Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1987

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Chapter 1987: Chapter 1987 - Qi Harvest Frui

“Heavenly Court is Heavenly Court after all…” Night Heavenly Wolf Lord looked at the information path Gu worm in his hand as he sighed to himself .

As he had expected, Heavenly Court really went ahead to deal with the two heavens alliance .

Earlier, he had predicted that such a situation would occur .

Those who live in a society have to follow its rules, Night Heavenly Wolf Lord had to join the two heavens alliance . Otherwise, his grotto-heaven would be attacked until it was destroyed .

But joining this force only helped to delay their own destruction .

When the five regions counterattack, the two heavens alliance would break apart, there would be huge casualties . None of these allies would be spared, Night Wolf grotto-heaven would also face a calamity by then .

From the start, Night Heavenly Wolf Lord had made up his mind to defect to the five regions . This was for his own sake, and also the future of the entire Night Wolf grotto-heaven .

Thus, he took a risk and went to approach Heavenly Court .

As the situation progressed, Qi Sea Ancestor went against Wu Shuai and Heavenly Court sent a secret group to attack the headquarters of the two heavens’ variant humans!

Since Night Heavenly Wolf Lord decided to defect, Heavenly Court’s Qin Ding Ling sent him a secret letter, asking him to be their spy and cooperate with Heavenly Court in this battle .

“Heavenly Court did not disappoint me after all!”

“Even though they lost in the fate war, despite everything, they still uphold the righteousness of humanity . They think for the whole of the human race without caring about sacrifices or benefits . ”

Such grandness resonated with Night Heavenly Wolf Lord .

Because he was a human Gu Immortal!

Compared to Heavenly Court’s magnanimity, be they Qi Sea Ancestor or Wu Yong, they were simply too petty . Even Northern Plains’ Longevity Heaven was the same .

What was the mindset that Giant Sun Immortal Venerable left behind?

Hereditary monarchy!

Even if Night Heavenly Wolf Lord and Longevity Heaven had no grudges, he would not go to and attempt to join them .

Night Heavenly Wolf Lord did not hesitate, he immediately replied that he was willing to cooperate with Heavenly Court .

According to their agreement, the moment Wu Shuai and Qi Sea Ancestor collide, Heavenly Court would use the chance to attack! If these two do not fight, then a month later, Heavenly Court would still take action .

“It will depend on Wu Shuai and Qi Sea Ancestor now . ” Night Heavenly Wolf Lord waited in anticipation .

Other than Night Heavenly Wolf Lord, countless forces and Gu Immortals were also paying attention to the situation in Eastern Sea .

Southern Border’s Wu Yong was one of them .

“If Qi Sea Ancestor loses, the variant human forces will definitely expand their territory, they will develop rapidly like a growing snowball, they will become a huge threat to the five regions!”

“If Wu Shuai loses, the variant human forces will gather together in a defensive manner, this will be good news to the humans of the five regions . But that is not what I want to see . ”

Wu Yong was an ambitious person .

He wanted the world to be chaotic, the more conflicts there were, the more opportunities he had to try to reap benefits from the situation, to strengthen himself until he reached the top of the world!

Thus, he felt deep hatred towards the qi tides .

Because of the qi tides, the five regions’ Gu Immortals had to forcefully recuperate, he lost the chance to completely take down Heavenly Court .

It was a real pity .

“Lord, Empress Wu Ji and the others have revived . What do we do now?” At this time, Wu Ba Chong came to report the news .

He was the second supreme elder of Wu clan, he was an old and experienced man .

After fate Gu was destroyed, the most evident change was that revival methods became very easy to use . Earlier, Gu Immortal seeds like Empress Wu Ji had died on Yi Tian Mountain . But now, Wu clan’s Gu Immortals revived them all .

Wu Yong nodded: “These people are the hope of our future, they have experienced ample setbacks and training as Gu Masters . When they become Gu Immortals, they will definitely be elites among their peers . Impart them the method of immortal ascension and make ample preparations, ensure there are enough resources . I want Wu clan to gain more than ten Gu Immortals in the next few years!”

“Yes lord . ” Wu Ba Chong did not question this decision .

In the future, during the five regions chaotic war, there would be a long lasting struggle, it would not be settled quickly . By then, all of the different forces would need to compete using their foundation and long term planning .

“There is another matter regarding qi path . ” Wu Ba Chong said as he handed Wu Yong an information path mortal Gu .

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Wu Yong looked into it and quickly browsed through the content .

This information path mortal Gu contained the information of all sorts of qi path immortal materials, they had all appeared as a result of the qi tides .

“It seems that qi path is about to flourish again . Does this qi harvest fruit really have such great effects?” Wu Yong sighed as he asked at the end .

Wu Ba Chong nodded: “Currently, many Gu Immortals have used it already, it is precisely so . This fruit is the essence of qi path and the fusion of the five regions’ qi, it is not normal . By placing it into one’s immortal aperture, it can turn into turbulent qi flows that can hasten the transformation of the heaven and earth qi . Whoever can get more qi harvest fruits will be able to get through this period of inactivity more quickly . ”

“Then collect more of this immortal material . Also, sort out and make a list of the clan’s inventory, collate a qi path inheritance . We are going to use it and try to cultivate qi path Gu Immortals . ” Wu Yong instructed .

“Yes . ” Wu Ba Chong answered .

Wu clan was specialized in wind path, they did not have much foundation in qi path . But such a huge force would naturally have accumulation in qi path to some extent, if they could put together many incomplete inheritances into a proper inheritance, they might be able to nurture one or two qi path Gu Immortals .

Of course, even if these Gu Masters became qi path Gu Immortals, they would not be promising in terms of future achievements .

But since Wu clan had to make up for their deficiency in this aspect, these Gu Masters could only sacrifice their future potential and become qi path Gu Immortals .

Southern Border, Luo clan .

Three Gu Immortals went deeply into Qi Jue grotto heaven .

“I broke through!” Luo Ran was excited .

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His skin tone was white and he had a cold expression, he was a Luo clan general famous in Southern Border, having peak rank seven battle strength .

When the entire world was resting and recuperating, Luo Ran secretly brought two Gu Immortals from Luo clan and explored Qi Jue grotto heaven, he did not care about the changes in his own immortal aperture .

His hard work and efforts were not in vain, they finally broke through the difficulties and had a smooth journey ahead .

As they explored deeper, they arrived at the center of Qi Jue grotto heaven .

“To think that the qi tides would cause a change in Qi Jue grotto heaven, allowing us to progress more smoothly in here . ” Luo Mu Zi felt deep emotions about this .

“Let’s hurry up, the qi tides are rampaging in the world now, Qi Jue grotto heaven will only stay concealed for a short period of time . We need to find Qi Jue’s true inheritance before anyone else finds us . With this true inheritance, our Luo clan will be able to adapt to this great era and obtain the initiative!” Luo Hao Ze’s eyes shined with bright light .

Several days later .

Eastern Sea .

Qi Sea Ancestor suddenly appeared, creating countless qi waves that moved towards the headquarters of Eastern Sea’s Xia clan openly .

“Come!” Wu Shuai sensed it from far away, he smiled as Dragon Palace moved, he controlled Di Zang Sheng and fought bravely against the enemy .

A huge battle that concerned the whole world erupted all of a sudden .

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