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Reverend Insanity - Chapter 2033

Published at 5th of November 2020 05:40:05 AM

Chapter 2033: 2033

“In terms of battle experience, I cannot compare to Spectral Soul!” During the three way chaotic battle, Fang Yuan sensed the difference between him and his enemy . Even though he had been reborn many times, in terms of total battle experience, Fang Yuan could not compare to a venerable .

“The main problem is that Qing Chou is not being logical, even though it attacks ferociously, it ignores its own condition, Spectral Soul made use of it many times . If this were a conscious Qing Chou, the battle would not be like this . ”

Fang Yuan felt the situation was unfortunate in his heart . Even though hatred Gu was progressing towards rank nine and Qing Chou was getting stronger, without any wisdom, no matter how strong it was, it was still toyed around by Spectral Soul .

Even after using Dragon Palace and Myriad Year Flying Warship, Fang Yuan still felt helpless . This was something that had never happened before .

Fang Yuan was still focusing on retreating, he fought while escaping .

Even though he was the weaker side now, as long as Spectral Soul could not activate a battlefield killer move to trap him, Fang Yuan was still free to escape .

Dragon Palace was the first to break through the heavenly wind qi wall, heading towards Central Continent . Myriad Year Flying Warship did its best to protect it .

Spectral Soul moved behind like a trail of black smoke, following after them closely .

Behind them were Qing Chou’s colossal body, crashing through the qi wall and leaving immemorial white heaven, reaching Central Continent .

Qi Sea Ancestor, Qin Ding Ling, and the rest had all left Heavenly Court, they were chasing behind .

When they found that Fang Yuan and the rest had entered Central Continent, Heavenly Court’s immortals became anxious .

“This scoundrel Fang Yuan could’ve traveled through the vast immemorial white heaven but he chose to go to Central Continent . Since he is in trouble, he wants to implicate the innocent people as well, he truly deserves a pitiful death!”

Qi Sea Ancestor snorted coldly: “Fang Yuan has been a problem for too long, if we can kill him this time, it would be the fortune of the people in the world . ”

As he said that, he used a secret method to tell the main body about their movement .

Fang Yuan immediately understood that Heavenly Court’s pursuers were arriving soon . But he had no solution, his speed was greatly dragged down by Spectral Soul .

When Heavenly Court’s group arrived, they found that Spectral Soul was suppressing Fang Yuan and Qing Chou .

Qin Ding Ling frowned as she hesitated, telling Qi Sea Ancestor: “Ancestor, please deal with Fang Yuan, kill him with your full strength . ”

But how could Qi Sea Ancestor attack the main body, he pondered and said: “In this situation, Fang Yuan is weak while Spectral Soul is strong . They are both demonic path overlords, if we deal with Fang Yuan and get hit by his final trump cards, Spectral Soul will be the eventual winner . ”

Qin Ding Ling shook her head: “Ancestor, you are not familiar with Fang Yuan, he is too crafty, he definitely has methods left unused . Maybe this situation is only a layer of his concealment, we need to kill him now, we cannot give him any opportunities . ”

Qi Sea Ancestor: “…”

Heavenly Court had suffered too much at Fang Yuan’s hands, Qin Ding Ling’s wariness and fear towards Fang Yuan surpassed even Spectral Soul!

But thinking about it, when Spectral Soul Demon Venerable was invincible in the world, he did not deal so much damage to Heavenly Court compared to the current Fang Yuan . It was quite easy to understand how Qin Ding Ling and the others felt like this .

Qi Sea Ancestor could only ask the main body secretly, what were they going to do?

If there was no choice, Qi Sea Ancestor would have to expose himself and fight Spectral Soul so that the main body could escape .

Fang Yuan replied: “Don’t worry, let me try something first . ”

Dragon Palace’s door opened, a Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body flew out .

Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique flew towards Spectral Soul, the latter’s pupils shrank as he retreated immediately .

Bam .

The Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body self-detonated, turning into a large lump of dream realm that floated in the sky, turning into a barrier .

Dragon Palace and Myriad Year Flying Warship used this chance to pull some distance away from them .

Spectral Soul got around the dream realm as he chased again .

But Qing Chou could not think properly, it got trapped in the dream realm .


The aura of hatred Gu burst out of Qing Chou’s body as it broke free from the dream realm, it chased after them again .

“This is?!”

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“Qing Chou actually broke away from the dream realm, it was not trapped?”

“It’s hatred Gu! u003cu003cThe Legends of Ren Zuu003eu003e has a vague description about it — hatred has no dreams!”

Fang Yuan was also quite shocked about this .

Qing Chou did not have any dream path methods but it used hatred Gu to break free . Dream path was ahead of the current era, it was unstoppable, but it could not stop Qing Chou’s hatred Gu?

“Hatred has no dreams… or rather, against rank nine hatred Gu, the dream realm was not big enough?” Fang Yuan had a thought .

It was like the killer move dreamy light smoke, if it landed on Spectral Soul, it would only trap him for some time before he got free, Dragon Palace would shatter from the internal impact .

Dreamy light smoke was too weak against Spectral Soul, but if it rose to rank nine level, the situation would be different .

Even so, when Spectral Soul was attacked with dreamy light smoke, he would still dodge it without hesitation .

He was very fast, moving like a specter, in close distance, it was almost the same as teleportation, it was too hard for dreamy light smoke to hit him .

However, the good thing for Fang Yuan was that Spectral Soul could not deal with dream realms currently .

“I obtained the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique method from Shadow Sect, Spectral Soul definitely knows about it . However, he lacks the crucial Immortal Gu, he cannot use relevant killer moves . ”

After sensing this, Fang Yuan immediately created many Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies and self-detonated them .

Bang bang bang bang .

In the blink of an eye, Dragon Palace and Myriad Year Flying Warship were surrounded by dream realms, there was no gap between them .

Spectral Soul snorted coldly, stopping his attacks .

“This Fang Yuan…” Qin Ding Ling gritted her teeth, Fang Yuan’s method was too shameless, Heavenly Court had no way to deal with it .

“Be careful of Spectral Soul!” Qi Sea Ancestor reminded them .

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Fang Yuan suddenly enclosed himself, Heavenly Court’s members were in an awkward spot .

Spectral Soul looked at them coldly, Qi Sea Ancestor stood in front of them steadfastly .

Qing Chou growled angrily, it attacked Spectral Soul again without fear .

Spectral Soul said in displeasure: “Lowly beast! Since you want to die, I will grant you your wish . ”

His body vanished on the spot, at the next moment, he appeared on Qing Chou’s back . But right when Spectral Soul was about to attack Qing Chou, a qi path killer move shot towards him .

Spectral Soul had no choice but to resist it, Qing Chou used the chance to move away, it spat out a human-faced lightning ball again, escaping danger .

Spectral Soul looked at Qi Sea Ancestor with a cold gaze . Earlier, Qi Sea Ancestor was the one who attacked him .

Qi Sea Ancestor looked at Spectral Soul warily, at the same time, he explained to Qin Ding Ling: “We cannot let Spectral Soul succeed . He seems to be able to absorb the power of the immemorial soul beast, is it possible for Heavenly Court to capture Qing Chou again?”

Qin Ding Ling sighed: “We have already lost the best opportunity . Qing Chou’s strength rose greatly, we need to find another opportunity in order to forcefully refine hatred Gu . ”

Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals did not blame Qi Sea Ancestor for making a move on his own, after all, what he did was very logical . From the Heavenly Court Gu Immortals’ perspective, Fang Yuan was trapped in the dream realm now, Qi Sea Ancestor was helping Qing Chou to attack Spectral Soul for the sake of Heavenly Court .

At the next moment, Spectral Soul attacked the Heavenly Court immortals .

Qing Chou followed closely behind him .

The three sided chaotic battle started again, but this time, Heavenly Court took the role of Fang Yuan .

Fang Yuan was temporarily safe, he only had to take note of the moving dream realms . To form a tight defense, he needed to self-detonate Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique bodies to fix any gaps in his defensive line .

Immortal killer move — Yin-yang Great Killer Hands!


With a loud explosion, two huge hands, one black and one white, appeared out of nowhere .

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The two hands were so large they could loom over heaven and earth, they had an intrinsic pattern, at this moment, they grabbed at Spectral Soul .

Spectral Soul suddenly shouted shrilly, when he appeared again, he was already right in front of Qi Sea Ancestor . At the center of the yin-yang hands where Spectral Soul was originally at, there was an immemorial soul beast .

Spectral Soul shot out a wave of black smoke that landed on Qi Sea Ancestor .

Immortal killer move — Heavenly Combat Cloak!

Qi Sea Ancestor retreated, heavenly combat cloak melted from the effect of the black smoke, but this strange move was blocked after all .

Even though Qi Sea Ancestor was a newly created clone of Fang Yuan’s, he had incredible strength from originally being Heavenly Court’s qi harvest fruit . With sufficient qi path Immortal Gu, his battle strength was not any lower than before .

Even so, Qi Sea Ancestor was suppressed by Spectral Soul, the situation was getting increasingly passive .

Qin Ding Ling led the Heavenly Court immortals to help Qi Sea Ancestor, she also ordered Spirit Affinity House to send Feng Jin Huang over to the fight .

Feng Jin Huang had dream path Immortal Gu, she could use pure dream reality seeker transformation to break Fang Yuan’s defensive line .

Qin Ding Ling’s target had always been Fang Yuan!

Fang Yuan’s main body hid inside Dragon Palace as he watched the battle, using all of his time to refine as many heaven path dao marks as possible .

“Master, we have arrived!” During the chaotic battle, Fairy Zi Wei and Old Man Zheng Yuan led their group as they entered the battlefield .

Before Heavenly Court’s Gu Immortals could react to it, far away, someone flew over as well .

“Let this old man join in the fun as well . ”

It was Demon Immortal Qi Jue!

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