Reverend Insanity - Chapter 201

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Chapter 201
Chapter 201: Resting at the shallow beach while lending Gu worms

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Five days ago, Fang Yuan rebirthed at Qing Mao mountain .
Back then, he worked together with Bai Ning Bing in the blood barrier, and after his slaughter he obtained much post-battle loot .

But these Gu worms all had injuries in them . For the past five days, Fang Yuan had been floating around Jiang mountain, so they lacked food and all died consecutively .

For healing Gu worms, Fang Yuan always lacked one, and he did not find one he liked either .

"A pity my Gu worms all died in the self-detonation . Otherwise, I would not be injured to this extent . . . " Bai Ning Bing sighed towards the sky .

But Fang Yuan laughed, "Don't be too pessimistic, not everything needs Gu worms to be resolved . "

"Oh?" Bai Ning Bing looked over with a questioning gaze .

He saw Fang Yuan secretly activating his primeval essence, shooting something out of his mouth as a red light appeared . A flower Gu resembling a lantern, rotating on its own and floating in mid-air .

It was the tusita flower .

Fang Yuan willed and the tusita flower glowed in red as several objects flew out of it while wrapped in bright red light .

There were bandages, medicine cans, and small medicine bottles .

"Small medicine bottles contain powder that can disinfect and diminish inflammation, you just need to use a little . In the medicine cans, there is medicine paste that can stop bleeding and form clots . You should know how to use a bandage right?" Fang Yuan on saying so, split these items into two and gave a portion to Bai Ning Bing .

"These are all methods used by mortals, but I did learn about them in the academy . " Bai Ning Bing received them, pouting, "You sure planned ahead . "

Saying so, she then opened the large medicine can and a disgusting smell rushed up into her nose, causing her to jump back and scream, "Why is it so smelly!"

Fang Yuan laughed, not replying .
He took off his shirt, pouring the powder from the small medicine can, causing his wounds to feel a sharp burning pain like fire . Next he opened the big medicine can, where inside was the mud-like medicine paste that was a blackish green and smelled horrible .

But Fang Yuan was used to it in his previous life, not even flinching .

He took out a handful of blackish green paste and spread it on his wounds, his actions being extremely refined .

Next, he used the bandage and wrapped it many layers over the wound, quickly taking care of his injury .

Because of the medicine paste, the injury area felt a cooling sensation, quickly replacing the fiery pain felt earlier .

"Your paste is quite useful!" On one side, Bai Ning Bing was still taking care of her injury as she gasped .

Her robe was torn, and after applying the medicine, her breasts and nipples were almost exposed, but she did not have any reaction to it .
While using the medicine, she even sighed, "Sigh, thinking about it now, if only we had a healing Gu, that would be great . "

Fang Yuan took a look at her before activating the tusita flower and taking out two sets of clothes . He had prepared sufficiently, having intended to leave the village in the first place, so he bought many sets of clothing . Plus Bai Ning Bing and his age were quite close together; as they had similar body size, his clothes suited her well too .

"Take this . " He handed a set of clothes to Bai Ning Bing .

Bai Ning Bing took the clothing, and chuckled, feeling slightly shocked, "To think you prepared to this extent . "

"Precaution averts perils on the safe side," Fang Yuan replied casually, taking off his remaining clothes and even his drenched socks, into new sets .

Immediately, with new clothing, he felt much better .

Bai Ning Bing also changed her clothes, throwing the torn white robe on the beach . But her expression was not looking good, for although they were out of danger at the moment, after changing clothes and bandaging her injuries she also noticed the changes to her body .

"What do you plan to do from now? When are you returning the Yang Gu to me?" She walked up, frowning as she asked .

Fang Yuan picked up the black robe and socks that he changed out of, "Didn't I say it before, we are going to Bai Gu mountain now . As for that Yang Gu, at least wait until I am Rank three first . "
Bai Ning Bing frowned even more tightly, her pitch getting higher, "I have to wait until you are Rank three?"

She had never thought that one day, she would get into such an awkward state . A proper man, transformed into a woman! After the crisis of life and death was over, this strange sensation entered her mind .

If possible, she did not want to endure it for even a second more .

Fang Yuan raised his head and looked at her, not speaking . He walked to the side of the river and used the water to wash his clothing .

Although there were holes on his black robe, it could still be fixed, unlike Bai Ning Bing's white robe . He did not know how long he would need to stay in the wilderness, so he could not afford to waste the clothing .

Bai Ning Bing was a smart person, and Fang Yuan's silence made her realize her true predicament .

RIght now, she had Rank three cultivation but not a single Gu worm . Even if she had, she could not do anything to Fang Yuan . The Yang Gu was refined already by Fang Yuan, so as long as he willed it, it could instantly detonate itself .
The Yin Yang Rotation Gu was a pair, and if it was destroyed, Bai Ning Bing would never be able to return into being a male!

Looking at Fang Yuan's back-view, Bai Ning Bing gritted her teeth, feeling extremely frustrated . To think that she, the Bai clan genius, had gotten into such a state, manipulated by others .

This feeling caused the arrogant and prideful Bai Ning Bing to feel extremely unhappy .

"Now we do not have a healing Gu, so if we get into danger, what can we do? The problem is not just that, but I do not have a single Gu worm with me, I have no fighting strength . No, I have to capture some wild Gu worms and refine them, otherwise I won't even have any strength to protect myself!"

Bai Ning Bing was rambling on when her stomach suddenly started growling .

"Damn!" She held her stomach, feeling a strong sense of hunger, "Hey, guy who is washing clothes, take out some jerky, I'm starving . "

While floating in the raft for five days, they relied on Fang Yuan's jerky as food .

Although the jerky was tough, with the texture of wood when chewed on, it could fill the stomach and provide energy .

Fang Yuan stood up, using his hands to wring the water off the black robe, shrugging it around before answering Bai Ning Bing, "Why are you so anxious? Hold this . "

Bai Ning Bing frowned, taking the black robe in reluctance .

Fang Yuan called out the tusita flower again, taking out a bag of jerky .

Bai Ning Bing grabbed it immediately, chewing on the tough meat . She chewed until her jaws hurt, but she was extremely satisfied .

Fang Yuan looked at her, smiling . When did this Bai clan genius ever starve before? Thinking of his previous life, he knew exactly how she felt .

Bai Ning Bing ate another piece of jerky, licking her dry lips, "This reduces hunger, but is way too tough . Sigh, having meat to eat, it is already a huge blessing . "

Fang Yuan's smile became even more intense, for under Bai Ning Bing's astonished gaze, he took out an iron pot .

"You even brought a pot? That's great . We can use water to cook the dried meat . We can just take water from the river, but we need firewood to start a fire, so we'll have to chop down some wood . "

Saying so, Bai Ning Bing looked around, feeling troubled .

They were at a shallow beach, with one side being water and the other being a tall cliff . On top of the cliff was dense vegetation, but there was not a single piece of wood on the beach itself .

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Bai Ning Bing wanted wood, so she would need to climb up the cliff and chop the trees .

If this was back when she still had her Gu worms, it would be a piece of cake, easily done . But now that she had nothing, wanting to climb up this slippery cliff was too tough .

Bai Ning Bing felt troubled secretly, but at this moment Fang Yuan took out some coal stones .

Coal stones were better than wood, and Bai Ning Bing was naturally surprised when she saw this .

Soon after, Fang Yuan took out some kerosene and flint as well as a metal rack . Soon, he set it up .

On seeing this, Bai Ning Bing became serious, her blue eyes staring at Fang Yuan, "Your preparations are way too much, did you already have had thoughts of leaving Qing Mao mountain long ago?"

Fang Yuan's preparation was overboard . With him bringing even these things, the smart Bai Ning Bing found something amiss obviously .

"What do you think?" Fang Yuan smiled, not answering her, but pointing to the metal pot, "You can go get some water now . "

Bai Ning Bing gritted her teeth; Fang Yuan's attitude was annoying her .

She took some water, while Fang Yuan had already started a fire .

First he got the water to boil in the pot, then he threw a bag of jerky inside . Soon after, the smell of fragrant meat could be felt .

Bai Ning Bing sniffed, subconsciously licking her lips .

Fang Yuan took out his chopsticks and ladle, and started having a feast with Bai Ning Bing .

The cooked meat was soft and could be easily swallowed with a few bites, while the boiling meat soup caused the two to feel warm on the inside . The only problem was that this river water had some sand in it, giving a gritty texture when eating .

But under such situations, having such treatment was already nothing to be displeased about .

"I'm not that full yet, let's cook another half bag of meat . " Bai Ning Bing was not satisfied yet, saying as she touched her tummy .

Fang Yuan immediately rejected, "No more, we have to conserve our food . "

"Why so stingy! See this forest behind us? How many wild animals could there be?" Bai Ning Bing said in displeasure .

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Fang Yuan gave her a stare, "Of course I know there's animals in there, but that also means wild beasts . How many wild beasts can you take care of now? What if we meet a beast group? What if we get ambushed by wild Gu worms? Even if we kill the wild beasts, if their meat have poison, can we eat it? Can you differentiate between poisonous Gu worms?"

Bai Ning Bing stood dumbfounded, unable to retort .

Fang Yuan snorted . Bai Ning Bing was the Bai clan genius, so she naturally was full of utter arrogance, thus this was enough already . If he continued lecturing her, she would hit her limit .

He sat down cross-legged, taking down the pan and hanging his black robe on the metal rack, using the residue heat from the coal stone to dry it .

Fang Yuan continued, "It's getting late . Let's stay here for tonight and continue exploring the forest tomorrow . I specially chose this area with cliff on three sides, so there would be little wild beasts that can reach us, thus this is relatively safer . But we cannot be complacent, let's keep watch in intervals . "

This was the benefit of having two people .

Fang Yuan willed, and summoned the Chainsaw Golden Centipede and Sky Canopy Gu .

"These two Gu worms, I'll lend them to you for the time being . Get familiar with them," Fang Yuan said .

He was only a Rank one initial stage cultivation, so it was near impossible for him to use a Rank three Gu worm . Even with A grade recovery speed and the Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus, he could not display the true power of a Rank three Gu worm . He might as well give it to the Rank three Bai Ning Bing .

Bai Ning Bing received the Gu worm, looking deeply at Fang Yuan .

Between Gu Masters, Gu worms could be lent .

In the Gu worms, a Gu Master's will resides . As long as the master acknowledges it, others can also communicate with the Gu worm and use their powers . Of course, it is not as convenient as a Gu worm one refines personally .

Also, as long as the original owner wills it and changes his mind, the others would immediately lose their ability to command the Gu worm .

But even so, Gu Masters rarely lent their Gu worms to others .

Although they were forced by the situation, Fang Yuan's actions were extremely unrestrained and this caused Bai Ning Bing to become alert .

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