificant for all I care . Today, I will destroy fate Gu, I will kill whoever dares to stop me, if an immortal blocks me, I will slay the immortal, if a demon comes, I will slaughter the demon in my way! Heavenly Court? Since you obstruct my path, you will meet with the same outcome!”

“Hmph, demon! You need to be executed!”

“Kill him!”

“Murderer, I will crush you to pieces!!”

Heavenly Court’s immortals cursed .


Di Zang Sheng recovered and collided into the defensive line again .

Dragon Palace cooperated and used dreamy light smoke .

Wherever the dream path killer move went, Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals evaded . Feng Jiu Ge gave a light sigh, activating a killer move and turning it into a song warrior .

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The song warrior threw itself into the dreamy light smoke . Dreamy light smoke thus had no more offensive ability and returned like a python that had eaten its fill .

Feng Jiu Ge could not directly break the dream path killer move, but he was able to block it by using this method .

Destiny song resounded once again, Di Zang Sheng roared discontentedly but was without options, and was once again suppressed by Feng Jiu Ge .

Far away, Spectral Soul and his servants had already arrived in front of a treasury .

Looking back at the battlefield, Fairy Zi Wei sighed: “I did not think triple qi retraction still had this use . Duke Long’s battle strength has risen to an astonishing level . Adding on Feng Jiu Ge’s assistance, Heavenly Court’s defensive line looks to be on the verge of collapse but is actually able to keep on lasting . ”

According to overall strength, Heavenly Court was naturally stronger .

But they had to defend Heaven Overseeing Tower and were thus extremely passive, even Duke Long was shackled by this .

Duke Long could easily kill rank eight Gu Immortals or rank seven Immortal Gu Houses, and Fang Yuan could similarly kill Heavenly Court members easily by using five finger fist heart sword . Duke Long had to leave the defensive line and choose to fight Fang Yuan far away .

If these two were allowed to attack the other side’s Gu Immortals, Fang Yuan would not feel even a little heartache, but Heavenly Court needed enough manpower to defend the place . Duke Long would never let Fang Yuan continue his slaughter .

On the contrary, if Fang Yuan endured Duke Long’s attacks, wholeheartedly attacking Heavenly Court’s main force was also an option . But if he chose to do this, he would have to bear Duke Long’s heavy attacks . Fang Yuan was not willing to do this, after all, he and the other three regions’ Gu Immortals allied only because of the situation . Sacrificing himself for them was too stupid and too risky .

Thus, Fang Yuan and Duke Long pinned down each other .

Feng Jiu Ge instead became the core of the battle, he took charge of Heaven Overseeing Tower’s defense while blocking Dragon Palace and Di Zang Sheng . His battle strength surpassed both enemies and allies’ expectations time and again .

Old Man Zheng Yuan narrowed his eyes: “Now, we just have to see who can break the stalemate . The crucial point is fate Gu . Heavenly Court has already harvested the success dao marks, but the refinement path Gu formation is destroyed, can Yuan Qiong Du alone be able to restore fate Gu in time? Master, if we interfere now, can’t we seize fate Gu?”

Spectral Soul laughed: “What will we gain by snatching it? Don’t think that they are fighting with all they have got, they are still holding back . There is more to this situation than meets the eye! The past venerables have gotten involved in this battle . We will talk after plundering this treasury and getting back the Door of Life and Death . ”

“Yes, master!”

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