Reverend Insanity - Chapter 1998

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Chapter 1998: 1998

The sky had a unified color, it was a sight of bluish jade .

Great winds howled, killing intent gathered .

Two Immortal Gu Houses faced each other .

One was a majestic palace shining in golden light, it was elegant and grand, this was Dragon Palace . The other was a two storey bamboo building, it was filled with vitality and looked delicate but exquisite, this was Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building .

The two rank eight Immortal Gu Houses contained many Gu Immortals inside them .

Wu Shuai sat at the main seat with two rows of Gu Immortals from the two heavens below him . On his left was Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch and others, while on his right was the recently joined wood path great expert, miniman Gu Immortal Xiao He Jian . As for Lady Cold Ash, Night Heavenly Wolf Lord, and others, they were mixed among these two groups .

Not long ago, Wu Shuai met with Xiao He Jian, after some negotiation, they set off for Qi Jue grotto-heaven .

On the other side, Southern Alliance’s Wu Yong also knew the importance of speed, he quickly mobilized Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building, bringing Wu clan’s and Luo clan’s immortals to immemorial white heaven .

Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building was much faster than Dragon Palace, Wu Yong left later but arrived earlier, yet Qi Jue grotto-heaven could not be easily entered . While Wu Yong and the rest waited, Wu Shuai arrived with Dragon Palace .

The two sides met in white heaven, they immediately got into a deadlock .

“Wu Yong . ” Wu Shuai spoke within Dragon Palace, his voice resounding in the battlefield: “Qi Jue’s true inheritance is in front of us, why don’t we each send three people out to fight, the winner will be the side which has two victories, they will get the true inheritance, while the loser gets the grotto-heaven, how is that?”

“Wu Shuai, why are you being so cowardly now?” Wu Yong snickered from within Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building: “Let the person fortunate enough under the circumstances get Qi Jue’s true inheritance, let’s fight for it using our respective abilities!”

As he said this, Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building shot out like a rainbow, piercing into a certain opening within Qi Jue grotto-heaven .

Wu Yong had waited for a long time, he finally found an opportunity to get inside .

Even though Wu Yong brought Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building with him, and had Wu clan’s and Luo clan’s elites around him, in terms of scale, he could not match Wu Shuai . Not just in quantity, but the quality of their high end battle strength also differed greatly .

If they really used the rules Wu Shuai set to determine a victor, in one-on-one combat, Wu Yong’s side would be disadvantaged .

Furthermore, when Gu Immortals fight, heaven and earth qi would be disrupted, qi tides would appear . By then, the two heaven’s Gu Immortals would be less affected, their advantage would rise again .

Wu Yong was a formidable leader, how could he let his side fall into a disadvantage from the start?

“Lord Alliance Leader, there is no time to waste, let’s set out!” Xiao He Jian urged anxiously .

Wu Shuai looked at the openings in Qi Jue grotto-heaven, even though these openings varied in size, they were all milky white in color, formed from moving qi currents .

Earlier, Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building had gone through the largest opening to get inside Qi Jue grotto-heaven .

After looking at it for a while, Wu Shuai understood some of its profundity .

“These openings vary in size, they are increasing in numbers, I’m afraid this is the immortal aperture entrance of Qi Jue grotto-heaven . ”

Fang Yuan’s main body and clones had varying amounts of memories but they shared the same attainment levels . Wu Shuai also had the main body’s qi path attainment level, he could see it more clearly than others .

Just these holes alone made Wu Shuai’s eyes brighten as he felt some comprehension .

“Normally, immortal aperture entrances are closed, only used to connect the inside world and the outside . Qi Jue grotto-heaven’s entrance is unique, it is the most efficient way of maximizing the effect of that connection between worlds using the immortal aperture’s entrance . I wonder what gains I can make inside?”

Thinking so, Wu Shuai’s curiosity rose as he moved Dragon Palace towards the openings .

In the five hundred years of his previous life, this Qi Jue grotto-heaven was destroyed by self-detonation, it greatly affected the two heavens alliance and caused it to falter in the future . Many rank eight Gu Immortals died during this event .

Qi Jue grotto-heaven was dangerous, this was also why Fang Yuan did not take the initiative to explore it before the fate war .

But now that Qi Jue grotto-heaven was exposed, with an alluring true inheritance of Qi Jue inside and Dragon Palace’s protection, Wu Shuai also had nothing urgent to attend to, he could put effort into this now .

Dragon Palace got past the narrow opening, rapidly arriving inside Qi Jue grotto-heaven .

The immortals saw that all around them, there were white colored qi currents that surged and moved .

“Qi Jue grotto-heaven’s structure is quite special, it is not like ordinary grotto-heavens, there are white qi currents everywhere . These qi currents form into tunnels and countless tunnels turn this grotto-heaven into a maze, it is like the intestines of a giant . We need to get through these tunnels quickly and find the correct path to the central area . Qi Jue’s true inheritance is hidden there!” Xiao He Jian explained when they got in .

All the immortals inside the palace listened attentively .

Xiao He Jian did not say everything he knew earlier, to prevent Wu Shuai from leaving to snatch the true inheritance alone after getting the information, he had kept many secrets, he promised Wu Shuai that he would explain the situation after they arrived .

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Dragon Palace moved around in the white qi current tunnels, quickly reaching a crossroad . On the left and right were two paths, they were identical in size and shape .

“How do we determine the correct route?” Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch asked .

Xiao He Jian replied: “I cannot be sure about it either, we need to test the paths . The only rule here is that the closer we get to the center, the more valuable the monsters and resources within the qi current tunnels . At the most central area, the qi harvest fruit has reached rank nine level!”

“What about Luo clan?” Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch asked another crucial question .

“Luo clan does not have a more accurate method either . In fact, their exploration speed was far slower than us . It was because of the qi tides that they gained an opportunity to get past many difficulties and reach the central area rapidly . Looking at our previous progress, my tribe was extremely close to Qi Jue’s true inheritance, we were just two obstacles away . ” Xiao He Jian sighed, he felt somewhat of a pity regarding it .

The immortals heard this and relaxed slightly .

“In that case, even though they came inside first, in terms of advantage, we have the upper hand . ” Great Wisdom Immortal Mother analyzed .

“Don’t be careless, Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building is much faster than us . ” Wu Shuai said plainly .

He chose a random path and moved Dragon Palace along it .

Along the way, the qi current tunnels became wider and taller, many qi path living beings were in them, creating special living environments that were isolated from each other .


Suddenly, a group of qi monsters emerged from the thick tunnel walls, surrounding Dragon Palace .

These qi monsters had all sorts of strange forms, resembling bulls, goats, fish, or birds . However, their colors were similar, being close to orange-yellow .

“These are qi monsters created from luck qi . ” Xiao He Jian said: “Even though there are no immemorial qi monsters, they are quite troublesome to deal with . Without luck path methods to protect us, if we kill them, our luck will fall . ”

Immortal killer move — Dreamy Light Smoke!

At the next moment, a gush of smoke flew out from Dragon Palace, wherever it went, all of the luck qi monsters were swept away, suppressed within Dragon Palace .

“Uh . ” Xiao He Jian was stunned but he soon reacted as he said respectfully: “A dream path killer move, truly worthy of Dragon Palace!”

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As they continued, they saw an immemorial qi monster, it was pitch-black like a whale, its body was colossal .

Xiao He Jian had a grim expression: “Be careful, this is an immemorial qi monster created from hard qi, thankfully it is sleeping now . I’d suggest that we detour around it, let’s not…”


At the next moment, Dragon Palace accelerated and crashed into the immemorial qi monster .

Dragon Palace shook intensely but the immemorial qi monster was pierced through, it retaliated in anger .

Dragon Palace charged and crashed into it again, and again!

The immemorial qi monster broke apart, turning into lumps of black hard qi . Next, Wu Shuai stored the hard qi in his palace .

“You can all split the spoils . ” Wu Shuai kept most of the gains and passed the rest to the Gu Immortals .

“Alliance Leader is mighty!”

“All hail Dragon Palace!”

“Subordinate thanks Lord Alliance Leader . ”

“With Lord Alliance Leader here, so what if they have Wu Yong?”

At once, the immortals expressed their gratitude as all sorts of praises erupted .

Ice Crystal Immortal Monarch smiled as he looked at Xiao He Jian, saying with deep meaning: “Try not to be shocked at these minor situations, it will cause us to lose face . ”

Xiao He Jian had to nod in acknowledgment but he still felt deep shock internally: “Even though I saw the fate war, I can only see how powerful Dragon Palace is after witnessing it in action personally . If Dragon Palace is so strong, what about Duke Long, Fang Yuan, and Feng Jiu Ge?”

At once, Xiao He Jian’s emotions became rather complex .

On one hand, the stronger Dragon Palace was, the more hopeful he was . But on the other hand, as a great expert, seeing such a difference between them and seeing such a powerful existence made him feel some dejectedness .

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Along the way, wherever they went, Wu Shuai took all of the loot that they could gather .

Qi Jue grotto-heaven was really the land of treasures for qi path, it was like the qi sea of ancient times . Not only were the qi path resources here in huge quantities, they also varied greatly in variety, there was basically anything one needed here .

Wu Shuai purposely displayed his might to intimidate Xiao He Jian . As a result, he exposed more secrets, according to him, when exploring this place, he found a Qi Breath Peak! Qi Jue grotto-heaven actually had such an extinct qi path resource, but regrettably, Xiao He Jian only took a glance at it, he did not have the ability to take it .

“This is the center of Qi Jue grotto-heaven?” Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building had just arrived at the destination, before Wu Yong could rejoice, his pupils shrunk: “Hmph, they weren’t slow at all . ”

Behind Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building, Dragon Palace arrived .

At the center of Qi Jue grotto-heaven was a huge hollow sphere . The sphere had many qi pillars that interweaved with each other, creating countless tunnels .

Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building and Dragon Palace entered this area, it was like two flies had entered a beehive .

The qi pillars continued to move around, some were fast while others were slow, they even affected each other . Under Wu Yong’s control, Clear Jade Dripping Wind Tiny Bamboo Building moved carefully and avoided the qi pillars, taking sharp turns along the way .

“These qi pillars are special, they are at least rank eight immortal materials . We cannot touch them easily or unnecessary problems will occur . ” Xiao He Jian quickly said .

This place was not suited for fighting, thus, in order to kill the three Luo clan immortals, Xiao He Jian had arranged a battlefield killer move .

But in the end, Luo clan’s Luo Ran was a space path Gu Immortal, he brought the other two immortals away by piercing through the battlefield, using this special terrain to get free from Xiao He Jian and the rest, escaping .

“No need for such trouble . ” Wu Shuai waved his hand .

At the next moment, a dragon roar was heard, the Evil Dragon descended .

Boom boom boom!

The Evil Dragon charged ferociously, wherever it went, qi pillars broke and shattered, it created a path for Dragon Palace to move along from behind it .

“Hmm?” Wu Yong frowned .

Xiao He Jian’s mouth was open, he became dumbstruck .

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