Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1965

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Chapter 1965: Chapter 1965 - He Was Still Feng Jiu Ge

On stone lotus island, Feng Jiu Ge browsed through the memories left behind by Red Lotus .

He returned to reality .

Red Lotus’ will was like a real person, extremely vivid: “Other than my memories, I have two things for you . One is rank eight future self killer move, the other is the Immortal Gu recipe of destiny Gu . ”

Next, Red Lotus’ will explained in detail: “Rank eight future self killer move will allow you to instantly gain pseudo venerable battle strength . After all, you are the Dao Guardian of the predestined Great Dream Immortal Venerable . In history, as long as Dao Guardians matured, they would have such a cultivation level . Future self will also allow you to utilize your strongest state in the future at this moment . ”

“As for destiny Gu’s Immortal Gu recipe, even though it is just an incomplete Gu recipe, it was created according to the destiny song that you will create in the future . It has the same origin as your destiny song . ”

“A thousand years later, you will create the complete destiny song . But I cannot give it to you directly, because fate Gu is not destroyed completely yet, it will not allow this . ”

“Thus, I used another method, converting it into a rank nine destiny Gu recipe, it will be a huge help to you, you will comprehend destiny song in its initial form . ”

Feng Jiu Ge was moved .

The true inheritance from Red Lotus’ will was completely suited for his needs, he could not refuse .

But he did not lose his cool, he acutely sensed the meaning behind Red Lotus’ will’s words .

“The initial form of destiny song?” Feng Jiu Ge asked .

Red Lotus’s will nodded: “Indeed . For the following thousand years, you will modify destiny song many times . Eventually, you will make this killer move extremely profound, at the last modification, this killer move will actually possess the ability to grow on its own . The more Gu Immortals hit by it, the more it can extract the power of destiny from them to grow further . This is an excellent killer move . ”

“However, I need to remind you something . As long as fate Gu still exists, your destiny song will be suppressed and sealed . ”

Feng Jiu Ge shook his head: “Red Lotus Demon Venerable, thank you for the true inheritance . I understand what you mean, in fact, before now, Fang Yuan had already reminded me many times . But I will not destroy Fate or resist Heavenly Court just because of your true inheritance . ”

Red Lotus’ will smiled lightly: “I am not asking for anything . I am only sharing my experience with you, I placed this crucial strength to break free from fate in your hands, as for your choice, that is up to you . The decision will be made by you in the end, won’t it?”

Feng Jiu Ge left the stone lotus island with a heavy heart .

Fate showed preferential treatment for Red Lotus Demon Venerable, even though it took his parents and lover, he was given unparalleled talent and aptitude, he had supreme strength and status . But Red Lotus was not willing to accept this .

People were not puppets, they had their own thoughts .

“Even the venerable Red Lotus was like this, what about me, a Dao Guardian?” Feng Jiu Ge thought about himself .

Seeing the growth of Feng Jin Huang could truly bring joy and happiness to her parents .

Let alone his Dao Guardian status, even without it, why would Feng Jiu Ge not defend his own daughter?

“But, is this Dao Guardian status something I like and truly desire?” Feng Jiu Ge asked himself in his heart .

The truth was, nobody had ever asked him about it .

Be they Duke Long, Qin Ding Ling, or even the supreme elders of Spirit Affinity House, nobody asked him .

It was as if this status was glory, it was something natural to accept, Feng Jiu Ge should have been overjoyed to receive it, there was no need to ask such a redundant question .

But was it really that case?

Feng Jiu Ge thought of another deeper question: “Why do people live?”

This problem was just too broad and deep, the answer varied according to the person, a thousand people would come up with a thousand answers, in fact, even the same person would have different answers at different time periods .

Feng Jiu Ge could not answer this question .

He could only take a step back and ask himself truthfully: “For what purpose do I live?”

Feng Jiu Ge could not help but think back to his life experience .

He loved music when he was young, he did not hesitate to cultivate sound path .

From the start of his cultivation journey, he wanted to create a total of nine songs, to express himself, to express all living beings, and to express heaven and earth .

After that, he found a fortuitous encounter in a mountain valley, he by chance discovered the inheritance left behind by a sound path great expert, Spatial Sound Immortal Master .

He started to cultivate in the valley alone, feeling no loneliness at all . He was immersed in the delight of music, he cultivated and lived every day in a fulfilling manner . In this valley, he easily passed the crucial tribulation and became a rank six Gu Immortal without causing a commotion .

After becoming a Gu Immortal, Feng Jiu Ge did not have any emotion of pride or desire to show off .

Everything was natural, plain and simple .

He continued to cultivate in the valley and develop his immortal aperture, going from rank six to rank seven .

One day, two Gu Immortals arrived in the valley, they sang with Feng Jiu Ge .

Back then, it was nighttime with the moon hanging high and light wind blowing gently, causing ripples in a glittering lake in the valley .

As the three Gu Immortals sang in harmony, time flew by rapidly, and they had sung till dawn .

The three stopped singing and started laughing . They did not greet each other, but left full of joy .

Afterwards, the two were framed and hunted by the righteous path, after Feng Jiu Ge learned of this, he did not hesitate, he stepped forward to help them .

Thereafter, the unstoppable legend was created, he fought against all ten great ancient sects alone, he became a renowned champion in the world!

The ten great ancient sects lost their reputation, they accused Feng Jiu Ge of being a demonic cultivator and joined forces to resist him .

Feng Jiu Ge was not afraid, fighting as he continuously traveled a huge distance, suddenly changing his tactic and going for the enemy headquarters, causing the ten sects to lose miserably . The scene was total chaos and there was nothing anyone could do .

During this process, Feng Jiu Ge met with Spirit Affinity House’s Fairy Bai Qing, they developed feelings for each other, Feng Jiu Ge went into Spirit Affinity House and became a righteous path member .

Afterwards, Spirit Affinity House’s reputation soared, by relying on Feng Jiu Ge’s strength, their territory expanded, firmly suppressing the other nine ancient sects .

Following that, Eighty-Eight True Yang Building collapsed, Feng Jiu Ge led his group to investigate the situation .

Thus, a series of future events occurred, he was by chance saved by Fang Yuan and repaid the debt in Southern Border, blocking Wu Yong for him . After repaying the debt, Feng Jiu Ge chased after Fang Yuan again .

Until this point, Fang Yuan let Feng Jiu Ge go multiple times and even reminded and guided him to the stone lotus island, gaining a Red Lotus true inheritance .

“If my entire life’s journey was arranged by fate Gu, was I willingly living this life?”

Feng Jiu Ge shook his head, he was more willing to see it from another perspective: “It was all my choice! Back then, I chose to stand up for the two immortals, I gave up my life of peaceful seclusion because of the anger in my heart, I wanted to seek justice . ”

“I married Fairy Bai Qing and had a child with her, that was because I loved her . I taught my daughter Feng Jin Huang and raised her into an adult, that was also my love to my child . It was not decreed by Fate . ”

“If Fate wants me to lose Bai Qing and Jin Huang, will I do the same as Red Lotus?”

“If I have a good chance at this moment, in which as long as I make a move, I can destroy Fate, will I do it?”

Destroying Fate went against his own benefits . After all, Feng Jin Huang was the Great Dream Immortal Venerable decreed by fate Gu!

“But does Feng Jin Huang herself really want to become Great Dream Immortal Venerable?”

Feng Jiu Ge suddenly realized that just like how nobody had asked him if he wanted his status as a Dao Guardian, nobody had asked Feng Jin Huang if she really wanted to become Great Dream Immortal Venerable .

Including Feng Jiu Ge himself!

It was as if everything was natural and a matter of fact, there was nothing to question .

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Feng Jiu Ge asked himself an even deeper question .

“If Huang Er likes the fate of becoming Great Dream Immortal Venerable, while fate Gu is right in front of me and I can easily destroy it . Then, will I do it?”

This question made Feng Jiu Ge hesitate, he was unsure, he was perplexed, he was lost .

Reality did not give him time or space to think about this closely .

The battle to repair fate Gu was still in heated commotion now, Feng Jiu Ge had to join the battle .

On Hairy Foot Mountain, he saved Feng Jin Huang by singing destiny song .

With rank eight future self, he was one of the strongest Gu Immortals in the world . Destiny song’s power made even Di Zang Sheng falter .

On the battlefield, Feng Jiu Ge met with Fang Yuan once again .

Fang Yuan transmitted secretly: “Oh Feng Jiu Ge, you finally created destiny song . What do you think of this killer move?”

Feng Jiu Ge was silent .

He had to admit that this was truly his song, it was a song that he would create with his personality . His voice was contained in this song .

Yes, he did not want to acknowledge the existence of fate, but he felt deep emotions towards the cruelty and profundity of fate . He observed the lives of countless people, they had their highs and lows, he saw the hope, struggle, joy, happiness, sadness, and despair of these people…”

“If one says that fate is fixed while luck is a variable, then I desire that variable to exist within the people and all lifeforms, these changes should occur from one’s own choice!”

Feng Jiu Ge understood the truest intention in his heart .

“I did not create fate song, I created destiny song! This is the most honest thought I have in my inner heart . ”

At this moment, he realized the scheme that Fang Yuan and Red Lotus Demon Venerable had plotted .

They knew about his nature, so they did not try to convince him . They only passed destiny song to Feng Jiu Ge, and used Feng Jiu Ge’s voice to convince himself .

Indeed .

This destiny song that Feng Jiu Ge sang allowed him to support the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals and raise their strength . When he sang for the enemies, they would weaken . But the truth was, he was singing for himself, he was singing to understand his true feelings!

And thus, he understood .

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He loved Fairy Bai Qing, he also loved his daughter Feng Jiu Ge . But Feng Jiu Ge was not alive for their sake .

His wife and daughter were just choices he made in his life journey, they were part of his life, but not the entirety .

“For what purpose am I alive?”

This question brought him back to the starting point, he wanted to sing nine songs, to express life, to express heaven and earth!

Currently, he had already created nine songs . But he has not sang everything about life and the world yet, he had to continue singing .

But as he sang, fate restrained him, it was like an invisible pair of hands strangling him, how could he sing freely like this?

Seeing that Feng Jiu Ge did not reply to him, Fang Yuan transmitted while in intense combat: “Oh Feng Jiu Ge, your voice is your aspiration, how can the person who created destiny song be aligned with Heavenly Court?”

Feng Jiu Ge was calm as he replied secretly: “You know me well! But even so, I will not join you . Unless you can create a situation where we can easily destroy Fate, otherwise, I will not help you before that . Heavenly Court and Central Continent have treated me well, so everything still depends on you . ”

Fang Yuan chuckled: “Then watch properly . ”

Next, he purposely got hit by Duke Long, he fell towards Embroidered Tower, activating Reckless Savage Demon Venerable’s hidden arrangement .

Unexpected to Feng Jiu Ge, Fang Yuan used Reckless Savage Demon Venerable’s strength to overwhelm heaven, directly destroying fate Gu .

After that, upon hearing Duke Long’s words, Feng Jiu Ge realized that the battle had not ended yet .

When Red Lotus’ will appeared once more, Feng Jiu Ge gradually realized the plot that Red Lotus Demon Venerable had set .

Thus, when Fang Yuan asked for destiny Gu’s recipe, Feng Jiu Ge finally took action .

He helped Fang Yuan, he was also making his own choice!

In the past, when he helped the two immortals while challenging the ten great ancient sects, he had once said: “Neither demonic nor righteous, there is only Feng Jiu Ge in this world . To leave or to stay, I decide my own life and death . ”

Now, should he stay or leave?

This question could not puzzle him anymore .

He, Feng Jiu Ge, had turned from the demonic path to the righteous path, now, it was time to go back!

Because Feng Jiu Ge was still Feng Jiu Ge in the end .

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